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  • 2020-11-26 6:16 pm by Unicron.com
    November 26th, 2010, Transformers Prime premieres in USA!

    Happy 10th anniversary!!!

    What do you remember of the series? Favorite moment? Favorite toy?

    Share with us!
  • 2020-11-26 3:16 pm by Unicron.com
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  • 2020-11-26 12:16 pm by Unicron.com
    A malevolent entity has set into motion events that have caused the forces of evil from all over the multiverse to gather and prepare to wage war, to combat the impending threat, peering through time and space, Primus, summons his Champions to fight back the Armies of Darkness and to once again put an end to the Lord of Chaos.

    Which Duo is your favorite?

    #Transformers #FF #DynamicDuo
  • 2020-11-25 2:23 pm by Unicron.com
    WFC Kingdom Deluxe Class Cheetor

    My initial thoughts on this figure after having it in hand were.........ULTRA GEAR!!! I was very impressed by what Hasbro Takara Tomy were able to do with this figure and I was very happy to see a new Generations Cheetor figure since the last one was way back in 2008.

    The robot mode of the new Kingdom Cheetor is very reminiscent of the original toy and the Beast Wars cartoon model but with an updated look. The majority of the major features that make Cheetor, Cheetor are there, the signature helmet, the cheetah legs in the back, cheetah head on the chest and so on. There is a difference in color as this Cheetor figure has a brighter color scheme, perhaps to appeal more to children as some science suggests that children are very attracted to bright colors. The new colors may be off-putting for some adult fans who desire a more cartoon accurate deco, if those thoughts enter my mind, I try to remind myself that this is not Beast Wars Cheetor, it is Kingdom Cheetor, a new version from a new continuity, perhaps two different continuities as this model may appear in the upcoming IDW comic and in the upcoming Kingdom Netflix series. It is not impossible that we may one day recieve a darker repaint in the Netflix toyline, this mold definitely has repaint potential.

    The robot mode features a tail whip as its weapon that is very similar to the weapon of Transmetal Cheetor from BW season 2. The tail whip can be held at either end to give off the look of a whip like weapon or of a scythe or sickle like weapon. The articulation in robot mode in some areas is SUPERIOR to what we've come to expect from WFC. You get all of the typical articulation such as waist swivel and ankle rockers however you also get a head that can look all the way up, the shoulder armor can move back and there is a very useful butterfly joint that allows for some cool Zweihänder poses, two handed sword poses. The ankles have an excellent range of motion that allows the feet to move up, down and to the side for some great dynamic poses. The robot mode cleans up very well and aside from where the feet fold out there is no hollowness, no gaps and within context to the character, I would say that there is zero kibble, nothing crazy hanging off the sides or the back. The tail weapon does not have any official storage in robot mode however you can easily slide it in between the cheetah legs in the back.

    The transformation into beast mode is very smooth, a very natural feeling transition reminiscent of the conversion method used by the original toy and cartoon model. The beast mode itself is better than I had imagined. I was accustomed to the brick like beast modes of the past with little to no articulation, I understand the complexity of an organic beast mode and was only expecting it to be slightly better than the 1996/1997 toys. The Cheetah mode turned out to be very well articulated, shoulders, legs, paws, do you call that an elbow? Im not a Zoologist so im not sure haha, anyways, you can get most of the cool cat poses. Something that is really amazing is that around 95% of the robot mode is covered up! From some angles you see no robot mode at all and thanks to the color choice and placement, there is minimal blue showing in the beast mode, it really is an amazing feet of engineering. Yes I meant to say that haha, it is one area where some might take issue with. The tips of the robot mode feet hang off the back of the cheetah however even the MP had a similar issue, maybe the feet could have been engineered differently were he a voyager but all in all I'd say its very minor. The cheetah mode is slim just as it should be, looking underneath there isn't much room, no large gaps so I understand why there is no gut gun but maybe there will be an accessory pack or perhaps a fossilizer with removable intestines?

    I think that the new Kingdom Cheetor is a definite improvement over the last Cheetor figure and I feel that it is very well eng
  • 2020-11-25 12:37 am by Unicron.com
    What you see is a body crafted to perfection, a pair of legs engineered to defy the laws of physics and a mind-set to master the most epic of splits

    #TransformersWFC #BeastWars #Splits
  • 2020-11-24 12:45 pm by Unicron.com
    A Trio of Mercenaries, Bug bite and Exhaust would make for a full team, is anyone else making a Mercenary display? Catch some of the Mercenaries in action on screen in the Netflix WFC Earthrise series coming this December 30th.

    #TransformersWFC #Mercenaries
  • 2020-11-23 7:46 pm by Unicron.com
    Thats one heck of a team, they can destroy armies and topple societies from the inside out, I am curious to see how DoubleDealer will be portrayed in the Netflix series.
  • 2020-11-23 2:17 pm by Unicron.com
    Is anyone else extremely excited for chapter 2 of the WFC Netflix series? My spark is ready! Like a Christmas gift from Primus himself
  • 2020-11-23 11:50 am by Unicron.com
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  • 2020-11-22 9:25 pm by Unicron.com
    #Transformers Gear from Rooster Teeth!

    Thanks to the gang RoosterTeeth for passing along info and images!

    Rooster Teeth Celebrates Their Love for Transformers This Holiday with Transformers Cruisin’ Collection

    Transformers Cruisin’ is inspired by classic 1980’s Transformers designs and is available today at https://store.roosterteeth.com/collections/animation.

