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Animated Bulkhead

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2008-10-21 9:58 am   (site update)

Big, strong, lumbering and SMART!  Throw out old-school stereotypes, this character is a well-written departure from the usual cartoon fare.  As well as being the Autobot's 'muscle', he is the best space bridge scientist on all of Cybertron!  Check out the all new character page for Voyager Bulkhead, now linked in the 2008 Transformers Section.

Sabrblade. said,  - 2008-10-21 13:51:57
The only way this figure could be more perfect is if he were Leader sized, had two wrecking balls instead of one, and had a red Autobot symbol instead of silver.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-10-21 19:32:34
I need this one!
Scorpomike said,  - 2008-10-22 02:54:49
This toy isn't as big as he should be. The legs are way too short. Lugnut has the same problem. They are supposed to be the big guys and they are the smallest toys in the voyager class. I'm getting the leader class Bulkhead. There should be a leader class Lugnut as well.
Bass X0 said,  - 2008-10-22 04:56:51
Bulkhead toys will always be smaller in robot mode height than other toys in his size class simply because the height is sacrificed for bulk.

The same goes for Lugnutz. Blitzwing is tall and skinny while Lugnutz is short and fat.
Perceptor said,  - 2008-10-22 08:28:33
I'm glad they just kept Lugnut in the Voyager Class. A leader Class of that toy would've been overkill. I can live with him being slightly too small.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2008-10-22 10:24:18
I got both Bulkheads because the Voyager is more show-accurate and is in perfect scale with Lugnut (NOT Lugnutz) and Soundwave, and the Leader is more in scale with everyone else.
Perceptor said,  - 2008-10-22 11:11:57
Totally agree w/ you Sabr. You put Leader Bulkhead next to Soundwave? Looks wrong. Voyager has some serious upside...

Leader version is equally, outstanding but for quite different reasons... More to come on that! ;)
Scorpomike said,  - 2008-10-22 16:42:38
They still could have made him a slight bigger. My reasoning is, look at the size differences of the same size class figures. Compare Armada Unicron to Cybertron Supreme Starscream, also compare Movie Megatron to Animated Megatron. Same size classes, different sizes. What ever happened to the Ultra size class? I see it in Universe but not in Animated.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-10-22 18:42:59
Ultra class was in the Movie line too. Just not until the end of it. And the Ultra figures were TRU exclusives.

And, about different sized toys in same size class, Hasbro really messed up the classes when they sold Cybertron Metroplex. He's a Supreme class-sized toy and was sold as a Leader. And that's only because he was sold in his Work Mode instead of Battle Mode (with is his REAL robot mode).
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