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A Tantalizing Glimpse of Future TFA Characters

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2008-04-29 11:06 pm

Thanks to various site postings, we've learned of a cool update on the blog of Derrick Wyatt a character designer for Transformers animated.  Without Botcon, I'd have very little clue what I was looking at.  Thanks to the various panels we attended, I'll attemt to translate:

Top Left: the face of TFA Swindle
Top Center: not sure, does notlook like Blurr to me
Top Right: Wreck-Gar
Middle left: Skywarp, who we've been told will not appear in the show
Doesn't look familiar, but we know Shockwave is coming.  That'd be my guess
Middle right:  Gosh, I don't think I want to know who's butt crack that is!  Wow-za!
Bottom Left: This is the Transtech inspired ankle of TFA Blurr!   Very cool indeed
Bottom Center: This to me looks like the head of a pair of TFA: "Twins" who have similiar forms bot to sleek vehicle, but different themes of fire and ice. I think they said these two unite.
Bottom Right: Could that be Thundercracker?

Blasten Blaster said,  - 2008-04-30 01:11:15
Ugh! I'm tired of all this "beating around the bush" why can they just give us a clear answer/picture of future Transformers. With all this supence I'm gonna kill myself. *takes gun to head and pulls trigger*.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-04-30 06:00:29
Look's very cool. At first I thought that Animated Skywarp was a new Starscream/Wapinator or some thing.
crazyfist said,  - 2008-04-30 09:37:10
i saw it somewhere. top row: swindle, jetstorm, wreakgar. center row: skywarp, shockwave, mismaster. bottom row: blurr, jetfire, thundercracker.
Luketroop said,  - 2008-04-30 14:15:32
You got them wrong dudes it goes top row: swindle jetstorm wreck gar second row: Skywarp Shockwave Mixmaster Third row: Blurr Jetfire Thundercracker
lord megatron said,  - 2008-04-30 14:51:33

new images of henkei skyfire and ramjet.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-04-30 15:34:50
Hey have any of you guys seen any Animated figs in stores at all lately?
lord megatron said,  - 2008-04-30 15:45:35
yeah, seen a few about two days ago. I've just about got the entire first wave of figs so far!
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-04-30 15:46:07
The one with the crack is Mixmaster. It's supposed to parody the stereotypical blue-collar construction worker with his pants barely up (for a funny reference, see the 70's SNL sketch where Dan Akroyd plays one, only he's a refrigerator repairman). Other than that, I like the looks of these characters!
Tyscream said,  - 2008-04-30 15:56:45
Energon Hot Shot said,  - 2008-04-30 16:11:01
Tyscream, the first wave of Animated figures is only officially released in Cincinatti, Ohio for Botcon. Most people that attended bought at least one figure at stores or in the dealer room. I bought the entire first wave and my dad just needs Starscream.

Be patient. They won't be out "everywhere else" for another month or two.
Byrerprime said,  - 2008-04-30 18:33:38
I hear you Ty, same with NJ. I'm lucky if I can find figures down here. Forget Alternators (when they were out, that is).
Luketroop said,  - 2008-04-30 20:09:30
I here you Ty and Byerprime too. There was a series that came last in my state in Rhode Island.
Decepticon Rhinox said,  - 2008-05-01 19:07:46
Go to ebay,they┬┤re very affordable right now. Blackarachnia for 18 bucks including shipment.
meathead said,  - 2008-05-02 19:47:17
that buttcrack looks like buzz lightyear
Someone said,  - 2008-05-03 07:39:46
Thudercracker and Skywarp? The generic character floodgates are OPEN! Blurr will have the same voice actor as the original. Let's see some speedy talking! Skyfire?! SKYFIRE?! It's JETfire for Primus's sake! Ok, that was a bit unnessesary but still.
Someone said,  - 2008-05-03 07:41:06
The buttcrack is probably a constructicon. If there's a Swindle, we should see other combaticons.
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