How to...
fix flaky vac metalized parts

Jason Gorski wrote:
I was just on and I love your alterations...   I recently saved up and bought the $200 Stealth God Fire Convoy Limited Edition from Japan AND I was horrified to open him and see that the silver painting on his face wasnít there all the way...he looks horrible. I am an artist and I would like to paint in the silver, can you help me out? What kind of paint do you use? Does it dry completely? Iíve tried Testors in the past but it doesnít Dry. Iíd love some advice, 


Unfortunately, the paints I use do scratch off. (here's a link to the paints we use.  They're water based and can be scratched off if you try hard enough, but they're easy to mix and work with. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Testers paints for alterations, it tends to get clumpy, my advise, take your time if you want to use this stuff.

The best suggestion I could offer is to mask off (VERY carefully all areas that you don't want paint) w/ professional grade masking tape. and try a chrome spray paint which I've seen at several hardware stores. Apply a very thin and even coat, let it dry then apply another, and another until it's got the desired look. You also might want to very carefully flake off some of the 
remaining vac metalized paint if it's chipping very badly, otherwise it'll leave ugly bumps and lumps in the chrome paint.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look as good as vacuum metalized effect, but it does look better than a 
bunch of chipped off stuff! Oh, and I'd also recommend you try this process on another, less expensive toy so you have a better idea of how it'll turn out before you try it on your expensive Japanese one.

Good luck,