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*UPDATED AGAIN* The Chaos Bringer Returns... Again!

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2008-07-05 2:06 pm

As some of you are aware, has posted an image of an upcoming Universe figure: Unicron. This figure is the exact same as its Armada release. The only difference is that it comes in different packaging. To see the image of this planet devourer, click here.


Recent reports have stated that this figure will be a Toys'R'Us exclusive and that the image on does not show the final product. However, a new Ebay auction for the Universe Unicron figure shows a clearer image of the figure, which does look very much like the Armada release.


I've just figured out what's different between this Unicron and the Armada one! There is a comparison shot of the two at TFW2005 and now I know what's different: the head!

On the Armada version, the head is a yellow-orange color, while on the Universe one, if you look closely at the image from Ebay, the head is bright yellow (save for the M around his eyes). It's a minor  detail, but still somewhat noticeable.

Chaos Bringer said,  - 2008-07-05 14:48:24
Would it have killed them to repaint it?
Black Starscream said,  - 2008-07-05 15:49:58
For serious. This would've been better in 20 years. They should've used the prototype blue/white one that used to be on ebay. And why is unicron a decepticon?
veeblefetzer's ghost said,  - 2008-07-05 15:52:43
Oh no. Watch. It's going to become a trend. Universe will probably start repackaging the entire classics line. Oh well. At least it'll give some collector's a chance to buy figures they missed.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-05 15:55:29
Why couldn't they paint him in G1-accurate colors? With these same old colors, he's in his Armada body instead of his G1 body.

I just wish that this figure were rereleased in colors like this custom, but a little nicer:

If this address doesn't work, try this one:
And then click "unicron body.jpg"
Luketroop said,  - 2008-07-05 16:56:06
I have no need to buy another one again.
Breakbeamer said,  - 2008-07-05 17:51:49
im am incrediblly glad that they are re realiesing the unicron figure he is soooo cool.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-07-05 18:34:11
I think this could be my chance to get him. I think it may be a prototype packaging figure, and they may release hem with his G1 color scheme. I do think they should use a new symbol.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-05 19:12:35
Yeah, the Blentron symbol or the Evil Mini-Con symbol seen in Energon would work better.
KilledbyDeath said,  - 2008-07-05 20:21:52
How about a Fort Max reissue? Since I'll never get him any other way, between Encore and the Universe line somebody has to reissue him. Hasbro? Takara? Anybody?
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-05 20:38:14
Oh yes! I'd much rather see a Fortress Maximus (w/ Master Sword) rerelease than this guy, who has been released three times already (once in Armada and twice in Energon) while Fort Max has only had one release in the U.S. And to make it so they can sell the sword too, they should make it for "Ages 13 and Up" instead of "Ages 3 and Up" (I figured 13 is when people become more careful and mature about their action figures, so there won't be as much Master Sword violence if it's given to a teenager instead of a little kid).
Scorpomike said,  - 2008-07-06 01:34:48
I guess they're going to make as much money as they can on this mold. They know people will buy it. It just stinks for us collectors. I'm not surprised they did this. Hopefully they come out with a repaint woth G1 colors. Look how many versions and repaints they did with the movie figures. The only way to stop them from releasing the same toy and a million repaints of all the foigures that come out these days is to get people to stop buying them. We all know that isn't going to happen. We just have to live with it. I know several people that visit this website know what I think about repaints. I'd definitely buy a Unicron reissue in G1 colors.

It would be nice to get an Encore Fortress Maximus. It wouldn't surprise me if they did do a reissue. After all, they did reissue Omega Supreme. Just to rub it in, I ordered one. They also did an Encore Metroplex. All they need is Fort Max, Trypticon and Scorponok.
bruticus_42 said,  - 2008-07-06 09:47:12
Now they are saying the mold WILL be repainted to a more G1 accurate paintjob. Thank God!
Tyscream said,  - 2008-07-06 10:01:49
I saw that this is gonna be a Toys'r'us exclusive. Heh, figures. Something I need just happens to be only at a store about an hour away and my parents will never take me there just to get Unicron.
1-10 said,  - 2008-07-06 10:37:52
it is a toys'r'us exclusive ( )
Tyscream said,  - 2008-07-06 11:24:11
Yea I just said that, der.
Bumblebee said,  - 2008-07-06 11:46:07
I don't think I'll get him, even if he is repainted. As a collector, it's hard to say that. I just wish he was a new mold.
Skidmark said,  - 2008-07-06 12:15:47
I think enough is enough when you try to re-sell a mold over 4 years old,except for the G1 re-releases.It's time for a new mold.
Slashwing said,  - 2008-07-06 12:44:21
If he is going to be an exclusive, they should at least fix the little problems with the mold, specially the break-off chest cannon trigger part.
I think they reissued him because they thought that universe galvatron needs his boss for power.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-07-06 13:15:03
I got some news on this new Unicron. Look here:
lord megatron said,  - 2008-07-06 14:58:31
look on the bright side, if takara gets word of this, then maybe we'll see a henkei release of this fig. Save your money people. Even though he is just a reissue, I still want to get my hands on him.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-06 15:10:08
I think the Henkei figures only use the molds that haven't been used before, which is why there are some many Universe 2.0 figures and only 11 of them are being used for Henkei.
KilledbyDeath said,  - 2008-07-06 18:06:05
Toys r Us Exclusive= Over priced on E-bay.
deceptifan said,  - 2008-07-06 20:00:44
I symphasize with you Tyscream, Toysrus is write next door to me and my parents would never buy me a stick of gum there...
saberfrost said,  - 2008-07-06 20:21:11
It's awesome

also look what I found a summary of what people think transformers revenge of the fallen is going to be like

