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TFA Rodimus Prime, Strika, and Brawn!

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2008-11-22 8:04 pm

Previously, we were shown a tiny image of what TFA Rodimus Prime an Strika look like. Now that same image has been enlarged by the Transformers Collectors' Club and we can now clearly see the detail of these two upcoming characters here.

In addition, has the first image of Animated Brawn's concept art. It's not that big of an image, but it's big enough for us to get a good look at him. He's got a tough-looking "half-track" vehicle mode, instead of an SUV like the G1 Brawn. And he's rather stout and stocky-looking in robot mode. But he looks just as tough as the Brawn we knew back in G1.

cyberwuss said,  - 2008-11-22 22:52:31
I am hyped to get the second season of animated on DVD been having to watch it on monkeybar so far (only have broadcast tv :<). That brawn looks great to me.
mightwork said,  - 2008-11-22 22:53:42
starscreamer said,  - 2008-11-22 23:32:13
i cant wait until season 3 comes out
Perceptor said,  - 2008-11-23 00:52:17
Rodimus *Prime* Another Prime (like Optimus) that's not wearing the Elite Guard emblem. Hmmmm. The storyline that I'm hoping to see is why didn't Optimus Prime graduate from the Autobot Academy.

I'm also optimistic that the presence of Rodimus Prime will further cement Animated as taking place in the future, beyond G1, but same continuity! I know, I know! But that's *just me* (hoping for that!)
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-11-23 10:17:26
I wonder who would've played Brawn in the cartoon?
It'd have to be someone who's well-known for playing tough-guy types, like maybe Michael Chiklis, Kiefer Sutherland, or Brad Garret. On the other hand, Corey Burton WAS the original voice of Brawn, so who knows?
KilledbyDeath said,  - 2008-11-23 10:25:06
Brad Garret was Trypticon. I'd rather have Michael Chiklis. It's clobbering time!
Cheetor2 said,  - 2008-11-23 12:59:14
I'll have to wait to see better pics of Brawn. Looks good but with the s250 logo over him it's hard for me to make out detail. On the other hand, Rodimus and Stryka look fantastic. I can't wait until season 3 comes out.

So many toys, so little money......
Sidewinder said,  - 2008-11-24 10:32:22
I am really excited to see Rodimus involved in the series. I wouldn't mind seeing Springer come into Animated, and hey maybe even a modern Springer figure thats a TRIPLE CHANGER!

I mean, come on...we get Octane (Tankor) as a triple changer, but the send ups of Springer are just standard transformers? Whats the deal?
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-11-24 15:42:17
1. The ones that are implied to be in season three are Red Alert, Brawn (sketch seen), Blackout (sketch seen), Cyclonus, Rodimus Prime (seen) Hot Shot, Spittor (sketch seen), Strika (seen) Beachcomber (sketch seen), Oil Slick (maybe) and either
Arcee or Alpha (Trion).

2. There is a new Universe Springer toy. He's a redeco of Voyager Cybertron Evac in a Target two-pack with Universe Ratbat (himself a redeco of Deluxe Cybertron Sideways). Sorry, not a triple changer though.
Sidewinder said,  - 2008-11-24 18:02:25
Yeah, I got the Springer/Ratbat two back from Target. He's a good solid figure and looks right, but come on...when are the Autobots going to get triple changers too? The Decepticons have Blitzwing in Animated, Astrotrain in Classics, and now Octane (Tankor) in Universe.
transformersloversurivie said,  - 2008-11-25 07:50:11
tformers has in box pitures of simri armor side car prowl and waspanator check em out now !
1-10 said,  - 2008-11-27 12:11:58
animated unicron
weeljack said,  - 2011-10-16 11:50:24
even know the atobots allways win i like the deseptacons better DIE ATOBOTS
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