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Perceptor at 2006-04-26 10:09 pm
Check this out! Although many aren't too happy w/ the M-Thurs 5am central timeslot, Cartoon Network IS doing a more to promote the TF: Cybertron series! First, there's a new "game" allowing you to get your own Transformers name (Apparently, mine is Aquaburst! :) Be patient, you may have to wait through a golden grahams commercial or two as it "loads".

Then I started looking into a tiny little blurb they mention about "new episodes available online each week"! FOLLOW THIS GREAT LINK! Here, not only can you see (no skipped episodes) from 1 to 32, but also:

33. Darkness, 34. Memory, 35. Escape, 36. Family, 37. Titans, 38. Warp, 39. Giant, and 40. Fury !!

So much for 1 new episode per week! I don't know why Cartoon Network doesn't put them on regular television, but if it's going to be one or the other, I think this is for the best! Afterall, a LOT more people have access to the internet than cable channels like CN! Happy viewing all!

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