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6/29   You might have noticed but we changed our page name!  Now we're just UNICRON.COM!  The Beast Wars are over and we'd like to be known as a site for all TF Collectors! Anything dealing w/ the originals, BW, & of course, Beast Machines is fair game!
6/29   There's many new updates to commemorate our new page location!  TF Year 2 Area is now open!  Of course, it's a work in progress, but what is done are pages for some of my personal favorites: the original DINOBOTS!  Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl, and Swoop!

Here are some old news items we thought might be worth savin':

6/17/99  We found TM 2 Prowl & Scourge at a TRU in Minnesota today.
  We now know with certainty, 4 of the 5 characters to be carried over to Beast Machines next season.  Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Cheetor, and (BLACK) ARACHNIA!  You can learn more about the upcoming Transformers series by visiting the official pages of Mainframe & Bob Skir (new BMach editor!)
4/17/99  The Mainframe page has 'promo pics' for Beast Machines! and it looks like the setting will be CYBERTRON!  And it's safe to say that we know that 3 of the 5 "carry-over" characters will be OPTIMUS, CHEETOR, & RATTRAP!
4/2/99    Cybershark FINALLY showed his toothy grin around her in MN.. 
3/26/99  You heard it hear 1st!   The last shows of BWTF Season 3 will air on the following dates:  (Yea, it's happy and sad at the same time.)  Other Victories & Nemesis 1&2:   May 3-7
3/11/99  We asked Mainframe a few fun questions about next season.  They told  us, "The Season 4 title/name is now officially: "Transformers -- Beast Machines" and the show designs look quite different from any previous season... We are very happy about the Fox Kids Network pick-up of the show. It is much higher profile than syndication -- which is important for us as a business."
2/5/99  Set those alarms! Feral Scream, Part 2 airs this weekend!  Don't miss it!
1/29/99    "Feral Scream, part 1!" airs this weekend!  Get ready for Transmetal 2's!
1/23/98   The new Beast Wars Toys section was opened! w/ pages for '96, '97, '98, 99
1/17/98    We've learned that there will be a Transmetal 2 (mega) shark and Blackarachnia! (wa-hoo!)  At least two new Deluxe Transmetal 2 toys including a grasshopper and an owl and two basic figures including a skunk and frog are also on the way! 
10/31/98   Deep Metal aired today.   We have also learned the following:  Season 3 is Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio's last as story writers/editors of Beast Wars.  Read Bob's announcement posted on  Ben's page by clicking here.
10/24/98   Beast Wars: Season 3 began today.  For those of you who get Beast Wars on Sundays, hold tight.  "Optimal Situation" is worth the wait!
10/16/98  The Original Transformers was intruduced today!
9/5/98  We finally found Rampage & Depth Charge at a Walmart in MN!
8/14/98 Optimal Optimus is first seen in a Target in Minneapolis.
7/22/98  We found Bantor & Buzzclaw at a TRU in Minneapolis today.
7/10/98  We found Torca at a Walmart in Iowa.
6/29/98  We found Airazor and Terrorsaur at Toys-R-Us today!
5/23/98  Scavenger has been seen all across the country.  Mostly, at TRU. 
4/8/98  Transmetal Rattrap & Waspinator finally arrived in Minnesota. 

Our page has been running a lot longer than 4/8/98 but I deleted older news a long time ago!

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