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  • 2015-03-28 10:26 pm by Unicron.com
    And the Autobot one. *TLA
  • 2015-03-28 9:50 pm by Unicron.com
    Looking through my stuff, I found this. An old Unicron.com banner from 2001. How time flies! *TLA
  • 2015-03-28 2:00 pm by Sabrblade
    The 67th episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots has aired on Discovery Family. In this one, titled "Pirates Ahoy", the rescue team is put on suspension until further notice after evidence arises that the Burns family members are descended from pirate marauders and looters. Griffin Rock's most trusted team of first responders are the sons and daughters of a lawless, criminal ancestry. Can this be true? And can they find a way to clear their names before the danger-prone Griffin Rock undoubtedly needs saving from itself once more? Head through the space bridge for the episode.
  • 2015-03-27 9:30 pm by Unicron.com
    Seemingly big news in the world of the Transformers movie franchise...

    Imagine how big and how cool Transformers could be, if the films were actually good!? This seems a pretty exciting development; until you read enough to see about Bay's continued high level of involvement. ... Maybe he could achieve greatness if he would let talented writers write future films and he stick to the script?!

    What do you think? There's no arguing his success! Michael Bay made the most profitable film in the world in 2014. Should he stay or should he go???
    EXCLUSIVE: Paramount Pictures wants more Transformers. Taking a page from Fox's incubation of three Avatar sequels and what Disney is doing to revive Star Wars with a sequels and spinoffs, the stud...
  • 2015-03-27 9:48 am by Sabrblade
    The legend exists! TakaraTomy Mall has announced a new exclusive Materpiece figure in the form of Masterpiece MP-18B Bluestreak. Recall the original MP-18 was just called "Streak", which was the Japanese name of G1 Bluestreak. This new MP-18B uses the American name because it is actually blue! Yes, Blue Bluestreak! As in, the Diaclone deco that was used for the G1 Bluestreak box art! The toy deco that has only ever been the stuff of legend in the Transformers brand (as far as the G1 Bluestreak toy itself was concerned) is finaly being made 100% real as a Masterpiece figure!

    What's more is that this is no simple redeco, but rather a hybrid retooling using parts from both Masterpiece Prowl (the head and waist) and Masterpiece Streak (the lightbar-less car roof), as well as the Amazon Japan missile launchers, for maximum box art accuracy. MP-18B Bluestreak will be a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive limited to 2000 pieces, so preorders on other sites are first come first serve. Head through the space bridge for the pics.
  • 2015-03-26 10:48 pm by Unicron.com
    Our good friends at BigBadToyStore have passed along new photos one, in package!) and a preorder link to the highly anticipated Leader Class Ultra Magnus; part of the next Combiner Wars Line. Can't wait for this beauty!

  • 2015-03-26 6:06 pm by Unicron.com
    A nice article of 3rd party FT Sever (Snarl) from my friend Maz, http://tfsource.com/blog/ft-06-sever-high-hopes-or-severed-dreams/ *TLA
    What did you hope and dream for when it came to a set of modern day high end G1 inspired Dinobots? Did you hope that Takara Tomy would follow Masterpiece MP-8 Grimlock up with the rest of the crew, all equally engineered to a high quality and representing toy and cartoon faithfully? You may have ha…
  • 2015-03-26 4:40 pm by Unicron.com
    More that Meets the Eye returns (not soon enough) with an all new preview from iTunes...

    "RETURN OF THE D.J.D.! A punishment squad created by MEGATRON to hunt down dissidents, turncoats and cowards—no one believes more passionately in the DECEPTICON cause than the D.J.D. So what happens when they discover their founder has joined the Autobots? (Clue: it’s not pretty.)"
  • 2015-03-26 4:34 pm by Unicron.com
    Just announced, FRANK WELKER will make his first ever appearance at Botcon 2015! I know they've been trying to secure his attendance for many years and this time, they got their guy! A press release states:

    "...In the coming weeks, pop culture enthusiasts from around the world will be able to register for BotCon 2015 and purchase the “Frank Welker VIP experience” package. This package will contain ONE autograph from Frank Welker, ONE professional picture with Frank Welker, an EXCLUSIVE MEGATRON art print, an EXCLUSIVE MEGATRON souvenir pin and VIP seating at his moderated panel on Saturday. This package will be available to anyone who purchases the BotCon Primus package..."

