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  • 2015-02-28 12:34 am by Unicron.com
    New pictures, new info, new take on combiners, Transformers gender and more. Check out recent interview with the authors of the upcoming IDW's "Combiner Wars" courtesy of comicbookresources.com
    Writers Talk Combiner Wars Event, Transformers Gender Identity & More - Maighread Scott and John Barber explain the insane ambitions of Cybertron's dark lord Starscream, and why Transformers are inherently male and female.
  • 2015-02-27 9:17 pm by Sabrblade
    Episode 4 -

    Hiya, Bisk!

    As seen in the old promo video, Bumblebee refers to Megatron, Starscream, and Dark Energon.

    Bumblebee has a new mouthplate that's different from the one that he wore in Prime and Rescue Bots. It resembles a typical Optimus Prime-type mouthplate, but also kinda like G2 Bumblebee's to faceplate.

    Two of the kids that Russell meets are named Hank (HER real name is Henrietta) and Butch. The others' aren't named.

    Grimlock calls the cannonball dive his nailed Bisk with the Dino Demolisher.

    Hank refers to Bumblebee's altmode as a Griffin Motors 1995 Windblazer. That "Griffin" part sure has me intrigued. ;)

    Last episode, Bumblebee tried to make his own version of "Roll out" with "Roll up and roll out!" This time, it's "Let's roll and recapture!" Both times met with the same lukewarm reaction from his teammates.

    Grimlock's dino mode makes him too conspicuous for the stealth mission, so he has to stay back while the others move ahead in vehicle mode.

    Chop Shop has an Australian accent. I think.

    Grimlock just referenced the Kool Aid Man by bursting through a wall yelling "OH YEAAAH!!!"

    Fixit identifies Chop Shop as a Combiner and makes a reference to Alpha Trion's beard.

    Chop Shop's recent heists have been to steal materials needed for him to build a spaceship.

    Grimlock confirms that Fixit doesn't have a vehicle mode.

    Chop Shop refers to his right arm component as "Righty"

    Since Strongarm was holding "Righty" down, Chop Shop grabbed Fixit and forced him to combine into Chop Shop's right arm.

    Strongarm spoke a new TF interjection: "Oh, scrud."

    Chop Shop actually tries to rationally justify his actions by pointing out that the Autobots don't want the Decepticons on Earth and the Decepticons (or at least Chop Shop) don't want to be on Earth.

    While the others fight Chop Shop, Denny distracts Righty.

    Fixit (in his resisting Chop Shop's control): "Why're you hitting yourself?! Why're you hitting yourself?!" LOL

    Chop Shop got frozen by the liquid oxygen, while Righty scurried off to safety.

    Russell finally plays a successful game of football... sort of.

    Will Friedle -- Butch
    Khary Payton -- Bisk
    Mitchell Whitfield -- Groundskeeper
    Baily Gambertoglio -- Hank
    Chop Shop -- David Hunt

    After three episodes of introducing and establishing the plot, characters, concepts, and status quo, we get our first character-driven episode for the kid-appeal cast of Russell and Fixit. And, for the most part, it's handled fairly well. Russell's interactions with Hank and Butch feel real enough for one such as Russell who has been fairly introverted up to this point, what with him uncertain of how to get along with others his own age and unfamiliar with how to play football. Though, I kinda got the feeling that Hank might have been a bit into Russell with her not giving up on him and calling him "Rusty" so casually, but she felt decent overall. For Fixit's story, it's as though the writers watched every time Cheetor got himself into trouble in Beast Wars and decided to the exact opposite with Fixit. Most of these kinds of stories would have had Fixit forbidden to go into the field and him deciding to do so anyway in spite of his orders. But here, Fixit's wanting to go into the field doesn't go further than simply wanting, and he specifies that he'd only want non-confrontation action if he were to get his chance. And when he does go into battle, it is because Bumblebee asked him to come since they needed his technical expertise. And when he wound up getting into trouble, it was not of his own doing, but simply done by Chop Shop seizing an opportunity that none of the Autobots saw coming. And in the end, it was Fixit who saved himself instead of having to be saved by another. And Chop Shop is another fun Con with a rational head on his shoulders that he uses to give reasonable meaning to his illegal actions. Overall, though this episode wasn't trying to be anything special, it carried itself very nicely.
  • 2015-02-27 12:33 pm by Unicron.com
    Leonard Nimoy, known as Spock in "Star Trek" and as the voice of Galvatron in the Transformers film of 1986 and Sentinel Prime in Dark of The Moon, just passed away. Our condolences to his family. May he rest in peace... http://comicbook.com/2015/02/27/star-treks-leonard-nimoy-passes-at-83/ *TLA
    New York Times has reported that Leonard Nimoy has passed away at the age of 83.Developing...
  • 2015-02-27 12:29 am by Unicron.com
    I hate to say it, but for me, virtually every other comic (Transformers or otherwise!) simply serves the purpose of holding me over until the next issue of James Roberts - More than Meets the Eye... Courtesy of iTunes preview we get a sneak peak at the next issue, hopefully available this Wednesday!