The battle for Earth has ended but the battle for the universe has just begun. After returning to Cybertron, Starscream assumes command of the Decepticons, and has decided to return to Earth with force. The Autobots believing that peace was possible finds out that Megatron's dead body has been stolen from the US Military by Skorponok and revives him using his own spark. Now Megatron is back seeking revenge and with Starscream and more Decepticon reinforcements on the way, the Autobots with reinforcements of their own, may have more to deal with then meets the eye.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-06 20:33:31
'Course, you know that that summary is unofficial. Impressive, but still unofficial. Besides, how could "Scorponok" get down there without being crushed by the extreme pressure?
lord megatron said,  - 2008-07-06 20:57:01
Sabr:"I think the Henkei figures only use the molds that haven't been used before, which is why there are some many Universe 2.0 figures and only 11 of them are being used for Henkei."

Re: Ah, but one can hope, can he not?
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-06 21:39:28
O.O Aaaaaggghhh! I've just figured out what's different between this Unicron and the Armada one! There is a comparison shot of the two at tfw2005 and now I know what's different: the head!

On the Armada version, the head is a yellow-orange color, while on the Universe one, if you look closely at the image from Ebay, the head is bright yellow (save for the M around his eyes).
KilledbyDeath said,  - 2008-07-06 21:56:27
I think this has been debated before but I'll ask anyway. Who/What would win in a fight Unicron or the Death Star and why? I vote for Unicron as I think he'll just show up and eat the damn thing.
Autobutt said,  - 2008-07-06 22:09:00
Unicron for sure! the Death Star has a pretty cool gun... but thats pretty much it. The Imperial fighters wouldnt even dent Unicron! Anyways the Empire doesnt have a Matrix of Leadership so they couldnt even win =).

On topic: If this Unicron rerelease is G1 accurate, it increases my interest in it. I didnt get my hands on the Armada release, but im not entirely sure that im convinced that i want one yet.
Wheelie Is My Name said,  - 2008-07-07 01:42:09
Why can't they make a whole planet like primus? That would be cool. I just spent 80 bucks on the armanda off ebay. I wish I would of known that I could of saved money.
Darkton said,  - 2008-07-07 03:10:15
Pass. I already have Armada Unicron, and I ain't payin' for a new box and slightly altered colors!

But if they do it in G1 style, I'd probably buy it...ah but I can dream. (Get the picture, Takara?)
optatron said,  - 2008-07-07 11:24:40
i was always after unicron and never had the money to buy him
but this may just be the chance i have been waiting for
Bellprime said,  - 2008-07-07 11:52:03
I hope they fix the 2 major flaws with this release.
1. give him the 2 extra foot claws on each foot that he had in the movie.

2. Make his planet mode more whole than the half planet he has now.

Fix those two things that I see as his major shortcomings. I would buy him.
deceptifan said,  - 2008-07-07 12:23:26
The head is slightly different, but that's it and I don't think they're going to do Bellprime's ideas.
Black Starscream said,  - 2008-07-07 22:56:50
For the Unicron vs deathstar thing, I think unicron wins cause he can either transform and dodge the shots of the death star and then tear it or suck it in (like in armada) or he could just eat the thing and be done with it.

Back to this, I think the difference you pointed out sabr might just be from the lighting. Also aside from the transparant parsts the extra paint apps (which actually livened unicron up) he's technically already based off the G1 color scheme. If you look on youtube, there will often be a difference in the shades of the colors. On some vids for example they'll have the dark orange used by the hard hero statue but others have a lighter orange used for armada unicron and the titanium mini fig. They should just recolor him completely or a two pack with primus (with the "G1 color" idea)
P.S. Type in these links. They show the really awsome prototype unicron. This is what I think they really should've done with this release to make it worth it.
supermaximas said,  - 2008-07-08 03:22:02
they should make a encore fort max i just bot omega surpreme i dont like how thay would do another armada unicron figure look it would be beter if thay did g1 colors i hope thay do.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-08 09:58:50
If you look at my third post, supermaximas, you'll see how I think they could rerelease Fort Max (w/ Master Sword).
Bass X0 said,  - 2008-07-08 18:24:35
I don't think Fortress Maximus passes the modern day "drop-test" where only toys that don't shatter into sharp pieces if dropped from a height pass.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-08 19:10:34
That's why it should only be marketed to older collectors instead of kids.
1-10 said,  - 2008-07-08 21:11:46
off topic: how about a new Fortress Maximus with a new Master Sword,guns and, a bace with 2 modes)
optimus primal said,  - 2008-07-08 22:36:02
your the best sabrblade that would be cool if thay realest fortress maximus again with master sword and it should be 13+ but id rather see him agen then unicron i alredy have him plus it would beter if unicron was g1 colors.
DarkfireXIII said,  - 2008-07-14 10:39:47
I want the energon unicron, just for the paint scheme, it looks soooo cool!
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