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  • Sabrblade  24 April 2014, 3:59 pm
    It seems that TakaraTomy is planning yet another crossover between the Transformers brand and an external media property. This time it is with the popular sci-fi/apocalyptic/religiously-symbolic/psychological thriller/mecha anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion (a show that is greatly not recommended for small children in the Western World, being more suited for older audiences, for those unaware). Dubbed "Evangelion × Transformers", the story of this crossover has the Autobots arriving/returning to Earth in Sky Lynx in the middle of an invasion by Evangelion's primary antagonists, the Angels.

    Anime News Network posted an image of a magazine ad for this crossover, in which we see Optimus (in a body that looks very close to the Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy figure) in a color scheme based on that of EVA Unit-01 (seen in the background), which makes him look particularly similar to Shattered Glass Optimus Prime. ANN has also translated the story information at the bottom of the image, all of which can be found beyond the space bridge.
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  • Sabrblade  24 April 2014, 3:37 pm
    Last March, we saw images of a new "Evolution 2-Pack" for Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Grimlock that included a G1-based redeco of the Grimlock toy from Transformers: Energon. Now, the Transformers Columbia Facebook page has posted official images of two more Evolution 2-Packs. One for Slug and one for Strafe. However, unlike the Grimlock set, both of these come not with full-sized figure redecoes to represent G1 Slag and G1 Swoop, but instead come with straight repackaged versions of two Dark of the Moon Mini-Cons. Slug comes with DOTM Triceradon (a redeco of Classics Knockdown), and Strafe comes with DOTM Rav (a redeco of Classics Swoop). Through the space bridge to see the pics.
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  • Sabrblade  24 April 2014, 2:44 pm
    Those four Generations Legends class Targetmaster redecos that we saw in the images with Masterpiece Ultra Magnus have been revealed to be new Campaign Microns. TakaraTomy has posted official images of the four figures that are part of "Clear Micron Campaign". Each of these four Clear Microns have been given new names (well, one of them is basically the same name, but, tweaked). The Roller redeco is Silver Roller, the Blazemaster redeco is Micron Jolt, the Waspinator redeco is Buzz Saw, and the Chop Shop redeco is a seemingly an new character named Beetchop. All four are store exclusives that will be available in mid-May with the purchase of at least 3000 yen of Transformers products. Through the space bridge to see the pics and learn of their retail availability.
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  • Sabrblade  24 April 2014, 2:07 pm
    Autobase Aichi has provided us with official images of the G1-colored redeco of the Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Grimlock figure. They also reveal that it will be an exclusive to Japanese convenience markets Lawson and Ministop.

    As a bonus, Autobase Aichi included with these images a trailer for the Japanese version of the movie, which will be retitled "Transformers: Lost Age" over there, featuring a greeting by Mark Walhberg. Through the space bridge for the content.
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  • Sabrblade  24 April 2014, 10:02 am
    Sad news has reached us from Big Bad Toy Store. It appears that the upcoming 2014 Generations Deluxe waves 3 and 5 (and likely 4) have all been canceled for release by Hasbro due to the forthcoming Age of Extinction Generations toys. Wave 3 was to consist of Rattrap, Tankor, and Crosscut (whom BBTS has removed from the wave listing), and Wave 5 was to consist of Arcee and Chromia (Wave 4 would have been nightbeat, Jhiaxus, and Windblade). HOWEVER, they also note that, while the waves have been canceled, the FIGURES within the wave have not. Hasbro still intends to release all of these toys and have declared their releases "delayed" instead. Hopefully there will be more on this at BotCon. Through the space bridge to see the original emails.
  • The Last Autobot  24 April 2014, 9:51 am
    We are in the process of relaunching our dear facebook site. In the following days we´ll be uploading a ton of things. Give us a like to put us back on track!

