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The wait is over!/Discussion Topic

Posted by:
Knightwing at 2007-07-02 8:46 pm
At long last the wait is finnally over.  Transformers is offically being screened for people all across the nation right now.  For some this may be the defining action movie of a generation the same way Star Wars was for me in 1977 (I was 3).  Please, don't put any spoilers in your reviews.  Many people won't get to see the movie for several days yet and we don't want to ruin it for them.  So with that in mind let's hear what you think of the first ever live action Transformers Movie.     

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Blasten Blaster said,  - 2007-07-02 22:25:14
All I want to know is "does Scorponok turn into his crappy @$$ robot form" thats all I wanted to know before I see the movie becase as we all know Scorponk's robot form looks like "a Scorpion just stood up".
Trax said,  - 2007-07-02 23:13:12
Holy sh*t that was single handedly the best movie I have ever seen,even though I admit when it comes to transformers Im a little biased.All I can tell you blaster is you wont be disappointed. WOW will surely see this one again AMAZING!
Trax said,  - 2007-07-02 23:16:37
Holy sh*t that was single handedly the best movie I have ever seen,even though I admit when it comes to transformers Im a little biased.All I can tell you blaster is you wont be disappointed. WOW will surely see this one again AMAZING!
Trax said,  - 2007-07-02 23:17:45
Holy sh*t that was single handedly the best movie I have ever seen,even though I admit when it comes to transformers Im a little biased.All I can tell you blaster is you wont be disappointed. WOW will surely see this one again AMAZING!
Trax said,  - 2007-07-02 23:48:03
Wow that was weird did not mean to post three times and it wont let me edit hmmm sorry
Autobutt said,  - 2007-07-03 09:14:47
that movie was awesome. it really did the original transformers justice and everyone out there should watch it!!! im gonna have dreams about it for weeks...
Megatron said,  - 2007-07-03 09:49:27
Weaving did an astounding job. but i forget, how does Frenzy kill the guys on the plane again?
Ed said,  - 2007-07-03 15:14:16
I felt like I was 8 years old again. This movie was one of if not the best movie I saw in a long time. Hope the rumers are true about part two having dinobots in it. I'll probaly see it at least two more times this week.
General Zod said,  - 2007-07-03 17:07:56
Get it straight


Which one do I beleive? I'm so confused, not really.
I enjoyed the whole thing, except for the humans.
Drache said,  - 2007-07-03 23:54:04
Loved the movie. Can not wait for the sequel! To answer Blaster, Scorponok does not have a robot form (or over-sized scorpion is his robot form).

Only two things bothered me. The first few transformations seemed a bit overdone - way too many moving parts! The human-eye's view during some of the action sequences left me wanting a better view of the action.
jwebbs said,  - 2007-07-04 08:59:46
I liked the movie but it wasn't the greatest movie I have ever scene. My main gripe was the shaky camera. It was hard to follow all the great action scenes because things were shaking so bad and it was giving me a migrane. Thats my only complaint. I was very entertained.
Autobutt said,  - 2007-07-04 13:21:37
frenzy has these blade things that spin...kinda like shuriken. and i got confused wit devastator/brawl too. my cousin said that there might be up to 5 sequels (UNiCRON cough cough, megatron-galvatron, STARSCREAM)
Bikervegeta said,  - 2007-07-04 14:41:49
EHM, what about BARRICADE? Does he die? Does he survive? Here in Italy in the end of the movie he disappears.. Please help an italian fan!!
lord megatron said,  - 2007-07-04 21:30:55
to answer Bikervegetas ?, yes he does in fact survive. and to respond to Autobutts comment about frenzy, those blade things are his CD's but they open up like blades when they are launched out of his chest.GREATEST FREAKIN' MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!
50/50 pleased said,  - 2007-07-05 16:58:34
The mocvie was and aswome move... but for the G1 faithful who loves the orignals you may be a lil disapointed, only becauces to me it seems the only thing G1 about the moive is a few of the characters and then they get very small screen time... it basicly revolves around the humans in the movie. But i say hey for up coming generations and just for what it was its a great movie. hoping anf wanting it to be anything close to the orignals... dont count on it
Autobutt said,  - 2007-07-06 09:57:50
ooo that makes sense... they were cds!
Autobutt said,  - 2007-07-06 10:01:11
does anyone remember seeing wrekage in the movie?
fireman139 said,  - 2007-07-06 10:47:17
Wrekage was not in the movie...he is just a Toy, made to make the Toy line larger.
Andy2008 said,  - 2007-07-06 15:43:54
Scorponok's robot form is practically a robotic scorpion standing up. (i have seen the movie already(advanced screening)
ShadowBlaze said,  - 2007-07-06 17:30:02
Fantastic film. I was one of those fans who was on the fence about whether it could be pulled off decently, and I'm happy to say that it really worked. As long as the movie is, I actually thought it could have been a good hour longer--plenty of action, but there really could have been more focus on the 'bots. (Jazz and Starscream were terribly underused.) I hope the sequel(s) will live up to the quality of this one.
Ty said,  - 2007-07-07 18:25:53
I just saw the movie, it was great!!!! The only bad thing was Starscream had one line!
TTFan '85 said,  - 2007-07-08 16:09:44
I agree with you Ty. Starscream could have had more English lines then the one with Megatron. He should of had more lines when he fought with Megatron and fighting the Autobots.

Looking head a bit, I think for the sequel Glavatron will be making his apperance even though they dropped Megatron 7 Miles in the ocean. With the Autobots, the Dinobots, Jetfire, Rodimus, and maybe the Airelbots should be in the movie.
Boss Man said,  - 2007-07-10 22:44:36
I saw the movie with my mom a few nights ago and we both thought it was really good. Movies usually fail to keep my mom's attention but this one kept her interested through out the film. I myself was impressed at how good the cast and crew made the film, I went in the theatre totally expecting it to suck, I'm a G1/Beast Wars/Beast Machines fan so my hopes for this film were high!
My only complaint is that it did seem as if though the Transformers themselves could have gotten more screentime.
But otherwise a great film.
Ty said,  - 2007-07-11 19:23:30
I agree with you, TTFan '85. Your idea for transformers 2 is good. I thought of those same transformers for the sequel!! Weird. But I think Galvatron will appear in the third film.
"Nobody" said,  - 2007-07-12 10:10:41
Man! I've been playing the video game, and Frank Welker sounds GREAT as Megatron! No disrespect to Hugo Weaving, but I really think we need to rally together and tell Dreamworks they need to use Welker for the sequel(s)! Anyone know where to send this kind of feedback?
Metallicus Prime said,  - 2007-07-15 11:52:22
Galvatron is going to be in the third film? How? Why? That makes no sense. And don't you think that it would be a bit too much to include the Dinobots AND jetfire AND rodimus AND the arielbots. That's 12 autobots. Talk about confusing the audience and going over budget with the special effects!
g man said,  - 2008-01-26 14:16:53
I think that the decptacons should have won they are awsome.Scorponk could have tottall wiped out Ratchet.
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