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11/29 Just a few updates in the 1986 & 1987 TF pages w/ several new boxes added.
11/27 I've been catchin up on some old e-mails & have made several page updates. 
*  I've received MANY  letters about it and I've finally had a chance to make the update.  In the Alterations Section, I've added a section about 'how to alter your own Transmetal 2 Megatron.  Here, you can learn how to give your's a posable dragon neck/arm that holds its position!
* Also in the Alterations Section, I've added several new pictures from fan made alterations:  A super cool Maximal Base from Season 3! a  SD Musha(samuri style) Galvatron, and Kewlguy's Altered TM2 Megatron's more opened dragon wings.
*  In the Japan Section I've added an old pic e-mailed to us months ago for BW Ravage.
*  I've added a few more sites to our ever growing links sectionOveride's BW/M page, Steve's BW page, Beast Machines Central, Predacon Central, & The Decepticon Rejects!   Sheesh!
11/15 Check it!  See pics taken from an e-bay auction of the first BMach toys in new packaging!   Vehicon: Mirage / Maximal: Buzzsaw in our newly updated Beast Machines Page!  See HUGE copies of their tech specs on the SPQQY Files page!
11/15 In case you didn't notice, we've unveiled a slightly new look for our main page!  You'll notice MANY NEW pages added to the mix.  In the left column, the same pages we've always had. On the right, pages dedicated to the different years of the Original TFs.  1984 & '85 are basically the same as they've always been.  The 1986, 1987. 1988, & 1990 pages are ALL NEW!  Of course, they'll all be getting major updates over the weeks, months and probably years, but I thought you'd like to see what we've put together so far.  Most notably, you'll find links to large high rez pics of most of the comic covers in the '86, '87, & '88 pages and a bonus European Action Master Section at the bottom of the '90 page.
11/15    Walmart hosted a TF promotion on Saturday and it was, um interesting.  They had a small table set-up with a Walmart employee showing a video about TF's.  I told the employee I collected TF's since I was a little kid.  He nervously proceeded to tell me that now TF's turned into animals instead of cars and planes.  Then told me that the "Beast Wars toys were the bad guys" who fought against the "good guy: Animorphs."  I just grinned and played along as he tried to show me how to Transform Nightglider!  :)  Oh my!  If you could have seen him show me the "right way."  LOL!  :)  I wish I could have it on video!   All things considered, I'm glad to see Walmart trying to promote TF's!  I hope they sell-out soon, so we can get those Beast Machines toys on the pegs and shelves!
11/11     I started our "How many TF's are there?" poll today and my mailbox is full!
11/4   I've been working on many fun new updates but none of the major ones are ready for general release.  But I'd like to give you a little hint of what's coming.   For this teaser, click HERE.  I've also made a slight update in the BW99 page by adding a pic of the FoxKids Waspinator in box.  Have a great weekend. -L.B.'s
10/30   Amazing!  Crossing the Rubicon, the BW Season 3 episode where Black- arachnia first became a Maximal Transmetal 2 aired on February 22, 1999.  And here it is over 8 months later, and I've FINALLY found the toy!  8 months since she debuted in the shows, 7 months after Hasbro (first) said the toy would be in stores, and a month and a half after all Transmetal 2's were made obsolete with the premiere of Beast Machines!  The BW99 page has it's last 'MAJOR' update!  Check out the new TM 2 Blackarachnia page!  Have patience, there are a lot of BIG pics which will take awhile to download but should be worth your wait.  I still haven't to see it in a MN store.  I this found one (yep just 1) at a lone Walmart in Iowa.  This Walmart only just opened & none of the other Walmarts had it either!  Good hunting!
10/30   The review page has been updated with out thoughts on 'you-know-who'!
10/15   The Transformers Year 2 page has been updated.  You'll find pages for all the year 2 "Mini-bots:"  Beechcomber, Cosmos, Powerglide, Seaspray, and  Warpath.
10/15    We've heard from folks from all around the country sayin' that TM2 Black- arachnia is in stores (mostly Walmarts) but we sure haven't seen her yet.  Grrrrrrrrr! :(  Thanks to all for the reports.  Also, for those interested, Animorphs TF's Ultra & Super toys have been spotted just about everywhere including Minnesota. <<Want a review of them? Okay here goes:  They're UGLY! How's that for a review!  :) >>
10/15    We've also been asked by several fans to inform the world that the greatest movie of all time, TRANSFORMERS: the Movie is now for sale at many video stores!
10/15    Find some great new HIGH Resolution pics of Nightscream, the newest member of the Maximal Team on Bob Skir's page in the 'publicity stills' area.
10/15   The alterations page has been updated with several new entries by other fans, including the start of a Beast Machines Megatron, and Paul Wais's Cheetor & Dinobot.
10/15   Our 'stuff for sale page' has been updated.  Nothing new in the way of 'products' but we've sold out of many items and thought you should know.  I've also added a 'letter of reference.' for those skepticle of ordering from us.
10/15   Our Links page has been updated with many new additions Including: Yellow Monster Collectibles, another UNICRON page (not by us! but it's great), Sonic Depth Charge Page, Trypticon's home page, DeGregorio's Japanese BW Page, Paul's Transformers Page, Brax Cardigan's TF Realm, James Toole's BMach page, Jason R. B's BW page. phew!
10/4     In case you haven't seen it, be sure to check out Mainframe's newly updated Beast Machines Page.  It's AWESOME!  There you can see and learn about the next member to join the Maximal team, Nightscream.  It also has all the show titles for BMach Season 1.
10/3   You heard it here first!  New Beast Machines toy info can be found on our completely revamped Beast Machines Page!   We still think that Bob Skir's page is about the best source for show info, but our BMach page is certainly worth a visit!  Enjoy.
10/2  There are Transmetal 2 Recolors being released!  I just found a new box being opened at a MN Walmart!  The two that looked the most different to me  was a TM2 Dinobot where the navy blue was turned a strange aqua color.  I didn't like it too much and think it's too bad they didn't make it a metallic gray like it is in the shows.   That'd be awesome.  The other is (a more noticibly different toy) Prowl, where the white feathers are replaced by a nice (more owl-like) brown.  I love it and think it looks much better than the original.  Click HERE for a sample pic of this toy in the box.  The new color is more noticible in robot mode and helps differente the organic from the mechanical components of this TM2.  Enjoy BMachines ep3!
10/1   Is the BW Inferno a reprogrammed, Predacon version of the original Autobot Inferno?  What do you think?!  Learn more about the original Inferno and others in the newly updated  Transformers Year 2 page. All of the "new" cars from that year now have their own pages:  Grapple, Hoist, Inferno, Red Alert, Skids, Smokescreen, and Tracks.  Enjoy!
10/1  Don't forget! ANOTHER new BEAST MACHINES (episode 3) airs this Sat!
10/1  I don't really consider it "news" but I called the Hasbo "We Really Do Care" line and they told me that TM2 Blackarachnia has started shipping.  (Does anyone still care?  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to buy the toy but the luster of seeing her in the stores is gone for me!  Heck, in Hasbor's original news release, they said she'd be in stores in May!)  Sheesh!

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