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TFA, "Velocity" and Discussion

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2008-05-10 8:24 pm

"Velocity" aired today in Canada and the episode is now available to watch on YouTube. Click here for Part 1 and and here for Part 2.

Bass X0 said,  - 2008-05-10 20:35:08
Yeah, it feels like a dull episode compared to the last few even though this one is about high speed racing. Its an average episode following upon a string of exceptional episodes which makes it seem poorer than it actually was. Blurr transforming or even talking would have helped it a lot.
ZhaneX said,  - 2008-05-10 20:43:36
How do we know it's Blurr? Either way, I liked it alot, even if just for the new mystery guy, and all the Blitzwing.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-05-10 20:56:51
It is Blurr. He's supposed to be a reference to Speed Racer's Racer X in this episode. Hence BB's "Who is that guy?"
mkbauch said,  - 2008-05-10 22:00:41
I think the biggest clues that it's Blurr is, well, its a race car that's super fast, it's light blue, and they even did a close up on the fin/antenna thing that is practically Blurr's head piece signature.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-05-10 22:35:22
And the fact that everyone on the Internet that has been keeping with the TF:A news and fan conversations knows its Blurr.
Autobutt said,  - 2008-05-10 23:16:29
the master of disaster's insignia looks like a maximal symbol. and blurr not talking or transforming is really disapointing
Autobot Jazz said,  - 2008-05-11 01:00:01
though i loved this episode. so much *Blitzwing* and it was very realistic made when Blitzwing shot his '50' missiles and you saw where every single missile stroke.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-05-11 09:49:24
Don't get your hopes up for a fantastic episode. It was great and thrilling, but it could've been better. Once you watch it, you'll see what I mean.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-05-11 10:40:58
Wow that was better than I thought. It's good they had some Decepticon in it and Blitzwing was a good choice. Also, it's so obvious the blue racer is Blurr. Can't wait till he returns.
mkbauch said,  - 2008-05-11 14:16:28
What I liked was that they kept in mind the scale of the characters. I mean there was that long shot where Blitzwing and Bumblebee were facing off and Bumblebee was tiny by comparison. That along with Blitzwing trying to fly in that rain trench and his wings scraping along the sides. I was actually very pleased with the whole episode, didn't find it disappointing at all.
quickfire said,  - 2008-05-11 16:39:48
It sucks that blurr didn't transform and join the autobots. I would like to see his robot form. Plus i think blurr is a part of the autobot elite guard.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-05-11 21:45:24
"He's supposed to be a reference to Speed Racer's Racer X in this episode. Hence BB's "Who is that guy?""

...what? How is that a reference? I noticed that Blurr kinda looked like the Mach 5, but I'm missing the Racer X/BB Comment thing, Sabr.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-05-12 06:12:37
Yea I also noticed this episode was like a "reference" to Speed Racer, in a certain point of view.
mkbauch said,  - 2008-05-12 09:20:27
I think the reference comes in the "mystery racer" concept. Blurr is enigmatic, an x factor to Bumblebee, the unknown. At the last minute, he comes out of no where to rescue the here from certain destruction, and then disappears just as quickly. Its the classic "Racer X" plot line. You don't know anymore about the character at the end of the episode then you did at the begining, but there's just enough there to make you pay attention the next time he shows up. Its classic literary stuff.
prime said,  - 2008-05-12 14:11:00
go to to see pics of Blurr.he is part of the eleat gard
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-05-12 18:10:43
Blurr in vehicle mode is pretty neat, just need to see he robot mode. The episode reminded me of the day swhen I watched reruns of Speed Racer and the NASCAR Racers cartoon.
ilovetransformers said,  - 2008-05-13 15:17:16
blurr is part of the elite guard!!!!. cool. hey isnt ironhide part of it too
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