    Thanks to Cybergeeks Alliance for the heads up about this important piece of info! Oh dear, how I can't wait to read this story!
  • 2015-02-27 12:19 am by Unicron.com
    Courtesy of Dengeki Alliance, (can't say I know who they are but I sure like their photos!) we can provide several additional/new/mirrored images of of the up-coming (but-not-soon-enough-for-us) Masterpiece Starsaber!

    Do you see him as all-star Autobot entirely-do-good're from Victory, or religious zealot follower of Tyrest? Either way we want'm!
  • 2015-02-26 8:53 am by Unicron.com
    Courtesy of Cybertron Phillipines we have our first view of upcoming Platinum Astrotrain and Blitzwing. Toys have been added to the 2015 Transformers Section...
  • 2015-02-26 8:37 am by Unicron.com
    As reported earlier, Combiner Wars toy line will involve Cyclonus, unknown if this will have any appearance in the comics... His combined form is called "Galvatronus." Today on the Transformers Mobile App, they revealed a picture of the forthcoming combiner. Unfortunately, the limbs do not appear to be squadron of Sweeps as had been hoped for/speculated. Image mirrored here:
  • Facebook photo post - Geek Central
    2015-02-26 12:05 am by Unicron.com
    Interesting idea courtesy of geek central. My guess is it would be as popular as the Star Wars-Transformers crossover line (not very!), but I still think they would be cool!
    Awesome Transformer mashups!! Enterprise, DeLorean, and BatMobile. -Khepra
  • 2015-02-25 8:01 pm by Unicron.com
    Worth watching! Transformers UK interviews Transformers Hall of Fame inductee and Transformers comics/cartoon super-scribe Simon Furmon. Within, he talks all things Transformers ranging from the significance of TFTM and Unicron, his role in the development of Primus, ReGeneration One to Beast Wars cartoons. Cool stuff within.
    Urban Species takes up the sofa with Simon Furman to discuss his epically prolific work on the TRANSFORMERS universe(s.) This includes the entire history of ...
  • 2015-02-24 11:02 pm by Unicron.com
    Toy sightings, the first review, and a nice little photo gallery of images added for the newest member of RiD, Team Bumblebee the Minicon Fixit (one-step changer.) all via TFDb!
    Complete Transformers collector resource including toys, news, reviews, events, instructions, forum, and more.
  • 2015-02-24 10:25 pm by Unicron.com
    TFYuki has struck again posting this beautiful headshot of the forthcoming masterpiece Star Saber via Twitter! ...
  • 2015-02-24 9:04 pm by Unicron.com
    1-step Fixit sightings already in Target in Maine & Minnesota. Anyone else? Let's see those sightings on TFDb!
  • 2015-02-23 10:48 pm by Unicron.com
    Speaking of Discovery Family channel(!) This is an interesting read courtesy of ad week.com with significant implications about the present and future of Transformers television programming and the toys we love...
    What looks like an entertainment company, spends like an entertainment company and programs like an entertainment company? It's Hasbro, a toymaker. Hasbro makes not just toys but also hugely popular intellectual property, which for decades has been key to its bottom line.
  • 2015-02-23 10:00 pm by Unicron.com
    Rescue Bots Season 3 returns on Saturday Feb 28 at 1:30 EST on Discovery Family Daily channel.

  • 2015-02-22 4:51 pm by Unicron.com
    A rather spectacular photo gallery of Mastermind Creations (third party) Not-Predacons/Predaking team.

