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  • 2014-09-21 3:44 am by Sabrblade
    Autobase Aichi has posted images from a new TakaraTomy Transformers catalog that came with the Lost Age Series LA-13 Battle Attack Nemesis Prime figure, in which we get our first look at the new Movie Advanced Series AD31 Armor Knight Optimus Prime figure. A remold of the AOE Generations Leader class Optimus Prime figure, this new figure strive for greater movie-accuracy than any other version of this figure, using a new headsculpt, new arms, new shoulders, a new chest, a new sword, and a new shield.

    Additional images from the catalog are also included, which show a look at all of the Lost Age Series toys. Through the space bridge for the pics.
  • 2014-09-19 5:31 pm by Sabrblade
    Instagram user transformer46 has posted a slew of all new in hand images of Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack, showing off a wide range of this figure's articulation and features, including the de-hypnosis device from "The Ultimate Doom, Part 3".

    Plus, Weibo user ZEUX1S has posted images that reveal a super special secret feature of this figure. Behind Wheeljack's faceplate is a FACE! A full-blown, human-like, mustachioed face!

    MP-20 Wheeljack hits retail tomorrow, September 20th. Through the space bridge for the pics.
  • 2014-09-19 4:43 pm by Sabrblade
    Alfes 2010 has Tweeted in hand images of the packaging for the new Transformers Music Matrix DVD and Transformers Song Masterpiece CD set. The DVD and CD each contain a variety of songs from the many Japanese Transformers series ranging from openings, endings, and insert songs. The packaging for each one contains a slew of artwork honoring the 30th Anniversary of the brand, depicting several Autobot and Maximal leaders from the ages, as well as other characters such as Artemis from Beast Wars II, Ai from Car Robots (T-AI in RiD), and GoKenzan from Go!. Also included with one of them is a booklet with images of many toys from over the years. Through the space bridge for the pics.
  • 2014-09-19 4:29 pm by Sabrblade
    TakaraTomy Mall has posted a new promo image for Transformers Cloud TFC-A04 Roadbuster and TFC-D04 Hellwarp, who are redecos of Generations Roadbuster and Generations Sky-Byte, respectively.

    Plus, e-HOBBY has posted the first official images of Hellwarp in shark mode and robot mode. Through the space bridge for the pics.
  • 2014-09-19 4:03 pm by Sabrblade
    TakaraTomy's Twitter and TakaraTomy Mall have posted new images of the Japanese Transformers: Lost Age Series LA-13 through LA-18 toys. LA-13 is Battle Attack Nemesis Prime (a redeco of the Power Battlers Optimus Prime). LA-14 is "Battle Command Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Saikyō Tag Set" (a rerelease of Battle Command Optimus Prime, along with a redeco of One Step Bumblebee in its High Octane colors, "Saikyō" means "Strongest"). LA-15 is Battle Attack Grimlock. LA-16 is Battle Attack Slug. LA-17 is Battle Attack Snarl. LA-18 is Battle Attack Galvatron. And LA-SP is "Saishū Kessen 4-tai Set" ("Final Battle 4-Piece Set"), which contains One Step Changers of Silver Knight Optimus Prime, Galvatron, Slug, and Drift (helicopter). To see all the images, head through the space bridge.
  • 2014-09-19 3:15 pm by Sabrblade
    The schedule for New York Comic-Con 2014 has been posted on the convention's official website, in which we see that there are two very important panels related specifically to the Transformers. One is the Transformers: Robots in Disguise Panel, in which we are sure to finally learn much more about the new cartoon series coming in 2015. The other is the IDW & Hasbro Panel, in which we will continue to learn about what the future holds for many of Hasbro's comic book series released by IDW, including all of the forthcoming Transformers comics series. Through the space bridge for the details.
  • 2014-09-19 6:23 am by Sabrblade
    The Transformers Collectors Club has posted official artwork for yet another addition to the Transformers Figure Subscription Service 3.0. This time it is Serpent O.R.

