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Anonymous at 2004-07-20 7:05 am
News all over re: the (hopefully) big-budget live-action Transformers movie!
Don Murphy, one of the producers associated with the film has updated his site with a picture of 20th anniversary Optimus Prime. When you click it a message appears saying "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMING, COMICON 2004".
COMICON, "the world's largest comic convention" is not an event taking place on a certain date/place. It is a large 'e-convention' devoted to lovers of comics. (Great site, check it out). When will an announcement be made there? Impossible to say, but we'll keep you posted as news becomes available.
One rumor floating around has to do with (a-hem!) Stephen Spielberg getting involved!? Also a blurb about it being a released as a Summer blockbuster 2006... Rumors, rumors, rumors...! Let the fun begin! Check out this snipit ot Ain't it cool Thanks to for the heads up!

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