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ROTF Rumor/spoiler regarding Isabel Lucas' character

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2008-11-01 9:07 pm

A new spoiler/rumor for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen has shown up at TFW2005. According to their source, the character being played by Isabel Lucas, named Alice, is not all that she appears to be. As it was mentioned in an article linked to an update way back in early September, this girl Alice turns out to be evil somehow. Thanks to TFW2005, we now have learned that it turns out that she is, in fact, a... Pretender!

Yes, that's right, a Pretender. Their source describes her like this: "In the case of Alice, the shell will be an attractive human woman while the inner robot is best described as a hybrid of the Frenzy robot design from the first movie. The Pretender Transformer will have an arm that transforms into an energy weapon, a long tongue, and a scanning tenticle."

Sound familiar? Allow me to point you back in the direction of another previous update from way back in June. This update showed a clip and an image of a Frenzy-like Decepticon atttacking Sam and co. inside a Saturn Astra. Could Alice and the Frenzy-lookalike be one and the same? Only time will tell.

lord megatron said,  - 2008-11-01 21:37:15 we may indeed have some pretender's in this film after all.
bruticus_42 said,  - 2008-11-01 23:38:56
Thank God that wasn't Ravage on the car in that clip a long time ago! If it was, I was going to be so upset! A pretender in the TF movie, nice touch!
Knightwing said,  - 2008-11-02 06:53:12
I hope the concept of Pretenders flies with non-fanbase audiences. I'm worried about this thought. This lends itself to a possible "jump the shark" moment.

But, as I kept saying in the lead up to the first movie, writing and acting are the most important parts of a movie. So, I'll just have to wait and see how well this concept is writen into the movie.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-11-02 07:49:56
Ya know, this version of the Pretenders seems to be a mix of both the U.S. and Masterforce versions of them. Like the Masterforce ones, the shell can look like a regular human instead of an armored human. But, unlike the Masterforce ones, this one doesn't need to size change when entering and exiting its shell, which is more like the U.S. version. However, "the robot inside" is small enough already, so the shell isn't a giant human anyway.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-11-02 10:54:30
Okay....that should give the old Pretenders some good publicity. Would they make good additions to the Classics/Universe 2.0 line?
Lawson said,  - 2008-11-02 11:01:20
I hope there's more than one Pretender in the movie. That wood rock. If this new's is real.?
Perceptor said,  - 2008-11-02 11:22:20

a.) I always thought Pretenders were cool.

b.) If it turns out to be true, I hate that this MAJOR movie spoiler has been ruined. Curse that tfw2005 poster who put it in w/ bold letters and ZERO spoiler warning.

c.) I think it's a nice idea, but sadly, impossible to make a (good/detailed) toy for her/it that is to scale with other Transformers toys. That's the not cool thing about G1 pretenders. Should we assume that these things are Giant humanoid/human replicas, or that the toys are not to scale w/ other TFs? >>Same problem as Movie Frenzy. toy is cool, but do you prefer the FAB version or the miniature that came w/ screen battles and/or the one that ejects from Barricade's chest?
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-11-02 12:06:45
Well, I'm glad you guys like this idea. Other sites I go to are fully against this concept.
Master Dex said,  - 2008-11-02 12:38:28
I'm still grain of salting it. It is a rumor after all. We must keep that in mind with a big disinformation campaign at work. I have to say the concept could be interesting if it were true as long as writing doesn't screw it up. However we really can't be off now expecting it as fact. Don't believe everything you hear unless it is confirmed.
Overhaul said,  - 2008-11-02 19:33:50
My initial reaction was to think it was dumb, but actually it does sound like a good idea after all (if executed right). And it makes sense: there are already Transformers small enough to be used for infiltration purposes (Frenzy), and the concept of Transformers with organic exteriors is nothing new (not just Pretenders, but with Beast Wars).
But I'm reminded of the TX from Terminator 3 for some reason, especially with the energy weapon arm.
ilovetransformers said,  - 2008-11-03 08:15:31
i really hope this is not true.
Bass X0 said,  - 2008-11-03 11:23:05
I expect they wanted a human female to work with the Decepticons and that they needed a good reason as to why she would work with them. Being one of them herself qualifies as a good reason I think.

I certainly don't think that the concept for the pretender came first and they tried to work out a good reason to have a pretender in the movie.

I imagine her toy would be a robot which transformed into a human female rather than the human form being a G1 style shell for the robot.
Luketroop said,  - 2008-11-03 18:08:33
Here is what i think of Alice.

Could be real even though i never liked pretenders and thought they would never come back. I see the tenticle, some what of a tounge, but no weapon.

I dont want to see it, but it might not or might happen. I think it is funny that we could name it Alice The Decepticon!
dr-fan/mai-lover said,  - 2008-11-13 11:49:01
it,s-aswoe-to see-aerc-agin but-it-be-aerc-waith-power-of-voltrion-next-aeec-is-the-balzeingsawored
dr-fan/mai-lover said,  - 2008-11-13 13:24:22
hhh ther ther a girl named ailce in backugan-tv-saire-aime
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