The third part in our pack is a mounting bracket for Mega Cheetor.  The post on the bracket inserts into his um, er, screw hole "butt!"  And the holes in the part are to accomodate the posts on the sword handles.  Each pack comes with 2 swords and 1 mounting bracket.  

We individually hand painted each and every sword using super hard, scratch resistant paints.  While we admit that the paint job on most isn't absolutely perfect, they all turned out pretty well.

YES, the swords can hook together to form the wing glider and YES, the swords can hook together to form the boomerang.  To accomplish this, we designed the bumpy green sword handle with a post and a cylindrical hole of the same diameter so the swords can join however you want them to!

In addition, these posts on each sword handle are the same diameter as the post on the toy's tail/"sword" so they insert and fit nicely into the hand of the bot.

The only "catch" if you want to call it that, is that these swords are very sharp, hard and pointy!  Therefore, we labled all over the packaging that this pack is "FOR COLLECTORS, 18 AND OVER"  We also state these parts were "...not designed with child safety standards in mind so they may be hazadous to children." 

They DO look awesome and frankly I LOVE the fact that these things are really SHARP!  Makes them look sweet!

Please note that these swords are designed to with cylindrical posts on each handle.  The posts are designed to fit into the holes in Cheetor's hand.  The first mega Cheetor toy I bought came with hands that each had holes in them for the tail/"sword" to fit into.  We've come to understand that most Mega Cheetor toys now include two different hands.  One has the hole the other hand does not.  In this situation, there are several options to make the sword 'stick' in both of Cheetor's hands.
1.) Using a power drill and a correctly sized bit, (& w/ parental supervision, if necessary!) drill yourself a very small (correctly sized) hole in the other hand to accomodate the sword post.  Try drilling the hole into a piece of scrap wood to make first to make sure the hole is the correct size.
2.) buy a second Mega cheetor, and swap the holed hand with the non-holed hand.  The parts pop on and off quite easily and you'll end one cheetor w/ two 'holey' hands.
3.) Without using the post on the sword handle, and using a lot of care, you can balance the sword inside the fingers of cheetor's non-hole hand.  It's finicky, but it will stay if you work at it.
If you have any additional questions at all about this, please feel free to let me know.  I'm happy to help!