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McDonald's Saves You Some!

Posted by:
TriPredRavage at 2008-07-14 2:43 pm

A little while back, I posted about TFA McDonald's toys and we all kinda had the same resounding "Ehh" about the figures.  Well, there just so happens to be an incentive to picking these little guys up!  The Happy Meal bag has an exclusive cupon for $5 off of any figure $19.99 or more.  So that's Voyager class figures and Leader class figures at discounted prices, PLUS the cupon is good until the 26th of JANUARY 2009, so they'll still be good for Christmas.  That sure beats the heck out of the old Beast Wars cupons that were good for $1 off of any deluxe size figure, but, then again, the Beast Wars figures were a lot better.  Guess you win some and lose some.

Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-14 15:36:40
This bites. Everyone in my family is older than the Happy Meal ages, so there's no way I can get this.
max said,  - 2008-07-14 15:40:31
sorry abount that sabrblade but i can still get them and give them to my son in new zealand
Scorpomike said,  - 2008-07-14 18:13:47
Sabrblade, you can buy a happy meal if your kids are too old. If I were to get these, which I won't, I don't like Happy meal toys. I'd get a happy meal along side my double quarter pounder super size meal with a diet coke. It would tske no effort for me to wolf down a happy meal, heck I'd probably get two of them.
Master Dex said,  - 2008-07-14 18:31:31
I believe there is no restriction keeping you from buying a Happy Meal even if you are over the standard age. If the person behind the counter really wants to know you can say it is for your son/brother/cousin/or even to be your dog's new chew toy.
chicane said,  - 2008-07-14 18:37:55
Since when do you care about age, Sabrblade? You collect toys, remember? Toys.
Don't tell me you don't get a funny look once in a while from behind the counter when you buy a new figure.
spartan said,  - 2008-07-14 19:11:10
i have 4 out of 6 of the tf animated happy meal toys
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-14 19:12:03
Guys, I'm only 18, I have no kids. My parents are what's stopping me from getting this. They're all like, "You're too old for happy meals." Besides, these TF:A happy meal figs are pretty sad-looking. And I've been saving my money for quite some time, so I have enough for several more figures. Plus, I only lack two figures to get before the next wave comes out: Voyagers Prime and Grimlock.

Besides, doesn't it sound awkward to order a happy meal just to get the bag?
TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-07-14 19:44:46
Nope, it wasn't awkward at all, lol. It's actually painless, because, realistically, who cares? You walk up to the counter and go "Hi, I'll have a ##, and a ____ happy meal with a boy's toy please." And then they go, "that'll be $###." Painless. They don't care who it's for, as far as they know, it IS for someone else, and I'd bet its what they'd assume. And again, who cares? I'm only 20, and I like what I like. Anyone wants to tell me how to live or what to like, screw 'em. That's what I say.
ilovetransformers said,  - 2008-07-14 19:55:19
yes.its good to be a kid.i better enjoy it while i can
KilledbyDeath said,  - 2008-07-14 20:22:52
I'm 29 have an awsome life and if I want a Happy Meal I shall have one damit!
PJG said,  - 2008-07-14 20:25:30
I'm 33 and I've been ordering them for myself lately (well, and for my 2 yr old also).

Once interesting note - I was at a self checkout at walmart buying some other stuff along with a Snarl and I tried to see if it would take the coupon. I don't know if Walmart's scaners just don't care or if it only looked at the fact I had spent over $20, but it took the coupon.

