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Animated Bumblebee

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2008-08-26 10:05 am   (site update)

This ain't your daddy's Autobot!  Not only that, he's not even anything like the character featured in  last year's feature film!  Transformers Animated Bumblebee is a reinvented persona and the latest to get the all new character page treatment, now permanently linked in the 2008 Transformers section.  It includes all our new goodies  >>jumpbox, toy photo gallery and cartoon picture/links to full resolution images and official character bio/description provided to us from the Transformers: Animated story bible by Cartoon Network.

Enjoy, there's plenty more where that came from!

BB cant sign on using a wii said,  - 2008-08-26 12:12:07
You know i can understand how ppl can say he is the least mature but how can everyone keeps calling him the youngest when on 'Autobot Camp' it is clearly stated that when BBee and Bulky meet bulky had 'just rolled of the energon farm'.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-08-26 12:29:10
But... the Energon farm was literal. He's from an Energon farm. That doesn't mean he was just constructed.
BB cant sign on using a wii said,  - 2008-08-26 13:28:12
True but i would imagine that all autobots would leave the farm in the same order they were assembled. And remember that BBee asked bulky that question in a tone that's sorta like 'yeah i've been online for a while now i know how everything works'. and bulky had the 'lets all be friends' innocent little kid tone when he talked
TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-08-26 14:20:56
I'm pretty sure he said it in a "you're a backwater-hick and I'm a big city guy" kinda tone. I'm sure if the creators themselves are saying that BB is the youngest, then BB is the youngest. And BH is just good natured, so he's bound to appear innocent.
BB cant sign on using a wii said,  - 2008-08-26 14:49:55
ehh idk i've taken so many film production classes i see all sorts of continuity errors this might just be one of them
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-08-26 16:02:17
Love the new design. As with TFA Prime's page, I give this a thumbs up.
rhinoxfan said,  - 2008-08-26 16:28:15
the reason why i dont like most of the tf animted toys is they look way too kidish and cartoonish if u know what i mean. some do like nice however such as the lockdown and prowl. Transformers just arnt broadening theri audience like they use to. its all about the little kids now.


this is why im all for da classics right now. check out da prowl and sunstreaker i gots those 2 right now waiting to find more i like in stores

also i do give props on da new page! how bout da soundwave next instead of just having that concept art
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-08-26 16:41:26
There'd better be plenty more!
Cyberscream said,  - 2008-08-26 17:52:16
Cool! Plenty more, eh? Now I have a good reason to check your site now. Heh heh. Also I'm Tyscream but will be called Cyberscream here now because thats my name on Tformers.
BB cant sign on using a wii said,  - 2008-08-27 00:24:40
cyberscream? dude how many more names are you gonna go through?
Perceptor said,  - 2008-08-27 00:54:30
>> Transformers just arnt broadening theri audience like they use to. its all about the little kids now.

I respectfully (and fully) disagree with this statement. Have you watched the shows? They're at least as complex and well thought out as Beast Wars IMHO. Whether it's "as good or better than BW" is another debate for another time, but I certainly would NOT say this line is directed at kids. I hope kids love it, but if anything, I think it's more directed at pleasing the crazed TF collector (like me!)

I dig what you're saying about the toys looking to "cartoonish." It's a matter of taste. I get that, but just because a toy doesn't have all the "realistic techno-detailing" ala Movie toys of last year, doesn't mean it's trying to appeal only to kids. It's just a different style, a different aesthetic that the designers were going for.

So, "Rhinoxfan" you are absolutely entitled to your opinion. But I'll tell you what, as a die hard G1 fan, I started out skeptical w/ both Beast Wars and Animated. Both have won me over in a big way... that's my 2 cetns...
Sabrblade. said,  - 2008-08-27 10:33:24
Well spoken, Perceptor.

Personally, I consider TFA to be either the second or third best series.
rhinoxfan said,  - 2008-08-27 16:16:50
perceptor u are correct i havent seen many of the shows because of my not hate but its notfor me u kno. however ive seen like 6 or so episodes and from what i have seen yes they are more kid directed. and it isnt hard for kids to understand a plot or anything just watch any other kids shows. so yes they are more kid directed however u are right thats just my OPINION. however i cant say that all the toys are like that i still want some.
Perceptor said,  - 2008-08-27 17:30:17
>>I consider TFA to be either the second or third best series.

Yeah, well it's not fair to compare TFA to other series. It's not over yet! It would be fair to compare the first 26 episodes of Beast Wars (what most fans call "season 1" even though it's really 2 seasons) with the first 26 episodes of TFA. Comparing those, I'd say TFA wins the entertainment/enjoyability battle thus far.

BUT Beast Wars "season 2" (really episodes 27-40) which had "Code of Hero" and "The Agenda, Parts 1-3" was, in this fan's opinion THE BEST season of Transformers EVER (BY FAR). For the next season of TFA to surpass the coolness of that, would be a tough task indeed. Time will tell!
BB cant sign on using a wii said,  - 2008-08-27 17:47:45
I forget is 'code of hero' the one with dinobots sad ending? If so i totally agree
Sabrblade. said,  - 2008-08-29 07:17:39
Yes, it was, BB.

And Perceptor, I only currently consider what has been seen of TFA SO FAR to be the second or third best series. When the rest of it airs, I may then change my mind, but until it does, I'm sticking with my opinion.
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