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News of 2007:
Knightwing  2007-12-31 7:28 pm
Michael Bay has given the fandom a blurb for the New Year.  He says on that there will be many new TFs in TF2 and that they will be unique.  Special thanks to TyScream for the heads up!

There's also two ebay auctions of note.  The first is the Movie Battle Damaged Arcee.  This is the figure from the ...  (15 comments)
Knightwing  2007-12-30 5:51 am
The New York Post is reporting that a woman has filed a lawsuit aganst Paramount.  Apparently she had the copyright to the "bee-otch" air freshiner seen hanging from '78 Bumblebee's rearview mirror. has a gallery of upcoming Transformers Moive related merchindise.  It apears we will be getting an Allspark ...  (34 comments)
Perceptor  2007-12-29 10:57 am   (page update)
Check out our Accessories for Collectors Page, which has been updated to reflect the SOLD OUT status of our Energy Cubes and Beast Machines Accessory Pack.  As well as links and product information on our Vector Sigma set and how/where to order.  Thanks to all for your patronage and support.  Happy New Year everybody! 

Anonymous  2007-12-29 10:12 am
Check out for a first look at Transformers Universe wave 1 figure, Onslaught!  Too cool!  Lets hope he comes with a full compliment of combining Combaticons. reports this toy to be an Ultra class figure.  (5 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-12-26 9:06 pm
Hello every one now that I have some time to actually sit down and actually do something I would like to give you all the Presents I didn't have time to do. So here they are. Rescue Rachet, Soundwave Version one and two and the one I deticated to one of our favorite people here at And no it is not myself, not ...  (32 comments)
Human Error  2007-12-26 7:29 pm
Alright boys and girls the long awaited Transformers Animated premiers today!  So, what did everyone think?  We want to hear your thoughts! 

Also don't forget the actual show starts on January 5'th at 10:30 am on Cartoon Network.  (116 comments)
Human Error  2007-12-22 10:52 am
Does this image seem weird to you? Well it should, because as we all know Transformers (2007) wasn't released on Blu-ray. Thanks to the good people over at the forums  for exposing this mistake made buy Woolworth stores over in the UK. Apparently they were putting Transformers (2007) HD-DVDs in Blu-ray cases.  (26 comments)
Human Error  2007-12-21 11:10 am
I4U News is hosting an "Optimus Prime Photo Modeling Contest". All you need to do is send them a photo of a male or a female model wearing an Optimus Prime Voice Changing Helmet and you could win $100!  For some inspiration check these two sample pictures out: Pic 1, Pic 2
Perceptor  2007-12-20 9:19 pm   (page update)
Can you guess which site contributor:

* Had a job for 6 years as Bugs Bunny at a major theme park chain?
* Who repaired helicpoters in the National Guard?
* Who had serious medical difficulties through his childhood and says Transformers are among only a few things he can remember from "when he was a kid."
* Who was at one time ...  (10 comments)
Anonymous  2007-12-20 9:10 pm has posted new character sketches for Animated Jazz and Swoop in robot mode and Sentenel Prime and Ultra Magnus in vehicle modes.  Wowza!  Like I said, be excited, this series is going to be fun!  To help hold you over until Dec 26, you can check out an extended 2:14 clip from CN's podcast, a video mirrored on ...  (8 comments)
Jason  2007-12-19 3:47 am
Hasbro unveils the Transformers: Animated section of their official TF website listing character bios, wallpapers, and buddy icons. Based on their notice of "Videos Coming Soon", one would expect that they do not intend the TF: Animated intro they have just uploaded to their monkeybar TV site to be advertised at this time. It gives ...  (36 comments)
Perceptor  2007-12-18 8:11 am
We didn't post these originally, because we thought they contain a few too many spoilers for our liking.  However, we've been asked a lot of questions about Sari and figured, we should make this information available for those who are interested.  (consider yourself SPOILER warned!)  Listed below you'll find publicity ...  (16 comments)
Brian  2007-12-17 5:30 pm
One of the things we were very impressed w/ in watching the Transformers Animated intro movie was the quality of sound: from voice actors to music to sound effects, all were top notch.  Listed below are the bio's of TF: Animated cast members, another exerpt from the CN Press kit.  See Word Doc for complete list, as you can see ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2007-12-15 3:34 pm
As mentioned, we were fortunate enough to receive a press kit from Cartoon Network on Friday which included an advance DVD of the Transformers Animated movie (front jacket, inside, back jacket) and t-shirt (front, close-up, back, close-up).  Now, while we're not going to ruin the fun by providing a blow-by-blow description, we would like ...  (38 comments)
Knightwing  2007-12-15 7:39 am
There's a trailer on youtube that many of you will want to see.  It's a teaser for this years Botcon titled Theft of the Golden Disk.  The full 15 minute movie will be shown at Botcon '08 and online at likely in the members only section.

For your prototype bidding pleasure on ebay is a ...  (16 comments)
Perceptor  2007-12-14 4:40 pm   (page update)
A fantastic surprise awaited me as I returned to the corporate offices of this afternoon, a double DVD set from the PR Dept. of CartoonNetwork!  Check out sweet new publicity stills, screen captures and written character bio/description of: 

OPTIMUS PRIME robot mode, in truck mode, and Promo:
(Voiced by David Kaye) A young ...  (38 comments)
Perceptor  2007-12-14 3:21 pm
Here is a continuation of our report from the CartoonNetwork Transformers Animated press release. 

RATCHET: (voiced by Corey Burton)
Short-tempered, grizzled and seemingly older than the ALLSPARK itself, RATCHET is the team’s medic and OPTIMUS PRIME’s occasional drill sergeant/second-in-command.  He’s an expert healer, ...  (41 comments)
Perceptor  2007-12-14 3:20 pm

MEGATRON (pose 1) & MEGATRON (pose 2):
(voiced by Corey Burton)  MEGATRON is a fierce, unyielding despot who sees himself as a freedom fighter.  He sees the DECEPTICONS as an oppressed race suffering under the tyranny of the AUTOBOTS.  The DECEPTICONS must survive by any means necessary.  He ...  (51 comments)
Perceptor  2007-12-14 3:19 pm
(Voiced by Cree Summer) BLACKARACHNIA is a freak among DECEPTICONS.  Some time back, an encounter with the ALLSPARK caused her to fuse with an organic spider, turning her into a techno-organic hybrid of animal and machine.  She despises this new form, especially on Earth, where her giant spider mode doesn’t ...  (47 comments)
Jason  2007-12-13 2:10 pm
Showing up on Youtube today is a commercial airing on Cartoon Network advertising the first special 90 minute premier of Transformers: Animated. There is a fair amount of new footage included in this clip.
In other TF: Animated news, this morning an unpainted prototype of cybertronian Megatron showed up on ebay... cooler still is that later ...  (8 comments)
Knightwing  2007-12-13 5:06 am has an article about TF Animated.  There really isn't much that is new in it.  Except for one thing, Sari the human sidekick will be given some amount of a superpower.  Click here to read the article for yourself.  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2007-12-10 12:01 pm
G1 transforming sound effect, TeletranOne, Blackarachnia speaks,  Optimus Prime leads, Bumblbee tries a classic Rattrap line, Megatron kicks skid-plate and Starscream schemes!!!!  Everything you could want and more can be seen on Cartoon's 3 minute preview of Transformers Animated!    Check it out!  ...  (42 comments)
Knightwing  2007-12-10 4:54 am

This maybe old news, but I haven't seen it listed anywhere. has several preorders up for the popular Encore series.  Ironhide, Rachect, and Skylynx are all due to arive this month.  Meister is set to be in stock March of '08.  And, the movie inspired paint of Rachect and Ironhide arrive in April

TriPredRavage  2007-12-09 11:07 am
Hey everybody!  Okay, so if you're like me, you're poor and lazy.  That means trying to find imports is out of the question because they typically cost money you've never had or you can't find a place that imports them.  I've had such problems with Transformers: Robots in Disguise. 

Some of you may recall ...  (18 comments)
Perceptor  2007-12-06 7:48 am   (page update)
We did a little follow-up after reading the interview with Don Figueroa on tfw2005.  When Don mentioned, "...I'm actually off Transformers comics nowadays..." did he mean that he doesn't want  to be drawing TF comics or just that he doesn't have a current project w/ IDW?  (Either way that sucks!)  So we ...  (20 comments)
Jason  2007-12-03 12:47 am
We've heard various news items about Hasbro's intent on releasing a "Premium Series" of Movie toys. The first two (Metallic Ice Megatron & Metallic Ratchet) were released as Best Buy exclusives. We've seen pictures of Starscream in-box, but now we get to see next to all of the rest! In a promo shot that surfaced on ...  (38 comments)
Perceptor  2007-12-01 2:45 pm
If you haven't seen these already, check out Lil'Formers "Fans Profiles" by Matt Moylan.  They're GREAT!  Which profile most closely resembles you? Fanus Maximus, Fanette, Fan Artist, Japans-Fan or G1-Purist?

For the PG-13+ crowd, check out "They Might Be Giant Robots."  Have you ever wondered why the ...  (10 comments)
Jason  2007-11-28 4:41 pm updates with convention info and a letter was sent to all TFCC members stating the following:

Here is the start of the information you have all been waiting for:
BotCon 2008 will be held in Cincinnati, OH at the Duke Energy Center.

Convention dates are: April 24-28, 2008

The hotel is across the street and is the Hyatt Regency.
You can make
Anonymous  2007-11-26 9:13 pm
Check out the new look of with new teaser video.  "This Spring, everything you thought you knew will be shattered!"  What do you think Transfandom?  Let the speculation begin!  No news yet on time and place, stay tuned.

Also, check out this article on stating that Transformers own, Ultimate Bumblebee ...  (26 comments)
Perceptor  2007-11-26 2:56 pm
As many have noticed, our Accessories for Collectors have been out of stock the last few weeks.  I am pleased to report that our Golden Disk Set & Unicron Stand is now available for purchase at bigbadtoystore HERE and HERE where they are holding a 25% off sale now through 10pm CST tonight.  If you have ever thought you ...  (12 comments)
Jason  2007-11-24 12:33 pm
The Transformers Collector club forums have just given another preview on what's to come in next mounths issue.
-We're given news that we will be leaving the Transformers the Classicverse, and the comic will take on a new artist Ken Lashley from none other than Druxhall (formerly "Druxhall Jump", creators of the TF line that ...  (16 comments)
Human Error  2007-11-23 8:13 pm
Ok boys and girls i hope you all had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Scott Farrar,The visual-effects supervisor and second-unit director on Transformers (2007), told SCI FI Wire a little of what we should expect with Transformers 2 (Due out on June 26, 2009). The date on the article is from early October so, I'm not sure how this flew under our ...  (4 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-11-21 3:53 pm
G1 transformers episodes are now on MonkeyBarTV. Watch the first three here.