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  • Sabrblade  22 April 2014, 5:06 pm
    The Information Brochure for BotCon 2014 is now live on BotCon.com! Inside you will find details about the BotCon Figure Set, registered attendee packages, the Golden Ticket upgrade, exhibitor info, shipping info, hotel accommodations, BotCon Art Contests, special guests/panels and seminars, the Transformers Customizing Class, the Transformers Fan Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood, the Transformers Fan Film Extravaganza, General Admission/parking, and more! The brochure also contains a description of the "Pirates Vs Knights" convention story and characters, set to finish off the G1 "Wings Universe" for good. Go check out the brochure today!
  • Sabrblade  22 April 2014, 3:39 pm
    The Transformers Facebook has posted the first official images of a never-before-seen-until-now toy reveal for the Age of Extinction toyline. It is a Power Battler toy of a new character called Junkheap, who turns into a Waste Management garbage truck. For those who remember, in the Dark of the Moon movie, there was a Decepticon who scanned and transformed into one of these vehicles, and was never seen in the movie again after its introductory scene. And a video clip on YouTube showed filming scenes for Age of Extinction in which one of these garbage trucks was driving around with Galvatron as part of his posse, so this could be either a Decepticon or a human-made Transformer in the movie. Through the space bridge for the image.
  • Sabrblade  22 April 2014, 3:29 pm
    Courtesy of Figure Ō issue 195, we have new image scans of several upcoming Transformers toys from TakaraTomy. Specifically, we have our first real looks at the prototype for Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus, who is actually NOT a mere remold of MP-10 Convoy with new trailer armor, but a whole new figure that borrows pieces of the MP-10 cab but transforms from car carrier straight into Ultra Magnus's cartoon robot mode without transforming into a "White Optimus Prime cab robot", all for maximum show-accuracy. But, the figure does appear to have a few elements left intact from the MP-10 parts it uses, such a hidden head underneath Ultra Magnus's head/helmet.

    We also see a G1-based redeco of Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Grimlock, which, like the G1-based redeco of Slug, could possibly be another event exclusive in Japan.

    There also appears to be redecos of the first four Generations Legends class Targetmaster partners: A black Roller, a red Blazemaster, a yellow Waspinator, and a blue/gray Chop Shop. A closer look (and a knowledge of Japanese Katakana) reveals that the yellow Waspinator is named "Buzz Saw" and the red Blazemaster might possibly be named "Jolt". Through the space bridge to see all of this.
  • Sabrblade  22 April 2014, 2:54 pm
    Big Bad Toy Store has provided us with official images of the upcoming Rescue Bots Rescan Series 2 Optimus Primal and Bumblebee figures. As the Rescan line features new altmode for the characters, Series 2 switches them from new vehicle altmodess into dinosaur altmodes. Optimus Primal (formerly "Prime") went from being a flat-nosed truck, to a monster truck, and now to a T-Rex, and Bumblebee went from being a sportscar, to a motorcycle, and now to a Raptor. Through the space bridge to see the pics.
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  • Sabrblade  22 April 2014, 2:47 pm
    Fellow Transformers fan robotmel did some digging in his local UK Toys R Us computers and has discovered computer listings for both Masterpiece Sunstorm and Masterpiece Prowl! Previously, we had heard similar reports about listings for these two in American Toys R Us computers, but now that they have been found UK computers, it seems pretty likely now that the two are confirmed for a Hasbro release. Prowl was listed at a price of £59.99 with a reference number of 958298, and Sunstorm was priced at £69.99 with the reference number 958883. Through the space bridge for the computer listings.

    EDIT: Official images of Hasbro Masterpiece Prowl have surfaced! Looks like this is definitely for real!
  • Sabrblade  22 April 2014, 2:18 pm
    Hasbro.com/Transformers has been given an overhaul to keep up with the times. What was once a Prime Beast Hunters theme has now become an Age of Extinction theme with all sorts of new features:
    * A Games section with games both old and new.
    * A Toys section with product details on Construct-Bots, Kre-O, Flip & Change, One Step, Generations, Rescue Bots, Battle Masters, and more!
    * A Bots section with characters bios for all of the know Transformers to be featured in the Age of Extinction movie.
    * A Videos section with trailers and clips related to the Age of Extinction film and products.
    * A Shop link to Hasbro Toy Shop.
    Check it all out on Hasbro.com/Transformers. You might learn some things.
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  • Sabrblade  21 April 2014, 9:58 am
    This is it. BotCon.com has posted the fifth and final toy reveal for the BotCon 2014 "Pirates Vs Knights" box set. It is Ginrai (pronouced "Jin-Rye"), the Autobot Supreme Commander from Transformers: Chōjin Masterforce, redecoed from Classics Optimus Prime. Now, while the original Ginrai toy was just a minor redeco/remold of the Powermaster Optimus Prime toy, this figure avoids looking too much like Optimus by using a deco based on the 2002 "Fire Guts God Ginrai" redeco from e-HOBBY, which represented God Ginrai when using his "God Fire Guts" and "Final Fire Guts" attacks. Here, though, the look might represent his standard appearance instead of a fiery attack form. Get On, God On, Head On through the space bridge for the pics.
  • Sabrblade  20 April 2014, 4:41 pm
    Waaaaay back in April 2011, we reported the first ever DVD release of the 1980s Hanna Barbera cartoon series Challenge of the GoBots, which contained the first five episodes of the original cartoon, collectively known as "The Battle for Gobotron" mini-series.

