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Three Faces of Darkness

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2008-04-15 4:18 pm

Okay, so only one face is dark, but the real news here is that Animated Blitzwing's toy will have three faces like his show counterpart. All the evidence is right here, at

They have posted three images of Animated Blitzwing's  toy's "Man-E-Faces" style head. At the moment, we cannot confirm if this is the official toy. But, hey, if its a fake, its a very good one.

deceptifan said,  - 2008-04-15 16:53:34
lord megatron said,  - 2008-04-15 17:44:48
COOL! I read about him earlier today but couldn't get to the other images due to time.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-04-15 17:55:20
Looks like three heads are better than none.
Perceptor said,  - 2008-04-15 18:11:07
So far so good! Can't wait to see the rest of 'm! It's been too long since we've been treated to a true triple changer, featured in a show.

I am sincerely hoping that earlier report was in error, that the toy is a Voyager. Here's hopin'.
Luketroop said,  - 2008-04-15 18:27:11
I can't wait to get him, but I heard a rumor that he will only has the tank mode.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-04-15 18:27:28
Looks good.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-04-15 18:52:47
Nope, Luketroop, he will have the jet, but it will be squat and the treads will be showing.
Human Error said,  - 2008-04-15 20:11:17
aww man, now i have to decide what face i like best to put up on the shelf.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-04-15 21:49:52
I'm gonna want the crazy face for mine, he will look so evil on my shelf!
ZhaneX said,  - 2008-04-15 21:56:51
Awesome! Blitzwing is my fave character! I can't wait to get the toy.
Autobot Jazz said,  - 2008-04-16 01:04:05
Mine too Zhane. it looks like his head isnt made out of plastic and because of those few details i think he will be DELUXE. Eeeh...Luketroop, sorry but Blitzwing only having the tank-mode is petty much just nonsense. what about the wings? And Y should he? You have once said that he'll only have tank-mode because of his three faces, but now we see how cheap the three faces were made. I mean they sure look cool and theyve done a good jobe but you see that theres no bigger gimmick.
Luketroop said,  - 2008-04-16 07:00:58
The tuff face is the one I will put on the shelf.
Autobot Jazz said,  - 2008-04-16 09:48:28
Actually i would be with you luketroop but that toys face looks strange because of the long helmet, so im for the blue face.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-04-16 10:43:21
Hey guys I got some good news and cool Botcon stuff ect. at my updated fan site. Please come.
p.s. Please sign my guestbook.
barricade 124 said,  - 2008-04-16 14:12:37
you know, its pretty cool! but all i really wish for blitzwing at the moment is that he has both tank and plane mode...
Blitzwing said,  - 2008-04-16 15:29:31
1# That's so cool! But I guess I pictured the figure as being a tripple changer,with a dial to switch the different faces. However I would like to remind all fans that these pictures are not confirmed as the OFFICIAL figure/figures.

2# Who are you calling mean??!!!!

3# Ooooo Tyscream-I LOVE the new nickname!!! Ha ha ha HA!!!!
Blitzwing said,  - 2008-04-16 15:33:44
1# We would like to thank ZhaneX for the complement!

2# Thanks ZhaneX! We'll have to remeber that in the future!

3#Wow! Heh heh I had no idea someone on on Unicron,com really liked us! Thanks ZhaneX!
Bass X0 said,  - 2008-04-16 17:24:58
so... no news article about the new movie repaints Inferno and Mudflap?
Autobot Jazz said,  - 2008-04-17 10:13:31
Haha, Luketroop. Have you seen the new pics of the blitzwing ebay-auction. he HAS the jet mode, but its very veeeeeery ugly. I do hope this isnt the offical toy or i hope its the activators toy of him, because that toy's jet mode really sucks me. the treads are completely visible and he's fat. hell become a flying brick with micro wings.
BUT the ROBOT mode is PERFECT. Very good articulation and looking awesome.
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