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New TF: Animated Commercial on Youtube

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2008-03-15 1:15 pm

Some of you may have seen this, but there is a new Transformers Animated commercial floating around on from YTV. It features several Season 2 spoilers including the Cybertron Elite Guard and a familiar face.

Click Here to see the clip.

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Sabrblade said,  - 2008-03-15 13:36:58
What do you mean "spelling the right", 1-10?

And how come you don't just edit your comments to add more info instead of Double Posting?

12345678910 said,  - 2008-03-15 13:41:53
i have no clue i did not post that and someone is using my name and don't call me 1-10
Bass X0 said,  - 2008-03-15 14:22:07
Sorry, but people don't want to type out your full name.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-03-15 14:23:49
Yeah, its a nickname. Some people call me SB or Sabr.
Luketroop said,  - 2008-03-15 14:35:20
I know why Sentinel's head was on the ground. It was the Headmaster like what happened to Bulkhead. I like jazz, but not Junkion. Who was the guard in back of Jazz?
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-03-15 14:37:10
That would be Ultra Magnus, the Autobot Supreme Commander.

And the Junkion is Wreck-Gar, who will be voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic.
bruticus_42 said,  - 2008-03-15 14:49:04
Well, the did say Headmaster returns, so I guess this time he goes after Sentinel Prime, and I love OP's reaction!
Slashwing said,  - 2008-03-15 15:16:34
the scene were Optimus laughs at Sentinel's head is just hilarious: "You promised you wouldn't laugh!" lmao.
Autobot Jazz said,  - 2008-03-15 16:43:23
Woh!!! Hey, cool, but what are they doin' when they are already working or finished with season two. Already workin' on season three?
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-03-15 16:44:35
Great commercial!
ZhaneX said,  - 2008-03-15 17:25:03
This is so hilarious!
Decepticon Rhinox said,  - 2008-03-15 19:43:27
Optimus prime has the best "Hey it's a talking head"-laugh ever!
BossMan said,  - 2008-03-17 15:22:42
This incarnation of TF is growing on me. :)
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