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  • Sabrblade  31 July 2014, 3:13 pm
    Big Bad Toy Store has posted a preview of images for a grand total of FOUR exclusive Platinum Edition sets for Age of Extinction. Though all four have already been made known to us, some of them have never been seen until now. The four Platinum Edition sets are as follows:
    • Generations Dinobot 5-Pack - Voyage Grimlock, Deluxe Strafe, Deluxe Scorn, Deluxe Slug, and Voyager Slog (silver redecos)
    • First Edition Optimus Prime w/ Trailer - FE Optimus Prime redeco, MP-10 Trailer redeco, and Sideswipe (ROTF Deluxe Swerve redeco)
    • Generations Autobots 5-Pack (Autobots United) - Voyager Optimus Prime (Evasion Mode mold), Voyager Bulkhead, Deluxe Bumblebee, Deluxe Drift, and Deluxe Crosshairs (all redecos)
    • Leader Optimus Prime & Grimlock - both redecos of the Generations Leaders
    Through the space bridge for the pics.
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  • Sabrblade  31 July 2014, 3:02 pm
    The Transformers Collectors Club has revealed on both their Twitter and Facebook the free membership incentive figure for 2015 to be none other than a new version of Lio Convoy! A remold of the Generations Thrilling 30 Deluxe Orion Pax figure, this figure sports a new headsculpt and has a deco meant to make the truck mode resemble the head of a lion.

    Given the Club's recent pushing for their new Beast Wars: Uprising storyline, it's possible that this could be another addition to that series. Through the space bridge for the pics.
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  • Sabrblade  31 July 2014, 2:45 pm
    TakaraTomy ARTS has updated its website with new images of the Mega Drive Megatron figure, revealing it to come with a feature not previously seen until now: A (non-working) game cartridge for Sonic the Hedgehog! In the immortal words of Jaleel White, that is way past cool! Juice and jam time through space bridge to see the pics.
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  • Sabrblade  31 July 2014, 2:32 pm
    Transformers Colombia has posted official images of several new and upcoming Age of Extinction 1 Step Changers and Rescue Bots Rescan figures. The new 1 Step Changers are Rollbar (based on Shane's rally car and RID X-Brawn), Strafe, Megatron (in his ROTF body), and Prowl. The new Rescan figures are Chase as a police SUV and Boulder as a dump truck. Through the space bridge for the pics.
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  • perceptor  30 July 2014, 5:44 pm
    Sequart.org has posted a pair of interesting and insightful articles, an interview split in PART1 and PART2 with Transformers super-scribe James Roberts, author of the wildely popular IDW Comic Series More than Meets the Eye. In the article, Roberts shares his thoughts on the value of good comic art, themes of the series, Transformers: Animated(!), same-sex relationships, faith and more...

    Says interviewer David Whittaker
    "Many might think Transformers comics are glorified toy catalogues at best. However, to Transformers fans old and young, the toys are but one facet or tool for the indulgence of the imagination in creative and playful daydreams. Transformers fiction done right is another. Just what constitutes Transformers fiction done right is an ongoing debate in the fandom. The overall consensus, however, seems to be that More Than Meets The Eye (often abbreviated as MTMTE) is Transformers fiction done right. And then some..."

    Hearing Roberts talk more about the series, you get a sense of just how much thought he puts into his work and a better understanding for where the richness and character depth comes from! ... If you haven't picked up a copy, then what are you waiting for?!?! In the meantime, enjoy this glimpse into the mind of its author, James Roberts.   (1 comment)
  • Sabrblade  30 July 2014, 9:41 am
    The Transformers Masterpiece Official Guide book has been released today, and several scans from it have been posted on Weibo. This book contains a chock full of Masterpiece goodness, ranging from photos of all the toys, to production concept sketches of each, to interviews and anecdotes from the designers, and more! Of note in the following images are the ones for the upcoming Masterpiece Star Saber figure, in which we see not just Star Saber but his standard inner robot form of Saber! And inside Saber's vehicle mode cockpit looks to be some sort of pilot... the Yuuki no Brain! His Brainmaster! Which will hopefully fit inside his chest like with the original toy. Through the space bridge for the pics.
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  • perceptor  28 July 2014, 7:21 pm
    Thanks to our good friend and site contributor Mr. Hoochman aka The Last Autobot of TransformersPeru and Unicron.com..., for pointing out a fantastic fact. While my spanish is a little "rusty" (quite bad!) I can get the general idea...

    "Hoy es un día muy importante para todos los peruanos. Una fecha que siempre debemos recordar. Hoy, 28 de Julio, es el cumpleaños de Peter Cullen!!!"

    Today is a very important day for all the something. One -something- that always -something- to remember! Today, July 28 is Peter Cullen's birthday!

