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MP-07 Grimlock & Alternity Megatron, New SWTFs at retail now, Seacons & Nightbeat are out

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Knightwing at 2008-10-12 9:17 am has info floating in their fourms that the next MP is Grimlock due out March of '09.  Grimlock is said to cost 13000 yen (roughly $130 USD).  They also are reporting that the next Alternity figure will be Megatron with the alt mode of a Nissan 350Z avialible in blue or silver. 

The two new mold SWTFs are out in stores now.  I have personally purchached the General Grevious/Starfigher and the Tie Pilot/Tie Bomber in the last three days.  I know that the SWTFs aren't at the top of everybody's list.  But for those of you who do like them they are out now.  It was stated by Hasbro (long long ago, and this may have changed by now)  that there would be four new molds for the current SWTF line.  There is as yet no offical word on what the other two may be, but a mislabeled SWTF was displayed at SDCC this summer.  It looks very much like it would have an alt mode of a V-19 Torrent from the new Clone Wars TV show.  You can see the image at Jedi Insider.

In other news, the Transformers Collectors Club Exclusives Nightbeat and Seacons are shipping/have shipped.  There are still a number of the various Club Exclusives availible for purchace at the Club Store

I have not bought the Seacons (yet), but I have purchased and recieved Nightbeat in the mail already.  I generally try not to review toys as a news item, but I like to promote the club when reasonable to do so. 

Nightbeat comes in a fantastic box.  Much like the boxes that the Botcon boxsets come in.  It's heavy gauge cardboard with a paper wrap that has some really well done art work on it.  Inside the box is the Timelines comic, instructions, a well cut foam insert, Nightbeat's gun, and Nightbeat himself. 

The Timelines comic is a well enough writen and drawn tale of Nightbeat and his crew.  How good the story itself is may be debatable depending on your expectations, but it is certinly an enjoyable read.

The instructions are worth mentioning, simply because they are (depending on how you view the toy) incomplete.  They tell you perfectly well how to transform Nightbeat from bot to car, but they make no metion of the aspect of the Deluxe Energon Powerlinx Combiner ability.

Nightbeat is a repaint of the Deluxe Class Energon Hotshot.  This was a very good mold to begin with.  It looks to be based very much on Aston Martin's of the last 5 or so years.  The Aston Martin(ish) alt mode fits very well next to G1 Nightbeat's alt mode of a Porsche 959.  The color scheme is G1 accurate with beter detailing than the G1 toy had.  The robot mode paint scheme is like the alt mode.  It is very G1 with much better detailing than was done in '88.  The new head is well sculpted.  I've heard some have had problems with the head being loose.  Mine is tight and fits well.  The head does not have the gun earstalks that the orignal Headmaster did, but I'm not sure that he really needs them.

Overall, Nightbeat is every bit as good as the toy he's based on, the comic is decent, and the box is beautiful.  I recomend him if you enjoy the Energon Deluxe Powerlinx Combiners, or if you are a big fan of the character.  However, at $48 plus shipping, plus membership fee (assuming you aren't already a TFCC member) he gets to be expensive quickly.  I personally wish the TFCC had offered an option of just toy and instructions in a bag.  The savings of not paying for the box, foam, comic, and slightly cheaper shipping would make this toy much more affordable for those who aren't sure if they really want Nightbeat. 

Perceptor said,  - 2008-10-12 12:26:56
Oh, I hope the bit about Masterpiece Grimlock is true! That would be GREAT.

Oh, and I will say this, multiple websites, including submitted interview like questions to Hasbro/Transformers Team which they told us would be sent to us on Monday 10/13. I predict it will be a HUGE news day (on all websites!) Stay tuned!
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-10-12 14:36:06
I thought it was confirmed a long time ago that Grimlock would be the next new mold MP? Wasn't there a silhouette of his G1 toy/boxart shown in a magazine foreshadowing him a while back?

And glad to hear that Megs might be next Alternity figure. It was kinda ovious though. So, he's blue or silver. Like how Prime is red (his color) or silver (Nissan's color), I guess blue is Nissan's other color, since Silver is already Megs' color.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-10-12 15:54:57
I reeaaaallllyyy need Nightbeat and the Seacons. Too good to pass up!

On a lighter note, you ever go digging through your old toy boxes to look for missing Transformer parts? I know I have, it's like a salvage business (or a grave digger operation). Just today I found Beast Wars Rampage's gatling canon, a few other small parts, and something I didn't even know I 80'sGI Joe-style CORPS! figure. In fact, I didn't even know I owned K-9 or Beast Wars Drill Bit. Anybody ever felt like that?
Knightwing said,  - 2008-10-12 17:36:02
I haven't felt like that in probably 2 decades. I'm able to remember an amazing amount of detail IF it's something important to me. Therefore, I haven't forgoten any of the toys I have in a VERY long time. But, I do know what you mean. :)
Black Starscream said,  - 2008-10-13 19:32:31
Seacons!!!!! I want those more than anything and I'm amazed at the fact that Hasbro really did replicate the original Kingposeidon box for this set *proud owner of that set*. Even though I've seen the images for months it amazes me and makes me happy.
One question abou alternaters megs though: is the idea an homage to gobots megs?
Knightwing said,  - 2008-10-13 20:30:24
I suppose it could be an homage to the Go-Bots Megs. But, I don't think so. Go-Bot Megs was a Silver Porsche 959 with blue robot parts. This is a choice of silver or blue Nissan 350Z. About the only things they have in common is that they're both sports cars in simalar colors.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-10-14 05:50:28
This is not Alternators Megs, this is Alternity Megs. Alternity are Deluxe Class size, Alternators are Voyager Class size. Besides, Alternators is over (for the time being).
Stich said,  - 2008-10-14 12:56:10
WAAAAAAAAAAAY to pricy, to make it worth my while.
original transformers said,  - 2009-01-04 22:01:07
i have a megatron original transformer from hasbro if anyone wants to buy it my gmail address is
i also have the dinosaur one
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