    A redeco of Generations Scourge using the Ratbat headsculpt, this figure is based on the G.I. Joe character of Serpentor, who is typically depicted as the "Cobra Emperor", but this toy takes its look and name from a specific version of Serpentor. Specifically, the version from the Devil's Due "G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers III: The Art of War" crossover, in which Serpentor was a manmade mechanoid named "Serpent O.R.", reverse-engineered from Megatron's technology. After gaining sentience, the "Son of Megatron" proceeds to rally the then-leaderless Decepticons as one of their most competent leaders ever, becoming Serpentor Prime.

    But this toy represents a different version of that version with a more Cobra-based history. Anyway, through the space bridge for the artwork.
  • 2014-09-18 9:05 pm by Unicron.com
    Why settle for a peek Dani? When you can see everything from Lookout Mointain?! :). Now if only they'd start coming out w/ some transformable bots this show accurate!
  • 2014-09-18 8:59 pm by Unicron.com
    Target exclusive 6-pack
  • 2014-09-17 10:40 pm by Unicron.com
    The Hub Network: no more. As this and various other news outlets are reporting... Interesting read. Could this mean that we could return to the days of Beast Wars when show aired at 5 or 6AM? Could it mean that new series like the upcoming Robots in Disguise could air on Cartoon Network? ... Let the speculation begin.
    Discovery Communications and toy maker Hasbro are ending their joint partnership in The Hub, a cable network that hoped to become a force in children's television.
  • 2014-09-17 12:12 pm by Unicron.com
    Today, September 17th, is a very special day. 30 years ago the first episode of the Transformers cartoon aired!!! Happy birthday Transformers! *TLA
  • 2014-09-17 10:31 am by Sabrblade
    It is with heavy hearts that we bring to you some sad news. According to Noblemania, actor Buster Jones, the voice of the Autobot Blaster from the Generation 1 cartoon, passed away on Monday, September 15, 2014.

    Outside of Transformers, Buster had a career as a radio DJ, a musician, and the voice of commercials prior to his becoming a voice actor. As a voice actor, his most notable roles were as the superhero Black Vulcan in the long-running Hanna Barbera/DC Comics SuperFriends cartoon, Doc in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and Winston Zeddemore in both The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters. He also hosted the Dick Clark-created Soul Unlimited television series in the 70's.

    More recently, Buster briefly returned to Transformers when he attended BotCon 2012 as a guest, and even provided the voices of both TransTech Stungun and a reprisal of Blaster in the live script reading "Bee in the City 2: Electric Boogaloo".

    Rest in peace, Buster Jones.
  • 2014-09-16 9:40 pm by Sabrblade
    The Transformers Collectors Club has posted official artwork for another installment in the upcoming Transformers Figure Subscription Service 3.0 for 2015. This time it is Carzap w/ G.B. Blackrock.

    A remold of Generations IDW Bumblebee, this figure is one with quite a history behind it. At the tail end of the Generation 2 toyline, Takara had planned to create a post-G2 toyline for 1996 called Block Town, which would feature Transformers toys packaged with sets of Takara's Diablock line (a rival to Lego in Japan). The sets would have been bases that could have been rebuilt into battle stations. One such planned release was a redeco of G2 Windbreaker with a Garage Set. As the line was canceled, so too was the Windbreaker redeco. Fast forward to the present, in which this figure is a direct homage to that unreleased Block Town Windbreaker redeco, complete with a new Windbreaker-based headsculpt and a buildable Kre-O battle station. The name "Carzap", however, was G2 Windbreaker's Japanese name given on a BotCon Japan 1997 poster.

    Also included with this figure is a Kreon of G.B. Blackrock, billionaire industrialist ally to the Autobots from the Marvel G1 comics (think a nicer Tony Stark minus the Iron Man suit). Through the space bridge for the artwork.
  • 2014-09-16 7:13 pm by Sabrblade
    Though the DVD and Blu-Ray releases aren't due out until September 30th, the Transformers: Age of Extinction movie is now available for Digital HD download. The following nine online stores currently have it available: iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox Video, Sony Entertainment Network, Cinema Now, Target Ticket, and Paramount Movies. For those who prefer SD over HD, they have that version too.
  • 2014-09-16 7:11 pm by Unicron.com
    Information of upcoming IDW Transformer comics: MTMTE 35, Drift — Empire of Stone #1, Angry Birds/Transformers #1 and more http://www.previewsworld.com/Home/1/1/71/977?articleID=153138 *TLA
    So you like Transformers, you say? You’d vacation to Cybertron if you could afford the space shuttle? Well, then the news we have to report to you this month should be quite tasty.
  • 2014-09-16 6:13 pm by Sabrblade
    As the March 2015 release of Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber draws ever nearer, Hisashi Yuki and TakaraTomy continue to promote the goodness of this figure by Tweeting all kinds of wonderful in hand images of this figure. The photos from Yuki-san show us a ton of looks at this figure's amazing robot mode, articulated in numerous poses, plus a look at Saber and the Vehicle Mode.

