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  • Drawing Time
    This song explores a casual human perspective on the passage of time throughout one's life. + just a bit of cornyness. My old Room mate Luther is playing the drums and base. Guitar/Vocals - Jason.
  • Unicron's Descent
    I first wrote this song with out the techno beat and with totally different words. I've been wanting to record the origional, but never got around to it. Instead we have a really great rendition that tells the story of the Transformer's movie from one of the human character's pt of view. Yep I'm a nerd.
  • Summer Rain
  • Hercules
    I wrote this song as a creative project for Myth and Meaning (college course). It tells the mythically correct version of this "hero's" story.
  • Let It Go
    Really quick one shot recording
  • The Dance Revisited
    This song shows just how sickeningly sappy I can be when I really put my mind to it. Thankfully I make fun of my self in the processes.
First Recordings from Cloud Nine shattered Project