A deluxe dinobot for $5 was a pretty nice score.
Sidewinder said,  - 2008-07-14 20:52:09
Twenty eight and if I so desire a happy meal, then so be it. If you feel awkward about it, order it to go. Then they can think you're taking it to a kid at home. Or just say you are hungry, but not super hungry and a happy meal will be enough for you. You're 18 (more then old enough to make decisions for yourself) and its you're money. Who cares what you order.
lord megatron said,  - 2008-07-14 21:31:00
wait, why are you guys still talking about Sabr's problem? He said he didn't want one anyways. I don't think I'll be picking any of those POS any time soon. Never been much for a clown that sells hamburgers, hamburgers are ment for a king, not a clown.
Byrerprime said,  - 2008-07-14 21:33:26
I just found that the happy meal toys are the perfect thing to keep my 6 year old son from climbing up to get my G1 and Alternators from the top shelf after he already spread the Cybertron toys all over the house. He's never seen an episode but he's mad he didn't get Bumblebee.
Megatrong1 said,  - 2008-07-14 21:35:34
i repainted my mcd toys so they look like the show i did megatron with sord and canon prime with axe and back of the fire truck and finnaly starscreem,skywarp and bumblebee
spartan said,  - 2008-07-14 22:19:02
well i now have all six tf animated happy meal toys
Master Dex said,  - 2008-07-15 00:10:25
Regardless of the fact that Sabrblade doesn't even want the happy meal toys everyone is just trying to get across that it doesn't matter what age you are, do what you really want. I am 19 so not far from Sabrblade's position. I myself in fact do not want the happy meal toys either but if I did I'd just do it. I don't care for them though or even the coupon as I don't want any of the Animated figures either (I do small collections and money savings).
ChunksTM said,  - 2008-07-15 01:49:15
I picked up a TFA Happy Meal for my son the other day, and another Happy Meal for my daughter (with a "Littlest Pet Shop" toy inside), and they use the same type of bag for both. So, I was able to get my grubby hands on 2 coupons! I used one the other day when I picked up a Leader Class Megs, and I'm saving the other one for later use. They don't expire until January of '09, so they're a nice thing to have indeed! :)
BB cant sign on using a wii said,  - 2008-07-15 03:13:40
18? Wait sabr ithought u said a while back were 13?
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-15 11:03:06
If I did, BB, then it was 5 years ago (but I don't think I've been on this site for that long).
Someone said,  - 2008-07-15 12:08:11
As I said, will this be hitting the UK in the not-too-distant future?
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-15 13:49:30
If I said that, BB, then it must've 5 years ago (though, I don't think I've been with this site for that long).
tonybsuave said,  - 2008-07-15 14:18:40
First off I'm 22, I still bought a happy meal, and no one cared. Second I was too stupid to look at the bag so now I have to go back and buy another one... or twelve. Oh yeah, not only am I 22 but I look about 30 and not a single person batted a lash as I inhaled those mcnuggets, and I found out that apple dippers are delicious. Bottom line, dont be embarassed about the stupid things you do, they're the things that make life fun.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-07-15 14:33:45
Word up, tonybsuave. Good anecdote!

I thought you said at one point that you were 15, Sabr. I seem to recall Tyscream saying he was 12 or 13, but I thought you said 15. Even so, nothings changed. You're still the same old (now slightly older in all our minds) Sabrblade that you've always been.
Ultra Magnets said,  - 2008-07-15 16:41:28
oh ho coupons, thats a nice incentive. I actually passed up the happy meal last week in favor of a couple of double cheeseburgers. Wish I knew then what I know now. Oh well, today is payday and well, I think we all know that means hunting season is in effect coupon or not.
rhinoxfan said,  - 2008-07-15 16:45:03
u dont have to be a little kid to buy a happy meal dude. i remember i went crazy with the beast wars deal. im not really liking the TF Animated series at all. however there are a couple cool toys. such as megatron and starscream. im waiting to spend my money on all those re-releases of transformers from like cybertron and other series where they have diff colours and are the opposite team.
Rhinoxfan said,  - 2008-07-15 17:03:21
hey does any1 know if u can use more than 1 coupon per transformer? if so u could just use 4 of and get a free voyager class
Scimitar said,  - 2008-07-15 18:15:31
Ah, people, you're making money.

The hamburger happy meal is about $2.70 where I live. If you will use the coupon, you're basically saving $2.30, and getting a free happy meal. For lunch today, I bought 3. 3 Hamburgers, 3 kids fries, and 3 cokes (they're very small) made a good meal. It was less than $9, even with tax, and I have $15 worth of coupons I'll surely use by late January of next year. That's only 3 voyagers, or leaders, or supreme. Easy.
Perceptor said,  - 2008-07-15 22:32:06
You think Beast Wars figures are better than TF:Animated? You are on drugs dude! I think you've had one too many happy meals and all that salt is getting to your head!

I used to think that Beast Wars is and was the best TF series and that nothing else would ever be even close. I was wrong and sorry TPR, but I'm afraid you are too.

I've got Grimlock and Slag sitting on my desk about to kick your arse for saying that! Tell you what, compare those two to your average BW toy from its first year. Say, Scorponok and Dinobot (my favorite BW character of all time). That's fair. Animal alt modes to animal alt modes: apples to apples. Lets have a contest and see who wins:

Show likeness? Grimlock and Slag hands down!

Transformation complexity? G&S again, by far

Anatomical correctness of alt mode: G&S, by far again

Toy detailing: hm, this one is tough. Scorp is pretty plain but Dinobot had some very nice sculpt details... I'm going to give this to Beast Wars.

"Undercarriage" and "kibble" Sorry but have you seen Slag(/Snarl) yet? This thing is perfect! Same w/ Grimlock (well except for the hole under is beast chest.) Compare that w/ the giant glowing bone/robot legs sticking out from under dinobot... Sorry G&S again.