  • 2015-02-22 12:44 pm by Unicron.com
    Long time Transformers artist Marcelo Matere shared on his FB page the pencils he did for the design of Combiner Wars Superion package art. As impressive in black-and-white as it is in color! -And fortunately, he doesn't have Dragstrip as an arm!

  • 2015-02-22 10:54 am by Unicron.com
    TFND has posted a nice gallery of the Stunticons, out of package. Interesting to see him without the much needed Blackjack as a chest piece!

  • 2015-02-22 10:26 am by Unicron.com
    The Allspark reporting a grey resin model prototype, Masterpiece Tracks!
    Masterpiece Tracks prototype! February 20, 2015Masterpiece, TakaraTomy, TransformersMasterpiece, Masterpiece Tracks, TFD, TracksMrBlud From a picture in what appears to be a Japanese magazine of some sort, he now have our first look at MP-25(?) Tracks. No words on release, colors (blue most likely),…
  • 2015-02-21 4:48 pm by Sabrblade
    Three for three, folks! The third episode of the 2015 Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon has aired on Cartoon Network in Australia! Titled "Trust Exercises", this one has Bumblebee's new team (consisting of himself, an inexperienced by-the-book police cadet, a juvenile delinquent, a glitchy utility Mini-Con, and bombastic Dinobot ex-convict) having to get used to each other so that they can work together in stopping not one but two Decepticon fugitives on the loose. With such clashing personalities and divisive opinions, can this team hold together long enough for them to quit butting heads with each other and not get turned to scrap by their enemies? Head through the space bridge for the episode and discuss.
  • 2015-02-21 7:11 am by Sabrblade
    Several hours ago, the first episode of the new 2015 Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon aired on Cartoon Network in Australia. Seven hours later from that episode's airing, the second episode also aired. Titled "Pilot (Part 2)", this episode picks up where the last one left off. With Bumblebee assigned to a new mission on Earth, along with Strongarm and Sideswipe, prison ship Min-Con pilot Fixit, and the human boy Russell, they must all work together to stop the Decepticon Chompazoid named Underbite from devouring every metal he finds, especially since he's heading for the scrapyard owned by Russell's dad Denny. And what of the recently escaped Grimlock? Head through the space bridge for the episode and discuss.
  • 2015-02-20 7:40 pm by Sabrblade
    The first episode of the new 2015 Transformers: Robot in Disguise cartoon has aired on Cartoon Network in Australia. As Australia is many hours ahead of North America, Europe, and other English-speaking parts of the Western World, it is already February 21st there as of this typing.

    Episode 1 is called "Pilot (Part 1)" and stars Bumblebee as the leader of a new team of rookies who find themselves on a new mission to planet Earth after an incident with a prison ship full of Decepticons crash-lands on the planet. Can Bumblebee and his ragtag band of misfits learn to work together and overcome the escaped Decepticon convicts? Through the space bridge for the episode and discuss.
  • 2015-02-19 11:51 pm by Unicron.com
    Taking a brief break from the new stuff, let's take a look back; WAY back to the year 1991. It was the first year there were no new Transformers released in the U.S. since their inception! (Sad times!) But the toy line did carry on in Europe with Action Masters and a new price point called "Elite." The Action Master Elites were "transformable" figures (and I use that term loosely!) which had all the pose-ability of regular Action Masters (virtually none), with a very abstract and simple alternate mode.

    What they did have going for them is that Hasbro-Europe didn't make many of them. And if there's one thing I know, it's that rare Transformers are worth a lot. Understand, it's not the intricacy of design, or the 80's pastels on these 1990's toys that drives the price up. It's the rarity! These photos are ones I took a few years ago; the only time I've seen them in person, on sale by a dealer at Botcon. The seller was asking $400 each! While I could not justify spending that kind of money on them, someone else at the show did! They were sold and gone before I had a chance to change my mind! (Thank God!) I grabbed these in-package photos and more before they were sold. Enjoy these photos and more, brief glimpses of Transformers rarity, now permanently uploaded and archived in our 1991 Transformers Section!