    Just in case you don't know, Mr. Cullen is the voice of G1, Movie, TF:Prime Optimus Prime! (As if you didn't already know!) Happy 73rd Birthday Mr. Cullen! Here's to many more to come.   (2 comments)
  • Sabrblade  28 July 2014, 11:55 am
    This past Saturday, the 51st episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots aired on Hub Network. Titled "Double Villainy", this is Part 1 of the season 2 finale! The Team has their work cut out for them this time as the various rogues gallery of the Rescue Bots have come together in a joint effort to kidnap the Bots in a bid to control them as weapons and work soldiers. And there is no telling what these masterminds are capable of due to their past displays of competence and craftiness. Can these villains be stopped, or have our heroes finally met their match? Through the space bridge for the episode and discuss.
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  • Sabrblade  28 July 2014, 11:43 am
    AmiAmi has posted official images of two officially licensed third party Transformers items made by Sentinel Co. Ltd. Gigantic Action Kyōfu Taitei MegaZarak and Gigantic Action Kyōfu Taitei BlackZarak. Both figures are 2 feet tall, fully articulated, nontransformable (yes, NONTRANSFORMABLE) figures based on Generation 1 Scorponok/MegaZarak and Masterforce BlackZarak. The "Kyōfu Taitei" part of their names is a transliteration of Scorponok's Japanese title of "Emperor of Terror" (BlackZarak's title was different: "Ankoku Taitei", meaning "Emperor of Darkness"). The base price for both is 48,600 yen, which is roughly equal to $477.23 USD. Through the space bridge for the pics.
  • Sabrblade  26 July 2014, 7:04 pm
    Remember how the San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Dinobots set contains the AOE Generations toys of Voyager Grimlock, Deluxe Slug, Deluxe Strafe, and Deluxe Snarl all redecoed in Generation 1-based decos, but was missing a certain Sauropod Dinobot? Well, worry no more! The missing fifth member of this group was announced at the Hasbro: Transformers panel to be an Amazon.com exclusive, and Amazon has just put up a preorder for this guy. Called "Generation 1 Voyager Class Slog", this figure is a redeco of AOE Generations Voyager Slog in G1 Sludge colors, complete with silver chrome paint like his brethren. The figure is due for release December 15, 2014, and currently priced at $34.99 USD (a mere 1 cent short of qualifying for Free Shipping!).
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  • perceptor  26 July 2014, 7:19 am
    Just a quick note to point out that the 2000 Transformers Section has received a facelift. Included with the update you will see new box-picture thumbnails for all toys we could find, and the addition of all Takara "Car Robots" series toys, Botcon Exclusives and the very first Third Party Set for Transformers fans, produced by your's truly, us Lukis Bros at Unicron.com.

    For those of our site visitors checking us out on a traditional browser, you will notice a Beast Machines themed background, with Cybertron, as it's depicted in Beast Machines cartoon... Sorry for those of you enjoying Unicron.com on a mobile device, who don't see image backgrounds! - But you can still see all the new updates to our toy database...   (Discuss in the forum)
  • Sabrblade  25 July 2014, 8:50 pm
    If you thought TakaraTomy ARTS's Mega Drive Megatron would be a one-of-a-kind, well, you'd be correct. But there is another classic video game console Transformer coming from the same group. TakaraTomy ARTS has announced a new figure of Optimus Prime that transforms into a Sony PlayStation; specifically the original PS1. So, there are only 3D renders of the figure, which can be found beyond the space bridge.
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  • Sabrblade  25 July 2014, 8:34 pm
    Remember those Protectobots redeco we learned about back in June? Well, a few new official images of both the Protectobots Evac Squad and the Protectobots Emergency Response multi-packs have surfaced on Weibo.

    The Evac Squad set consists of Hot Spot redecoed from Universe Inferno with Solar Storm Grappel's crane arm and robot head, and sporting a deco based more on Fire Chief, as well as Blade redecoed from ROTF Blazemaster in a deco based more on Fly-Up.

    The Emergency Response set consists of Streetsmart redecoed from Prime Beast Hunters Prowl, Groove redecoed from Prime Cyberverse Arcee in a deco based on Universe Groove, and First Aid redecoed from Prime RID Ratchet.