    Plus, photos from TakaraTomy meanwhile show us a look at something more. The shield that comes with the figure is able to be used as a display stand for the figure's vehicle mode or for the V-Star! Let's Say Go through the space bridge and behold!
  • 2014-09-16 5:54 pm by Sabrblade
    We are just four days away from the official release of the new Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack toy from TakaraTomy, and ACToys has posted several in hand images of the figure, showing off its vehicle mode, robot mode, and parts of its transformation. To see all the images head through the space bridge.
  • 2014-09-16 7:36 am by Sabrblade
    Hold onto your hats, folks! Last night, the Transformers Collectors Club announced a "Once in a Decade" Archive Sale of many of the their Transformers exclusives from 2005 to 2014. They're needing to clear out space in their warehouse and have put up so many leftover exclusives for sale on the Club store, but in very limited quantities. Unsurprisingly, many of these super rare, super limited toys sold out in a matter of minutes after the sale went up the night before, but as if this typing, 18 Archived items still remain in stock (the sold out ones are labeled as "Discontinued"), so head on over to the Club store to get any of these past that you wish to purchase, for prices far more reasonable than eBay!
  • 2014-09-16 7:27 am by Sabrblade
    Reports are coming in that the fifth 2014 Transformers Figure Subscription Service 2.0 figure is arriving into the hands of those who ordered it. The Twitter of John DeLuna has posted several in hand images of the figure, which have been mirrored beyond the space bridge. If you would like to see which figure it is, head through the space bridge to see the pics.
  • 2014-09-16 7:08 am by Sabrblade
    The CYBERGEEKS Alliance Facebook has posted a rather intriguing bit of news in the form of an advertisement for a new Lucky Draw figure. Dubbed "Silver Jetfire", this figure is a redeco of Generations Leader class Jetfire with its entire body decked out in metallic silver paint! The figure appears to be a product of Hasbro Asia since the ad is for the Asian retailer AEON stores. The flyer provides the details on how to enter to win the Silver Jetfire figure, which can be found beyond the space bridge.
  • 2014-09-15 11:58 am by Sabrblade
    Since a rather vocal portion of the fandom has expressed a distaste for the chrome on Generations Leader Jetfire, Transformers fan customizer Cheetimus Primal has posted a simple how-to video demonstrating quick and affordable means to remove the chrome from the figure that leaves the bright red plastic underneath the chrome fully exposed and chrome-free. This should save a lot of money for folks who are interested in getting the Takara version mainly for its lack of chrome. Through the space bridge for the video.
  • 2014-09-14 7:33 pm by Sabrblade
    Transformers Colombia has come through with another batch of images regarding upcoming Transformers toys. This time, however, they aren't images of toys, but scans of a preliminary product catalog (in Spanish) with information about the upcoming Transformers: Robots in Disguise toyline coming in 2015. Though the images are small, they give us a rundown on the line's size classes, which include Warriors (new name for Deluxe), Legion, Hyperchange Heroes, One-Step Changers, 6" Titan Guardians, 12" Titan Heroes, and 12" Titan Heroes w/ Features. Plus more of the Hero Mashers. Though, do note that the products shown here are not final, nor are the prices (which are shown here in pesos).

