Okay, we admit it!  We are, no doubt, full-fledged Transformers collecting nerds!  Grown adults (almost), who you might otherwise think were just normal people!  But in fact, since the very first time we saw them as young kids in a "Hills" store near West Seneca, New York in 1984, we have been fans-for-life of  The TRANSFORMERS!  We have many fond memories of growing-up with those robots in disguise, even though some of us were too young to remember the early years!  For example, Jason, the youngest of us, enjoyed his first TF: Skywarp primarily as a chew-toy while he was teething!   You should see that mangled rubber nose-cone now!  It looks like a brunt-out match stick!  Today we're lovin' life and continue our "hobby" of collecting these robots from Cybertron, who are More than Meets the Eye! 

We started unicron.com October 7, 1997.  At first, while we were trying to figure out what this all-new "internet" was, we created the site primarily to show off some our TF toy Alterations, but it quickly evolved into much more.  We were absolutely amazed at just HOW many other TF fans there are in the world!  What fun!  Today, we maintain this site for the enjoyment of collecting Transformers and hope to share our excitement, memories & knowledge about them with the thousands of other collectors around the world; young and old!  

A brief overview of Transformers history goes something like this.  The originals, known as G1 (Generation 1) were sold from 1984 through 1990.  In the first year all the 'good-guys' turned into road vehicles... hence the name Autobots.  Original Decepticons were a mix of jets and other miscellaneous items like cassette tapes, a recorder, and even a very life-like hand gun!, hence the name Decepticons.  Quickly after that however, TF's broke out of that mold, with Autobot jets, automotive Decepticons, and a wide range of alternate forms including dinosaurs, insects, a defense base, a microscope, even entire cities!

Transformers the Movie, regarded as a high point of Transformers history, was released in 1987.  After the post movie figures, we enjoyed other new themes in Transformers lines like Headmasters, Targetmasters, Powermasters, Pretenders, Micromasters and Action Masters.  After a 'few years off,' Transformers made a comeback in 1993 as "G2" (Generation 2) consisting of recolored original toys and a few new molded ones too. 

But it wasn't until the advent of the Beast Wars in 1996 that Transformers became a cultural icon again!  Many original fans were skeptical at first; ourselves included!  But the new toys were very well designed and of high quality.  The shows were SO extremely well written and complimented by amazing "new" computer animation that older fans quickly were won over, along with an entirely new generation of fans!  In fact, it is considered my some collectors to be the best era in Transformers history.

Beast Wars was followed by Beast Machines which chronicled the adventures of the BW characters' return to Cybertron.  Then cam the Japanese carry-over line, an 'alternate reality,' called Robots in Disguise.  Transformers: Armada is started to establish it's own continuity, although there are many obvious connections to other Transformers eras.  After Armada came fan favorite (toys) TF: Energon (with the coolest "gimmic" of all, COMBINING!) and Alternators.  Energon is succeeded by Transformers "Cybertron" in 2006 and a live action movie to come in 2006  Hold on to your hats!  It is a great time to be a fan!  Below you'll find some of our ideas for storage and set-ups...

O U R    C O L L E C T I O N :

So the question is, what to do with all these awesome toys you accumulate over the years?  It's a fun problem!  To the left you can see Brian's "exhibit" / shelves!  Click the picture or this LINK to see a large high rez pic.  In my opinion there are two keys to a good set-up:
1.) glass doors to KEEP DUST OUT and
2.) LIGHTS make everything look SO cool! 

Here is another idea we had. Me, I didn't have room for stand alone shelves, so I converted a closet (that was not being used) in to a huge display cabinet/shelf. And just like the toys we love to collect, this closet is definitely, "More Than Meets the Eye!"  Click here to see w/ doors closed.

I started by taking careful measurements of the its internal dimensions.  I bought white laminated particle board sheets & cut them to the sizes I needed.  After measuring the distance/location of the studs, I drilled holes in the board and secured each to the studs with wood screws.  I covered each screw head w/ white wood putty.  

empty1.jpg (38725 bytes)

epmpty2.jpg (25248 bytes) When I was done w/ this phase I had an all white (& soon bright!) interior with no nails/screws showing. (straight on view) of above.. Then came the fun part!  LIGHTS!  I hardwired 3 individual sets of florescent lights.  In the top I installed a four-foot double fluorescent.   And one single 4 foot florescent light along each side.  After that, I encased these lights inside ultra-violet proof (museum art) glass so all this intense illumination doesn't fade the plastic of the toys and it's BRIGHT!  Just the way I like it!

Next came the shelves!  These baby's are HUGE!  Each shelf is 62 inches wide (5' 2") and 23 inches deep!  As you'll see below they hold a LOT of toys!  Then, the MOST FUN part...!

I can fit ~2+ years of TF's on each shelf.  For example '84, '85 and pre movie Autobots fit on one shelf w/ ease!  See for yourself!  Click each link for large high rez images:

view from the right
straight on
view from the left2
top half, "close-up"
bottom half, "close-up"

Of course, this is just part of our collection!  We'll try to get some pix of Jason's shelves next!

full.jpg (46443 bytes)

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We'll, this should give you a little glimpse into our world!  Thanks for visiting.  We'll do our best to keep the site up-to-date on current events and take you on a "walk down memory lane".  We hope you enjoy your visit to Unicron.com.  Feel free to send us an e-mail at any of the following addresses. Thanks everybody!

-Lukis Bros.