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New hints of two more TFA season 3 characters!

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2008-12-07 12:22 pm

Several months ago, we received a list of several new characters that are to appear in Transformers Animated season 3. Among the one listed on that list was one described as "A****, a bit different than previous show, more details". Many assumed that this character would be either Acree or Alpha (Trion).

Well, s250 of has two more of these same kind of character hints, and these two seem to be new hints:

A**** T****
D** A****

Both are described as "old guys" and "all close to their G1 version".

Now who do we know that are old, from G1, and have those letters in their names?

I'd say that they are probably... Alpha Trion and Dai Atlas!

Sabrblade said,  - 2008-12-07 12:36:50
For those of you who don't know, s250 is a very reliable source for TF rumors that become reality.
Black Starscream said,  - 2008-12-07 13:47:56
I will be amazed if animated really decides to use Dai Atlas. I'm already amazed the pretendors and seekers made it. All to add now is add Skorponok(G1ish kind) or Tidal wave and I'll be happy.
Someone said,  - 2008-12-07 14:45:57
I'm back! I don't really know much about Dai Atlas, I know that he is AWESOME! Alpha Trion sounds like a good choice. Now we need Vector Sigma to be confirmed. But I would like Jetfire to have an Australian accent and for Vector Prime to be confirmed. (VP is now my fave TF character.) Black Starscream's suggestion of Scorponok and/or Tidal Wave would also be a superlative idea. Now, if Perceptor & Wheeljack from upcoming Arrival issues come into the main toon...
TPR on Girlfriend's CPU said,  - 2008-12-07 15:37:57
I don't know Sabr, I never really thought of Dai Atlas as an old guy. That said, I can't think of anybody else who has a name that is D** A****. I don't know how I feel about this prospect, because I've pretty much just accepted King Atlas as Dia Atlas' American name, just like I have with Leo Prime/Lio Convoy. We'll just have to see.
Black Starscream said,  - 2008-12-07 16:27:54
Dai Atlas technically translates as "great" Atlas or "big" atlas right?
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-12-07 19:50:20
A3 and the guy from Zone? You're kidding! Two voice talents come to mind: Tom Bosley as Alpha Trion and Sab Shimono as Dai Atlas.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-12-07 20:43:29
Well, maybe they meant "old" as in "year" instead of "age".
DocWho said,  - 2008-12-08 08:17:13
Alpha Trion?

Oskar Lantiainen said,  - 2008-12-11 04:18:02
I've seen Animated Alpha trion (well, not really) on Animated G1 pics, Alpha trion is sort of a slim type, U can see this on You tube, I've heard nothing about Dai Atlas.
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