    The scans also contain some handwritten notes, including one mentioning that the new RID cartoon will air on March 15 on Cartoon Network, BUT that is more than likely in regards to the Latin American version airing in Colombia rather than the English version, which will air on Hub Network at a currently still unknown airdate. Through the space bridge for the catalog scans.
  • 2014-09-14 6:18 pm by Sabrblade
    TFND has posted in hand images of the Platinum Edition Autobots United 5-pack. The set contains redecos of Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, Deluxe Bumblebee, Deluxe Drift, Deluxe Crosshairs, and Voyager Hound. Though Optimus sports a new deco that is more G1-based, the other four all bear decos that strive more for movie-accuracy. The figures are also compared to each of the following: Optimus to the other Platinum Edition that comes with Grimlock, Bumblebee to Takara's Movie Advanced Series version, and Drift/Crosshairs/Hound to the standard Hasbro versions. Through the space bridge for the pics.
  • 2014-09-14 3:25 pm by Sabrblade
    Several eBay auctions from seller lena81822 have provided us with in hand images of four upcoming figures: Generations Chromia (an extensive remold of Prime Robots in Disguise Arcee), Cloud Shockwave (a redeco of Generations Whirl), Cloud Starscream (a redeco of Generations Doubledealer), and Legends Whirl (a redeco of Generations Whirl). Though, all of them appear mistransformed. To see all the images, head through the space bridge.
  • 2014-09-13 11:16 am by perceptor
    As we continue to grow and develop through new platforms like TFDb, so too does our toy database. Astute viewers will notice that we have made a number of updates and additions to our 2001 and 2002 Transformers Sections. If you're viewing our site on a traditional web browser, you will notice the theme background based on R.i.D. and Armada (comics). In addition to the mainline figures such as Armada and RID also note the addition of e-Hobby line, Go-Bots and filled in a few other small gaps... If anyone out there is an expert on the Takara Micron line, please feel free to send me a line that's next on the to-do list...
  • 2014-09-10 5:05 pm by Unicron.com
  • 2014-09-07 5:05 pm by Unicron.com
    As reported earlier, the Pawtucket, Rhode Island hosted a special Transformers event "turning ideas into toys!" On hand the mayor gave a small speech on the artistry of toy design and Hasbro's support of the local economy... In case you were not aware, Pawtucket, RI is the corporate home of Hasbro.
  • 2014-09-07 12:05 pm by Unicron.com
    Walmart exclusive Age of extinction figures are finally showing up in our area. Pretty weird to think there are fans who haven't seen the Beast Wars Terrorsaur mold before. Stranger still to see this toy as a blue movie DInobot recolor!
  • 2014-09-01 11:48 am by Unicron.com
    Whirl's long lost buddy! Now if only this guy would show up in MTMTE Comics (like he just did in my local Target) then my interest level would go from moderate, to through-the-roof level!
  • 2014-08-31 9:21 am by Unicron.com
    Available September 2nd, SHOUT! Factory releases Beast Machines -The Complete Series, DVD set. See attached pictures w/ the complete press release of our sneak preview... While deemed controversial by Transformers fans in its day (2000-2001) we liked the show quite a bit. -back then, about the only thing we didn't care for was the large level of dissimilarity between the way the characters looked in the show vs the early waves of toys. Thankfully, Hasbro made up for the discrepancies throughout the years releasing toys like -show-accurate Air Attack Optimus Primal and Megabolt Megatron in later RID line, and even now A Deluxe scale Tankor in 2014 Generations line! :)
  • 2014-08-27 10:41 pm by Unicron.com
    In case you were not aware, IDW Comics and James Roberts' "More than Meets the Eye," issue #32 is now available. Happy to report that Alex Milne is back on art duties and his work is looking better than ever. Don't believe me? Check out a 5-page preview on iTunes. Or better yet buy a copy at your local comic store, or the IDW comics Ap and start readin'! :)
    Read a sample or download Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #32 - Dawn of the Autobots by James Roberts & Alex Milne with iBooks.
  • 2014-08-26 7:10 pm by Unicron.com
    Wow, this new could bring 3rd party transforming toys to a whole new (legitimate) level!
    Hasbro and Shapeways want you to profit from your fan-made artwork based on Hasbro toys.
  • 2014-08-23 4:04 pm by Unicron.com
    Big finds at Toys R Us in the Big Apple!