BBTS Update:

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE ROBOT HEROES: They have all 8 new 2-packs in stock of these small cute movie-style figures. Series 1 & 2 cases are $47.99 and we also have sets available. click here to see

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE DELUXE: The .0005 cases are on the way to ...  (51 comments)
Jason  2007-11-21 11:33 am
Takara seems to be producing a new type of Transformer figure that is based on the idea of TF protoforms scanning for alternate modes. It's basically a transforming commit-protoform from the movie that can take the earth vehicle parts and place them on the skinny protoform body.  A picture is worth a thousand words here, so check out ...  (15 comments)
Brian  2007-11-20 12:08 am   (page update)
I am pleased to announce that our links section is new and improved.  Forum readers may have noticed I did some clean-up to our links section recently.  No more dead links, or links to old sites that are now defunct.  All 174 TF links are bona fide funtioning sites with Transformers content (maybe old content, but content, ...  (19 comments)
Human Error  2007-11-16 1:41 pm
No not the original 1986 film, were talking a whole new movie here! Thanks to the good folks over at Comics2Film for the scoop that Cartoon Network will be kicking off the new animated series "Transformers: Animated" with a full length movie called "Transformers: Transform and Roll Out!". This new animated film will premiere on ...  (22 comments)
Perceptor  2007-11-16 9:48 am   (page update)
Another ~50+ images have been uploaded to the servers, updates you'll find in the 2007 TF Instructions Archive including: Dreadwing, Longview, Voyager Megatron, Payload (and many others I don't feel like listing!)...  and the package art archive including: Air Raid, Blackout, Longview, Powerup, Robot Heroes Grimlock vs. Shockwave, ...  (6 comments)
Jason  2007-11-11 12:03 am
Today we catch a glimpse of the upcoming next figure in the line Hasbro unofficially calls the Movie Premium Series. Following the Metallic Megatron and Ratchet sold at Best Buy stores as a special promotion for the DVD release this premium metallic treatment of Starscream will grace the shelves of Target stores around the nation. Thanks to the ...  (52 comments)
Anonymous  2007-11-10 2:07 pm
Thanks to Bass XO for the news tip, has publicity photos of new wave 4 Fast Action Battler toys, to be released in 2008, including Pulse Cannon Ironhide, Claw Slash Ramjet, Fire Blast Optimus Prime, and aonic Smokescreen.  Click the links on this page to see photos of these toys in each mode.

Also, thanks to Mechaburst for ...  (12 comments)
Jason  2007-11-09 1:45 pm
Heerotoysmaker of ebay has listed auction of five new prototype/testshots of TF: Animated figures. These auctions include great high-rez photo galleries of Lockdown, BulkheadProwl, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee. These photos appear to depict their final color/paint applications for these toys.
(Make sure to right click on the images ...  (16 comments)
Human Error  2007-11-07 7:40 pm
Nigel Phelps, the production designer of such films as "Troy", "Judge Dredd", and most recently  "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" seems to have joined the production staff of Transformers 2. The United Talent Agency, or UTA for short, has Mr.Phelps as a client and has posted on his page that he will be ...  (26 comments)
Anonymous  2007-11-07 12:45 pm
Check out a couple of very cool looking Transformers Animated test shots being auctioned on e-bay: Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, each include interesting size comparison photos next to Classics toys.

You can also find Allspark Power Landmine in package and loose.  AND Evac with new molded rescue raft instead of Scorponok!  Cool!  (16 comments)
Perceptor  2007-11-07 1:20 am   (page update)
Thanks to Byrerprime, you can enjoy an all new character page for TF: Classics Bumblebee!  Thanks to my handiwork, you will also find 32 additonal (perfunctory) character pages with Jump Box functionality for all TF: Classics toys, linked to in the 2006 and 2007 sections.  A few of these include (but are not limited to): Astrotrain, ...  (7 comments)
Brian  2007-11-06 5:44 pm   (page update)
Minor page update: " jump boxes" are added to individual reviews and sightings toy pages (at the bottom).  So now, you should be able to easily "jump" between sightings, reviews, character page, etc. of any given toy.  (5 comments)
Jason  2007-11-05 12:08 am
There is a preorder posted at for the first two volumes of the TF: Animated book being released by IDW (sporting artwork directly from the TV show). Both volumes one and two have a general summery, but most interesting is volume two's new artwork of Megatron.  (29 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-11-04 3:37 pm
Hey ya'll I'm back and I can't tell you how good it feels.

First off: Congrats to Brian and his new baby girl. May you all live long and happily together.

Secondly: My presnts to you guys are 4 new videos I've posted on youtube featuring Scoronok (version one and two), Classics Skyfire/Jetfire and the special one I'm gonna let ...  (12 comments)
Perceptor  2007-11-02 10:07 am   (page update)
What is a "Jump Box," you ask?  A jump box is our new creation, a collaboration of effort between Brian and I, designed it to facilitate better inter-connection between the sections of and make navigation easier.  You'll typically (but not always) find them at the top of each character page and bottom of ...  (15 comments)
Anonymous  2007-11-02 10:05 am
Check out a great new video on YouTube including Megatron and others we have not seen before from Transformers Animated.  Credit tfw2005 for the heads up.  As well as this nifty little fan produced gem of G1 Optimus vs. Megatron!

Also, Hasbro has published picture of upcoming "Allspark Blasters" toys.  We were able to see ...  (6 comments)
Anonymous  2007-10-31 3:29 pm
If you're like like us and want that, 'watching the movie while you drive' kind of experience, you may wish to put ths songs from the score in order they are played through the film.  After careful study, we think we've come up with the correct order.  You can now rearrange songs on your iPod (or Rhapsody...)  For ...  (21 comments)
Perceptor  2007-10-29 6:56 pm
Only once in a great while will we make an exception to post a non-TF personal news item.  This is one of those times!  CONGRATULATIONS to Lukis Bro. #2 (Brian aka who became a father yesterday!  His wife gave birth at 3:30 pm to a bouncing baby girl!  Everyone is healthy and happy and doing well.  ...  (19 comments)
Jason  2007-10-28 3:44 pm
IDW's listings for January found at Comic News International sheds some light on the upcoming TF: Animated book showing up on Unfortunately, it looks like IDW will not be producing it's own incarnation of TF: Animated. Instead these two IDW produced books will feature art and stories strait from the show itself.
January's ...  (6 comments)
Jason  2007-10-28 3:19 pm
This new auction up on ebay shows us a bunch of great new photos of the upcoming Deluxe "AllSpark Power" TF Movie Landmine figure.  (8 comments)
Human Error  2007-10-23 7:43 pm
We here at want to hear you crazy, funny, or even weird stories that relate to Transformers. I'll start with something that happened to me this past weekend.

I was watching the DVD on Saturday in my apartment with a few friends, and we thought we heard a knock at the door. I got up and looked through the peep hole and no one was ...  (43 comments)
Perceptor  2007-10-23 3:46 pm
Sorry for that unanticipated bit of site outage.  Thanks for checking back with us.  Hopefully, it won't happen again.  (10 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2007-10-19 10:16 pm
The dribble of UK Transformers releases seems to be turning into a flood now it's getting close to Xmas; out now in the UK in recent past include just some of the following toys :

REAL GEAR ROBOTS : Booster X10, Zoom Out 25X, Meantime, High Score 100,
FAST ACTION BATTLERS : Barricade, Bumblebee,Frenzy, Megatron  (supposedly Ratchet & ...  (10 comments)
Jason  2007-10-19 1:34 pm
There have been moltiple postings about easter eggs found on the Transformers special edition disk 2, but only one that has explained where to find them on both the regular DVD and the HD-DVD. Thanks to StarSkweek and Optics over at the forum to find these listings. Those posts have been copied below.

"On the main menu of disc 2, ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2007-10-16 5:28 pm   (page update)
I don't know why you'd be checking in at when you should be sitting down in front of your TV some popcorn and ice cold beverage to watch Transformers on DVD from the confort of your living room! 

In case you're taking a break from the special features, you'll find lots of updates in the 2007 Transformers Section ...  (25 comments)
Human Error  2007-10-16 9:34 am
There was just to much for one post so, here is the rest of the info for the home release:

And now for the store exclusives:

We'll start with Wal*Mart:
Transformers (Exclusive) 2-Pack MSRP $29.99
This contains the bare bones version mentioned above and "Transformers: Beginnings", an exclusive prequel narrated by the voice of Optimus ...  (17 comments)
Human Error  2007-10-16 9:27 am
With the home release of the Transformers (2007) movie today, it has come to my attention that it may be difficult to decide what version to pick up. As we all know there are many different versions being released today, so below you will find a breakdown of the different copies available from the various major U.S. retail outlets. I hope this ...  (12 comments)
Anonymous  2007-10-13 4:15 pm
In case you can't get enough (and really, who can?) check out's newly updated photo gallery featuring Transformers' leading lady, Megan Fox.  (31 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-10-13 10:47 am
How many times has this happened to you?  Your sitting in your living rom with your buddy, when you notice a couple extra hundreds of dollars lying around.  You then instictively look over to your firend and say "Wanna build a Transformer?"  Happens to me all the time... >.>

You remember all those Citroen car ...  (12 comments)
Brian  2007-10-12 11:59 am   (page update)
Deep in the labs of, I've been secretly developing a new site feature.  It's so secret in fact, that my brothers are just finding out about it as they read these words!  As of now, the recent topics from our forum (kindly hosted by display on the main page of (in the left column).  ...  (8 comments)
Jason  2007-10-12 10:17 am
Hasbro has updated the official Transformers site this morning with pictures and discriptions of AllSpark Powered: Wave 1 & 2 Voyager class and Wave 2 Deluxe. If you missed their last update, make sure to check out the AllSpark Powered: Wave 1 Deluxe assortment updated back on October first.  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2007-10-11 9:09 am
Another 30+ images have been uploaded and linked in the Package Art Archive for 2007 figures.  (7 comments)
Knightwing  2007-10-11 6:53 am
Cinefex has an article in their October issue regarding the special effects in Transformers.  You can look for Cinefex on magazine stands or order it online from their sight. has an interview with Steven Spielberg.  The majority of the article is about Indiana Jones 4, but there is a small blurb about TF2.  Mr Spielberg ...  (5 comments)
Anonymous  2007-10-10 11:51 pm
Thanks to Justin from Slave Boy Films for passing along the info.

"The place to be in Los Angeles on Monday Oct 15 is Virgin Megastore, Hollywood & Highland for the DVD and HD-DVD release of TRANSFORMERS. Slave Boy Films is working with Virgin to make an awesome midnight release event with Transformers DJ Nick The Ring spinning all night, ...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2007-10-10 3:49 pm
A friendly reminder, (because no kidding I'm as excited for the CD as I am for the DVD!)  the Transformers original movie score is now available in stores.  Also as our official site request, don't be like computer super-hacker Glenn Whitmann and swipe a copy off the 'net!  Let this be one CD you buy!  Supporting ...  (10 comments)
Brian  2007-10-07 9:26 pm   (page update)
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of, we added two new sections to the site.  The Transformers Instructions Archive, and Package Art Archive.  So far, we've added complete scans of many of the toys from 2007.  As time allows, we will include scans from "every Transformer", all the way back to 1984.  ...  (18 comments)
Jason  2007-10-07 9:02 pm
The first review of the Transformers the movie Orchestral score (to be released this week, Oct 9th) can be seen here, at the blog site of the origonator of the online patition for the scores release. Along with the review is the extended story of this potition, a very good read.

