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9/21   Updates have been a bit sparce lately in part because of a fun project I've been working on in my home.  My wife and I moved to a new house a few months ago which did not come with a built-in Transformers stroage cabinet!  (Can you believe it?)  So I built one!  See a few pictures of the results of my efforts in the new 'Our Collection Page' which can be linked to towards the bottom of the main index page.  
9/21  There's an interesting article in the new issue of ToyFare about this year's BotCon!  We are in one of the pics which you can see by clicking HERE, but you'll need to buy the mag to read the article!
9/21  In case you've been living in a cave and weren't aware, BEAST MACHINES began this weekend!  What a great show.   And with any luck we should get another new episode, "Master of the House" this Saturday.
9/10   If Tuesday was 'Megatron's day' then today is TIGERHAWK's!  Check out the newly updated review page for our thoughts.  And the BW99 page has been updated with MANY new (you guessed it) Tigerhawk Pics.  Happy hunting folks!  This is one great toy!
9/8  The rumors are TRUE! TIGERHAWK is now in stores!   We found him at a Walmart just south of Minneapolis this evening! And just think, this excellent toy is now released only about 4 short months after his death in the shows!   Oh well, better late than never!  Expect reviews, pics and other TH related updates SOON!
9/7   The Beast Wars Toys Page has a slightly new look.  Speaking of that, the TM2 Megatron Page as many new additions with new pics of the toys and screen captures.
9/7   It's Megatron's Day!  In addition to his page update in the toy section, I've also updated the Alterations Page!  Visit TM2 Meg's new page to see the changes we made!  :)
9/3   Jawbreaker now has his own 'completed' page in the BW99 section.
9/1   The BW99 page has been updated with new pages and new pictures of some of the latest:  Nightglider, Spittor, & Iguanus.  More updates to come. (as if you didn't know!  :)
8/28   The Transformers Year 2 page has been updated!  There are now separate pages for each of the original Insecticons:  Bombshell, Kickback and Shrapnel.  By the way, for those of you too young to remember, none of these characters were ever seen in Beast Wars BUT in the season  1 episode, Dark Designs, when Waspinator says, "I am Shrapnel! Decepticon Hero-O-O-O"  this, is who he's referring to!  Hope you enjoy!
8/27   Our Toy Review page has finally been updated & is (for now) up-to-date w/ new complete reviews for Nightglider, Iguanus, Jawbreaker, Spittor, Stinkbomb, & Megatron.
8/25 We found Nightglider at a Walmart in MN today!
8/22  We found Jawbreaker and Iguanus at a Walmart today and have seen the BW original character recolor toys at just about every TRU around MN.  Cheetor looks very nice.  Dinobot's colors are (sort-of) close, Rhinox & Waspinator were made w/ wilder colors that really don't look anything like the show.  (How's that for an 'in-depth' review! :)
8/11   There's another addition in 'Your section.' of the Alteration page.  A slick lookin' new Ravage figure.  Check it!
8/11 I called our local FOX station and they told me that here in Minnesota:
*Beast Wars will start airing Monday through Friday at 3:30pm starting September 13th!
Beast Machines will air on Saturdays at 10:30am starting September 18th.
8/10   The Alterations Page got a much needed face-lift.
8/10 We've sold out of XXL t-shirts, but we still have XL and L shirts available.  :)
8/8 There's NO NEWS better than this!  (Okay we admit we learned about it on 'bigbot.com" :).  In conjunction with the Beast Wars NEO line, there may be a UNICRON toy made!  See pictures of the prototype toy by clicking HERE and HEREYah-HOOOO!     : )
8/6   The rumors about TM2 Megatron being out are TRUE!  We've seen him in a few places and I've also heard reports from Florida and Connecticut.
8/6   'Stuff for Sale' page has been updated & I've added tech spec for TM2 Megs.
8/3   Newly added BEAST MACHINES page which still needs a lot of work.
7/30    We've created a new and  permanent "Stuff for Sale!" page which has a link in the main directory/header page. I've also cleaned-up the what's new section.  Check it out and hey, thanks to everyone who has already ordered a t-shirt, BotCon exclusive, Inferno... We really appreciate your support of our efforts here.
