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2003 page update

Posted by:
Byrerprime at 2008-12-22 5:55 am   (site update)
The 2003 index page has been updated to include Micron Legends only toys as well as eHobby excusives and convention exclusives.

TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-12-22 06:52:00
I actually have that Target Dreadwind & Smokejumper set as well as the Kay*Bee Megabolt figure. Both are pretty good, but Megabolt suffers from GPS (Gold Plastic Syndrome).
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-12-22 09:43:30
I think you used Combusta's picture twice. Twirl's pic is missing and has Combusta's pic instead.

Not too many missing here this time (yay!). Just a few are Micron Legend Shockwave, Magna Convoy DX set, the Dream Again CD Street Action Microns set, the Never Ending Road CD Air Defense Microns set, Ultra Magnus (blue, TV Magazine exclusive), Crystal Convoy, the Lucky Draw green Hikari no Unicron (Unicron of Light) and the releases of some TFs with Mini-Con teams packaged with them (i.e. Hot Rod with Air Defense Microns).

And, I'm sure that there's plenty more from other series that were released in 2003, but I'm too tired to go looking for their names.

This may just be me, but I consider all these late RiD packaged toys to still be part of the RiD toyline and storyline, but later wind up in the Universe conflict after some time/space accident thing.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-12-22 10:37:05
I'm actually with you on that one Sabr. I consider them all part of RiD first and foremost. I just think because the Universe conflict pulled people from everywhere, they had to come from somewhere, so why not the universe they are labeled under?
Black Starscream said,  - 2008-12-22 13:07:08
Unicron of Light would be a bit of a problem to add because then you would have to add every single lucky draw. I did notice the CD microns missing (mostly cause I have em). The Tfs with microns giftsets were still the same as the original figures, so I dunno how much they should count as "exclusive." But really nice updates. I gotta say is one of my favorite sites and it gets better every day.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-12-22 14:01:45
Yes, the toys themselves were basicaly the same, but the giftsets themselves were Micron Legend exclusives. Kinda like the vs. packs from the Beast Era.
Byrer prime said,  - 2008-12-22 14:33:10
Good catch on Twirl. Changes are made. Thanks! What I'm adding to the foreign sections are what I consider to be new or separate characters. Same characters with a color variation aren't going to be listed there, but I am contemplating something you may like instead. I'm just not ready to reveal that yet.

Some of the Universe stuff is difficult to place because they used RiD style packaging for some, Armada style packaging for some, and then used the Universe label for others.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2008-12-22 15:38:43
I wonder how much the K-Mart Prime would be worth if it was SOLID gold...
Black Starscream said,  - 2008-12-22 15:59:59
I think all the aramda style packagings that aren't Armada still count as RID. Everything Universe is just Universe. If it's labeled as Universe then that pretty much explains everything. The Dinobots I think also go under RID. I'm not sure but it looks like they have an RID label. If you guys get the chance though add magna convoy.
Sabrblade said,  - 2008-12-22 16:58:22
The green Unicron isn't the same character as the regular Unicron. He was formed by billions of Mini-Cons as an oppenet to fight their former master. And as for having to list every Lucky Draw figure, yeah that would be too much. But I think the Hikari no Unicron could be the only exception since he's the only new-character Lucky Draw figure.

>>I wonder how much the K-Mart Prime would be worth if it was SOLID gold...

I wonder how HEAVY the K-Mart Prime would WEIGH if it was SOLID gold...
Black Starscream said,  - 2008-12-22 17:32:20
Wouldn't a solid gold prime be fairly fragile? As much as it would be worth, it could only be sold as a special collectors item, probably not in mass retail, since it would fail drop testing.
Black Starscream said,  - 2008-12-23 00:20:40
For something completely different. I have news thats a couple days old! I found transformers knockoffs at Rite Aid, which I purchased today. One set is a combination of an undersized LOC scourge and an oversized regular Cybertron Scourge, another contains oversized LOC Galaxy Force Optimus Prime and an odly colored LOC Soundwave (with a weird treaded transforming monstertruck and a transforming bird type thing), and a third set with an oversized recolor LOC Hotshot, the bird thing, the monstertruck thing, and weird transforminglion bike. They're temporarily half off so they only cost $3.99. If you're a fan of ambiguous random TF goodies, check out the nearest Rite Aid.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2008-12-23 16:20:10
By any chance, can you get a picture of the ones you bought and whatever you left behind and send them to me, Black Starscream?
Black Starscream said,  - 2008-12-23 19:48:54
I opened 2 of them, but yea, I could send you pics in packaging.
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