Alter your Own Ramulus!

Ramulus is a great toy with one flaw.  Why oh why did they design it so you couldn't put the ram head upright in beast mode.  It's obvious they intended to have have his beast be able to be in either position but for some crazy reason they decided not to!  It's totally nuts.  You don't need epoxy you don't need paint.  All you need is a sharp blade like a dremmel tool (that'll work best) or an exacto knife.   The best part is that it's so simple EVERYONE can do it.

howtoram1.jpg (126997 bytes)

Take your dremmel tool/exacto knife and cut the undersides of the "slagmaker cannon."  The only thing you can't do when you're done is use the 'post' trigger to make the horns rotate.  Guess what, that's a silly action anyway and serves no purpose.  Having some poseability of the beast head is worth the sacrifice.

howtoram2.jpg (110208 bytes)

You'll have to start by unscrewing the little plate on the underside.  Cut off the post-trigger thingy attached to the one horn, then cut the plate cover the way it's shown in the pictures.  Don't cut off too much at once, little by little.   This is the only tricky part.  If you cut too much it'll fall apart.  If you don't cut enough the mane won't sit all the way down the way it's supposed to.   You'll see!  Good luck.

howtoram3.jpg (27179 bytes)