As if that wasn't enought Movie product news for the day, there ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2007-10-06 5:34 pm
This is the coolest movie promotion I have EVER seen!  Or in this case, heard!.  Check out the and click on the one of the links that says, "Help Optimus Prime call your Friends!"  By doing this you can send a personalized message from (Peter Cullen) Optimus Prime himself.  Fandom, this is ...  (24 comments)
Anonymous  2007-10-05 10:19 am
Check out a great new video on YouTube including Megatron and others we have not seen before from Transformers Animated.  Credit tfw2005 for the heads up.  As well as this nifty little fan produced gem of G1 Optimus vs. Megatron!

Also, Hasbro has published picture of upcoming "Allspark Blasters" toys.  We were able to see ...  (0 comments)
Human Error  2007-10-04 7:07 pm
Zap2it reports that  Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci will be joined by Ehren Kruger to write the sequel to the Blockbuster hit Transformers (2007). Ehren Kruger's writing credits include Scream 3, Reindeer Games, The Ring, and The Brothers Grimm just to name a few.

UnderGroundOnline has conducted an interview with Scott Farrar from ILM.

Jason  2007-10-03 9:10 pm
IMDB has some interesting information about Transformers Animated characters. We knew from the David Kay Pannel at BotCon 2007 that Weird Al will be guest voicing a Garbage Truck, but now we know that his name will be none other than Wreck-Gar! Very fitting considering the placement of Weird Al's song "Dare to be Stupid" in the ...  (8 comments)
Anonymous  2007-10-03 12:08 pm
It's a good day to pay a visit to your local comic store.  Due out today:
TF: Devastation #1
TF: Beast Wars: The Ascending #1

TF: Beast Wars Sorce Book#1
With 5-page previews available at the IDW New Release Page.

Also, check out forum for the first high rez pictures and review we've seen for a Transformers Animated figure, the ...  (14 comments)
Knightwing  2007-10-01 5:58 pm
Scott Farrar was interviewed on's SciFi Wire.  Scott was the visual-effects supervisor on Transformers the Movie.  He says that TF2 will be more visually ambitious.  More importantly Mr. Farrar says that the TF2 "commitment is that it's a deep story".   (8 comments)
Perceptor  2007-10-01 8:40 am
Finally got out to see Transformers at IMAX this weekend.  What a treat!  This got me wondering how the film was doing at the box office. I found the following summaries at the very interesting site, boxoffice mojo, which reports the following for Transformers:
* #97 all-time highest domestic grossing film, adjusted for inflation, as a ...  (7 comments)
Knightwing  2007-10-01 5:32 am
Just a little reminder to all of the collectors out there.  Today is the day goes live agian. 

While I don't know what kind of inventory they will have to start, before their "sudden restructering" they had quite a selection.  Also, at the time of this posting the site is not yet ...  (0 comments)
Knightwing  2007-09-29 12:08 am has an article/image gallery on how to make your Real Gear Meantime a fully functional watch. has images of unreleased repaints of the Armada Space and Adventure Teams. also as an interesting article/image gallery of a prototype G2 Ramjet with a desert camoulflage paint scheme. is reporting ...  (16 comments)
Knightwing  2007-09-25 9:17 pm
Apparently, Australia has some very strict gun control laws.  It appears that the laws down under include not just real firearms, but also toys that appear to be realistic guns.  One Aussie Transfomer collector, Tiby, has found out that in essence the MP-05 Megatron is subject to the same type of legal restrictions as a real P-38.  ...  (17 comments)
Knightwing  2007-09-24 6:36 pm
Depending on how new you are to the world of Transformers collecting, you may not be aware of  This was an online store that had many Transformers.  They under went a "sudden company re-structring" and have not had a web site since.  Well good news, they're back!  Almost, the new ...  (4 comments)
Anonymous  2007-09-23 2:35 am
Yes, it's true and gone to official print. LATimes reports that Transformers 2 will have a Summer of 2009 release date! See the full article here. We only have a year and 9 or 10 months to wait.
"He (Steven Spielberg) and director Michael Bay have signed on to make 'Transformers 2,' scheduled to hit theaters in the summer of ...  (34 comments)
Jason  2007-09-23 2:02 am
To see the first group shot of the Transformers: Animated Deception crew, check out the cover of next months Transformers Collector's Club Magazine, a teaser recently posted on the main page of their site. There will be some well chosen thematic interviews and pictures of course, but if you're a member you can log-into the forums to see a ...  (3 comments)
Human Error  2007-09-18 1:33 pm
Michael Bay commented today on his website about the IMAX and DVD releases of Transformers (2007).

He had this to say:

"IMAX and the DVD

I saw the IMAX print and it is awesome! It is the future of cinema to see movies in this format. I'm going to see Tranformers one last time and get ready to gear up for
Knightwing  2007-09-16 3:26 pm
This is once agian a question that I am entirly serious about.  Does Optimus Prime in fact need a trailer?

For many fans and collectors the answer is a definate yes.  I have to admit, for a long while I too thought Prime needed a trailer.  I thought this for the most simple and obvious of reasons, he was a semi.  Semi's have ...  (27 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-09-15 3:26 pm

Many of us have heard of the Japanese exclusive series Headmasters, Masterforce and Victory.  What a lot of people don't know is that these three series were dubbed in Malaysia into English.  These dubs never made it over to American soil simply because they were so awful.  That being said, I now bring you the results of a

Knightwing  2007-09-14 9:43 pm

Transformers will be on IMAX in Australia.  At least, it will be on IMAX in Melbourne.  As in the US, it will premire on September 21.  The Australian version will also have the extra 2 minutes of footage.

The price of toys (all toys) could be on the rise shortly after Christmas.  With recent safety scares, toy makers and

Perceptor  2007-09-13 9:19 pm
Update: Tformers has posted in package pix of all the deluxe movie toy sets along with high rez publicity pix of the humans figures that will accompany them!  Further, Longarm has corrected, "Mike's Towing" on the door (like the film) and a non-transforming blasted half to scrap Bumblebee!  You can also see Sam, Mikela and ...  (13 comments)
Anonymous  2007-09-12 5:52 pm
Hans-Zimmer, apparently celebrating his 50th birthday, has posted some sample tracks from the Transformers movie score.  Even these not-full-length versions are just wonderful.

Thanks to who has also posted the a very nice unpublished script from the Wreckers #4 comic, for the heads up.  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2007-09-12 9:10 am   (page update)
Unfortunately, we did not get to witness the Decepticons descent  and see their pre-Earth forms as we did the Autobots.  But thankfully, the Movie Prequel series by IDW filled in many of the blanks.  Check out the newly added Protoform Starscream page in the 2007 Transformers section.  (13 comments)
Knightwing  2007-09-11 5:46 pm has a close up of Megatron's face from the upcomming Transformers Animated.

There's a rumor that Toys R Us USA and Toys R Us Canada are working on a merger to form Toys R Us North America.  You can read the orignal post by dak at has hi-res images of the next wave of ...  (9 comments)
Anonymous  2007-09-10 9:39 am
On his message borard/blog, Transformers Movie Producer Don Murphy gives a few comments on the status of the making of Transformers 2.

"... For those of you most anxious about TRANSFORMERS 2, the silence you hear is primarily because people are fretting about a presumed strike in June 2008. Will it happen? I don’t know- does the public ...  (5 comments)
Human Error  2007-09-08 12:42 pm
While i was browsing around YouTube i found some very cool videos featuring Frank Welker.  First up we have a very well done clip of the Prime and Megs battle with the animated dialog dubbed in: Final battle

Next is a dub of the rooftop scene: Rooftop

And finaly this is just a fun little clip of one of those odd moments captured on film of ...  (18 comments)
Human Error  2007-09-07 12:16 pm
IMAX now has listings of what theaters will be playing  TRANSFORMERS: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE.

"TRANSFORMERS: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE, from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures, has been enhanced into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® through IMAX’s ...  (14 comments)
Perceptor  2007-09-06 9:42 pm
Sorry, I can't resist posting this.  Check out youtube video of the David Letterman show featuring the Optimus Prime Big Rig Blaster... Ugh,  keep in mind, the show is called, "Late Night with David Letterman" for a reason.  (It's intended for an older audience.)  That poor woman!  She looks just ...  (15 comments)
Perceptor  2007-09-05 9:07 pm   (page update)
Sure the toy has been out for months so why bother checking our latest character page?  Because it contains interesting insight into the nature of a protoform, written by Transformers super-scribe, Simon Furman.  Plus, other excerpts from the hard to find, Transformers: Movie Guide like concept art you may never have seen before!

Check ...  (19 comments)
Knightwing  2007-09-05 6:16 pm
It appears that Tomy isn't doing as well as we would all like them to.  Part of the problem is the current lead paint scare another one is the aging population of Japan.  There just aren't that many children in Japan and projections into the future show there to be even less by 2030.  There is some good news for collectors ...  (7 comments)
Human Error  2007-09-05 11:49 am
Finally the wait is over! reports the rumured October 16'th release date for Transformers(2007)is official. The pre-order as well as box art is available at Amazon here.

The discs will be packed with features like:

Commentary by Michael Bay.

Two multi-part in-depth documentaries exploring the human elements of the film as well as ...  (11 comments)
Human Error  2007-09-02 1:16 pm
Transformers:, A "Fan site" based on the up and coming animated series by Cartoon Network and Hasbro, has updated their website.

The update includes:
          Character Bios of:
                      Optimus ...  (31 comments)
Knightwing  2007-09-01 8:05 am
There's a new image of the movie poster for the Imax release of Transformers.  You can check it out here.  Thanks to for the heads up.

Over at there is a review of the repainted Classics Mini-con Predator Attack Team.  This is a Japanese exclusive.  The repainted team are now ...  (19 comments)
Knightwing  2007-08-30 8:07 pm

While generally I'm not a big fan of repaints, this is one I want.  Unfortuantly there were only 2 made, and James Zahn has them both.  He won a G4TV & Jumpcut sponsered contest with a grand prize of two cromed out Movie Leader Primes.  You get more info at  Read their post and view James winning Youtube

Human Error  2007-08-30 7:09 pm
A press release (Below) by the Tech Collective indicates all of the information you would need to know about the "TECH LAUREATES NIGHT 2007". Now, you may ask "What does this have to do with Transformers?". Well, Its being held at Hasbro's world headquarters in Pawtucket, RI. on September 20'th. They will apperrently ...  (0 comments)
Human Error  2007-08-30 2:51 am
EzyDVD, an online DVD store in Australia, has posted information here about the Transformers (2007) DVD details (what will be included and such). They also have a release date of November 1'st for the DVD in Autralia and have opened pre-orders. Since the movie was released there first it shouldnt be long till we get an official date for us ...  (8 comments)
Human Error  2007-08-28 1:28 pm
Amazon has finally given a release date on the highly anticipated Transformers (2007) score by  composer Steve Jablonsky. The score is set for release on October 9'th, 2007. You can pre-order the score here for $18.98.

