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  • 2019-01-21 8:26 pm by Unicron.com
    Volcanicus & The Dinobots Coming to Transformers TCG

    “What's cooler than five huge robots that turn into dinosaurs? One gigantic robot made out of five robots that turn into dinosaurs.

    Introducing five fearsome Dinobots and...

    Find them all in RISE OF THE COMBINERS, tearing shelves asunder March 1st!*

    *In the US and other territories. Check with your preferred retailer for availability.

    **For some insight into how this terrifying team operates, check out Grimlock's ability!”

    c/o @TransformersTCG on Twitter
  • 2019-01-21 1:29 pm by Unicron.com
    More Leaks: Siege Optimus Prime

    This round includes a colorless image of the smaller cab portion of the upcoming Leader Class toy.

    Unsure of the original source, we are mirroring image we saw on TransFans FB
  • 2019-01-20 4:58 pm by Unicron.com
    Siege Ironhide - In-Hand Photos

    It’s been way too long since there has been a toy representation of this character with a G1 inspired look. Thus, we’re really looking forward to this one. Enjoy this preview of WFC wave 2 toy, courtesy of Autobase Aichi.

    Source: https://bit.ly/2FE4RnW
  • 2019-01-20 4:33 pm by Unicron.com
    Do you think it was a genuine friendship? Starscream´s only real friend? Or SS was always the same and he used him even in those long ago times? *TLA
  • 2019-01-20 1:04 pm by Unicron.com
    #Transformers #Botbots Sugar Shocks!

    How can you not love’! This 9-member team has some of my very favorite treats for alt modes!

    “Cocoa Crazy” especially on cold winter days like today, who doesn’t want to cozy up to this robot in disguise who transforms into a mug of hot chocolate, complete with marshmallow topping!

    “Sippy Slurps” looks like the overly-sugared heavily caffeinated beverage within his fountain drink alt-mode has gone to his head!

    “Remorsel” is probably my personal favorite of all the Botbots. He’s got the most clever name ever and transforms in to a half wrapped chocolate bar! YUM!

    “Lilly Licks” transforms into a gigantic carnival sized lollipop!

    “Waddlepop” The creativity of this line shines with this vanilla ice creamsicle dipped in chocolate who turns into a waddling penguin! Gotta love this guy!

    “The Plop Father” sweet cream filled waffle wrap - reminds me of something I like to get at the local state fair!

    “Sprinkleberry D’Uhnt” this donut comes with pink frosting and sprinkles! But don’t let the cuteness fool you, apparently, he’s apparently a tough critter with a violent mean streak - and you don’t want to be on his bad side! (J/K!)

    “Unilla Icequeencone” a dish of vanilla soft-serve with cone, in a dish - that transforms into a winged unicorn. This might be the first time I wasn’t trying to spell UnicROn - but actually meant the horse with its characteristic magic horn!

    “NRJeez”. Turns into a can of soda-pop! His name reminds me of the 80’s hairband who sang “Instruments of Destruction” in TFTM, called “NRG.” When asked at a convention if their band name was a play on “energy” - the lead singer replied, “No, it stands for “Not Real Good” - appropriate name for our band!”

    You may notice that I did not include any pictures of “Frostferatu” the red-velvet cupcake, because although he would likely fit in nicely with this group, he is a member of the “Lost Bots” - more on them later! ~=

    Unfortunately, FB limits me to a maximum of 40 pictures per post, so you’ll have to check out the 2019 Transformers Section of unicron.com to see all the photos - quite few more, we’ve archived of each toy from various angle.

    On your smartphone or mobile device try the app, TFDb - Transformers Fan Database.
    Simply look up each character by name to see which toys come with which packs!