7/27    Bob Skir's page has been updated.  This page is in our opinion the best source for Beast Machines info.  There's enough there answer major questions and drive us crazy with anticipation but he doesn't reveal too much.   We know the TF's are in good hands with him!
7/20    BotCon was a huge success and a ton of fun.  Here are a few fun pics:
Scott McNeil works dilligently at the unicron.com table!  :)  What a salesman! "Everything's a buck!" he shouted!
Ben Yee stops by to say "hi" and show he has a great sense of humor!
Scott McNeil shows off his new shirt at the autograph signing!
*  The three of us with Jim Burnes.  What a nice guy.  <pic coming soon.>
7/17     Updates in the BW99 page!  including pics of Tigerhawk, the BW recolors, Iguanus, & Jawbreaker.
7/17    We've seen Beast Machines! And we're still catching our breath!  Here are a few observations:   BEWARE: SPOILERS Present!
* The first show title: "The Reformatting"
*  The Beast Machines will consist of 2 factions:  Maximals vs. Vehicons
*  The Vehicons (who are NOT auto-rollers!) are a race of purely inorganic life.   Led by Megatron, these guys are exactly what many of the G1 Transformers fans have been hoping for:  robotic, vehicle modes, sometimes with "multiple modes" which transform in the traditional sense, yet are intricate and posable.  The Hasbro folks told us: These guys will be the "big gus,"  lots and lot of weapons!
*  So far the Maximals are still just the expected characters.  The toys, we've been told, will be even more posable.  (even posable faces!)  In the show, each will have his & her own fighting style - all vague variants of martial arts.   (Cheetor blocking lazer shots with his swords, etc.)  As you will see, the Maximals' transformations will be more mystical/"spiritual", and play roles in each character's focus & discipline.  Hasbro tells us, expect deep character development more than ever.
* Everything we've heard about the animation of Beast Machines being better than Beast Wars, we all agree is true 100% and then some!  In fact Bob Skir's ranting about the coolness of the new effects just doesn't do it justice!
* In addition to the visuals, there are new audio tracks throughout.  The only description I can think of now is the Powerpuff Girls fight music, crossed with Vince Dicola!  :) 
7/17     The Japanese TF page has has been updated w/ more BotCon news!
7/16    MAJOR NEWS!  BotCon is going well, especially since we learned that on Saturday at 1pm we'll all be watching a sneak peak of BEAST MACHINES ep 1!
7/16    Ah yes! The BotCon exclusive toys rock!  They are: "Windrazor" a recolored Silverbolt, and 'Sandstorm' a (very nicely) recolored Scorponok.  The box is fashioned in the form of a book, which is the coolest TF box we've ever seen!  See 4 sale page for pics.
7/15     Japanese TF page has the rest of the card images plus more new images up.
7/12     The Japanese TF has been updated.   New toy images & other images.
7/11    Primus X Beast Wars Page has pics of TM2 Iguanus & Jawbreaker!
7/9    The Japanese TF page has a few new updates with card scans of 4 BW "Neo" characters: Guiledart, Saberback, Archadis, Killer Punch.  These things kick keester!  It's a shame they're not available in the US.
7/9    Links page has been given a new look and many new pages have been added.
7/7    The BWTF 99 page has been updated with pics of Spittor/Stinkbomb in boxes.   Thanks to devastator13@yahoo.com for sending them to us.
7/6    The Lukis Bros. Beast Wars Show Section is back on it's feet and as promised, it's been given quite an overhaul!  It is still under construction, but hey, shouldn't all pages be? It's biggest new feature is the Character Section where as of now Quickstrike, Tarantulas, Optimus Primal, Rattrap, and Dinobot have their own pages. CHECK IT!
7/6     Jason has adopted a new e-mail address:  Primacron@unicron.com (instead of quixtrike.)  Btw, Primacron (pronounced "Prime-a-cron") is the creator of Unicron according to the original TF cartoon show: "Call of the Primitives".

Our page has been running a lot longer than 4/8/98 but I deleted older news a long time ago!

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