Soundtracknet published an in-depth interview and photo essay here, its a little old but i figure it goes well with the ...  (13 comments)
Knightwing  2007-08-26 8:01 am
Here's an ebay auction for those of you who like customizing your Transformers.  It's a light kit for the Deluxe Class Barricade.  I have to thank Magnumtron of a Yahoo groop I'm a member of for the heads up.

Chevrolet is doing an interesting promotion.  Buy a car get an exclusive Transformer.  The exclusive ...  (12 comments)
Knightwing  2007-08-25 8:40 am

Imax, Dreamworks, and Paramount have put out an offical press release regarding the Imax release of Transformers.  It will be in Imax theaters on September 21.  You can read the full press release here at  Also on are images of the 6" Titanium War Within Grimlock.

There's an ebay listing for a

Knightwing  2007-08-24 8:17 pm

No, it's not a joke.  It is in fact a serious question.  How do you count how many Transformers are in your collection? 

This is a subject that has most certinly been discussed before by the fandom in some form or fashion.  I don't think it's been done like this, at least not in quite a while. 

Blasten Blaster  2007-08-23 12:23 am
TRANSFORMERS ALL SPARK CUBE REPLICA: Popbox Collectibles brings us a very fun new prop replica based on the All Spark as seen in the Transformer Movie this summer. The replica is roughly the size of a Rubik's Cube, and is made of die-cast metal. Popbox will be producing a limited amount of these - they are priced at $64.99 and look very cool.

Anonymous  2007-08-22 11:55 pm
PROTECT OR DESTROY, The Battle for the AllSpark is now being waged on two fronts!  At TRANSFORMERSGAME.COM, the Decepticons continue their domination of the Autobots and, as of 8/20/2007, lead by almost 61MM points!

On the Nintendo DS the slugfest continues with each side registering key victories in the quest for the AllSpark. Choose

Human Error  2007-08-20 6:53 pm
USA TODAY reports that Dreamworks and Paramount have decided to "exclusively support the HD-DVD format". That means in the on going battle of the "next-gen" formats Transformers (2007) will be released on DVD and HD-DVD, leaving those PS3 and BLU-RAY owners out in the cold.

Micheal Bay the director of Transformers (2007)  ...  (21 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-08-20 9:49 am
Hey everybody, I just wanted to point you all in the direction of Matt Moylan's Lilformers.  This week's comic features some of our favorite planet devourers!  Also, be sure to go through the archive if you've never been; the comics are sure to give you a laugh or two.  Happy viewing everybody.  (11 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-08-18 11:43 pm

Alot of you have expressed your "love" for my stop-motion movies I'm giving you all a chance to contribute to my newest movie. This movie isn't just of a figure going from one mode to another I mean with voices, action and sound effects. In other words the works. Your job is to vote for your favorite cartoon intro.

Human Error  2007-08-17 6:52 pm has reported that the Transformers movie will be hitting the BIG BIG screen. Paramount/Dreamworks's Transformers will premier on IMAX screens on September 21'st 2007! Not only do we get to see the film on the huge IMAX screen but we get additional footage! Thats a great birthday present for us Libra's!

In other news:

Check ...  (16 comments)
Perceptor  2007-08-17 12:55 pm   (page update)
Check out our Events and Interviews Section for the fourth and final report from Botcon 2007.  Featuring one of my favorite features of the convention, the guest panels!  You'll find several videos we took of David Kaye talking about his role in Transformers: Animated and his real-life and fictional co-stars.

Below that, you'll ...  (11 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-08-14 5:14 pm
"New form, new weapons, new possibilities."
On that you are now able to pre-order your very own copies of Transformers: Beast Wars; The Ascending which is the compilation of the up-and-coming Beast Wars comic series from IDW.  This TPB is set to his shelves February 25th.  You are also now able to pre-order The ...  (24 comments)
Perceptor  2007-08-14 8:45 am   (page update)
Check out our Events and Interview Section for of our report from Botcon, part 3 which is now available and includes a plethora of pictures from the Art Contest and Awards Dinner.  We're saving the best for last, part 4 featuring the panels, is coming up next!  Stay tuned.  (12 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-08-13 2:50 pm
On last night's Robot Chicken, there was another Transformers parody. This time it included Megatron with a very familiar voice. Watching the creditd verified my feeling that it was indeed Frank Welker voicing Megatron once again. Check it out here.

Remember Robot Chicken is on Adult Swim and they use subject people may find disturbing. I can ...  (18 comments)
Knightwing  2007-08-11 8:06 am
I realize that this news has been out for a few days now.  But, I thought it deserved attention on our sight as well.  I also mention it because I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro aera.  We are gennerally one of the last places to get the new toys for simple geographic reasons.  I got one yesterday at TRU.  So, the ...  (16 comments)
Knightwing  2007-08-08 8:07 pm
Toyfare Magazine's curent issue (122) is their 10th anniversary issue.  To commerate this ocasion they've listed the top 100 toys released in the last 10 years.  There are quite a few highly detailed and/or extremely posable action figures on the list.  The Marvel Legends and DC Direct seem to both be well represented in ...  (14 comments)
Perceptor  2007-08-08 5:57 pm   (page update)
There was a lot to see and hear and learn from the HASBRO Factory Tour!  Included in our report from Botcon, part 2, you will find pictures, video and information ranging from tour arrival, presentations from Marketing, Product Development, Licensing, movie character development, toy sculpting and paint detail, yes, even unproduced prototypes ...  (4 comments)
Human Error  2007-08-08 4:03 pm
KRQE news out of Albuquerque, New Mexico reports that a Las Vegas, New Mexico man by the name of Jessie Vigil has attracted the attention of local law enforcment. Why do you ask? Mr. Vigil has decorated his 2007 Mustang to resemble Barricade from the 2007 Transformers movie .

Watch the report on you tube here.  (8 comments)
Knightwing  2007-08-07 5:55 pm
There are a number of new images to see.  At you can see the gallery of the new battle damaged Voyager Optimus Prime. 

Also at there are pictures of MP-06 Skywarp and the US Masterpiece Starscream in bot mode as well as some of US Starscream in alt mode.

And, the has in package images of the ...  (18 comments)
Perceptor  2007-08-07 5:10 am
Who is Beta Maxx and what is this mysterious character's connection to Vector Sigma, Primus and Unicron?  Learn more by checking out, updated to include this very interesting profile of Alpha Trion's Mini-Con.  Don't forget, the 2007 Botcon Exclusive: Vector Sigma, (intro HERE) is now available for sale at ...  (0 comments)
Human Error  2007-08-06 5:12 pm
Virgin Megastores UK has posted a pre-order listing for the Transformers movie DVD. They state it will be a 2-disk box set and is due out on December 3'rd of 2007. With this news it cant be long till we get word on a release date here in the states.

See the actual listing here.
Human Error  2007-08-05 1:32 pm
Now that the first instalment of Marvel's "New Avengers/Tranformers" crossover has been out for nearly a month. The folks over at Marvel have released details, and beautiful artwork on the final three books.




NEW AVENGERS/TRANSFORMERS # 4 ...  (0 comments)
Knightwing  2007-08-05 8:36 am
I'm sure many of you remember the ebay acution for the vast majority of G1 toys.  Well you can check out the auction here in case you forgot or didn't see it the first time it was posted.  The price has come down quite a bit.  In fact, it's now a fraction of it's orignal $1,000,000 starting bid.  The current ...  (5 comments)
Human Error  2007-08-04 6:04 pm
Thats right! Thanks to Extreme Tech we have the 6'10" fully transformable Optimus Prime PC mod! created by John Mangus

"This Optimus Prime PC mod is made out of aluminum from ranges of 14 ga to 1/4" material and formed and tig welded. It stands 6'10" tall while in transport mode. When I was designing this PC I wanted ...  (5 comments)
Knightwing  2007-08-04 5:50 pm
For those of you who haven't picked up the Movie Leader Class Optimus Prime, here's what the excuse you've been waiting for.  Costco has an exclusive Leader Class Prime.  It comes packaged with Legends Class Bumblebee and Legends Class Autobot Jazz.  You can check out the image on

If you don't mind ...  (0 comments)
Knightwing  2007-08-03 6:00 pm
There's a new Optimus Prime cake that you can buy and eat.  It's a G1 Prime in robot mode standing up!  You can get it from  You'll have to click here to see the cake as they haven't put it on their site yet.

For those of you who are of driving age, are able to navigate rush hour in an ...  (13 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-08-03 8:18 am
Hey everybody.  This is in no way *new* news, but still pretty entertaining.  Overt at Youtube you can see a video from the Fresh Prince of Bellaire where Will Smith gets his hands on some of the very first Beast Wars action figures: Razorbeast and Iguanus.  It's a pretty entertaining clip and an awesome cameo for the Beast Wars ...  (16 comments)
Brian  2007-08-01 9:48 pm   (page update)
I am pleased to announce that now offers an RSS feed for all you feed readers out there (myself recently included).  If you are unfamiliar with RSS, I recommend Google reader or Bloglines for trying out RSS.  (In newer browsers, a little orange RSS icon will appear at the right of the browser's address bar when you're ...  (24 comments)
Knightwing  2007-07-31 7:45 pm
It's been a while since we had a Discussion Topic.  This is one that is inspired from the conversation of Starscream (of the comment boards) and myself. 

Are you a "collector" or a "playtor"?     Playtor is a term I believe I first saw on  It means that while you ...  (49 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-07-30 9:43 pm
"Look who's back, and feeling Prime!"
Hey everybody, there are a few books out on the market that I think everybody may be interested in.  One is Transformers: The Ark- A Complete Compendium of Transformers Animation Models which hits shelves today.  Last week Transformers: The Best of Simon Furman came out and in a few ...  (25 comments)
Anonymous  2007-07-30 6:16 pm
All you doubting thomases, have got to check this out!  Transformers (Cybertron and Animated) Producer Josh Izzo interviews the creative team behind TF: Animated shows and toys.  (Just click the "Transformers" link at the bottom, under day 3.)  This interview as well as others from Comicon is now available at  (8 comments)
Knightwing  2007-07-30 5:55 pm
There is a new clip from Transformers Animated on  In this clip we get about 5 minutes out of the middle of an episode.  It's nice because it's enough to start to get the feel of the story.  The sound is bad as it was recorded at an autograph sesion, so you hear more of the crowd than you do the Autobots.  ...  (14 comments)
Anonymous  2007-07-28 6:18 pm
Update: Check out ENI news for a video clip sneak showing Transformers Animated. It's not the best angle, but good enough to great idea of what we have in store!  Thanks to for the heads up.