    Both sets are in the same kind of packaging as the Age of Extinction toys, but lacking the tiny AOE logo. Through the space bridge for the pics.
  • perceptor  25 July 2014, 6:42 pm
    The updates keep coming from San Diego ComicCon. This time around it's Hasbro Studios who teases of things to come. Available now, the new exclusive Season 3 teaser for Rescue Bots. "Dino-bots" here we come!...   (3 comments)
  • perceptor  25 July 2014, 2:54 pm
    Oh yeah! They teased us at BotCon with a silhouette of Superion. But now, we get to see the first 10 team members of the 2015 Generations Aerialbots and Stunticons! The limbs are deluxe toys, the torso a Voyager. What more could we ask for (besides Protectobots, Combaticons, Predacons and Seacons...!) Thanks to Hasbro PR for providing us the photos, and the latest round of reveals from San Diego ComicCon. Now available in the 2015 Generations Transformers Section, allow us to introduce:

    AERIALBOTS unite to form Superion!
    SILVERBOLT: Aerialbot team leader Voyager
    AIR RAID: Looking like a bigger posable version of the G1 original.
    ALPHA BRAVO: a re-imagined version of G1 Slingshot, this one transforms into a helicopter.
    FIREFLY: The new look for Generations Fireflight. And...
    SKYDIVE: Same jet mode and everything, Skydive is looking great.

    STUNTICONS unite to form Menasor!
    MOTORMASTER: Appears to be a slightly retooled version of the Voyager Optimus we saw at BotCon 2014. He is the Voyager scale team leader of the Stunticons.
    BREAKDOWN: guessing this sweet remould may be recolored as a BotCon Exclusive a few times!
    DEAD END: Like others, a 'dead ringer' for the G1 original, only bigger and more poseable.
    DRAGSTRIP: No longer depicted as a female, as seen in the Transformers Animated BotCon set a few years ago! (Or is it a she???)
    OFFROAD: a re-imagined version of Wildrider. This one transforms into a heavy-duty truck.
    and an Unnamed Stunticon legend toy, which becomes the chest of Menasor. No word yet on whether this guy will be sold separately or perhaps come with Motormaster...   (4 comments)
  • Sabrblade  25 July 2014, 2:27 pm
    Hot Toys is a company that produces high end collectible products, and they're dipping their toes into the Transformers with their new Optimus Prime (Starscream Version) figure. This high grade, extra detailed, non-transforming figure is designed to resemble Generation 1 Optimus Prime, with the unique feature of wearing the wings, jets, and null rays of Starscream. A deceased Starscream. Yep, it's Optimus Prime wearing the corpse of his enemy. He even comes with a decapitated dead Starscream head.

    Additionally, an image for another Hot Toys figure of Optimus has been revealed to be a ACG-Hong Kong convention exclusive. This one is Optimus Prime (Megatron Version) with Optimus wearing, you guessed it, Megatron parts. Through the space bridge to see these advanced, if a bit morbid, figures.
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  • Sabrblade  25 July 2014, 1:25 pm
    Artist Josh Nizzi revealed a plethora of concept art he created for the Transformers: Age of Extinction movie. In these images, we see several pieces of early art designs that were either used or unused in the movie. The images can be divided into eight catgories: Two for Optimus Prime, Robots, Weapons, Robots again, Ships, Misc., and Lockdown. Through the space bridge to see all the pics.
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  • perceptor  24 July 2014, 8:22 pm
    More thanks again to Hasbro PR, who has passed along a copy of the Transformers Robots in Disguise teaser video now available for viewing on the Unicron.com's YouTube page. You can also check out high resolution image gallery with a few of the highlights mirrored in the attached forum thread...

    EDIT: one fan contacted us to say the YouTube link doesn't work because it was blocked by by Hasbro Studios on Copyright grounds. Bizarre, considering that it's Hasbro who provided us with the video in the first place! ... Anyway, if you have trouble, you can see the same vid, now on the TF:FB page HERE....   (1 comment)
  • perceptor  24 July 2014, 7:36 pm
    Many, reveals just in from San Diego ComicCon 2014! This is the first of several updates we'll be making through the night. First up toys from the new Transformers Robots in Disguise television series, which is scheduled to debut this next spring on HUB Network. All new character pages have been created in the 2015 Transformers Section for each of the following:

    Hyperchange: Bumblebee - not sure about exact price-point, but guessing it's smaller than Deluxe, bigger than One-Step Changer.
    Legion: Marks the return of Cyberverse scale! (Yeah!) Optimus Prime and what appears to be the newest member of the Autobot team: Strongarm.
    One-Step Changers: Sideswipe and Underbite.
    And last but not least a price point we haven't seen before:
    Warriors: is this just a new name for deluxe? We'll see. Bumblebee.

    I have also added screen captures from the all-new teaser trailer from the upcoming show, for each character's individual character page. Enjoy and stay tuned. More to come!   (5 comments)
  • Sabrblade  24 July 2014, 6:10 pm
    Million Publishing / Hero-X has posted the end results of the poll for their next Transformers Generations 2014 book exclusive. Ten potential redecos were gathered together and the votes have now been counted! The winner is someone who is something of an unsung hero among these ten, but a worthy character nonetheless. To see the results and find out who won, head through the space bridge.
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