    By the way, if anyone out there reading has these toys and could take some out of package photos for our archives to share with the fandom, please contact me! :)
  • 2015-02-19 8:06 pm by perceptor
    In news that's either too goofy or too awesome to resist (or maybe both!)... DeNA, the team that brings you Transformers Legends has launched a new event for its online game, the Knights of Unicron. Jump through the ground bridge for additional details and info!...
  • 2015-02-19 2:26 pm by Sabrblade
    For many years, the Transformers Collectors Club had been known to produce prose stories in addition to their magazine comics, BotCon comics, and other printed fiction. But after their old site crashed back in 2011, the prose stories came to an abrupt end, with several plot threads from their last one (a Shattered Glass story called "Transhuman") left dangled.

    Cut to today as the Club has posted the very first new prose story since 2011 onto its current website. Titled "Broken Windshields" and written by Jim Sorenson, this story was given a preview in this month's issue of the TCC magazine, Issue #61, and is now available to read in full, and for FREE! That's right, no membership is required!

    Set in the recently-developed Beast Wars: Uprising universe, this story stars that universe's version of Lio Convoy, represented by this year's membership incentive toy that is a remold of Generations Orion Pax. Lio Convoy presides over the gladiatorial arenas that pit Maximal and Predacon in matches to the death, all for the entertainment pleasures of the "Builders" (the Autobots and Decepticons of old). Does Lio Convoy agree with these barbaric games, or might his views clash with those of his warmongering masters? Go read the story to find out.
  • 2015-02-19 8:58 am by Unicron.com
    The final Hasbro-provided toy listings and publicity photos from ToyFair to be added to our database, are perhaps my personal favorites. To say nothing of the fact that Sideswipe and Jazz are two of my favorite Transformers of all time, and my excitement that they're appearing in the new series... The toys themselves look as good in real life as they do in these pix... Our 2015 Transformers section now includes these two gems in the "Warriors" (Deluxe) Class Assortments of Robots in Disguise toy listings.

  • 2015-02-19 8:23 am by Unicron.com
    It's hard to believe, when you consider how many toys there have been over the years; but Thunderhoof, could be one of the first Transformers characters that transforms into farm equipment! Although I might've preferred a nice in a "John Deere" green and yellow color scheme, he has appropriate and cleverly designed robot mode based on a deer. Publicity stills from Hasbro have been uploaded and archived for the future wave of RID "one-step changers" Thunderhoof, Drift and Fracture. You'll find them now permanently linked to in the 2015 Transformers Section.

  • 2015-02-14 8:29 am by perceptor
    More great news incoming! Hasbro Press release on Robots in Disguise includes photos and many other revelations! Including a whole lot of Mini-Cons which appear to be a part of the 2015 RID toy line-up....
  • 2015-02-14 8:04 am by perceptor
    Oh joyous day! Hasbro has put forth a pre-ToyFair press release, confirming various product listing rumors of the last few weeks. Our 2015 Transformers Section Database has been updated with each of the following:
    PROTECTOBOTS: Streetwise, Blades, First Aid, Rook and Voyager Team Leader Hot Spot
    Voyager Cyclonus and Leader Class: Ultra Magnus!

    Expect a whole lot more info and images as we report them live from ToyFair 2015 in a few hours time... For now, click through the space bridge to read the complete press release and reveals......
  • 2015-02-14 7:42 am by perceptor
    Hasbro and CartoonNetwork has published a couple of new videos for the upcoming show, Robots in Disguise. The first is a new trailer for Season 1, the second is a behind-the-scenes look at the show, including introduction by Exec Producer Jeff Kline, whom we interviewed over the last few weeks in PART 1 and PART 2... This should be enough to hold us over until we can start publishing reports from ToyFair in a few short hours!...
  • 2015-02-13 6:47 am by Sabrblade
    Remember the Tonka GoBots series from the 1980s? Similar to how the G1 Transformers line started out as preexisting molds taken from various Japanese lines like Diaclone and Micro Change, the GoBots molds were all taken from a Japanese line called Machine Robo, which was made by Bandai. While the U.S. line got its own fiction in the form of the Challenge of the GoBots cartoon from Hanna-Barbera, the Japanese instead got a completely different anime series called Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos.