    Who wants to take a guess at how much the "Frank Welker V.I.P package" will cost??? $50? $300? Guessing it's not going to be cheap!
    The Official Hasbro sponsored Transformers Collectors' Convention: BotCon celebrating all eras of Transformers Toys!
  • 2015-03-26 2:16 pm by Sabrblade
    It's a BotCon miracle! BotCon.com has updated with the announcement of the first guest for the 2015: The legendary Frank Welker!!!

    Fans have wanted him to come to BotCon for YEARS, and now that dream is finally coming true! Transformers fans know Mr. Welker best as th voices of G1 Megatron, G1 Galvatron, G1 Soundwave, G1 Wheelie, Prime Megatron, AOE Galvatron, and a whole host of other voices. Outside of Transformers, Mr. Welker has voiced an uncountable amount roles that go back as far as a few decades, and the man continues to lend his voice to the world of animation to this day.

    Beyond the space bridge is the press release announcement.
  • 2015-03-25 10:27 pm by Unicron.com
    Courtesy of a tweet by Transformers writer Mairghread Scott, known for her work on Windblade, Transformers: Prime cartoons and upcoming episodes of new Robots in Disguise series provides info about her other upcoming work In Combiner Wars Comics, and Windblade-part 2. Read on to see how this massive crossover will unfold!


    "...Transformers #39 – Combiner Wars: Opening Salvo – Available Now
    Transformers Windblade #1 – Combiner Wars Part 1 – Available Now
    Transformers #40 – Combiner Wars Part 2 – Available in April
    Transformers Windblade #2 – Combiner Wars Part 3 – Available in April
    Transformers #41 – Combiner Wars Part 4 – Available in May
    Transformers Windblade #3 – Combiner Wars Part 5 – Available in May
  • 2015-03-25 10:15 pm by Unicron.com
    Combiner Wars Rook and Streetwise comics available for online viewing...

  • 2015-03-24 10:45 pm by Unicron.com
    Thanks to Hasbro PR for passing along publicity photos of upcoming Combiner Wars Almost-Wildrider (Brake-Neck) and Almost-Slingshot (Quickslinger)!
  • 2015-03-24 9:14 pm by Unicron.com
    The rumors are true, G1 fanatics rejoice! Almost-Wildrider (Brake-Neck) and Almost-Slingshot (Quickslinger) will be released by Hasbro U.S., coming in May!!! Your Combiner Wars Aerialbots and Stunticons will get their full compliment of five G1 originals, and now Alpha-Bravo, Powerglide, Blackjack are a bonus! Wo-hoooo!
  • 2015-03-24 1:49 pm by Unicron.com
    Any character you think they missed? http://io9.com/the-10-strangest-cartoon-only-transformers-characters-1693372724?utm_campaign=socialflow_io9_facebook&utm_source=io9_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow *TLA
    If you grew up as a Transformers fan, you tend to remember the series as being about Autobots fighting Decepticons. You probably don't remember all the episodes about mermaids, aliens, wizards and other bizarre characters who populated the classic cartoon. Here are just 10 — including G.I. Joe's Cob…
  • 2015-03-24 10:46 am by Unicron.com
    Feast your eyes on this new artwork of the chaos bringer himself, Unicron, in his full glory as depicted by original 1984 movie concept artist, Floro Dery, in the original movie concept style. Signed prints are available at Floro's etsy site linked below. What do you think of this new piece in the classic style?
    This listing is for a signed print of a 2014 version of Unicron, drawn and colored by Floro Dery. Only one print signed by Floro Dery is available,
  • Facebook link post - Casey W. Coller on Twitter
    2015-03-23 9:02 pm by Unicron.com
    More images from IDW artist Casey Collier, this the inks and color image is Combiner Wars part 1 AKA Windblade's 2, #1. Of this cover Casey said:

    "I really enjoyed drawing this one. Windblade's design has really grown on me. Was happy with her pose as well...

    ...Colors (almost) always by the astonishingly talented Joana Fuente."

    “I really enjoyed drawing this one. Windblade's design has really grown on me! Was happy with her pose as well :)”
  • 2015-03-21 10:36 pm by Sabrblade
    The 66th episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots has aired on Discovery Family. Before going into the episode, however, it should be pointed out that this episode is a milestone. As of this episode, the Transformers: Rescue Bots cartoon has officially overtaken Transformers: Prime as being the second-longest Transformers cartoon of all time, as Prime only had 65 episodes, while Rescue Bots is heading on its way up to a grand total of 78!

