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*UPDATED AGAIN* Megatron is coming back as a...

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2008-09-20 6:46 pm

Two sources have revealed what Megatron in Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen will turn into.

First, has reported in an article about Megatron's new alternate mode for the movie sequel. In the first film, Megatron was originally a Cybertronian jet/aircraft, and kept it throughout the film, being the only movie character not to take on an Earth vehicle mode for a disgiuse. Now, this new information from tells us they Megatron will return in the Transformers movie sequel as a (*drum roll, please*)... a... a... a tank! Yes, a tank. Before, Megs being a tank was implied, but there wasn't any confirmation on it until now. You can read the article here.

If you're still not convinced, check out this image of Megs' new robot mode for the film at (the recently restored) He's got treads on his legs/feet, and an arm "cannon" on his right arm ("and the fans shall rejoice"). See the new Megs here.


TFW2005 had more images of Megatron in ROTF. Except these are of his vehicle mode! See the images here.

*UPDATE* now has new concept images of the tank mode from top and side angles. Check them out here.

Cheetor2 said,  - 2008-09-20 19:13:31
It's hard to tell from that picture. To have Megatron with an arm cannon would be very cool.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-09-20 19:34:38
I'm just saying what they said.
Cheetor2 said,  - 2008-09-20 20:01:36
I believe you I just can't tell from the pic. I need something bigger for the blind old man :)
Perceptor said,  - 2008-09-20 20:44:36
That freakin' picture of "Megatron" is hideous. I have no problem w/ Megs as a tank. It's been done before but that picture blows.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-09-20 20:56:42
That's what everyone said about his first movie appearance, and now everyone (or almost everyone) accepts that look now.

I'm sure we'll get uesd to this look over time.
Tyscream said,  - 2008-09-20 22:13:32
I've known this for a long time now. In fact this would count as old news (or what ever you call it on now) on other fan sites. But, on topic... It does look cool and kinda first concept looking much like the first TF movie Megs concept we saw. So if this is real, hes not gonna look exactly like this in ROTF.
megatron said,  - 2008-09-21 02:04:30
i have agree with tyscream , this is old news .its like we almost knew that he was gonna transform into a tank. ooooohh wow what ever the pic looks official ,but then again bay said he would side track us like that .its quit possible that bay hired people to make fake pics and trialers to keep us entertianed so were all just fools in the mean time in between time. rolling out !
BB Cant sign on using a wii said,  - 2008-09-21 03:21:36
Oh god Sabr why did you do that? Get every one all pumped up like that for the biggest let down in TF history. You are so freakin evil. Idk if i can trust you again. You sure you haven't been corrupted by Megatron or something?
Veeble Fetzer said,  - 2008-09-21 09:06:59
Wha? There's like, some sorta cutesy pictures covering him. Why does he look cheap? This doesn't look like the Computer renderings we found in 2006. If anything, it looks like some sorta fan art by some girl or something.
Rhinoxfan said,  - 2008-09-21 11:06:03
AWESOME! I didnt like the fact of Megatron being a jet in the first movie anyhow! it just didnt seem to fit him. However this new tank concept is awesome!. i mean he is a character who has always been given big guns(or made into 1) and a tank fits him perfectly.
Cheetor2 said,  - 2008-09-21 12:04:18
It very well could be a fake. We'll just have to wait and see what the final version is when the movie is released. Whatever the tank looks like, I'm sure it will be badass. I actually liked megs jet mode in the first film. Too bad we didn't get to see too much of it.
megatron said,  - 2008-09-21 15:49:32
and to add what i was saying earlier ,that tank is nothing human made if anything it still looks cybertronian not earth like .
Scorpomike said,  - 2008-09-21 17:37:53
Yeah, I have to agree, the tank looks Cybertronian. I figured he'd have the same face though. I hope Optimus has a trailor and isn't a fire truck.
Luketroop said,  - 2008-09-21 17:51:43
Boo! i agree with tyscream, it sucks bring on the earth mode tank!
Autobutt said,  - 2008-09-21 18:48:11
What ever happened to Megs having an earth mode?
Sabrblade. said,  - 2008-09-21 20:17:03
Hey, nowhere in my news post did I say he would be an Earth tank. All I said was "tank".

So don't go pointing fingers at me (that is, if you are).
Autobutt said,  - 2008-09-21 21:22:19
Haha sorry im not, u just said that "...being the only movie character not to take on an Earth vehicle mode for a disgiuse" so i kind of expected an earth mode. Also wouldnt it make sense for him to have an earth mode?? Unless he goes back to Cybertron during the second movie...
Scorpomike said,  - 2008-09-21 22:52:20
I don't think Megatron cares about an earth mode. Not in the movie anyway.
megatron said,  - 2008-09-21 23:40:23
boy did i turn on the lights in here or what.this is a good topic sabrblade. keep it going. then again it could be the fallen himself in that pic with megatrons head just to cover up what the fallen could look like .hmmmmm? dont forget he was a "tank". lets think about that for 2 3/4 mins.
Mighty Maximal said,  - 2008-09-22 04:49:50
There was a rumor floating about that Megs was revived by Scorponok's spark/body - looking at that tank I can see lots of Scorponok parts on it.

So that combined with the "Revenge of the Fallen" title. make me think this is a frankenstein Transformer made out of parts of Megatron and Scorponok.

Supposedly a similar thing is done with Devastator - or That Tank is perhaps parts of at least 3 robots and ones of them is made out of bits of Brawl or Bonecrusher as well.
(That explains all the Devastator misunderstandings).

Silly people who interview the production staff always say Devastator and they mean the Constructicons - where as the movie types probably think they mean 'Brawl'.

A case of the questioner and the interviewee not being on the same page ?

Anyway it fits the current rumors so i think it's legit - but the robot mode needs sorting out it's still way to ugly so far.

I think that the combination theme is very strong in the sequel - and I also think unless Megatron is nicknamed the fallen - 'The Fallen' is not in it as a main character.

It just refers to the Decepticons that got dumped in the Ocean getting revived.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-09-22 05:25:42
Um, it's been said quite a while back that it's really gonna be The Fallen, not the "fallen" cons from movie 1.
lord megatron said,  - 2008-09-22 09:55:35
I like! That tank mode is a heck of a lot easier to tolerate than his first alt mode. I can't say much for his bot mode, yet....
Cheetor2 said,  - 2008-09-22 12:38:45
I think the tank mode looks great. Wether it's Megatron or the Fallen. I love all the speculation and guessing. Still, I'll wait for the previews or the movie itself before I make any conclusions.
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