    Fast forward to the present, in which the 2015 Japan Dynamic Toy Show earlier this month revealed a whole new line of Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos toys coming from Korean-based company Action Toys, who may or may not be the same company as Art Storm. The nine figures on display were Bike Robo (Cy-Kill), Battle Robo (Tank), Jet Robo (Fitor), Drill Robo (Screw Head), Blackbird Robo (Snoop), Mixer Robo (Block Head), Eagle Robo (Leader-1), Shuttle Robo (Spay-C), and Supercar Robo (Turbo). The line is rumored to have 13 figures, and all of them are like little Masterpiece figures the height of Classics Bumblebee. Each one will be priced at about $50 USD.

    Also on display was UM-03 Ultimetal Ultra Magnus, and what might be UM-02 being a battle damaged version of Optimus. Both are retools of UM-01 Ultimetal Optimus Prime, with Ultra Magnus being a straight redeco in his white truck cab robot mode, but which can be switched to his iconic armored trailer robot mode by swapping out the truck cab robot mode armor plating pieces.

    All images of these can be found beyond the space bridge, courtesy of TAG Hobby and the CYBERGEEKS Alliance Facebook.
  • 2015-02-12 1:27 pm by Sabrblade
    TV Insider has finally revealed the long-awaited United States television premiere date for the new Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon. The first episode will premiere on Cartoon Network at the primetime hour of 6pm ET/5pm CT on Saturday, March 14, 2015. But afterward, the series will switch to its proper timeslot of 6:30am (yes, AM) on March 21, 2015.

    However, Australia won't have to wait nearly as long since, according to Ozformers, the Foxtel programming guide reveals that Cartoon Network Australia will be premiering the show on Saturday, February 21, 2015, with episode 1 titled "Pilot - Part 1" airing at 9:30am, episode 2 titled "Pilot - Part 2" airing later that same day at 4:30pm, repeats of both airing Sunday, February 22 back-to-back at 6:30am, and episode 3 titled "Trust Exercises" airing that same Sunday at both 9:30am and again at 4:30pm.

    So with the United States being so late to receive this show, it looks like Australia will get to experience this new almost a month in advance and with decent timeslots. Through the space bridge for more.
  • 2015-02-11 2:22 pm by Sabrblade
    New in hand images of the Generations Combiner Wars Leader class Megatron toy have been posted by the Transformers Prime TFP Facebook, Photobucket user ChErikS, Seibertron user albnok, and Lowyat.net user len_d69. These images give us a good look at the figure both in and out of package, in tank mode and robot mode, with a nuch of Legends class figures pegged onto him, and scaled with Classics Voyager Optimus Prime, Generations Combiner Wars Optimus Prime, and several Masterpiece figures. There are also some shots of Leader class Armada Megatron in package as well. To see all the images, head through the space bridge.
  • 2015-02-10 4:59 pm by Sabrblade
    The official Transformers YouTube channel has uploaded two versions of a live action Robots in Disguise toy commercial, advertising the One Step Changers, Three Step Changers, and Warriors. One version is sound effects-only version that lacks any spoken dialogue, while the second is the completed version with English narration and speech. In this commercial Steeljaw ambushes a child at the beach, who is then saved by the arrival of Bumblebee, who fights off Steeljaw and sends him flying. All this is done with a mix of CGI animation placed over live action actors and environments. To see the commercial videos, head through the space bridge.
  • 2015-02-10 3:54 pm by Sabrblade
    Hasbro France's website, accessed via its Littlest Pet Shop section no less, has posted listings for three more One Step Changer figures for the new Robots in Disguise toyline. No images are given, but the three are revealed to be One-Step Changers of Thunderhoof, Fracture, and Drift. Two Decepticons and one Autobot. Though the descriptions are in French, they translate into revealing their altmodes to be a tractor (Thunderhoof), a motorbike (Fracture), and a race car (Drift).

    Also, TFW2005 member Mr. Chaos has discovered even more toy listings in a product database that reveals more One-Step Changers, Legion class figures, and Warrior class figures. Primarily, the ones that stand out the most among these listings are a Legion class Windblade and a Warrior class Megatronus.