Also, image board for loads of toy and animation pix!  Check out Soundwave, Blackarachnia, Transformers ...  (57 comments)
Perceptor  2007-07-25 11:16 am   (page update)
Check out our newly completed report from Botcon 2007, "part 1," now available for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy.  (24 comments)
Perceptor  2007-07-20 7:56 am
Hello Ecuador!  An announcement for our international site visitors, the Transformers movie opens there today.  To commemorate the event, we are being interviewed on Radio City, the BBC-world radio affiliate.  You can hear the show directly if you live there or click the microphone on the top left corner to listen from anywhere else ...  (11 comments)
Perceptor  2007-07-19 10:36 pm   (page update)
Mark Ryan, the voice of Bumblebee in the Transformers movie was kind enough to lend us some time for an interview!  Check it out in the newly updated Events and Interviews Section.   Although he doesn't have a lot to say on the big screen (yet!),  Mr. Ryan was happy to lend us his very intersting perspective on ...  (47 comments)
Anonymous  2007-07-19 10:23 pm   (page update)
Great news for those of you who could not attend Botcon this year.  Our fifth Accessory Pack, as many of you know as the 2007 Botcon Exclusive: Vector Sigma, (intro HERE) is now available for sale at  $16 for members, $21 for non-members.

Don't spend $30, $40, $50 as seen HERE.  Get yours direct from the ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2007-07-19 11:49 am
The front page of the USA today has a picture of Devastator (!) with a link to a poll about Transformers 2, "Cast Your Vote, which character is best for sequel of Transformers."  Here are the results as they stand so far:

Devastator 16%
Jetfire 13%
Insecticons 3%
Grimlock 14%
Ravage 5%
Mirage 6%
Shockwave 8%
Ultra Magnus 9%
Hot Rod 7%

Me, I ...  (19 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2007-07-19 8:14 am
UK Tesco's stores have this Transformers Live action Movie Cake for sale at the moment :

Here's an Image Thought you might like to see it.

All the Best Mighty.Maximal  (5 comments)
Aaron Thomas  2007-07-18 12:39 pm
All TF fans must definitely head on over to the webiste of Ben Procter, the Lead Robot Illustrator for Transformers the Movie. Ben is a well established concept artist working on some major hollywood movies, but nothing comes even close to his outstanding work on the movie designs for TF. You can even get a glimpse of early concept art of optimus ...  (7 comments)
Knightwing  2007-07-16 3:23 pm
There's a new listing at  It's for a Movie Legends 6-pack that includes Optimus, Jazz, Bumblebee, Megatron, Barricade, and Starscream.  It's avilable for preorder for $20. 

There's also an odd web site devoted to the luck draw gold masterpeice Optimus Prime.  This appears to be the first stage of ...  (12 comments)
Perceptor  2007-07-16 10:43 am
We concede, Harry Potter knocked Transformers out of the #1 slot at the weekend box office, but standings are still staggeringly positve.  According to one article, the film has now a domestic (U.S.) gross of over over $222 million.  I found this article on Box Office Mojo (pardon the pun!) comparing July 4th opening films of the last 5 ...  (14 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-07-15 1:19 pm
On Youtube I've post another movie this time featuring Armada Tidal Wave, so take a look, and just like last time tell me what you think of them and if any of you have a special wish I wll do my best to make them come true.

BBTS Update: MOVIE DELUXE: Five new figures have just been listed including Jazz (Final Battle), Barricade (Redeco), ...  (122 comments)
Anonymous  2007-07-13 10:42 am
I enjoyed an article on calling for Transformers fans to UNITE and beat out Harry Potter 5 at the box office this weekend!  As much of a J. K. Rolings fan as I am, I agree with sediment, it's time to find some (more) friends, distant cousins, grandparents or even remote acquaintences if necessary and unite a crowd and see ...  (10 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2007-07-13 5:31 am
The Transformers Live Action Movie TV adverts are now showing on UK TV as of this Friday. seemingly the same or similar to the adverts as we have seen already many times (with Frenzy under a chair starting to Transform) and ending with Bonecrusher rollerblading through a bus. no obvious new footage and very little in the way of ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2007-07-12 9:09 am
A quick public service announcement, for those of you in need of replacement darts for a Starscream Barrel Roll Blaster or Optimus Prime Big Rig Blaster.  While I wasn't looking, my 4 and 1 year olds played tug of war with the darts.  Each time, it was the dart which lost.  So I was glad to find out I did not have to ...  (16 comments)
Knightwing  2007-07-10 8:38 pm
Check out this auction!  Over on ebay there is an acution for almost all of the 1984-87 transformers MISB.  There are even some from 88 & 89.  The proud owner of this collection is trying to pay off college debt and pay for her next round of schooling.  The whole story is rather sad but compelling.  Be warned not ...  (22 comments)
Perceptor  2007-07-09 12:11 pm
You might need to take out a second mortgage, but you can own a piece of Transformers history by bidding ebay auctions of real moive props used in filming the feature film.  Among the amazing items available:
* 1977 Camaro Bumblebee
* The Allspark Cube
* Archibald Witwicky Glasses
* t-shirts worn by Shia LaBouf and Tyrese Gibson in the film, ...  (12 comments)
Perceptor  2007-07-05 3:29 pm
update4:  Fantasy Moguls reports that with the weekend tally, Transformers has now set the 7 day, all time box office record for a non-sequel at 152.5 million!  Great news for all fans hoping for one or more sequels!   They also report 90% rate the film from Excellent to Very Good."  Other box office records Transformers ...  (13 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-07-03 1:53 pm

In honor of the movies official debut I have posted 17 new stop-motion videos on youtube. Please tell me what you think of them and if any of you have a special wish I wll do my best to make them come true.

New videos on youtube include: Energon Strongarm, Energon Barricade, Cybertron Dirtboss, Undermine, Cybertron Hotshot, Energon Hotshot, Energon

Perceptor  2007-07-02 9:00 pm
For fans like me, it feels like a day I have looked forward to my entire life.  TRANSFORMERS opens nation wide today and it's now time for us fans to do our part.  See the movie!  See it more than once and bring lots of friends and their significant others!  If you host a post movie TF-theme party (like us) shoot us some ...  (46 comments)
Knightwing  2007-07-02 8:46 pm
At long last the wait is finnally over.  Transformers is offically being screened for people all across the nation right now.  For some this may be the defining action movie of a generation the same way Star Wars was for me in 1977 (I was 3).  Please, don't put any spoilers in your reviews.  Many people won't get to see ...  (27 comments)
Perceptor  2007-06-29 4:34 pm
Botcon Report Update:  We'll have more details and pictures, for now check out these videos:

My optimism for Transformers: Animated is now high!  Listening to David Kaye was a real treat.  HERE, my brother asked him (just before video starts), "what other voice actors are in the show and what characters do they ...  (18 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-06-27 7:48 pm

This Saturday on Toonami from 7-9 pm is a TF: Cybertron marathon, obviously  in honor of the moive thats hits theaters next Tuesday.

Secondly: Sharper Image has a Beatmix Bumblebee Speaker for iPod and other MP3's. Bumblebee not only plays your music loudly but also has light up eyes and dance. Original price $59.95. Sale

Anonymous  2007-06-27 5:20 pm
As reported here last week, the Cartoon Network will begin transmitting early next year the new “Transformers Animated” series. More details have emerged on the project – notably a diminished role for the dastardly Decepticons. >From Monday’s Hollywood Reporter:

Cartoon and Hasbro execs said the new series, ...  (24 comments)
Perceptor  2007-06-26 4:12 pm   (page update)
Check out Toy Collector Magazine which includes a new article on "Transformers: New, Old and Now On the Big Screen."  Written by Chuck Miller, it's an interesting perspective about Transformers toys and collectors, featuring quotes and photos from your's truly and Ben Yee of  You'll find it under the ...  (13 comments)
Anonymous  2007-06-26 12:56 pm

The Battle for Earth Begins... gamers control the outcome of the planet as they choose to protect it as Autobots or destroy it as Decepticons

Santa Monica, CA – June 26, 2007 – The fate of the world is in gamers’ hands with the announcement that TRANSFORMERS: The Game from Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI),

Anonymous  2007-06-25 12:55 pm
Wizard has the first online look of characters of  Transformers: Animated.  In the Cartoon Network Press Release, we also get story basic story details, including its being set in Detroit in the 'near future' and names of the Autobots:  Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Prowl and Bulkhead!

Thanks to ...  (18 comments)
Perceptor  2007-06-25 12:00 pm   (page update)
In less than 1 week, Botcon attendees will have seen The Movie and the convention will have begun!  To commemorate my soon-to-be, favorite movie of all time, we thought it would be appropriate to  unveil the character page for my personal favorite Transformer of all time.  The 1996 Beast Wars Classic: DINOBOT.  Featuring ...  (30 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-06-24 7:59 pm
Okay, so while I have a minute to breathe, I thought I'd let you all in on a few new clips that have popped up on-line from the up-and-coming movie.  They've probably been out forever and I only just found them, but hey, who cares?  Anyway, click on over to and check out this exclusive clip!  Also, at ...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2007-06-24 10:58 am
According to a report on uberpulse,  "...for the first time in Hollywood's history, a local studio, namely Paramount, will release next month's live-action Transformers movie, on cable pay-per-view, the same day it premieres in US theatres, on July 3rd..." for $49.

This is, for now unconfirmed rumor, but thanks to
Blasten Blaster  2007-06-23 11:26 am
Here is another BBTS update:

TAKARA MASTERPIECE MEGATRON MP-05 & PARTS SET: As alot of us remember when Masterpiece Megatron was first released we were very upset that it didn't come with the assecory parts like the original 1984 version, well now it does for a small $54.99. BBTS was also able to secure a limited number of ...  (96 comments)
Aaron Thomas  2007-06-22 3:22 am
Managed to get my hands on an early copy of Transformers: The Game for the PSP. It has a lot of characters that arent in the movie and some of these have awesome concept art :). I haven't unlocked all the game's hidden goodies but below are some shots for you to enjoy. Here is hoping Hasbro decides to make toys of them all!

Wheeljack, Hound ...  (13 comments)
Anonymous  2007-06-21 11:12 pm
Check out Wizard’s Magazine photos from the New York Licensing Show—including first looks at everything from “The Incredible Hulk” to “The Dark Knight” Batpod.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the real items of interest.

--Thanks to Human Error for the news tip

Also an interesting little page put ...  (1 comments)
Brian  2007-06-21 8:15 am has an extensive interview with Michael Bay about Transformers, including why the humourous tone of the movie, how fan reaction fits in, why he's so hard on the actors, why the actors seem to love him anyway, etc. etc.