Show accuracy of robot head and Beast head: G&S no contest!

Sorry hombre. G1 is my nostolgia toy and I had to give in and face facts that BW was better. I'm afraid you're going to have to face the facts and admit TFA toys just might be better than Beast Wars!
TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-07-15 22:51:17
Perceptor... we were talking about the Happy Meals toys... The Beast Wars ones were better. Its not even a comparasin...

And I still think overall, BW was the better series. But TFA is the close second. Sure the TFA figures are more show accurate, but BW just had such memorable characters, (Dinobot especially). TFA, it's everything old is new. So for stories, characters, and state of the art (at the time) animation that still topples anything that TFA has to dish out: BEAST WARS. I haven't seen TFA win any Emmys. We'll talk when it gets there.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-07-15 22:58:48
Nope, you got it Sabr. But, you know, Perc is gettin' to be a little old. Pretty soon he's gonna have to pass the mantle down to us, the younger generation. Just sayin'.

Lol, Just kidding Perceptor, glad to see your back safe from your trip. Hope it was fun!
K Valentine said,  - 2008-07-15 23:11:25
I used the coupons to help pay for Leader Bulkhead and Earth Megatron. I'm keeping a few more coupons on standby for Blitzwing and future waves. I have a small appetite for MacDo. So the Happy Meals are the right size for my lunch.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-15 23:38:51
Can one use multiple coupons in one purchase, or can only be used per purchase?
TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-07-16 07:41:00
Only one per purchase and they can't be used online.
old fart said,  - 2008-07-16 10:51:12
well if you're too old for a happy meal then you could always get a mighty kids meal;)

I can't see the the complaints about the figures because even the real toys don't look so hot for me anyway with their curvy lines and lack of modern vehicle modes.(I'm surprised the wheels are round)I know it's the future but even concept cars don't look that ridiculous.I think the only animated figure I'll be getting is that arcee I've heard about.The happy meal toys are cheap tie-ins, guys, and they're enough to stimulate the hyper 7-year old they're designed for.
JAB said,  - 2008-07-16 11:31:45
I agree withwith you old fart there's only a couple oof the animated figures I'll be getting.
yoyo said,  - 2008-07-16 13:23:38
i have a littel bro so i cut the cupons out of the bag
Perceptor said,  - 2008-07-16 13:28:42
>>"getting old?"
pfft! I ancient right *now* dawg! (Is that the words the kids use nowadays? "dawg?"

My not-so-happy meal didn't come with a coupon. Time to go back for another round!

Ah, you had to pull the "Emmy" card, huh?! Ouch, okay you've got me there! And yeah, it's hard to imagine a character in TF mythos ever being as iconic or powerfully written as BW Dinobot... You're right on both counts...

Here I thought you were starting a debate between what's better BW and TFA! Okay, the happy meal toys are better then. You got me!

>>they're enough to stimulate the hyper 7-year old they're designed for.
Sorry Old turd or whoever you are. We may be neighbors at the retirement center, but I disagree. Other than the quality control bugs that will hopefully be worked out of the system, I think these toys rock and just have a different aesthetic than what we got used to from the film. I still think that in time the *VAST* majority of TF fans will grow to appreciate these things...
TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-07-16 14:18:03
I think dawg is fading out to an uncommon occurance these days, but you Perceptor just got PWNED!... which is sadly a word that is used today. In the immortal words of my Leader Bulkhead with Headmaster "Ownage! To-Tal Ownage!"
Rhinoxfan said,  - 2008-07-19 12:58:22
beast wars was da best and tf: animated doesnt come close to being second best at all. in fact it sucks. they made optimus sound like a teenager. and as far as the toys tf animated toys only have a couple good ones. they look way to kiddsh and cartoonish and gay.
lord megatron said,  - 2008-07-19 16:16:33
The thing that I can't stand about Animated in general is their over-simplistic transformations. Of course, that little flaw isn't going to stop me from buying them!
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-07-21 09:58:15
Wait a minute. Is this a worldwide promotion? Because I just got an email from a certain visitor (who I will choose to remain unknown) claiming that he just got back from a trip to a foreign country (a Non-English-or-Spanish-speaking one) where he was able to get a bunch of these coupons from a McDonalds in that country.

I thought this was just a U.S. McDonalds promotion.
tonybsuave said,  - 2008-07-22 15:53:04
Woooooo!!!! Finally got my coupons, the damn McDonald's I go to wasn't using the right bags, just generic Happy Meal bags. A man can only eat so much MD before he wants to vomit, and I was reaching that point. Oh well at least now Wreck gar will only cost me $15!! Hurray I'm cheap!!
blitzwingman said,  - 2008-08-13 10:37:48
can you use more than one at a time
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