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Garbage In, Garbage Out, discussion & Constructicons preview

Posted by:
Blasten Blaster at 2008-05-04 11:06 am

Yet again our very best friend (FanTransformers) has posted the new episode of TF: Animated a week before it airs here in the U.S. This episode is "Garbage In, Garbage Out " featureing the return of a very old friend who hasn't been scene since 1986 our time that comes with the universal greeting a lot of G1 references and cameos  not counting the unfortunate return of  Angry Archer. Part one here and part two here

This just in he has also posted at 2:48 PST "Rise of the Constructicons" preview viewable a here.

Blasten Blaster said,  - 2008-05-04 11:54:20
This is one of the better episodes of TFA.
McPrimus said,  - 2008-05-04 12:10:11
TF: Animated just keeps hitting home runs with their stories. I love the direction they took with Wreck-Gar. And having Wierd-Al as the voice was just awesome. I won't spoil any key plots for anyone, but this is one of my favorite TF episodes of ALL time. Keep an eye and ear out for DOZENS of easter eggs and G1 homages.
Autobutt said,  - 2008-05-04 12:21:47
Wreck-Gar was hilarious! and hes still alive!! to me inthis episode Ratchet looked a little funky, its the way he was drawn... im not sure i cant quite put my finger on it.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-05-04 12:51:33
Ha ha! Wreck-gar is very funny, he had to be told who he is! lol! Now this is one of the better episodes that brings back G1 themes. I liked it.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-05-04 12:55:38
This was the funniest episode yet! Wreck-Gar was made of pure win! I'm glad "he's not quite dead". ;)

And the two G1 references were great: Wreck-Gar's G1 vehicle mode was thrown at bumblebee when Wreck-Gar "gave him all he had", and of course "Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong". Perfect.

Yet the best lines of the whole episode have got to be:
Ratchet: "You glitch-head!! You're gonna destroy the whole city! You wouldn't dare do something THAT stupid!"
Wreck-Gar: "I am Wreck-Gar! I DARE to be stupid!" O_o, XD, LOL, ;)

But they seemed to give Ratchet a lot more of a temper and dislike of... well, everything. He was VERY unlikable in this episode.

It would seem the Mayor is incapable of speech, having his Aide to speak for him.

And the Spike and Carly look-a-likes showed up again, but this time they SPOKE! They have the same names as their G1 counterparts, and Corey Burton even reprised his role for Spike, using his Post-Movie Spike voice. And with Carly being pregnant, I wonder what Daniel's sibling will be called.

And Lugnut is becoming more and more the BW Inferno of Animated.
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2008-05-04 13:04:15
I was so happy when I found this episode because i knew the only way WG could be brought back was in a awsome episode. Come to think of it I should just subscribe. But did Wierd-al really voice him in this episode? Icant tell with no credits.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-05-04 13:15:50
I LOVE ANIMATED WRECK-GAR! Did Corey Burton "reprise" his role as Spike?
Someone said,  - 2008-05-04 13:19:21
LOL cool! "I DARE to be stupid!" ReAl fUunNy!
Megatron g1 said,  - 2008-05-04 13:37:32
werid al as wreck gar
PrimeReviews said,  - 2008-05-04 14:09:53
starscreamnumba1 said,  - 2008-05-04 14:31:26
corey burton came back to do the role as spike in tfanimated how awesome

but wreck-gar was the best he was so funny what with his universal greeting and dare to be stupid plot they added in i used to love the G1 series

great episode best one so far
Autobot jazz said,  - 2008-05-04 14:42:02
Yeah, sabr. i loved megatrons reaction when lugnut acted again like Inferno. totally beast wars! i look forward to hear lugnut say: "My queen". i know itll never happen but it would be great.