    To see all of this, head through the space bridge.
  • 2015-02-10 2:57 pm by Sabrblade
    It would seem that Hasbro Australia is going to be importing the upcoming Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber for a limited English release in Australia. Like MP-22 Ultra Magnus before it, this release of Star Saber will be unchanged from its original Japanese release, and with the sole difference being the inclusion of an additional instruction booklet translated into English and contains a brand new English bio. And according to the author of said bio, Goktimus Prime, this bio will not be a straight English translation of the Japanese bio, but will instead be a new bio adapted from Star Saber's IDW iteration. So instead of the bio depicting him as a righteous brave hero of justice, it will instead depict him has a murderous religious zealot enforcer.

    Goktimus Prime has also posted the artwork for the instruction booklet, but of the Japanese version rather than the new English booklet. The artwork shall be the same for both, though, but with some textual changes. To learn more about this release, head through the space bridge.
  • 2015-02-08 5:05 pm by Sabrblade
    With so many rumors having already come for the Generations Combiner Wars line, more and more just keep pouring in! The following is a round up of rumors compiled from TFW2005, TFormers, and the reputable Venksta via TFormers.

    In short, the revelations behind these rumors reveal us to be getting a Voyager class Cyclonus figure that's said to be heavily remolded from Silverbolt. And his wavemate will be Voyager Hot Spot. And the previously-seen white redeco of Voyager Optimus Prime will not be Ultra Magnus or Nova Prime or Thunderclash, but instead will be called "Optimus Maximus". And a Decepticon redeco of Legends Powerglide will be coming named Viper, who will be a G.I. Joe homage sporting a deco based on a Cobra Rattler in altmode and a Cobra Viper in robot mode. And the UPCs for the Deluxe Protectobots are up, along with further reassurance that Ironhide, Sunstreaker, Mirage, and Prowl will be the Wave 4 Deluxes after the Protectobots.

    Plus, the newly-released Transformers: Battle Tactics game gives us a look at both Cyclonus and Viper, and Venksta drops hints of what the Protectobot Rook's altmode will be. Through the space bridge for all the info.
  • 2015-02-08 3:24 pm by Sabrblade
    Facebook user Daim Choc has posted in hand images from fellow user Zang How of the elusive Age of Extinction Power Battlers Vehicon and Junkheap. All new molds, Vehicon is based on the Rally Fighters used by Cemetery Wind in the movie, while Junkheap changes from his Waste Management garbage truck altmode to a robot mode based on his green component seen in the movie. Note that Junkheap is NOT the garbage truck Decepticon from Dark of the Moon, but is instead one of the 50 KSI prototypes that Galvatron brought to life, and was unique in his having three individual robot mode components who all combined into a single altmode (not unlike Skids and Mudflap's ice cream truck form).

    With these being tail-end products of the AOE line, it is unknown if they will even make it to U.S. retail, but Junkheap will at least be getting redecoed into Junkion by TakaraTomy for their Transformers: Adventure line, in which the toy will sport a blue and white deco based on that of Japanese garbage trucks. Through the space bridge for the pics.
  • 2015-02-08 2:37 pm by Sabrblade
    The fifth episode of Q-Transformers: Mystery of Convoy Returns is available to watch on YouTube. In this one, though Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Lockdown continue to discuss the Mystery of Convoy Returns mobile game, this episode breaks the mold of tradition set by the previous four episodes by including a new character into the mix: Prowl. To see the episode, head through the space bridge.
  • 2015-02-08 2:18 pm by Sabrblade
    Hasbro Canada has new official images of the upcoming Generations Combiner Wars Leader class Thundercracker figure. An extensive retool of the Leader class Jetfire mold, this figure sports an all new headsculpt, torso, wings, null rays, and shoulders to make it better resemble the IDW Seeker design drawn by Guido Guidi, which Thundercracker used in the 2009-2011 ongoing series, and which the Generations Legends class Seeker mold is also based on. As Thundercracker was the only Seeker to use this body design, and with him having been such a prominent character both in the ongoing and again in recent years, it only make sense that he be the one to make this toy into. Through the space bridge for the pics.
  • 2015-02-08 2:07 pm by Sabrblade
    TFYuki has Tweeted new images of the upcoming Transformers: Legends fembot trio LG10 Arcee, LG11 Chromia, and LG12 Windblade. All three are redecos of their Hasbro Generations counterparts, with Arcee and Chromia sporting more show-accurate decos while Windblade instead sports a more comic-accurate deco. All three are set to be released on February 14th, Valentine's Day. Through the space bridge to see the pics, one of which includes another look at Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber.