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  • 2017-12-11 12:59 pm by Unicron.com
    Dinobot Slash!

    The 2018 Power of the Primes line brings together a lot of classic G1 style elements, while allowing room for modern interpretation and creativity. Such is the case with the new Dinobot’s team, who have G1 classic deco and sculpting, with modern pose-ability, combiner-ability and in this case a new “female” velociraptor team member! Unfortunately, Slash, doesn’t have a third mode to interact with Volcanicus,the Dinobot’s combined form, but her styling maintains a solidly classic esthetic, making it seem like she’s been with the team all along!

    Check out her comprehensive gallery in the 2018 Transformers Section:
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  • 2017-12-10 12:33 pm by Unicron.com
    Stock Images of Upcoming RID Crash Combiners

    Saberclaw is the combined form of Bisk and Saberhorn; Primelock from Optimus and Grimlock. These figures will most likely round out the line, ser to conclude in 2018. Images are courtesy of new product listings on Amazon.

  • 2017-12-10 12:16 am by Unicron.com
    Dreadwind - Terrific Addition to the PotP Deluxe Series

    His G1 faithful sculpting, deco and tooling in robot and jet modes are so good it earns my thumbs up approval and recommendation! Beyond that, he has a third mode as a combiner limb (arm or leg) to Starscream. Plus, Hasbro/Takara designers even took the time to create a combined jet form
    with Darkwing (Blackwing) to form Dreadwing! Although we haven’t found his counterpart, the w2 Blackwing, we saw him up close and grabbed some photos of their combined form at HasCon.

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  • 2017-12-09 12:03 am by Unicron.com
    Takara Announces Power of the Primes Line

    We had been told previously to expect upcoming Takara and Hasbro versions of Generations figures to be much more similar than what we’ve seen over the past few years. —and this seems to be true. “Cheem” on Weibo has compiled several comparison images showing stock photos of Hasbro release side-by-side with the Takara counterpart. What do you think? Are the differences enough to be worth the import costs?

    c/o https://m.weibo.cn/2538074740/4182797427756131
  • 2017-12-08 5:04 pm by Unicron.com
    Rolling Stone Mag Rates Transformers The Last Knight #1 **

    **Worst Film of 2017

    Just in case the Michael Bay haters of Transformers fandom didn’t have enough opportunity to voice their opinion a few posts ago…
  • 2017-12-08 4:58 pm by Unicron.com
    Lost Light #12 Preview on iTunes

  • 2017-12-07 11:25 pm by Unicron.com
    Titans Return Grotusque, Fengul & Scorponok on TRU

    The toy is not listed as “in stock” yet, but keep checking back often! It sold out in less than
    24 hours on hasbrotoyshop back in October. There is no telling how long you’ll have to order one this time around. Good luck!

  • 2017-12-06 11:44 pm by Unicron.com
    Michael Bay Comments on the Future of the Transformers Movies

    Sounds like The Last Knight box office results will mean major changes to the film franchise.

    Via Instagram
    “Well 4.5 billion dollars later, 100s of millions of people saw the Transformers movies – I’d say it had great run. Any Studio would take this franchise series success. That said. Now it’s time to take this franchise in a totally new direction.”
    - Michael Bay
  • 2017-12-06 8:10 pm by Unicron.com
    Titans Return - Webisode 5 is Now available for viewing on go90.
  • 2017-12-06 7:44 pm by Unicron.com
    Please check out the Radio Free Cybertron: The Transformers Podcast live stream!
  • 2017-12-06 8:39 am by Unicron.com
    Fans Toys announces FT-24 Rouge (Masterpiece Scale Arcee) standing 7.5 tall in robot mode and converting into animation accurate sports car! She comes with weapons, a chest plate, and interchangeable expressions—including one with eye shades. Estimated to arrive April 2018, pre-order yours from BigBadToyStore today!
  • 2017-12-06 12:48 am by Unicron.com
    Micronus w/ Cloudburst Decoy Armor

    He’s the first Power of the Primes, “Prime Master” I’ve managed to get my hands on and I have to say, I love the concept! I can only imagine how I f Hasbro had announced a complete line of Deluxe/Voyager/Leader scale figures based on the Pretender series of 1988, a chorus of fan complaint would have been overwhelming. Me, I probably liked the original Pretenders more than most other fans and am really glad Hasbro designers found a way to make us an updated and modern versions of the characters. I think incorporating this Pretender shell play pattern at this lower price is genius. I think a majority of G1 fans will want them. And Being that we get some of the first depictions of original Primes is a extra bonus. My remaining hope is that we get their story adequately told in fiction somewhere. Keeping my fingers crossed...

    Special thanks to Hasbro PR for providing us with a sample for review!

    Check out the complete gallery of images mirrored here, and archived in the 2018 Transformers Section of unicron.com

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  • 2017-12-05 9:21 am by Unicron.com
    Wave 2 - Power of the Primes Deluxe Photos

    I’m really looking forward to what we have coming in 2018! The next wave, which will finish the Dinobots team of combiners and start the Terrorcons is another great addition to the line. New in-package and publicity photos have shown up on (where else!?) Weibo. Images mirrored for your convenience.

    c/o https://m.weibo.cn/2809258780/4181693650634381
  • 2017-12-05 8:29 am by Unicron.com
    Studio Series Blackout Photo Leaks

    Where else but Chinese social media would so many leaks continue to keep pouring out! Check out our first and best look we’ve had yet of upcoming Leader Class Blackout, part of 2018 “Studio Series” Line. These figures are designed based on the original 3-D models produced by ILM, promising a more screen accurate look than any toy version of the character we have before.
  • 2017-12-05 12:09 am by Unicron.com
    G1 Original Storyboards - Auctions

    We believe that the last time one of these went to auction, it sold somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000. Now, two storyboards, one from Transformers The Movie, amd the other (G1 episode) “City of Steel” are being auctioned on eBay. Each has been authenticated by Transformers Fan veteran Jim Sorensen.

    “I've been asked to authenticate a set of Transformers The Movie storyboard, and so I have. There's an original set currently for sale on ebay and it just looks stunning. Spread the word, folks!”

    Check out the auction for TFTM

    City of Steel

    Courtesy of
  • 2017-12-04 11:58 pm by Unicron.com
    PotP MOONRACER - Publicity Photos

    Who remembers the G1 Episode “The Search For Alpha Trion?” The 1985 episode was a pioneer of the series, being the first time robot characters were depicted in Transformers fiction as “female.” (Aside from “Nightbird” who doesn’t count being that “she” wasn’t ever alive...). Yes, these fem-bots preceded even Arcee, who didn’t debut until TFTM! Now, only 32-years later, we finally get an original and official Hasbro figure; a solid representation of how she was depicted in the cartoon, so long ago. She comes complete with combiner port functionality, a Cybertronian alt mode and Primemaster armor, as seen in the photo plugged into her torso.

    Images archived in the 2018 Transformers Section

    Images mirrored here for your convenience are courtesy of:

  • 2017-12-04 8:32 pm by Unicron.com
    The Chosen Prime has just received a shipment of Takara's updated animation styles Masterpiece Lambor dubbed MP-12+ in-stock and ready to ship now! Order yours today!
  • 2017-12-04 12:20 pm by Unicron.com
    F2F Wins Most Competitive Game Award

    Congratulations to the team at Kabam, whose mobile app game Transformers: Forged To Fight has won the prestigious “Most Competitive Game” award from the Google Play App Store. If you haven’t tried the game yet, you should. It’s a lot of fun!


  • 2017-12-04 12:25 am by Unicron.com
    MP Sunstreaker

    Speaking of upcoming Masterpiece, @7777_diver tweets photos from the figure on display at Tokyo Comic Con.

    c/o https://twitter.com/7777_diver/status/936818688090562560