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Nevermore at 2005-12-09 3:08 pm
Good news for those of you who ordered the Commemorative Series IX Astrotrain reissue from Hasbro Toy Shop: He finally shipped and already arrives at the first buyers. See here for a proof of receipt.

With Commemorative Series VIII Side Swipe, who had previously been only available in Canada and Australia, having popped up at KB Toys stores and outlets last month, this finally puts closure to the Commemorative Series reissue line. Toys'R'Us has decided to cancel the line due to bad sales (which shouldn't really be surprising considering their inflated prices - and the fact that Hasbro Toy Shop offered Astrotrain for a mere $25 shows where the true blame lies), and unless another retailer (KB?) decides to pick up the line, Hasbro just don't have have a place to offer them to (Astrotrain was only distributed through the Hasbro Toy Store website because the toys had already been produced before TRU decided to back out of the deal).

That means a prototype for Ramjet which surfaced last year is left unaccounted for, as are listings for Trailbreaker, Ironhide and Thrust found in Canadian and Australian TRU computers last year.

If you really want the Hasbro reissues to continue, show your support by ordering Astrotrain from the Hasbro online store and by buying Side Swipe from KB.

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