This is it!  The first of 6 parts in our first ever Accessory Pack includes a figure stand for Beast Machines Thrust!  We designed it round (wheel shaped) and as you can see from the picture above it can accommodate Thrust in a wide variety of poses.  It's also worth pointing out that this part is made of an expensive, very durable, crystal- clear material called polycarbonate. It's the same stuff that very high grade sun glasses are made out of.  While we were initially concerned that the

posts might be fragile, we now know that they're practically indestructible!  With your bare hands, you cannot break them off!  (Not like Megatron fightin' Optimus in TF the movie "bare hands!"  No laser swords or photon blasters please! :) 

Anyway, we're really quite proud of how this turned out.  It's durable, functional and unless you have it on a super reflective sheet metal background where it gets hit by light from every angle, (like the picture above) you can hardly tell it's there!   :)  The part came out exactly as what we had in mind!