    Thank you Hasbro - we love the #FreeSamples
  • 2019-01-20 12:51 pm by Unicron.com
    Deadline Hollywood Reports Bumblebee Film Success Makes Sequels Likely

    “Paramount’s Bumblebee is buzzing past the $400M mark worldwide today. The Transformers origins story has revved up $401.3M global, including $113.9M domestic and $287.4M at the international box office through Saturday. Japan, which has been a solid play for the franchise, is the last market to bow, on March 22, meaning there’s further fuel in the VW Bug’s tank.

    ...There’s a sequel in development (might that mean a Bumblebee/Optimus Prime buddy movie?). Before that, there’s an animated movie in the works and future iterations of the overall Transformers series that may introduce new characters and bring others along.”
  • 2019-01-19 11:01 am by Unicron.com
    Rocker Ankles ROCK!
    Thank yooooooooooooou, Hasbro!

    One of the most surprisingly awesome features of the War for Cybertron line, I wouldn’t have guessed how much of a difference they’d make!

    #Transformers #SpoiledBySiege
  • 2019-01-19 8:30 am by Unicron.com
    Officially licensed Bumblebee Movie DLX Scale Collectible Series Blitzwing figure is now up for pre-order from our sponsor BigBadToyStore. Reserve yours today for the following link! http://bit.ly/BBTS_3A_DLX-Scale-Blitzwing
  • 2019-01-18 3:58 pm by Unicron.com
    #BumblebeeMovie Steelbook Blu-Ray

    Available for pre-order, to be a Best Buy exclusive. No word on release date, can’t come soon enough for us!

    Source: https://bit.ly/2FL9N9F
  • 2019-01-18 12:16 pm by Unicron.com
    WFC - Siege Leader Class Optimus Prime Revealed!

    Via @BertTheStrmtrpr on Twitter, we get our First clear look at the rumored Leader Class War For Cybertron figure. A significant retool of the new Ultra Magnus, OP’s armored up design pays homage to Cybertron (Hasbro) / Galaxy Force (Takara) Optimus Prime of 2005. What an interesting turn of events!

    Source: https://bit.ly/2QTfxQJ
  • 2019-01-17 9:29 pm by Unicron.com
    Replica Optimus Prime

    This is got to be one of the coolest father-son projects of all time! Bravo, sir!
  • 2019-01-16 11:11 pm by Unicron.com
    Sixgun Video Review

    As much as we’ve been loving Siege: Cog (Fort Max weapon ammunition specialist), the next wave inclusion of Metroplex’ Weaponizer, “Sixgun” has us giddy with anticipation! Check out video review of the upcoming Weaponizer courtesy of TonTon reviews.
  • 2019-01-15 11:49 am by Unicron.com
  • 2019-01-15 8:00 am by Unicron.com
    Takara MP-9 Rodimus Convoy (Reissue / Long Life Award Design), is now in-stock from our sponsor The Chosen Prime! Order yours today from following the link. http://bit.ly/TheChosenPrime_MP-09_Rodimus_Convoy
  • 2019-01-14 11:28 pm by Unicron.com
    Dropkick Before #BumblebeeMovie!

    Before he became a big triple changing movie star, Dropkick was a featured new character in #Transformers (movie 1) video game by Activision. The design was then used by Hasbro immortalized as a toy that same year.

    We get our first look at the original character concept art by Ken Christiansen, via his Facebook page: The Art of Ken Christiansen
    Where the artist states:

    “The second character I designed for the game, which turned out to be another toy! Swipe for concept art, initial concept sketch, and shots of the figure. It was originally meant to be just a gray truck, but as Hasbro worked on the figure, they came up with the Decepticon symbol graphic, and asked us to add it to the in game character. Happily, because it looked awesome.

    #transformers #transformersgame #decepticon #swindle #transformersmovie #hasbro #takara”

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/214146041944051/posts/2725978677427429/
  • 2019-01-14 10:38 pm by Unicron.com
    Takara MP-9 Rodimus Convoy (Reissue / Long Life Award Design), is now in-stock from our sponsor The Chosen Prime! Order yours today from following the link. http://bit.ly/TheChosenPrime_MP-09_Rodimus_Convoy