"Who is UNICRON?!"
-Hotrod, Transformers, The Movie


"That which does not become a part of the one, shall become one with the void."

Allegiance: None
Function: Universal Dominator
First Appearance: Transformers The Movie

Profile:  Known as the "chaos bringer" Unicron was created shortly after the dawn of time.  He is the most massive and deadly of all Transformers.  His goal is to absorb the Universe; planet by planet, solar system by solar system.  With each world he devours, he grows in size, strength, energy, knowledge and power.  He carries out the assimilation these worlds with total ambivalence to the lives of those he destroys. His origin is quite mysterious and yet somehow absolutely connected to the planet and inhabitants of Cybertron.  The exact nature of this connection has not yet been fully explored.  In the G1, season 3 episode "Call of the Primitives" we learn that a small organic genius-being named "Primacron" played some part in his creation, presumably as a force for good...  Although my interpretation being he took part only in the creation of his most recent physical form, considering the eternal nature of Unicron's spark. Also in this episode, we get a glimpse of the Matrix rising from the ashes of Unicron's creation...  What we do know, is that the true source of power to affect Unicron contained within the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, is due, at least in part, to it's connection to Primus.  This god-like force of good whose dormant spark lies within Cybertron itself, is the true nemesis of Unicron and anthesis of all that he has become.  It is our hope and belief that this connection will be further explained in the tales of TF Cybertron...

The below image map is of the 2003, TF Armada version of Unicron in planet mode

The picture to the right we have affectionately titled:  "Holy Shit!" (what're we gonna do now?!)  :)

Abilities:  The size of a large planet, Unicron derives sustenance from digesting planets, moons, and even stars, thus making him larger and increasing both his power and his appetite.  When it serves his interest, he has been know to make pacts with lesser beings, offering them stronger bodies and greater powers in exchange for their total allegiance.  Woe be it to the would be betrayer, for Unicron possesses the ability to to both give and take way.  With the mere thought of treachery, the slave will find his body involuntarily twisting into painful contortions.  Among his numerous subjects are the Quintessons, who hunt down anyone who escapes his wrath.   The deadliest secret of all is that this rumbling juggernaut when threatened, can transform into the goliath of robots, capable of swatting armadas to dust and tearing whole planets apart with his bare hands.

More Pictures:
Unicron in Planet Mode 4
Unicron in Planet Mode 6
Unicron in Planet Mode 8
Unicron in Planet Mode 9
Unicron in Planet Mode 11
Unicron in Planet Mode 13
Unicron in Planet Mode 16 
Unicron in Planet Mode 19
Unicron in Planet Mode 20
Unicron in Planet Mode 25

Unicron Transforming:
Unicron transforming 1
Unicron Transforming 2
Unicron Transforming 3
Unicron transforming 4

The below image map is of the 2003, TF Armada version of Unicron in robot mode; easily the most  show/movie accurate figure ever made.

More Pictures!
Unicron in robot mode 2
Unicron in robot mode 4
Unicron in robot mode 5
Unicron in robot mode 7
Unicron in robot mode 9
Unicron in robot mode 12
Unicron in robot mode 13

Weaknesses:  "The Autobot Matrix of Leadership, it is the one thing, the ONLY thing which can stand in his way!" Seen below: (Oh I can't bear to watch!) 

Unicron's Demise 1
Unicron's Demise 2
Unicron's Demise 3
Unicron's Demise 4
Unicron's Demise 5

Other versions of the toy:  "The Most Famous Figure Never Made" according to an article in Tomart's Action Figure Digest."  Hasbro's first attempt at this character in toy form (1986) was, for better or worse, never mass produced and sold. The first and only time we ever saw this prototype figure was in a display during BotCon 1996.  Check HERE or HERE for some of our pictures.  According to the Tomart's  article the toy was supposed to come with a voice chip and "planet microphone" so you could speak through the figure!  Sounds cool but it'd have to be one well built chip to make a squirrelly kid voice sound like Orson Wells!! Also hit THIS LINK to see a straight on picture of the toy in 'planet mode! Wow, considering the technology and techniques that existed to make larger action figures at that time, I think it's a good thing we waited until 2003 before getting a toy that does justice to the character.
Thanks to Jason for first making us aware of this rare inflatable Unicron toy.  Originally, it was a store display used in Japan.  As seen in THIS picture it also came with a cardboard 'border' that represented the ring around the planet.  The current owner Alex Bickmore has this and other pix of rare, hard-to-find TF items on his web site: toyarchive.com.  Cool stuff!
In a later development, the Takara owned Transformers line in Japan was gearing up to produce a Unicron toy for its ~1998 Beast Wars Neo line!  But it, like it's G1 counterpart in the mid 80's, was never produced...  A prototype was exhibited at the Tokyo Toy Fare.  Here are some pics of this amazing toy below.


unicron4.jpg (69945 bytes)
It's an aweful lot of toy pictures considering that none of them were ever produced!  Fans finally got their wish (sort of) in 2002 w/ the incarnation of Unicron standing atop the planet Cybertron, in the form of a cold cast porcelin statue produced by Hard Hero & 3H/ Botcon.

Boxback, close-up, tech spec, box side, statue large full-view, statue upper torso close-up, statue side view, statue back view full, 3H pre-order ad

Click THIS LINK to see everything there is to see of the absolutely awesome 2003 TF Armada version.  Included a re-print of the article in ToyFare Magazine which ranked it ...

Coming "soon" Black and neon green color scheme Energon UNICRON version of the same toy...  Pictures will be added when they become available...

Also, please click HERE to learn about the Accessory we produced for this most cool toy allowing it to "float" in planet mode, high above the other TFs in your shelves!  Click HERE to order or here to here to see the rest of custom manufactured TF Accessories for sale...

Unicron in Beast Wars:  Unicron even received some attention in Beast Wars!  He is in the season one episode: "Possession"  shown in planet mode when Starscream claims to have been destroyed by him (which is, of course, a lie. He was destroyed by Galvatron).  Another more prominent reference was when the aliens are "revealed" in Other Voices, part 1.   Larry DiTillio Beast Wars story editor later clarified that the "Vok" are not Unicron.  Although perhaps they, like Tarantulas and the Tripredacus Council have their origins with him.  Yet there's no mistaking, it certainly was the menacing face of Unicron, "we chose this figure of authority from your datatracks."  who had a dialogue w/ Optimus' & initiated the "termination sequence" 

unicronface.jpg (192513 bytes)

In Beast Machines:  Unicron is one of only two original TF characters to be referenced in Beast Machines (along to Optimus Prime's several references).  Unfortunately, Unicron wasn't seen but was referenced by Rattrap referring to Megatron: a mechanical giant head, floating above the skies of Cybertron, as a "living tribute to Unicron" (.com?! :)  >>wishful thinking!)