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UK Tesco stores now stocking Legends 2 packs

Posted by:
Mighty Maximal at 2008-02-01 5:40 pm
Some UK Transformers release news.

UK Tesco stores are now stocking the Transformers The Movie Allspark Battle Legends Twin packs they so far have Night Watch Optimus Vs Stealth Starscream  and Rescue Ratchet Vs Brawl. These are available in most normal sized Tesco and Tesco Superstores now for £5.97 per pack.

They have also in some case restocked the earlier waves of the single pack Legends figures so if you have had trouble finding a green Ratchet or Black Legends Barricade you may find a second chance to do so.

Larger Tesco's as well as ARGOS are also stocking The Movie Screen Battles sets for around the £19.99 mark.

Though they first started to show up in Asda stores pre Christmas The latest 3 Star Wars Transformers are now more widely available via ARGOS stores too with a choice of Clone Commander Cody / Turbo Tank, Luke Skywalker/ Snowspeeder, & AT AT Driver / Imperial Walker as well as the odd older item now at a slightly lower price of £12.39 each in their new catalogue.

Argos are also stocking in their new Catalogue and they can also be found in Woolworth stores the Kids Role Play toys The Movie Allspark Blasters for £19.99 & the Movie Tech toys at £14.99 each.

Mighty Maximal said,  - 2008-02-01 18:10:08
Simply Double it for US Dollars.

Or to put it another way a Star Wars Transformers Darth Vader Death Star costs £39.99 in Britain which is equivellent to (more or less) $80.00 US Dollars.

Which makes the Screen Battle packs even more idiotically expensive than they already were in dollars - "Grin"
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-02-02 20:19:18
Just got the the three accessories ordered. Pretty good detail, but not much play value. But still good. Though I tend to have trouble getting the disks in Megs' disk reader. So now I have to use a screwdriver to get them into the slot.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-02-03 14:33:36
Off subject: Sorry I've been gone from lately. I decided to not make any comments cause I'm lazy. I've been helping Mechaburst with his fan site, , and I've also been off the computer a little bit. Well, I got the new Star Wars insider and Nintendo Power mags today at my local Wegmans, in the line I saw a girl that goes on my bus but she didn't notice me...... Well, on subject. I have no idea what UK Tesco stores are. Sorry.
megatron said,  - 2008-02-03 23:00:32
did anyone notice that they played the autobots arrival theme music on the superbowl pre-show.
Mighty_Maximal said,  - 2008-02-04 04:06:44
It's a Supermarket - The biggest monster in the UK that gobbles up the countryside like Martian red weed.

Bit like Walmart I suppose
(Only they have ASDA instead of Walmart in the Uk).

Only Tesco sell Mainly Food and Clothes and only small amount of other tat.

Oh and speaking of - I just got my Vector Sigma... Oddly it had hardly any paint on one half...

I wonder if a chrome gold version with a sprung locked in key is possible ?
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