"MoviesOnline: This scene in the back yard is so wonderful and so much of that is comic timing. How did

Perceptor  2007-06-21 1:01 am
A exclusive (well for now!)  Sure you may have seen a small version, but nothing like this!  Transformers: The Game, theatrical introduction featuring:

* Peter Cullen narration
* mind blowingly awesome fight scenes, backgrounds and transformation sequences
* wide-screen super-high image quality/resolution
* stereo sound and ...  (9 comments)
Anonymous  2007-06-19 8:35 pm
Wow.  After all the fans bemoaning that Movie Optimus Prime wasn't "G1" or "classic/box-y" enough, it appears some fans may get their wish.  A posting on Ray's Galleries (and HERE) shows fans the first glimpse of Optimus Prime from the new series to debut on Cartoon Network, "Transformers: ...  (36 comments)
Aaron Thomas  2007-06-19 4:16 am
(perceptor) UPDATE2:  In case you cannot get enough Frank Welker as Megatron, check out this promotional video from Transformers The Game.  What's interesting to me here is the changes that have occurred in Mr. Welker's voice from the Megatron's sound of the 80's to now.  What do you think?  Thanks to the ...  (8 comments)
Knightwing  2007-06-18 3:51 pm

It appears the someone is holding open auditions for BW 2 & Neo voice actors.  You can head over to to read the full article.  This article leaves some obvious questions unanswered.  For one, is this a fan/venture project?  Or, is it offically licensed and sponsored by Has/Tak?  Will

Aaron Thomas  2007-06-18 10:58 am

Check your local toystore today, stocks are moving fast. Movie release date is July 27th.

So far toys sighted are Voyager Blackout and Ratchet, Deluxe Barricade, 1974 BBee, Wreckage, Brawl, Scorponok, Jazz, Protoform Prime, and Protoform Starscream. Cyberslammers and Fast Action Battlers also available.

Voyagers priced at Rs. 750

Mighty Maximal  2007-06-17 8:36 am
Chinese Transformers board has images of the some new Transformers Movie Deluxe sized Toys.

The main image is of a new Decepticon Pick Up truck called Drop Kick from the Transformers Movie Videogame but on the cross sell on the back of the card can also be seen other items including a white and blue repaint of Barricade images  ...  (31 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2007-06-14 4:13 pm
UK store ARGOS now has in stock in stores the Leaderclass Transformers Movie toys and Woolworths now has Bumblebee & Barricade Cyberslammers & the following Real Gear's : The Binoculars 'Longview', The Digital Camera 'Spy Shot 6', the Mobile Phone 'Speed Dial 800' & the Videogame handheld ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2007-06-14 1:13 pm
Various sites including tfw2005 have the Transformers Movie Clip, that aired during Shia LeBouf's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.  AWESOME!  This was part of one of the scenes we were shown during the Transformers Movie Preview that had us so fired up...

Also Thanks to Neil Wood for providing us a list of the ...  (20 comments)
Perceptor  2007-06-13 6:00 pm   (page update)
Check out our all new Special Report on Transformers: The Game, direct from Santa Monica, CA where we had a chance to sit town and meet with developers, watch the CGI introduction, get free tips and tutorials while playing on XBox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP and Nintendo DS!  LOTS of great news to report including:

* images from all systems
* photos of ...  (8 comments)
Anonymous  2007-06-13 3:56 pm
Check out the official site of the Transformers movie for a newly announced special promotion.  Book a group of 100 people to see Transformers Movie and you win a spcial prize pack including the Transformers Movie video game, Transformers cap, t-shirt, and car freshener and a 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, see the "book a group..." ...  (4 comments)
Knightwing  2007-06-11 8:53 pm
Here it is!  The Optimus Prime that in many ways makes the question of which Prime is best obsolete. is selling a 6 foot tall Optimus Prime statue.  It weighs over 175lbs and you'll need it to be delivered somewhere with a loading dock.  If you have a spare $4k sitting around collecting ...  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2007-06-11 11:48 am   (page update)
Trying to take a step back from the movie hoopla, I thought it would be fun to look back on one of our favorite character/eras from Transformers lore.  Featuring exclusive character profile excerpt from the Beast Wars story bible, written by Larry DiTillio and Bob Forward, as well as toy pix, info and screen captures ...  (15 comments)
Perceptor  2007-06-09 10:07 am has posted one of the trailers for Transformers: The Game in small size or large format High Definition (click the HD button, on toward the bottome of the page on the right).  Although very cool indeed, this is not to be confused with the game's mind-blowingly awesome introduction (more on this to come...) 

Thanks to ...  (13 comments)
Knightwing  2007-06-08 7:45 pm wants to hear from you and soon.  From now untill June 10th you can submit any question you would like to iesb for their upcomming DeSanto/Murphy interview.  What they determie to be the top 15 questions will be used in the interview.  You can get full details here has an

Blasten Blaster  2007-06-08 4:32 pm

Happy weekend people, we all know there are many things to make a parodies out of ,some of the most famous ones are of Star Trek, Star Wars and Micheal Jackson, so with the big launch of the Transformers live action movie I wanted to know what you guys think future show and movies will make a parody of it and the what story line(s) for

Knightwing  2007-06-06 7:38 pm
There's a new listing for Optimus Prime on  This one is listed as Transformers Movie Leader Nightwatch Optimus Prime.  There is no picture, but from the discription it seems this will be a mostly black version of the leader class Prime.  You can see the listing here.

There are at least two repaints of movie figures in ...  (12 comments)
Perceptor  2007-06-05 6:46 pm
We were honored to receive an invitation to attend Transformers: The Game Special "Event" this week in Santa Monica, CA.  You can expect complete coverage, with photos, Q&A & observations coming June 12, 2007 4pm PST.

Also, thanks to Einar for the news tip,  the Transformers the Movie page has been updated with loads of ...  (1 comments)
Anonymous  2007-06-04 4:46 pm
Okay, quick news round-up!  I assume everyone noticed the new Movie inspired look of, featurning the movie rendition of the Transformers home planet of Cybertron.   Also want to draw your attention to a few other newer features:

Submit News Item:  is our way to help recruit your help keep more up to date.  You ...  (7 comments)
Byrerprime  2007-06-04 4:13 pm   (page update)
If you scroll all the way down the awesome left side of the 2007 page, you will find a synopsis for IDW's Official Movie Prequel comics. Also, there are some pix from the comic of some characters - no spoilers. Celebrating one month until the movie's official release.  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2007-06-04 12:47 am
I figured Simpsons or Harry Potter had a chance, but pffft!  oh no!  TRANSFORMERS won the MTV Awards, "Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen"  and Holy slag!  Check out these videos showing new movie footage HERE and HERE.  I would advise you to not be wearing your favorite pair of underwear while watching the ...  (8 comments)
Knightwing  2007-06-03 8:41 am

There's a "new" tv spot for the movie at  It is an HD version of a previosly released spot.  You can view the spot in a couple of formats here.

KB Toys is having an online sale.  You can get free shipping on any Transformers order over $25.  This offer is good on all Transformers in

Blasten Blaster  2007-06-02 5:36 pm
Hello people I'm very happy to say that the first wave of Transformers Movie toys are finally released to all everywhere. I went back to my target and spent like half an hour admiring all the toys I wanted to by but had no money for. : (

Speaking of TF movie toys here is a Big Bad Toy Store update TRANSFORMERS MOVIE VOYAGER ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2007-06-01 2:59 pm
Today (June 2nd) is the day we've all been waiting for!  Wave 1 of Transformers Movie toys will (supposedly) be available at mass retail everywhere!  Happy hunting everyone!  Thanks for keeping the sightings and reviews coming!

Now, I was fortunate to pre-oder a copy of the Official Movie Adaptation novel by Alan Dean Foster on ...  (32 comments)
Aaron Thomas  2007-06-01 3:29 am
For those interested in seeing what devastator might have looked like in 3D during the beast wars, head on over here:

hopefully we will get to see a gestault in the next TF movie :)  (9 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2007-06-01 12:33 am

Lots of Transformers Movie related info all in one go today...

HASBRO have posted a viewable commercial for Transformers Movie toys HERE

Star Wars website REBEL SCUM has also added images from a Star Wars preview booklet which includes vehicle mode images of the Star Wars Transformers Snowspeeder, Imperial Walker and Clone Tank in both modes,

Perceptor  2007-05-30 12:03 am   (page update)
If you're one of the lucky few who have found him in stores, then you already know, the new Movie Jazz toy ROCKS!  Check out his all new character page featuring toy pix, screen desktop images courtesy of and the all new commercial featuring Megan Fox and our first ever, tantilizing clip of Jazz in action.  All now linked ...  (19 comments)
Anonymous  2007-05-29 11:22 pm
Update: Check out lots of new Transformers Movie ads.  I saw this one on American Idol, this shows lots of new footage, this one has been out for a little while, but is worth rewatching again and again just for the new clip of Scorponok ("WOAH!") apparently this one aired on Nick at Night and features tons of new footage including a ...  (6 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-05-29 5:17 pm

Hey everybody, I was in my local Target store today and I got a sneek peek in the back room and OMG I was in "Transformer heaven'  they had boxes, upon boxes, upon boxes of toys with nothing but Transformers Movie toys and of course the few remain Cybertron and Classics toys that got shipped there. Unfortunately I

Knightwing  2007-05-27 1:29 pm
An add promoting the sale of Transformers Movie toys at Burger King has been posted on  The add states that the toys will be on sale begining June 25.

Also on is a TF Movie poster featuring Bumblebee '08.  The add directs you to  Which is set up for an online game.

Radio Shack will be ...  (1 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-05-24 5:18 pm
That's right's new addition's are: Toy gallery (A.K.A. "Transformer products"), Action toy arena which is just like the old one but this time you don't get to choose when or what mode(s)  they turn into. There's also two new games: "Video mash-up" and "Flight of ...  (6 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-05-24 4:25 pm
Check it out everybody!  We get a look at a nifty Transformers Movie poster all the way from Taiwan!  You can check out this awesome poster over at  Is it just me, or does Optimus Prime look like he could blink now?  (2 comments)
Knightwing  2007-05-24 4:20 pm

There is a very well done promo for Rayman 2 at  It's a spoof of the Transformers Movies spots that includes something I never imagined as an alt mode.

Also, SDCC has announced that Alternators Rodimus is going to be a convention exclusive.  You can read the full article at  They did a

Blasten Blaster  2007-05-23 10:33 pm

Hey ya'll I have here is a quick update from BBTS about another round of totaly awsome new arrivals and more high quality preorders.

TRANSFORMER MOVIE DELUXE: The first two waves just arrived and nearly everything was pre-sold-out. Thanks to all who preordered and we have more orders going into Hasbro - preorders are still available for

Perceptor  2007-05-23 12:39 am   (page update)
The 2007 Transformers section has been given a facelift.  There you'll find many new in box pictures of toys to come, (with Movie items now on top, Classics and Star Wars below).  In the TF Fiction column to the left you'll find a compilation of many images from the movie...  Many you've probably seen before, but we ...  (8 comments)
Jason  2007-05-20 1:28 pm
What we had previously thought would be called the Transformers "Authentic Action Figures" line appears now to be called "Robot Replicas" as seen on the packaging of four figures from the line found in a thread on Check out these pictures of Megatron, Optimus, Bumblebee, and Barricade.  (14 comments)
Jason  2007-05-20 2:07 am has now posted pictures of all of the second wave figures including Real Gear Deluxe, Voyager, and Leader class figures.  (0 comments)
Knightwing  2007-05-18 5:32 pm
Hello agian everyone.  Sorry I havn't been posting like I should.  I've been busy.  To start off there's an auction for a 3-peice Prime set from the Titanium line.  All 3 are movie Primes (protoform 'bot mode, Earth 'bot, & semi) and appear to be 3in non-transformables.  Check out the acution here.