    Now, Warner Bros' online shop has posted a preorder for the next DVD release of the series, Challenge of the GoBots: The Series Volume 1, which will contain the next 30 episodes of the 65-episode series, priced at $29.95.

    Now, you may be asking, "How and why is this relevant to the Transformers?" Well, GoBots was the Transformers' original rival series, and Hasbro later acquired the GoBots when it bought Tonka, and modern fiction has brought the GoBots into the Transformers multiverse as another of its many worlds. So head through the space bridge for the product details.
  • Sabrblade  20 April 2014, 4:19 pm
    The Transformers Facebook has provided us with official images of the upcoming Age of Extinction Kreon Micro-Changers. Though these are essentially the same kind of figures as the pre-AOE waves, these are considered AOE solely by their being sole concurrently with the actual AOE products, as well as including all new beast-based characters. That said, the Wave 1 Kreon Micro-Changers and Combiners were first revealed at Toy Fair this year, while the Wave 2 figures are brand new reveals right here and now! Head through the space bridge to see them all.
  • Sabrblade  20 April 2014, 3:42 pm
    For a while, there have been hints and hype built up to a new Chevrolet Trax Transformer to be featured in the new Age of Extinction movie. Now, evolife has provided us with our first full body reveal of the robot, from head to toe. It is still unknown as to which character this Chevy Trax will be, but it is supposedly one of Galvatron's allies and could be another human-made Transformer (rumored to be a Vehicon). Through the space bridge for the image.
  • Sabrblade  20 April 2014, 3:29 pm
    Toys R Us Japan has posted new large size versions of the official TakaraTomy stock photos for the first wave of the Movie Advanced Series figures. That's fifteen figures! Jump right through the space bridge to see them all.
  • Sabrblade  20 April 2014, 2:50 pm
    Remember last year's special BotCon exclusive cover variant comic of My Little Pony Micro Series #5 that featured Optimus Prime on it? Well, Equestria Daily has made it known that IDW has once again put out an exclusive convention comic cover for My Little Pony issue #19 that features none other than Starscream on it. Like last year's comic, this is just an ordinary MLP comic with only the cover featuring a Transformer on it. Sitting upon Starscream's shoulder is the self-proclaimed "awesome" pegasus pony Rainbow Dash (and she's right, she most certainly is awesome), looking over him with a rather concerned look on her face.

    It is not yet known what convention this comic's exclusive cover version will be sold at, but make a Sonic Rainboom to see the cover.
  • Sabrblade  20 April 2014, 2:38 pm
    In celebration of the 30th Anniversary, Transformers Dioramas reports that Hasbro of Brazil is putting together a special exhibit called the "Tunnel of Time" in the Shopping Anália Franco in São Paulo, Brazil. The event take place from April 17 to May 4 and features a large tunnel filled with historical information about the brand, such as things pertaining to Energon, Unicron, and the AllSpark. Large, 2-meter-tall statues of Optimus, Grimlock, Megatron, and Bumblebee also accommodate the event and a playroom of Transformers toys/games/activities for kids is included.

    Artist Marcelo Matere has also created a poster for the event, depicting the G1 and AOE versions of Optimus Prime back-to-back. Through the space bridge for the details.
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  • Sabrblade  20 April 2014, 1:41 pm
    Big Bad Toy Store has put up new preorders for the next two Voyagers in the Generations line: Roadbuster and Sky-Byte. They has preorders for both of them together, for just Roadbuster by himself (none for Sky-Byte alone), and for two Roadbusters, one Sky-Byte, and one Springer. Estimated arrival date is June 2014.
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