Make your Own Silverbolt!

In order to make Silverbolt's wing/wolf back fold back the way it does in the show, take the following steps. Start by removing the back/wing unit. the focus to begin will be on the useless piece of plastic that serves at the "BELLY PIECE." It folds down in robot mode for no apparent reason and serves as the belly for the wolf in beast mode.

What I did is flip it so the back portion faces forward keeping it right side up. So that the back protion then rests on the area where the wolf's rib cage of the is. Okay once you have it oriented correctly, drill two thin holes along each side through it and into the chest cavity of SB robot mode. These holes must be precisely placed so they don't interfere with the rotation "AXIS" of the wing/back and the holes can't enter the area which contains SB's robot head in Beast Mode. (55966 bytes)

Once the holes are drilled, insert two small thin nails. The purpose of all of this is so you can affix the belly piece so it permenantly remains in one position. Understand that the "AXIS" that the belly used to rotate along under the wolf back wing assembly is the same AXIS that the wolf back will rotate along now that the belly piece is fixed in one permenant position. Keep in mind that the position that you mount the belly in is important. It needs to be straight so the back/wing assembly rotates straight back.

In order for the wing/back assembly (I'll call it the back piece from now on) to rotate on the AXIS there is a piece of it that must be removed. Once you take SB apart enough you'll notice it's what usually holds it to the back of SB in robot mode. From the side it is shaped like a "T" Cut it off w/ a dremmel tool. Try rotating the back piece on the AXIS and you'll see a couple of other parts on the underside of the back piece that need to be 'trimmed' so it rotates smoothly. Once it does this, you can go to the next step.

The trouble w/ turning the belly piece so back faces frontwards, is that there's no belly in beast mode. Fix this by adding molding epoxy strips to each side and reproduce the belly look for beast mode. These belly sides cover up the flat tops of the nails so you'll never see them again. What you see in the picture on the top is the new fixed position belly piece in it's completed form.

These parts also serve another purpose of controlling the angle that the back piece rests in beast mode. Shave the back your belly (epoxy) w/ a dremmel tool so the back piece rests at the exact angle you want it to. When you're done with this, paint the epoxy that silvery-grey color so it matches the other grey of the beast mode.

If you have any other questions, let me know!