    Anyway, this episode is called "Time After Time", and puts Cody in a situation that pays homage to the 1993 Bill Murray film "Groundhog Day", in which Cody is caught in a seemingly unyielding time loop that forces him to relive the same morning over and over again, all due to a recently renovated clock tower. What is the true nature of this clock tower and can Cody find a way to free himself from this anomaly in the time-space continuum? Head through the space bridge for the episode.
  • Facebook photo post - Mastermind Creations
    2015-03-21 7:39 am by Unicron.com
    Delayed, not cancelled. Incoming third party coolness, Cynicus = (not-) VOS. the cryptic, silent but deadly member of the DJD (Decepticon Justice Division) who speaks only in the "Primal Vernacular" of Ancient Cybertronian... by Mastermind Creations.
    Sorry for those who have been anticipating R12 Cynicus, there is an unexpected delay caused by our packaging supplier. The comic/manual booklet came in a larger size therefore we will need to get that remade. Thankfully it will be just 8 days.
  • 2015-03-21 7:32 am by Unicron.com
    Comic artists Nick Roche and Josh Burcham have posted pencil/ink/in-color images of their work for upcoming issues of More than Meets the Eye 41 and 42. - Looks like Swerve is adding a dance-floor to his bar!
  • 2015-03-21 7:00 am by Unicron.com
    Longtime friend of us Unicron.com admin and Japanese Transformers aficianado, "Hydra" has provided the backstory to the controversial TAKARA Masterpiece Exhaust figure. Courtesy of allspark, we now know...

    "So, his character is pretty hilarious. He's an employee of "Marlboor Dynamic," a massive interplanetary corporation that steals secrets from alien cultures around the galaxy. His power, given to him by the research department of the company, allows him to "Quantize": convert his body into living smoke. His function is industrial espionage, and he gathers new secrets and technology for Marlboor. He acts like a suave, debonair spy, but the stress of his job is actually getting to him, causing a chain cy-garette smoking habit that the medical officer has warned is detrimental to his health."
    With the controversial release of Masterpiece MP-24 Exhaust, a lot of people have been left wondering what the backstory for this new character is. Thanks to Allspark member Hydra we now have some information in regards to his bio. So, his character is pretty hilarious. He's an employee of &
  • Facebook link post - Netflix US on Twitter
    2015-03-20 8:18 pm by Unicron.com
    Good new for all Transformers/Hasbro and Netflix fans!
    “Don't worry! My Little Pony, Jem, and other Hasbro Studios shows aren't going anywhere @HasbroNews”
  • Facebook photo post - PerfectEffect PE
    2015-03-20 6:58 am by Unicron.com
    Third party producers switch from making high-end combiners, to high-end combiner accessories! Pretty cool these, from PerfectEffect: an upgrade kit for Menasor and Superion!
    PC-01 & PC-02 are now in the trial prodaction stage,
    Please stay with us while we countinuing the good quality from DX-03,

    Besides that,
    the exclusive accessories for SUPERION and MENASOR are now in the process of fine tunning,
    after that it will be open for pre-orders :)

    Thank you for all you support guys!
  • 2015-03-18 11:19 pm by Unicron.com
    Cool! Blogger post w/ instructions and photos of alternative transformation for Combiner Wars Blackjack!
    Hey there! Do you like Combiner Wars? Of course you do! Do you like the Stunticons? Good. Good. What about Combiner Wars Menasor? What's that? He looks like crap, with a squat torso and a tiny car ...
  • 2015-03-17 9:35 pm by Sabrblade
    In surprising move, the Transformers Collectors Club has posted a second brand new Beast Wars: Uprising prose story so quickly after the previous one! And like the last one, it too is FREE for anyone to read, with no membership required.

    Titled "Head Games" and written by David Bishop & Jim Sorenson, this story gives focus to a lower tier Beast Wars character who's never been in the spotlight before: The Predacon Fuzor Buzzclaw! However, as this is the Beast Wars: Uprising universe, Buzzclaw would be in a Cybertronian body instead of his Fuzor toy body, but nevertheless, he is Buzzclaw. But what's more is that this prose work also continues the story of Lio Convoy in his mission to bring justice and freedom to the Maximals and Predacons who are oppressed by the antiquated and domineering Builders (Autobots and Decepticons of old). What challenges does Lio Convoy face and what role does Buzzclaw play in this story? Read the story here to find out.
  • 2015-03-17 9:19 pm by Sabrblade
    In a move unlike any other series before it, the new 2015 Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon has hit the airwaves of Japan only a single day after its premiere on American television. Past Transformers cartoons that were dubbed into Japanese usually took much longer before they got to air in Japan, but with this series (renamed "Transformers: Adventure" in Japan), it looks like it'll be airing in both countries at roughly the same time!

