Unicron.com report from
BOTCON 2007,
Art Contest and Awards Dinner

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by: Lukis Bros.

What can we say about the art contest?  Besides the fact that as usual, we loved it, we can point out some of the highlights.  Among the pencil and ink art, I particularly liked a picture drawn of G1 Megatron versus 2007 movie Megatron, a  Fortress Maximus scene with guests including Metroplex, Omega Supreme, Superion and Defensor and a chalk drawing of Depth Charge and Rampage. Very cool stuff!

Among dioramas, I really enjoyed a complete Junkion display including Wreck-Gar, and other Junkion planet inhabitants made from motorcycle Transformers of various generations. I thought it was a very impressive display.

Among the more humorous works I've seen, was the Ghost of Starscream versus Mirage model.

Other custom-made figure displays included some very interesting models of Primus, Wheelie and Cyclonus based on their movie likeness. (How did they do that!?!?!)

As well as a 6+ foot Bruticus model, I particularly enjoyed the 1st prize winner, a twisted amalgam of Megatron and Ratchet based on the events of G1 comic #70.


235 236 237 238 239
236.jpg 237.jpg 238.jpg 239.jpg
240 241 242 243 244
240.jpg 241.jpg 242.jpg 243.jpg 244.jpg
245 246 247 248 249
245.jpg 246.jpg 247.jpg 248.jpg 249.jpg
250 251 252 253 254
250.jpg 251.jpg 252.jpg 253.jpg 254.jpg
255 256 257 258 259
255.jpg 256.jpg 257.jpg 258.jpg 259.jpg
260 261 262 263 264
260.jpg 261.jpg 262.jpg 263.jpg 264.jpg
265 266 267 268 269
265.jpg 266.jpg 267.jpg 268.jpg 269.jpg
270 271 272 273 274
270.jpg 271.jpg 272.jpg 273.jpg 274.jpg
275 276 277 279 280
275.jpg 276.jpg 277.jpg 279.jpg 280.jpg
Of course, no amount of pictures can do justice to provide you with an adequate picture of what the awards dinner and Stan Bush concert were like.  One of those, "you had to be there" sorts of things!  We had a blast.  below are a few shots from those events. 

Awards dinner

Botcon organizer, Brian Savage, (middle)

more awards dinner

Stan Bush concert

Stan Bush concert2

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