From:      RICHARD KING <
Date:       Saturday, February 02, 2002 5:34 PM
To: <>
Subject:   bw toy - depth charge

i got mine to shoot about 5-8 feet from 1-2 feet. while in manta ray mode, if you look from underneath you'll see two rectangular holes (one larger than the other) one on each side on the bottom of the mouth/disc launcher. trim down two of those black hair clips(bobby pins i think they're called) to about half an inch long. open them up a little so they'll add  some more resistance. they should look kinda U shaped. stick them in the rectangular holes and now you can shoot discs far away!:-) i put some scotch tape on the holes so the pins don't come out.

i'm sure you'll figure this out if you haven't already. well worth the 10 minutes or less to install.   please don't e mail back(my inbox is too full)
just put this on your page. i wish i could take credit for this but a friend figured this out.