    And in a move rather typical of Japanese-dubbed Transformers cartoons, the Japanese version has been given its own unique opening and ending sequences. The new opening is "Save the Future!!" by Mitsuhiru Oikawa, and contains a mixture of both existing footage from the cartoon and all new original footage created especially for Japan. And the new ending is "Try☆Transformers: Adventure↑↑↑", which is sung by the main voice cast of the Japanese dub, and is made up of 100% new Japanese-original footage of the Autobots dancing. Yep.

    Both the opening and ending (along with a toy commercial or two in between) have been uploaded to YouTube by Tinyironfist. Head through the space bridge to see the video and tell us what you think of the Adventure opening and ending.
  • 2015-03-14 6:43 pm by Sabrblade
    Tonight, the 65th episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots aired on Discovery Family. Titled "Thieves Like Us", this episode has the Bots pitted against miniature souvenir replicas of themselves that carry out a spree of thievery across town. Though this threat may seem small at first glance, time and again have we seen that things are never what they seem on Griffin Rock. Is there a greater agenda behind these thefts, who is behind them, and why? To find out, let's head through the space bridge for the episode.
  • 2015-03-14 6:13 pm by Sabrblade
    Tonight, the first two episodes of the new 2015 Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon made their United States premiere on Cartoon Network, with a special primetime airing of 6:00pm EST to boot! Those who have been waiting for the U.S. premiere date can at last enjoy this brand new series of action, comedy, and above all, FUN.

    The first two episodes are titled "Pilot (Part 1)" and "Pilot (Part 2)", respectively, and take place an indeterminate amount of years after Transformers: Prime, with Cybertronian police lieutenant Bumblebee finding himself swept up in a new mission to planet Earth, joined by a new team consisting of a by-the-book rookie cop, a juvenile delinquent, a stuttering Mini-Con, and a Dinobot ex-convict. With such a wildly diverse team under his wing, can Bumblebee hold this hectic team together and be the leader it needs them to be? Let's head through the space bridge and find out.
  • 2015-03-07 9:58 pm by Sabrblade
    The 64th episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots has aired on Discovery Family. Titled "The Attack of Humungado", this one takes things up to Godzilla proportions as giant monsters from Kade's favorite movie materialize in the real world, forcing the rescue team to take dynamic action against these monstrosities in a clash of titans. Namely, the Bots break out their Dino Bot Modes to confront the Kaiju in a showdown of monster vs. metal! Head through the space bridge for the episode and discuss.
  • 2015-03-03 9:30 am by Sabrblade
    The first colored image of Masterpiece MP-25 Tracks has been making rounds on the Internet. Tracks is shown fully colored in his robot mode with show-accurate colors right down the yellow square on his car roof chest surrounding his Autobot symbol. Plus, the image reveals that Tracks will also come with a display stand, Raoul, and a tiny Blaster/Broadcast boombox as accessories. Through the space bridge for the image.
  • 2015-03-02 8:06 am by Sabrblade
    The official Transformers YouTube channel has uploaded a video for the new 2015 Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon. While labeled as a "Webisode", it is more of a preview video showcasing the Mini-Con Deployer gimmick of Drift and Fracture, as they each deploy their Mini-Cons to attack one another a la G1 Soundwave and G1 Blaster (minus them coming out of their chests, though). Drift's Mini-Cons are Jetstorm and Slipstream, while Fracture's Mini-Cons are Airazor and Divebomb. Through the space bridge for the video.
  • 2015-02-28 11:59 am by Sabrblade
    Today, the 63rd episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots aired on Discovery Family. Previously, this episode had had an early official release made available ahead of time by Amazon Instant Video, but now the episode has made its official televised premiere.

    In this one, titled "Did You See What I Thaw?", we get a plot based around a premise that is no stranger to children's cartoons, particularly those of Cartoon Network in the early 2000s. The team discovers a cavemen frozen in ice, completely preserved. But after it ultimately gets thawed out, the caveman is completely out of place in the modern society of the 21st century, leaving it up to the Bots to help it adjust to its new surroundings. On paper, this sounds like a potentially humorous episode, but as it's a story that has been told before in other media, can this version live up to its predecessors? Let's go through the space bridge to see.