Spike wears the same suit he did in G1 when he was on Cybertron in "madmans paradise". its exactly the same suit.
Blitzwing said,  - 2008-05-04 15:29:53
2# I thought the episode was first-class! Poor Wreck-gar! Heh heh I guess the Angry Archer has a talento for naming Cybertronians now...
transformersloversurivie said,  - 2008-05-04 15:40:42
wreakgar accidenty pour some suff on lugnut and used the blue thing and spelt him in half owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!
amd098 said,  - 2008-05-04 16:20:01
loved the g1 wreckgar cameo, even though it was just fer a split second
ZhaneX said,  - 2008-05-04 17:14:54
MAn, Lugnut is just like BW INferno, well, at least he just calls Megatrron 'Oh, Grand and Mighty Ruler Megatron!' At least it's more dignifying than 'Queen'.But Megatron is just as upset at it. But my fave part was:
"It's time to make the ultimate sacrifice, to do the bravest thing, in my whole autobot career. I...apologize"
Tyscream said,  - 2008-05-04 17:15:08
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2008-05-04 17:17:55
You were so right ZhaneX I thought he was gonna let the nanites eat his body while he jumped in the river but the apology was a very nice twist although it should have been obvious.
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2008-05-04 17:18:46
Just posted it tyscream you were a few mins to late.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-05-04 17:25:16
Oh, didn't notice it there.
sean said,  - 2008-05-04 18:03:24
"i am wreck gar, i knock stuff over"

Bumblebee said,  - 2008-05-04 18:44:00
Funny,wierd episode.The ba weep granna weep nini bon was classic.I loved wreck gar's vehickle mode.
Bumblebee said,  - 2008-05-04 18:56:34
Oh yeah,this is probably really old news ,but has anyone else seen the toy pictures of swoop,sentinal prime,elite guard bumblebee(which I don't exactly like),and the all powerful ultra magnus.
ilovetransformers said,  - 2008-05-04 21:09:54
Fianally. wreck-gar. i have been waiting for that name to come back
quickfire said,  - 2008-05-04 23:02:37
I hope Wreck-Gar shows up again. He is so adorable!
Perceptor said,  - 2008-05-05 11:09:12
Botcon attendees got to see this and cheer loudly in front of the guys who wrote and animated it. It was cool they could directly witness every fan's enthusiam for this outstanding show directly. It really is quite a fantastic show with SO many nods to the animated movie. I wonder if new Transformers fans who haven't see the original animated (small "a" animated!) movie of 1986 will enjoy it as much as all of us old timers?

I also REALLY like Wreck-Gar's vehicle mode. Makes WAAAAY more sense than the old G1 motor-cycle. I cannot believe it's taken this long to get a Transformers garbage truck!

Now we just need some Transformers farm equipment (tractors, combines...) and I know a few other people who'll be very happy! :)

LOVE this series!
ilovetransformers said,  - 2008-05-05 13:31:35
in transformers victory, longplow was a 1936 jhon deer tractor
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-05-05 15:27:00
There also hasn't been a school bus Transformer either, or a bus period. Nor has there been an ATV, go-kart, or a riding mower.
Autobutt said,  - 2008-05-05 16:00:07
actually sabr, there was a minicon ATV, but im not sure if u want to count that
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2008-05-05 17:02:00
There was an ATV it was one of the minicon from the energon series that made Perceptor. But I'd like to see a Fort Max size air craft carrier. That would be sweet.
Skyfire said,  - 2008-05-05 19:03:57
Does anyone know if it is legal to watch Animated episodes and other shows on Youtube (specifically Beast Wars)?
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2008-05-05 20:08:18
Well think of it this way are they really gonna track you down if you do watch. lol
Autobot Jazz said,  - 2008-05-06 09:26:07
or this way: i dont think anyone will avange you for what you see. i think 60% of all internet users would be illegal then.
mkbauch said,  - 2008-05-06 20:21:26
I really enjoyed this episode and it was actually a lot of fun to see a transformer garbage truck. Something never done before. Weird Al nailed the role of Wreck-Gar. Very well done.
ilovetransformers said,  - 2008-05-08 18:55:00
there has been a go-kart but i cant remenber which show. it was a mini-con. and in transformers the game for ds there was a school bus mode but i guess that dosnt count
Prime said,  - 2008-05-09 10:28:06
He shouldve talked tv had the voice of the G1
and should have been a motorcycle like the G1
Prime said,  - 2008-05-09 10:29:55
Anyone agree
ilovetransformers said,  - 2008-05-09 17:23:38
i do
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