Blasten Blaster  2007-05-18 5:09 pm
the latest from  BigBadToyStore:

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE DELUXE FIGURES: surprise move from Hasbro - the June 2nd 'On Shelf' date has been lifted for 'Deluxe' class Movie figures! Preorders are now open and expect the first waves to fill from shipments arriving today and on Tuesday/Wednesday next week!   We have cases and ...  (2 comments)
Anonymous  2007-05-18 1:54 pm


Santa Monica, CA – May 18, 2007 – TRANSFORMERS: The Game, from Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI), developed under license from HPG the licensing division of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS), is bridging the gap from “G1”

Perceptor  2007-05-17 1:50 pm
UPDATE:  Michael Bay speaks about the release of the new Transformers Trailer in High Definition...  He makes a great Transformers movie, but be warned kids, he does have a bit of a potty mouth!  :)

"...Hey, i want to thank everyone for the kind words on the trailer. I'm so used to seeing robots I kind of got bored with the ...  (22 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-05-17 3:22 am
More info about The Transformers: Beast Wars; The Ascending just hit the net.  We get a quick plot summary which answers the questions of what happened to Magmatron and what's going on with the gathered groups.  Also, we see an awesome cover of Leo Prime/Lio Convoy and Razorbeast.  It should also be noted that the advertisement ...  (1 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2007-05-16 11:14 am
There will be a new Transformers movie trailer online on Yahoo's site  from 10.10am according to 'Agent Xs' Text Messages sent via the Sector Seven Transformers Movie related site.

Also Great Goldran from the Allspark site has posted images of the Legends Movie Starscream Figure HERE.  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2007-05-15 1:00 pm has made it official,

"To coincide with the new Transformers movie trailer being released this week, we are now allowing retailers to sell all figures from the 81057 Movie Deluxe Figures, beginning immediately. All other movie product will keep the 6/2 street date. Please be patient with retailers as it may take a couple ...  (9 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2007-05-15 4:09 am
Hi, Folks.

I was messing about with my Cybertron Quickmix toy and found lots of cool things you can do with him some not explicitly stated in the instructions and I thought he was just darn cool anyway so I took some photographs HERE take a look if you'd care to check them out.

UK store WOOLWORTHS now has the Transformers Classics : ...  (2 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-05-13 7:11 pm
Hey everybody!  I just saw over at TFCog that Daniel Ross is officially the voice of Starscream in the up and coming movie game.  Ross is pretty well known amongst the Transfan community for his many voice projects.  Congrats to Ross, and happy viewing to everybody else!  (1 comments)
Jason  2007-05-12 2:56 pm
Ebay auctions have been posted for deluxe movie Dreadwing, Arcee, and 2008 Camaro Bumblebee! Check them out and drop back here to voice your opinion.  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2007-05-11 10:22 am
Mark Ryan's site has been updated with clarification on his role in the Transformers Movie and Game.  Apparently he will play Ironhide in the game but not the movie.

"...The reports that I'll be voicing "Ironhide" in the movie are mistaken or misquoted lifts from various sources. Even ...  (1 comments)
Jason  2007-05-10 8:48 pm
Hasbro's own has posted a news item here stating that the street date for the movie figures still have a set street date set for June 2nd. "Only 22 days to go!" Apparently, there was confusion relating to a statement that if movie product gets put out on the shelves, it doesn't need to be pulled, but no ...  (3 comments)
Aaron Thomas  2007-05-10 10:34 am
Check this out, JoBlo's movie club message board has new images from the Transformers movie.  Many have been seen before, but there's at least 1 new one of Mikela and, we get to see models of JAZZ (Finally!), Megatron, Blackout and more...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2007-05-08 10:15 pm
We're fast becoming youtube junkies.  And this video had me in stitches!  TF fan guy, playing his own version of Stan Bush's "The Touch"  with all new lyrics, he takes his shots at fans who rip the film before they've even seen it...  Enjoy Bay's Touch
"...The people all needlessly talk ...  (4 comments)
Jason  2007-05-08 7:22 pm
An unnamed Wal-mart toy department manager has notified a news moderator at TFW2005 that the street release date for movie toys has been lifted Could this be true? That would certainly explain the early appearance of many of the movie figures! Click here to see the original news posting.
Make sure to post your sightings on the ...  (9 comments)
Jason  2007-05-07 11:26 pm
You heard it here first!  Transformers: The Game, Cybertron Edition being sold exclusively at GameStop and EB Games. This is exclusive to the Xbox 360.
  • Bonus unlockable levels
    •  Bonus code to unlock two ‘Cybertron’ levels, one for each side in the game (Autobot and Decepticon)
  • Bonus
Perceptor  2007-05-07 1:48 pm
This is probably way old, but it was new to me, so I'm guessing I'm not the only one that hadn't seen it.  Air Force Report, the USAF news agency has a video article on Michael Bay and the filming of Transformers from Holloman Air Force Base.   The 4 minute clip shows moments of filming and interviews several of the ...  (3 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-05-06 3:03 am
*UPDATE*  Just got word on a bunch more screen shots from the movie.  Be sure to check 'em out!

Hey Everybody, long time no post.  Here's the scoop, there is a new track of Starscream's voice out there on the net which you can hear here.  Just click on the second link in the thingy by cod3x and click on DOWNLOAD to ...  (3 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-05-04 11:32 pm
Here is the last Transformers info from BBTS.

JAPANESE BEAST WARS:  A few more obscure reissues for the JBW 2007 figures with DVD.  Gimlet and Motorarm are each up for preorder at $29.99.

TRANSFORMERS MONOPOLY:  This cool new game set from USAOpoly features six different die-cast mini-figures, a completley TF themed board, and ...  (10 comments)
Perceptor  2007-05-04 7:26 pm
Update: Official holiday weekend "Boycot Spider-Man 3 Weekend" continues.  Okay Transfandom, The bar has been set.   We've got to beat $59 million in day 1!   (For any Transformers traitors out there that went and saw the fim, I must ask, is the Transformers trailer paying in Spidey 3?  ...  (41 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-05-03 4:43 pm
The trail for the Transformers game is now available for viewing at Just go here to see it in full screen.  (6 comments)
Anonymous  2007-05-03 3:56 pm
Get ready for an all-out aerial assault!  In addition to Decepticon seeker jets Thrust, Dirge and Thundercracker already announced, has been updated revealing the final figure in the set:  A very nice rendition of the former Powermaster: DREADWIND.  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2007-05-01 5:29 pm   (page update)
Hold on to your hats fellow fans!  We had the great fortune to receive an advance copy of the 2007 Transformers Movie Leader Class Optimus Prime!  Check out his newly updated character page with a variety of photographic additions (all the smaller thumbnail images are *new* links to LARGE, super high rez images)  Here's ...  (15 comments)
Jason  2007-05-01 3:21 pm
Not listed on the original Transformers movie figure retailer line-up list, to our surprise, today an auction for what looks to be a deluxe sized Frenzy toy was posted! Also two more auctions were posted for new Real Gear figures including a watch and a video game controler. Don't forget to post you're comments on these new figures below.  (10 comments)
Jason  2007-04-30 5:44 pm
Lots of news today, and there's more on the way... has reveled pictures of their figure Bugbite to be released in their 5 figure set at BotCon this June. Click here to see previously released pictures of their 3 seekers to be released in the set as well.
-Simon Furman offers to answer 20 questions selected by the mediator at over ...  (6 comments)
Byrerprime  2007-04-29 9:10 pm

I also added some Legends, Role Play and Titaniums to the 2007 page.

Some more boxpix as well as "placeholders" for known coming releases have been added to the 2007 page, including Voyager Starscream, Deluxes Dreadwing and Swindle. Plus some of the Real Gear line. Don't forget to visit the official movie site.  (4 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-04-28 1:47 pm
Thats right has a new look just for the live action movie so go check it out.

Knightwing  2007-04-28 1:13 pm

Bad news for many people still working on the vairous Megatrons for their collections.  Ebay has pulled ALL listings for any toy/replica gun that doesn't meet current government safty standards.  This would include ANY orignal g1 Megatron toys.  You can read the full article at

With the Megatron releated bad news

Blasten Blaster  2007-04-27 4:49 pm

Happy weekend ya'll, and to kick off this weekend BigBadToyStore is having a 30% OFF CLEARANCE SALE: Save 30% on everything in the store except those items marked "new"or "preorder" from now until 12:00 Noon Central Time on Monday April 30th! In addition to the thousands of items on sale at 30% off, they've ...  (2 comments)
Anonymous  2007-04-27 10:46 am
In a message on his own message board, Michael Bay said of a Transformers Movie test screening, "We had two screenings tonight 850 people. Highest test scores in my career. Blew Armageddon away which was a 92. Go figure."

How badly would you like to have been one of those 850 people?  Hey, if you're one of the 850 shoot us ...  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2007-04-27 10:18 am
Thanks to Mr. Muscone of Hunter PR for sending us the following press release announcing the first wave of Transformers toys now unveiled at!


Toys created for the DreamWorks and Paramount

Anonymous  2007-04-26 5:40 pm
Figures in the 2007 Botcon Exclusive pack continue to be unveiled.  This time THRUST.  Just what everyone was hoping for!  remolded wings and all.  Bravo!  (9 comments)
Anonymous  2007-04-26 12:48 pm Previews has another beautiful 6-page preview of Escalation #6.  EJ Su at his best.  Awesome stuff, check it out.  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2007-04-25 11:23 am
TIME magazine has put together a very interesting article about the influence fanboys (and girls) have had upon Hollywood, what movies are being made and even how they're being produced.  Although not a Transformers specific article, there is a lot of mention to the upcoming summer film and its writers Robert Orci and Alex ...  (4 comments)
Anonymous  2007-04-23 9:17 pm has now unveiled pictures of the next figure in their exclusive series.  This time its Thundercracker.  Well done!  (4 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2007-04-23 10:08 am
Check it out.  E-Hobby has now put up the images for the BT-18 Mirage toy.. and rather spiffy it looks too.

