Beast Machines Silverbolt
by: Richard Suarez who provides the following explanation:

I am a 3d modeler & decided to give a new look to Silverbolt for BMach. I don't have the resources Mainframe has, but this was done on my home computer in my spare time. It took ~8 hours.  It's a rough draft I did for fun and is more of a conceptual model than anything.

He is still under the technorganic style, but I put a lil transmetal style in there as well. I modeled him to his voice and new personality. He looks more
like a knight now. Some of you argue that he was never meant to be a knight, but lets face it, he is more knight than he is a sho gun.

This is the look of a warrior and his weapon is a GIANT sword. He still has fangs though, as I want to show
something left from his wolf form.

Silverside.jpg (24826 bytes)

SilverBoltUpperbody.JPG (37950 bytes)

SilverBoltBeastmode2.jpg (25743 bytes)

Silverboltface.jpg (31693 bytes)

silverboltcloser.jpg (37733 bytes)

SilverBoltbeastmode.jpg (36556 bytes)

SilverBoltDistance.JPG (26122 bytes)