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Cyclonus Spotlight Preview

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Perceptor at 2008-06-18 11:27 am has posted a 5-page preview of the upcoming Transformers: Spotlight Cyclonus comic.  Looks terrific!  Thanks to for the heads up!

Sabrblade said,  - 2008-06-18 12:38:26
Such tiny text in those pics. So hard to read. But from what I could read, this looks like a good read. Despite how savage and ugly Cyclonus looks on the cover.
lord megatron said,  - 2008-06-18 14:55:26
I like cyclonus' new look. I think it's kind of cool how they took an old character and registered him under new animation. I do, however, have one question about his designs, "Where did that beak mouth come from?" It looks a bit like energon mirage's face.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-06-18 18:27:55
These spotlights look cool. Can't wait to get em.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-06-19 16:41:28
For once, we get to see the spark behind the faceplate as we see inside Cyclonus' thoughts. Just wonder how he'd react if he met his Armada descendant.
mkbauch said,  - 2008-06-19 19:25:45
I think, if G1 Cyclonus met Armada Cyclonus, he'd shoot him twice in the chest, then once in the head and never speak of Armada Cyclonus ever again.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-06-20 08:28:56
I really don't see what the big deal with Armada Cyclonus is. He's only "Cyclonus" in the dub. He was "Sandstorm" in the original. So I could say "Imagine if G1 Sandstorm met Micron Legend Sandstorm."
mkbauch said,  - 2008-06-20 16:29:07
Well, think about it for American audiences: Since childhood, we've had this image in our minds when we think of Cyclonus. For me it's a cold and calculating villan that wouldn't flinch at wiping out a battalion coming against him. Compare that to Cyclonus ala Armada: Little more then a gun crazy fourth rate henchman. A significant difference from who we know and love. Its natural to theorize what it would be like if these two polar opposite characters met in combat. If you want to theorize what would happen if G1 Sandstorm met Micron Legend Sandstorm, go right ahead. Its likely going to be a more interesting story simply because you can rationalize that the encounter would last longer.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-06-20 21:14:38
I'm just saying that he's only "Cyclonus" in Armada because Hasbro likes to reuse names for various characters. An example of Takara reusing a name for a character that's not quite like his namesake is BWII Starscream. Yes he was a jet and scheming, but that's the only resemblance between him and his G1 self. He's no ursurper, or second-in-command. That's Megastorm/Gigastorm's role.
mkbauch said,  - 2008-06-20 22:50:30
A good and valid point. That, and I can understand some frustration in reading the same kind of post over and over. Take for an example "What if G1 Sandstorm met Micron Legend Sandstorm" (not poking fun or taking it out of the context, just using it as an example). If you leave it at just the question, its kind of repetative and annoying. Here's a better one...what if Animated Starscream ran across BWII Starscream? Some cosmic kurfuffle launched one into the other's universe and bam, they're squared off with one another? What WOULD happen? How WOULD that play out? Who WOULD have the time to write that fan fic?
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