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3/21    Several people have pointed out things I missed in G1 character pages. For instance, Thrust and Dirge did appear in Beast Wars (2, in Japan).   I also have learned that Roadbuster, Whirl, Topspin & Twintwist appeared in the European Transformers comics! I've also updated the Dinobot Snarl page having foolishly overlooked the 1997 BW character.  All pages have been updated w/ the info and a few new links about it. I've also updated the BW Jetstorm page and the BMach Jetstorm pages after being reminded by several astute fans that Jetstorm is a G2 Character name :)  Oops! 
3/21   WOW! Thanks to several folks who e-mailed me w/ news of how we can Check out more pics from the new Japanese TF line on "Masterforce: SUPER ROBOT LIFEFORM TRANSFORMER: CAR ROBOTS" page.
3/21    There are new addtions in "Your Section" of the Alterations page!  Including Paul Wais's "Deceptis the Great!"   Rhinox-Trion's own created self-named character, a link to Steve's TF alterations page and a new altered Deluxe Jetstorm..
3/19   Thanks to a letter from Kasady Voorhees we've learned that they'll be releasing both original Optimus Prime, G2 laser OP & Fortress Maximus in Japan (only)!  PIC1 PIC2  According to TomDom69@aol.com they're suppossed to be released ~June.
3/19   Deluxe Dinobots have been spotted by many folks across the country including us, (at WalMarts)!  Stay tuned to for many pics/updates coming in the BMac Page soon.
3/19   See pics of Beast Machines Thrust and Blackarachnia on Rhinox-Trion's page.
3/19    Many new additions in our ever growing Links page
3/1    Like you, we're hoping to see Beast Machines Thrust in stores soon.   In anticipation, we thought you might like to learn about the original Thrust in the newly updated 1985 Transformers page.  In addition, you can also learn about the other second series jets: Dirge and Ramjet and their Beast Wars connection!
2/19   Learn about Jetstorms!  The Beast Machines page has been updated as has the Beast Wars 1997 page where you can learn about BW and BMachines Jetstorm.
2/19   In case you haven't seen 'em yet, check out all the pictures of the new Beast Machines toys from Toyfare at: the Figures.com Beast Machines Toy Fair page, Raving Toy Maniac's Beast Machines page, and Primenet.com's Hasbro toys page.  Awesome stuff!
2/11 There's and AWESOME new addition in the Alterations Page: Doubledealer made his own Beast Machines Cheetor and Optimus Primal.  Absolutely amazing work!
2/11 Starting w/ the BASICS!  :)  We've FINALLY updated the Beast Machines page, having completed the pages for Mirage, Buzzsaw, and Scavenger.  Guess what's next! :)
2/10   Well if you don't mind spoilers (and we do, but couldn't resist) Bobskir.com has been updated w/ publicity stills from Beast Machines Season 2!  Ugh!
2/5 More updates in the 1985 Transformers Page: more of everyone's favorites! (Okay they're great but probably not anywone's favorites!)  In addition to the Jumpstarters: Topspin & Twintwist, I've added the Deluxe Vehicle Autobots: Whirl & Roadbuster.   Much to our dismay, none of these guys have ever appeared in the cartoons OR comics.  Correct me if I'm wrong!
2/5   Check out the What's new @ Mainframe Page, where they've added a totally cool Voice Actors page for Beast Machines.  (The flash-Java version added 1/27 locked up my computer both times I tried to load it but the 1/24 version worked just fine for me. :)
1/30   Apparently, the 'Fox Kids Recolors must be selling well!  They're be releasing 2 more including:  A recolored Transmetal Rattrap & Transmetal Rhinox.   Thanks to druesome@hotmail.com for telling me about the pics on spqqky's page.
1/30 Just made a minor update in the BMachines page correcting the names of those which have changed and added the names of all but one Deluxe Dinobot.
1/26 We've made some relatively minor updates in the 1986 Transformers page.  We now have TF toy box thumbnails for every toy released that year except Pipes!  Have one?   Please! Send me a .jpg!   Thanks.
1/26   Transmetal recolors: Cheetor & Tarantulas have arrived at many TRU stores. 
1/26   There's a great petition HERE by some folks at who post at bottalk.com to get Japanese TF's available to Americans.  Check it out!
1/26 Many new updates in the Alterations page:  In responsed to many people who've asked, I've put in pictures of the types of paint and tools we use to sculpt and shape.  You'll also find many new additions in "Your Section" including a BMachines Rattrap, Megatron, Golden Tigerhawk, and an Optimus made from a compilation of Gundam figures.
1/25   Pics of NEW Beast Machines Figures are popping up!  You'll find pics of the following toys probably taken from an e-bay auction.  Here are some links to the pages I first saw them on (TFextreme & Beast Machines Central 2000) to make it easy:
Dinotron  Triceradon: deluxe figuress which interestingly don't say Beast Machines on package
Obsidian & Longhorn: 'basic' Beast Machines figures
1/26 Our links page gets longer and longer!  Check it!
1/18   Check out what's new with Transformers in Japan.  It's written in Japanese, but hey, the pictures don't need to be translated!  These toys are going to ROCK! A new "Super-Fire Convoy," new 'Cybertron' (good-guy) cars, (makes me think the Autobots are back!), and a new 6 changin', 2-headed dragon..... 'Destron' (bad-guy) leader!  Awe-yea! :)
1/8   Our reviews are finally done for the first wave of Beast Machines toys.  You'll also find updates in the Beast Machines Page.  Rather than linking to a bunch of different pictures as it was before, now each character that we have any info on has their own page.  Each page is a work-in-progress, but at least the tech specs are finally up.  You'll find pages for: Buzzsaw, Mirage, Scavenger, Blackarachnia, Jetstorm, Optimus Primal, Thrust, Cheetor & Tankor.
1/5   Alright!  We found BMach Optimus Primal & Jetstorm yesterday!  I found mine in a Walmart, J found both at a Target.  I've started my reviews but we've got a lot of catching up to do. Btw, how surprising is it to be getting SO many new TF's SO soon AFTER Christmas!  :)
1/3/2000   Happy New Year!  In our first news/page update of the new century we are happy (and surprised) to say that Beast Machines toys have been seen in stores!   So far we've found Cheetor, Tankor, Buzzsaw, Mirage and Scavenger (all in Walmart stores), tho (apparently) Jetstorm and Optimus Primal have been spotted as well.   We've recorded some of our thoughts in our newly updated Reviews page.
1/3/00   This 'news' page has been updated by making links to older news/updates permanently listed at the bottom of this page.  Hopefully now it won't take SO long to upload.
1/3/00   Our ever growing Links page has been updated w/ several great new sites.
12/18   MANY new updates in our Alterations Page!   You'll find pics of my latest alteration, Transmetal 2 Dinobot as well as some amazingly cool fan made alts.  These include:  a Diagnostic Drone, Optimus Prime from his death scene in the movie, another TM2 Megatron and a new Rhinox and Dinobot.   Have a great weekend everyone.
12/17   Just for fun I thought you might like to see what a couple of pranksters were up to on e-bay recently. Great Stuff! Unicron for sale!  :)


