Unicron.com Theme Song Unicron's Descent

The unicron.com theme song was composed and recorded soly by Jason Lukis (c) 2001

Download Unicron's Descent 4.8 Mb

feel free to e-mail me with any thoughts. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening.

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About my music

As a song writer, after writing about 20 songs or so, I started wondering why the heck I hadn't written a song about Transformers. After not being able to find an answer to this question, I decided to go ahead and write one. The writing and recording of this song took months. If you're interested in other (non-transformers related) music I have written/recorded please check out my personal music download site at JASON'S netshow.

About Unicron's Descent:

The instruments, equipment, and software I use are...
-A Taylor 412 CE
-Epiphone Les Paul Stardard electric
-Magix Music Maker Generation 5
-Eurorack MX 802A Mixer
-Alesis NanoCompressor
-Boss GT-3 Effects processor (on mic and guitars)
-MXL V57M (recording mic)

A good amount of the time I spent recording was tweaking the effects processor so I got just the right sound I was looking for.
I spent over 4 hours getting the sound for the electric guitar during the chorus.