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Alts Blog Update: TFMaster

Posted by:
Jason at 2008-12-07 2:56 am   (site update)

In the Alterations Blog we are celebrating the work of TFMaster (and the purchase of our new scanner) with some never before seen photos of his early work. Also, be sure to check out TFW2005's "December's Featured Radicon" commemoration of TFMaster and his work for this Dec, the month of his birth.


Blasten Blaster said,  - 2008-12-07 03:15:14
The sholders on Galvatron look like those of the gundam Heavyarms from the show Gundam Wing.
Sidewinder said,  - 2008-12-07 04:25:33
That version of Swoop is fantastic.
Wheelie Is My Name said,  - 2008-12-07 06:39:41
That menasor is awsome.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-12-07 12:08:12
Interesting using the Dino Knights as Dinobots.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-12-07 19:48:50
Blasten Blaster, those ARE Heavyarms' shoulders.
BB by sign on using a wii said,  - 2008-12-07 22:54:40
Ya I just found my Heavyarms figure before I went to work.
Perceptor said,  - 2008-12-08 00:48:31
TFMaster was the man. May he rest in peace.

I hope he forgives me for taking 10 years to finally scan his photo-prints and upload it to the server!

See buddy? I told you I'd get to it eventually!
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