12/17   Several VERY cool updates in our Links page.  (you'll see which ones are new).
12/15   Special thanks to DC_CON4@WGP.TWC.com for sending me the first pics I've seen of Thrust and Blackarachnia toys!  Check out our freshly updated B. Machines page where you'll find these awesome new toy pics of Blackarachnia, Thrust, Cheetor Box (front and side).  I've also added new pics of Tankor.  Enjoy! Actually I've just learned that these pics were most likely taken from Paul's TF Pagecheetor box pics.
12/6   Our Unicron page, which you'll find linked to at the bottom of our main index page, has been updated w/ new text & many new pics of the Japanese BWneo toy prototype.
12/6   Wev've added many new toy pictures in the Beast Machines Page.   These include all of the so called "first wave" Beast Machines toys to be in stores "soon."  (I don't know about you but I'm not holding my breath!   :)  In addition to the box pics for Mirage/Mudobber, we've added toy pics for Tankor, Cheetor, (deluxe)Optimus Primal, Jetstorm, Mirage & Mudobber. 
12/2   Ravage!  Silverbolt!  "Dinobots"!  In Beast Machines?   It's true according to an article in 'preview magazine.  See our newly updated Beast Machines page for a listing of all the "revalations" about new characters names and animals/vehicles to be released in 2000.

Our page has been running a lot longer than 4/8/98 but I deleted older news a long time ago!

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