Transfomers DVDs
G1 Box Set

G1 Box Set: Includes ALL original Transformers shows from the 80's and 90's. This set includes 15 disks holding all 98 original show and Transformers: The Movie (1986). Playable in all Regions. Weather you're a long time fan, looking for those nostalgic episodes from your childhood, or wanting to catch up on some Transformers G1 history, this is the box set for you!
Transformers the Movie
This is the ultimate Transformers animated movie experience. It sports two viewing formats, anamorphic wide screen 16x9 and full screen. This special addition is chalked full of extra feature that even die hard fans totally love including, but not limited to Multiple Audio Commentaries, exclusive interviews with ma key creative talents, Original toy commercials, Deleted Footage, test footage, storyboards, trailers, and the never previously released in the US Scramble City with commentary (Japanese prequel episodes to the movie)! Sony entertainment really went all out with this release.
Beast Wars Season1

Beast Wars Season One: The start of arguably the best series of Transformers TV shows ever produced. This season contains twice as many episodes as the following two seasons, 26 in all. Unfortunately, this DVD set has no special features... just a bunch of stunning episodes.
Beast Wars Season 2

Beast Wars Season Two: Contains perhaps the best string of episodes in any Transformers series to date. This season is masterfully written and animated from the very first episode introducing the Transmetals to it's gripping conclusion. A must have season for both Beast Wars fans AND G1 fans alike!
Beast Wars Season 3

Beast Wars Season Three: The Beast Wars series' final season rides in on the coat tails of season two's final story ark, Agenda, and the action doesn't stop there. The beast wars conclude with the entrance of Transmetal II's and the defeat of Megatron leads us to Cybertron where a whole new saga Beast Machines mysteriously unfolds.
Beast Machines - entire series
Beast Machines Series Box Set: Beast Machines is unlike any other Transformers series out there. The story was written as a religious epic written for television. Primal seeks to create a balance between the technological and organic. The series sport the best animation treatment any transformers TV series has seen with full 3D lighting/shadow effects, and brilliant textures. This box set includes a lot of great special features including audio commentary, and interview with key creative talent.
Armada season 1 part 1

Armada Season One Part One: Armada marked the return of new Autobot and Deception toys that consisted of purely robotic and vehicles forms. The toys of this series were fantastic, but the shows were presumably written for a younger audience. Animated by a lower budget animation studio in Japan this series was trying to follow the Japanese Anime trend that swept through the US. This DVD set includes the first 26 episodes of the Armada Series.
Armada season 1 part 2

Armada Season One Part Two: With the plot devises of the minicons, starsaber, and other Minicon super powers in play, the second half of the Armada series introduces the biggest, most evil, ominous, and threatening power in the Transfomer universe... Unicron! Don't miss the premier episodes of the entrance of the pure evil world ending character know as Unicron. This DVD set includes the last 26 episodes of the Armada Series.
This is a list of NTSC (Region 1) DVDs that are available. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but perhaps a recommended list of Transformers DVDs available in this format.