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Bumblebee: Back in Black!

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2008-11-05 8:27 pm   (site update)

Is this a foretaste of things we'll see in Transformers Animated Season 3?  Only time will tell, but it does make for a great new toy (and they fixed the stinger storage mechanism!).  Check out the all new character page for Elite Guard Bumblebee now linked to in the 2008 Transformers Section

With this popular Autobot hero sporting a black and gold color scheme, it's our own Transformers-geek way to commemorate the election of our nation's first African American to the office of President!  Congratulations to President-Elect Barak Obama.

Appropriately enough, Bumblebee is voiced by a very talented African American voice actor, Bumper Robinson.  I *never* would have guessed that Bumblebee's voice could come out of him, until I saw it live at Botcon 2008!  Very cool indeed.

Sabrblade. said,  - 2008-11-06 10:34:43
Obama isn't all Black, only half.

But, like you said, Bumper Robinson is Black, so it still works out.

Despite the fact that the stingers' issue was fixed, this figure will be one of the few I will not be buying.
Perceptor said,  - 2008-11-06 10:57:39
I'm "only a quarter" Irish but that doesn't stop me from saying, "I'm Irish" and having a few on St. Patty's day!

Look, lets put things in perspective, these toys we collect, they have been around for 25 years. It was only 20 years before that, 1964 when President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law! Before that, discrimination based on race and religion... were NOT illegal! THINK ABOUT THAT!!!! It's incomprehensible to me.

Yet still here today in 2008, I am ashamed to admit that I know someone, a lifelong Democrat, who actually said, "I can't vote for Barak *because he's black.*" I wanted to scream.

The fact that the evil of racism still exists is a sickening reality. I don't really care "what percent" African American he is. Public perception is what it is. Regardless of what you think of Barak's political beliefs, seeing him overcome it, to be elected to the highest office in the country, gives me hope that we are taking another step to overcome the dishonorable aspects of our country's past and present.

...Sorry for the rant...
We can now carry on with the usual toy collecting frivolity!
lord megatron said,  - 2008-11-06 11:02:18
same here, didn't look like they put much effort in changing the colors, not saying that the colors are bad, just that they could've done something else other than a movie stealth bumblebee redux. But lets look on the sunny side, at least Hasbro's been keeping up on other releases such as the Universe line in which case, there is little to nothing to change on its Henkei release in order to make it any more G1 accurate. Hasbro if you're listening, thank you so much for hearing us out and being there to distribute Transformers for the last 25+
Hope you continue this trend for many more generations to come! BTW Perceptor, did you recieve the pics of my newest custom? I just wanted a little feedback and some critique. If you get the time, could you take a quick look?
Cheetor2 said,  - 2008-11-06 12:15:27
I like Bumblebee's colors for this release.

My father-in-law also voted republican just because of Barak's color. I voted for him just because I liked what he was saying and we don't need another 4 years of going down hill.
Sorry, I just had to say my peace.

I have to agree with lord megatron, The Universe toys are fantastic. I can't wait to see what other characters they come out with.
BB cant sign on using a wii said,  - 2008-11-06 13:55:31
Same with me i'm mostly African American with Aisan (idk how that got in there) Indian and a lil Irish (idk how that got in there too) and i still consider my self Black

and only 3 more weeks till my computer is fully fix after like 9 months of being repaired bit by bit i can finally make movies again.
Rhinoxfan said,  - 2008-11-06 15:00:43
Obama might not even officially become president because he cant prove he was born in America. he claims to be born in Hawaii but wont provide a birth certificate. only ones seen are those on the internet. also there is new evidence of him being born in Kenya. google the issue and look for articles in November.

Anywho, i like this colour scheme. it seems much more, well serious
Rhinoxfan said,  - 2008-11-06 15:06:29
also I have a sugesstion. could some1 please put up the marvel crossovers in the 2008 transformers section. i think a few are pretty sweet like hulk and wolverine.
Perceptor said,  - 2008-11-06 15:11:38
Rhinoxfan, I think you've been listening to a little too much Rush Limbaugh or some other source of right wing propaganda!

I have a suggestion/request for you. If you send me some in-focus, well lit photographs of any/all of the Marvel Crossover toys, scans the package art or of the instructions, I will happily and promptly add everything you send my way.

Oh, and yes LordMegs, I've seen your pix but haven't had time to respond to e-mail. They look quite outstandin!
lord megatron said,  - 2008-11-06 15:34:42
Thank you Perceptor! He's still in his early stages though, still got a few more steps to go through before he's "complete".
I'm also starting to consider auctioning him off via ebay but I really don't know if anyone would be interested in it. The paints not coming off, and it's not tacky or sticky. I used Krylon Fusion Black and sprayed a mist of KF Silver over it to give it a gunmetal look for his legs. I then took the wheels off of his shoulders and replaced them with Superlink Laserwave's gun claws. The only bad thing was that I had to remove his "raptor sounds".
Scorpomike said,  - 2008-11-06 16:25:04
Enough about politics, this isn't the site. It doesn't matter what color the Transformer is, I just don't like repaints. Elite Guard Bumblebee is a lot better than the original though. Since everyone knows what I think of repaints, I'm going to get EG Bumblebee since I don't have the yellow version.
Autobutt said,  - 2008-11-06 17:43:47
Speaking of character pages, ive been watching a lot of beast wars lately on youtube, and i noticed that...there arent that many BW character pages!!! ahh!
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-11-06 17:46:34
I'm only gonna get him if he appears like this in the show. I go for show-accuracy (which is why I have 3 Optimuses (Deluxe/Voyager/Vs.), 2 Bulkheads (Voyager/Leader), 2 Bumblebees (Deluxe/Activator), and 3 Megatrons (Vs./Voyager/Leader).
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-11-06 17:47:11
So that's the story behind this repaint. Interesting....(I think)
BB Cant sign on using a wii said,  - 2008-11-06 23:30:28
Lord megs i like well done custom transformers alot. He i see pics of your figures i might consider buying them at a fair price
bellprime said,  - 2008-11-07 00:21:28
I'M very proud of what we did as a country. As for Elite Guard Bumblebee, I Don't think I'll be getting him. Is Universe Inferno out yet in stores?
Mighty Maximal said,  - 2008-11-07 03:11:38
Is the Bumblebee used in the TRU-UK Ratchet & Bumblebee Twin pack and the Bumblebee used in the 3 pack of Bumblebee's the same mold as the original version or the one with the revised stingers.

Anyone know ?
Perceptor said,  - 2008-11-07 08:35:50
don't know.
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