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We've been dreaming of this for many of the years since we began Unicron.com! Our 'Stuff for Sale page has been re-opened and we are proud to offer online our first ever Unicron.com Exclusive Accessory Pack! This page contains a list of what's for sale, including a part-by-part outline of what's included in each Accessory Pack & what each part costs if purchased
separately for those available.  Pricing shown is in U.S. currency & includes shipping anywhere in the U.S.  Canadian orders convert to U.S. currency & add $2 U.S. for shipping.  Ordering instructions are also outlined below.

If you have any questions after looking through what's here please e-mail us, we're happy to help!

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Click each link or the picture to see and learn more about each part!
Click HERE to see design models for our unmade prototype Diagnostic Drone.

  Unicron.com Accessory Pack (pack pic 2)  Each and every Pack includes the following: $35 in stock
Beast Machines Thrust  figure stand:  Now he doesn't have to stand on his silly split wheel "feet."  Standing by itself on his uni-cycle wheel, in a variety of poses this toy looks awesome!  Click the picture for more details. 
$6 in stock
Blackarachnia figure stand: It's shaped like a black- widow spider symbol and also made of crystal clear polycarbonate.  We're really proud of how this part turned out and let me say, BA looks SO much cooler when she can stand on her pointy toes!.  Click HERE for more details and pics of this part.

This part can be purchased individually for $6 each includes shipping in the U.S.

$6 US in stock
Two Swords & a Mounting Bracket are the third, fourth, and fifth parts included in each Accessory Pack. In addition to the hours spent in the design/manufacture of this particular part, we hand painted every handle green & the red diamond tips on both sides of each and every sword using an air brush and high quality (automotive) paints!
- Due to child- safety/ legal regulations these parts cannot be purchased separately
The 6th part included w/ each Pack is The Key To Vector Sigma!  Original TF fans will notice its design is based more on it's G1 rendering than the way it looked in B Machines.   Learn more details by clicking HERE or on the Picture.
$6 in stock!
? We have just a few Large and Extra-Large t-shirts left.  They're available for $12 each if purchased separately, or as an internet purchase ~special~ for $3 IF you purchase an Accessory Pack at the same time.  Be sure to specify your desired shirt size when you place your order!  $3
L & XL
in stock,

M & XXL sold out

- BotCon '99 Exclusives MISB Sandstorm and Windrazor - Sorry! Sold Out
- BotCon 2000 Exclusives MISB Apelinq and Shakoract -

Sorry! Sold Out

The fastest & easiest way to place your order is through "Pay Pal."  There are a couple of easy steps you must follow to place your order. Please be sure to follow these steps carefully and if you have any additional questions please let me know!  I'm happy to help! :)

1.)  Establish your account with Pay Pal (if you don't already have one) by following THIS link and listing Perceptor@unicron.com as your referral source.   In this way you can save $5 on your order!

2.)  Provide Pay Pal with the credit card info you wish to use to place your order in their "Add a New Credit Card Section."  This info is secure and safe with them.

3.)  Once your credit card info has been entered, you are ready to place your order.  Click the "Send Money" folder icon and input the following information:

Recipient's Email:   Perceptor@unicron.com
Amount ($)  <input the correct amount for your order, see above for amounts, in U.S. currency>
Recipient's Last Name:  Lukis
Subject:  order
Note:  < In this section it is very important that you tell me ALL of the following information:
1.)  what you're ordering
2.)  where you would like your order sent.
3.)  Your shirt size if you're getting one

That's it!  Hit "Continue," then verify that the information is correct then hit "send money."  Your order will be placed promptly and you can expect delivery in around in one to two weeks, sometimes less but I'm not promising it!

The other way to place an order is to mail a check or money order for the purchase amount and we will ship it as soon as the check clears or the money order arrives.  Have your check / money order made out to Unicron.com, Inc. and send it to the following address:
Unicron.com, Inc.
P.O. Box 494
Northfield, MN 55057
With your check/m.o. be sure to include the following information on a separate sheet of paper:
1.)  A detailed list of what you are ordering.  Be sure to include shirt size if you're getting one.
2.)  Where you want the order sent.
3.)  Your e-mail address, if you'd like to receive correspondence that your order shipped...

* Sorry, but we cannot reserve items. We will send out all orders in the order that payments are received (w/ paypal or check/m.o.) 
* Pricing shown includes shipping in the contiental U.S. but does not include insurance.  Include extra ~$'s~ if you want insurance (which incidentally, I don't think is too necessary.
*  In the event that we sell out of a product after you send your check or pay through paypal a 100% full refund will be given.

Click HERE to read a follow-up letter one of our buyers (after BotCon 99)  sent us after he received his order!   Thanks Greg! 

Thank you for your continued support!  If we can generate enough fan interest (and online sales!)  this pack will be only the first of MANY great things to come!  And with a little luck you won't have to wait until next BotCon for what we've got up our sleves next! :)  Thanks again.  

-Lukis Bros. 

"Everything's a Buck!"  
Scott McNeil (voice of Rattrap, Dinobot, Waspinator, & Silverbolt)
shouted as he lends us a hand at BotCon '99!
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