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Posted by:
Perceptor at 2008-12-08 12:07 am

Our Accessories for Collectors Section has been updated with some good news & bad news.  I am sorry to report that we are now sold out* of Unicron Stands.  The good news is, we have decided to move forward with one final production run of Golden Disks Accessory Sets, available HERE.

Put this in the category of "even better news" ... we are gearing up to unveil another all NEW set.  Our latest venture is our most ambitous yet and sure to please!  Keep your eyes peeled, there will be more info to come on this front shortly!

*If you are in dire need to pick up a Unicron Stand, I do have a hanful still available.  Shoot me an e-mail if you're interested.

lord megatron said,  - 2008-12-08 10:53:22
OH GOD YES!!!!!!
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-12-08 17:39:00
Man I wish I could get any of these sets. You guys should show them to Hasbro, maybe convince them to market them as an exclusive pack-in promotion for collectors.
lord megatron said,  - 2008-12-08 18:32:58
I bought your Golden Disk set from the BBTS dealer booth while I was at Botcon this year and let me just say that the quality of the set is near amazing!
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