    The TRANSFORMERS DREAM HOODIE is printed with an all-over pattern faithfully recreating officially licensed Hasbro vintage bedding from the 1980s. This custom sewn pullover hoodie features classic G1 characters: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave w/Laserbeak, Starscream, Jazz, Sunstreak, Sideswipe and Trailbreaker. The TRANSFORMERS DREAM HOODIE is made of 100% cotton and features a front kangaroo pouch pocket, wide hood drawstrings, and Transformers logo neck label with contrast red zig stitching.
  • 2020-11-22 1:10 pm by Unicron.com
    WFC Kingdom Voyager Class Cyclonus

    Cyclonus was never a character that I had much of a connection to but I had always had his most recent figure up in my Unicron diaplay so I was very interested to see what differences the new Kingdom figure had compared to the others that came before. My initial thoughts on this new Cyclonus figure was, "wow, he is big", in package and out of box in hand, his size is quite noticeable which is thanks in part to the amazingly well done scale system introduced in WFC, gone are days like those of Titans Returns(a great line overall) where you have a massive TR Leader Class Soundwave who towers over his Leader TR Voyager Class Megatron which was understandable for the time as scale was never and intended aspect of those lines, the focus was more so on play features or what fits the story and of course some fans do not care about scale which is A-OK but for fans who do care about scale, WFC has been great in that area where intended. When compared to the Cyclonus figures that came before, I really feel that this version is akin to a retail avaliable mini Masterpiece.

    The robot mode is quite well done, very G1 accurate, nice vibrant color, excellent details and much more play value than any individual Cyclonus figure that has come before. The robot mode articulation is on par with what we have come to expect from WFC, ankle tilts, waist swivel and more, Cyclonus has wrist swivels and his next is on 2 joints, a ball joint and a back and forth hing allowing for greatly emotive poses that really convey his disappointment or annoyance. I really enjoy how this figure scales with his nemisis Ultra Magnus, if you recall, in the 1984 cartoon series, they were often portrayed as being similar in size on average. Cyclonus includes a weapon based on his G1 blaster but what if his blaster is knocked from his hand? due to the nature of the transformation, you can give Cyclonus flip out "Cyclo busters" which is something I really like, I always love it when a figures hand can turn into a blaster. Due to the nature of the character design, Kingdom Voyager Cyclonus doesn't have a lot paint but this is a good thing as you dont have to worry to much about chiping or being overly cautious when handling the figure

    The transformation well engineered although not too difficult or tedious. The conversion borrows some engineering from the Universe version but with more complexity and with an overall level of more "completeness", no huge gaps are visible in this alt mode.

    Upon completion of the transformation we have an amazing Cybertronian jet mode very reminiscent of what we saw in Transformers the movie. The Jet mode is comparable in size to WFC Earthrise Voyager seeker jets but with more heft and much more solid. The jet mode compacts and closes together very well, nothing hanging off, no huge gaps, even the underside is very clean and it even has landing gear. To top things off you can add blast effects to any of the four 5mm ports in the back for some great jet scenes.

    Areas that I would improve on the figure? Hmm, hard to say, the alt is great, robot mode is great, I can forsee that some fans may dislike the color and may prefer a much darker color scheme and double jointed full range of motion knees and elbows would be great but there is nothing I can reasonably say that I would improve while keeping this a retail Voyager at the same price.

    All in all Voyager Cyclonus is an amazing figure and has easily replaced CW Voyager Class Cyclonus as my defacto Cyclonus figure with CW relegated to "Armada", check out the images below and please share what you think of the new WFC Kingdom Voyager Class Cyclonus figure.

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  • 2020-11-21 10:51 pm by Unicron.com
    Mastermind Creations Ocular Max Unlimited Series U-01 Stellarus Prominon is now available for pre-order from our sponsor TFsource. Reserve yours from the link above today!
  • 2020-11-20 4:37 pm by Unicron.com
    Thy Kingdom Come!

    We’ve got the entire first wave - #Transformers #WarForCybertron Kingdom - **in hand!**. Thank you @Hasbro for the #FreeSamples. Standby! Complete galleries and reviews forthcoming!
  • 2020-11-20 3:53 pm by Unicron.com
    #Transformers #WarForCybertron Kingdom Leaks

    Leaking across the internet from unknown sources, we get our first look/reveals of figures I am REALLY looking forward to! Check them out: Dinobot, Huffer, (G1) Inferno, Airazor, (Leader, Earth mode) Ultra Magnus and (fossilizer) Paleotrex!
  • 2020-11-19 9:48 am by Unicron.com
    Looks like today is the last full day to order from the guys at ToyRobot Magazine. The writing is sharp, the photography is top notch, and the posters are amazing. This magazine really is incredible, so head over to their website and pre-order before they're all gone! www.toyrobotmagazine.com
  • 2020-11-17 10:20 pm by Unicron.com
    #Transformers #XMen Collaborative X-Spance

    Professor Xavier’s iconic SR-71 Blackbird transformed int bot mode incorporating several iconic X-men looks like Cyclops visor, Wolverine Claws and even a Psylocke blade ... New stock photos, including in-package pix via Target.
  • 2020-11-17 9:54 pm by Unicron.com
    Check out this amazing artwork by David Nakayama! This is great! I definitely was not eXpecting a crossover figure with such a marvelous series but it is very welcome, I wonder what series we might see next in the collaborative collection? What Transformers crossover would you like to see next that we have not yet seen before?
  • 2020-11-17 9:34 am by Unicron.com
    Check out this eXcellet new addition to the calloborative collection, wow