Also, Tformers is hosting some other great images:  MP3 Player soundwave, Fast Action Battler Bumblebee and Barricade and Movie Voyager Thundercracker and Target Exclusive Off Camera Scout Arcee (a repaint of Energon Arcee) .  (2 comments)
Jason  2007-04-21 2:14 pm
Check out and look under informants using the passcode "FWIFFO" look in the informants folder of the email and scroll down to find and email from someone named C0d3x. In this email will be a link to an audio file of starscream talking apearing to send a transmittion to sector7 Or you can also just go to the audio file ...  (10 comments)
Perceptor  2007-04-20 4:33 pm
Long time TF fans may not immediately recognize the name Corey Burton, but you should!  He is the voice actor responsible for the most infamous line of dialog in the history of  Transformers.  (See headline above)  Corey Burton played the adult Spike in the 1986 Transformers animated movie among many other roles in G1 ...  (7 comments)
Jason  2007-04-20 12:18 pm
Don't miss checking out the covers to ALL of the Transformers the movie comic adaptation revealed at all at once at direct from the IDW website! Alex Milne does some absolutely stunny work!
Perceptor  2007-04-20 10:28 am has a very nice photogallery of Movie Blackout, included you can see the toy in flight position, suspended on none other than our own Unicron stand.  Great idea! 

For those who have asked, The stand, energon cubes and the Golden Disks Accessory Packs are all in stock at BBTS, here, here and here.  (Sorry, Beast ...  (0 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-04-19 10:00 pm
Here's the latest from BBTS

TAKARA'S MP-06 MASTERPIECE SKYWARP: Takara has just announced the sixth figure in its amazing Masterpiece series - Skywarp will be arriving this fall and is priced at $99.99! Skywarp comes with his traditional G1 style black & purple paint scheme they have some early images on the site and he looks fantastic ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2007-04-19 5:18 pm
New pix and information are available now at  The first figure to be announced as part of the Exclusive figure set will include: G1 DIRGE.  Looks awesome and exactly what a lot of fans I know were hoping for!  Thanks to Pete and the Allspark board forums for the heads up!  (4 comments)
Knightwing  2007-04-18 6:02 pm   (page update)
I was recently in Fond du Lac for Wisconson's very own Dairycon.  Dairycon is a small Transformers convention done in the tradition of many others.  Our complete report can be found in the "Events and Interviews" section.

This was a great event.  And while it's a long drive for me, I plan to make this an annual ...  (14 comments)
Knightwing  2007-04-18 3:33 pm
Let me start by stating that I realize we don't usually do reviews as news items.  Then agian we don't usually review Japanise toys at all.  As such, this particular figure seems to warent an exception.  Forgive the lack of pictures.  I'm not even sure how I'd go about posting my own pics to the sight.  ...  (8 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-04-17 8:05 pm

Firstly the long awaited MP-05 MASTERPIECE MEGATRON: The wait is finally over! The amazing MP-05 is now in stock for $99.99. We have a nice supply available, but they are sure to go quickly so get your now, this one is definitely worth the price of admission with a very complex transformation and superb robot & gun mode.


Perceptor  2007-04-17 7:39 pm
Thanks to Paramount Pictures, you can now see full-size, high rez Transformers Movie Posters:  Optimus Prime PROTECT, Megatron DESTROY and an all new wide poster featuring Optimus, Megatron, Sam and Mikaela standing between on our 2007 section...  Beautiful stuff!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2007-04-15 4:42 pm
Continuing the 'off the beaten track' news items, you have to check out this video on YouTube.  Now, I've seen some pretty cool TF costumes at botcon's past, but these take the cake!  I think the asian fans have us beat!   Wow, very cool indeed!

Lets hope this is a sign of more good things to come for Shia!  ...  (4 comments)
Nevermore  2007-04-15 1:10 pm
Seriously. That's the only valid description for this and this incident. So don't get your hopes up too high just yet. The toys are not supposed to be out for another two or so months. If a store sells Bonecrusher, Bumblebee or Jazz or any other movie toys that are not the Protoforms earlier than June, they're breaching contract with Hasbro and ...  (10 comments)
Jason  2007-04-15 9:34 am
The logo for the upcoming Transformers cartoon series: Transformers Animated has been seen on the cover of Broadcast Magazine. Thanks to The Defient of the Don Murphy boards and Snapstudios for finding this.  (8 comments)
Anonymous  2007-04-13 1:10 pm
This is it!  The first opportunity to hear Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime in the upcoming Transformers Movie can be heard in a new leaked forthcoming TV ad posted on SuperHeroHype Boards, you can also follow the apparently original youtube link.  It's not the highest image quality we've seen, but it's loaded with new clips, ...  (15 comments)
Perceptor  2007-04-11 2:04 pm
Thanks to Paramount Pictures for providing us, you'll find larger High-Def images from the Transformer Movie, within our Movie-Promo section of  Check out Boncrusher a millisecond before he busts through the bus, Bonecrusher about to square off against Optimus Prime, and Barricade about to lay the smack down on Sam Witwicky.  (24 comments)
Anonymous  2007-04-10 10:47 pm
TFW2005 is hosting pix on their message board of the Deluxe Bonecrusher and Swindle toys.  They're a bit blurry, but more than we've seen so far.  Also in case you missed it, etoyshunter has a pretty decent photogallery up of the Voyager Optimus Prime toy and Voyager Megatron in package can be found at  Enjoy!  (3 comments)
Knightwing  2007-04-09 8:36 pm
The last time I did this we talked about our favorite character and toy.  So, lets be rather obvious and ask the simple question.  What character and toy do you hate the most?  And why do you hate them?

Personally, I dispised several of the season 3 toys Wheelie and Blurr in particular.  I always felt that the futuristic cars ...  (26 comments)
Jason  2007-04-07 11:49 am
Over at pictures have surfaced of some Sector 7 toys. The two toys shown were previously released basic/scout sized toys which have been repainted with a military theme and branded with the the Sector 7 logo. Click here to see for yourself.  (15 comments)
Knightwing  2007-04-07 10:21 am has put pictures of the orange safty cap that will be used in the MP-05 Megatron here as well as the Tarka g1 reissue #06 here.  It sounds as though BBTS will begin shipping MP-05 out to customers in the next week or two.

For those of you who didn't get the Legends Class toys from the Cybertron line, you are in ...  (2 comments)
Jason  2007-04-07 12:42 am

It is confirmed that Peter Cullen and Frank Welker will be playing the voices for Optimus Prime and Megaton for the upcoming Transformer: The Game. Check out the official press release below. Also the official TF game website has been majorly updated, including a VERY cool video of Peter Cullen and Frank Welker in "Game behinds the

Mighty Maximal  2007-04-05 8:44 pm
Hi Folks,  Some new items have recently appeared on E-bay Auctions :

Movie SWINDLE (who does not appear in the actually movie - but may resemble a character from other related media like the comics)  Movie BONECRUSHER Deluxe sized toy.  Thanks to TFW2005 and The Allspark posters for pointing these auctions out.

New Target ...  (6 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-04-05 8:09 am
It is coming!  The the troops gathered, and now they shall ascend.  Yesterday Simon Furman released information about the Up and Coming Beast Wars miniseries, Transformers: Beast Wars; The Ascending!  He released a bunch of little teasers, such as that a larger majority of the series will take place on Cybertron, a look into what ...  (2 comments)
Knightwing  2007-04-03 5:05 pm
Interview #1 is by and has a short interview with Shia LaBeouf.  In it he puts the length of the movie at 150min.  You can read the interview here.

Interview #2 is by  It's a vieo interview in which Shia talks about both Transformers and Disturbia.  You can watch the video here.
British ...  (11 comments)
Jason  2007-04-03 5:05 pm
Sector 7 has again added another surprise for us, this time with some SERIOUS G1 references. Don't miss these new "N.B.E. Evidence Log" videos. Used the passward "FWIFFO" and you'll get so see Grimlock (yes you read correctly, "Grimlock") stomping through a construction yard, Kickback jumping off a tree, and ...  (11 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-04-03 2:25 pm
There is going to be a New Avengers/Transformers crossover comic from Marvel and IDW.  You can read about it here at Wikipedia.  You can also read about it here at IGN and see one of the up and coming covers featuring Catpain America and Optimus Prime.  I had heard about this a while back, but I couldn't really find any ...  (2 comments)
Knightwing  2007-04-03 5:22 am
Here are more ebay listings.  This is the first we've found for the Optimus Prime voice changer helmet, in package here.  Also, the Starscream Barrel Roll Blaster (not in package).

Beware, before you bid take note of shipping charges.  (0 comments)
Jason  2007-04-03 12:02 am
You heard it here first! There is an auction that just went life for the first ebay spotting of the non-transforming action figure of Movie Megatron complete with great photos. This figure is part of a Transformers toy line called "Authentic Action Figures" which also includes non-transformable versions of Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bumblebee, ...  (2 comments)
Jason  2007-04-02 8:31 pm
Head over to Yahoo to check out their new exclusive photos of the Transformers Movie.  Also don't miss out on the new contest "The Search for the Ultimate Transformers Fan: Fanaticon" where you submit original video to prove that you're the biggest Fanaticon.  (0 comments)
Knightwing  2007-04-02 7:37 pm
At least one person on has recived their MP-05 Megatron and in this case the orange plug is easy enough to deal with.  You can see the posting here or the individual pictures here, here, and here.

It appears Burger King will be distributing TF movie meal toys.  You can see photos of the toys up for auction on ebay ...  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2007-04-01 1:35 pm
Update: Yes, this is a 100% April Fool's Day Fabrication (hope you at least got a chuckle out of it. 
BREAKING NEWS: you heard it here first!  An inside source working on the production of Transformers Movie has informed us that TOM HANKS (I think you may have heard of him!)  has been cast in the role of RATCHET!  OWEN ...  (22 comments)
Jason  2007-04-01 1:15 am
Having just seen this TV spot live on TV in a sports bar in the middle of a great Basketball game, I feel the need to reemphasize this news item and add a bit of new information that has come up.
Sector 7 has uploaded the 2nd new TV spot/trailer for the Transformers movie. This again features some great new footage including both Bumblebee ...  (6 comments)
Knightwing  2007-03-31 8:46 pm

Transformers @ The Moon is reporting that Hasbro is filing trademark apps for the names ELITA-1 and Slag.  You can check here for more details. 

Presumably these would be for another wave of Classics or for the upcoming cartoon.  ELITA-1 only appeared breifly in the g1 cartoon and Slag was the triceritops dinobot.  Both would

Blasten Blaster  2007-03-31 3:43 pm
At you can now take a sneak peek at some of the new toys for the Transformers movie. The sneak peak features: Optimus Prime Battle Rig Blaster, Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet, Ultimate Bumblebee, and Movie Leader Optimus Prime, all are said will be at retailers near you beginning June, 2, 2007 for a suggested retail price of ...  (2 comments)
Nevermore  2007-03-31 2:55 pm has been updated with details for this year's BotCon, which will be held from June 28 to July 1 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Some of the highlights are a pre-screening of Michael Bay's upcoming live action Transformers movie on Thursday, and a tour of Hasbro's headquarters in Pawtucket on Friday.

The exclusive boxset is announced ...  (4 comments)
Knightwing  2007-03-30 8:31 pm has a new spot for the up comming movie.  Use password "FWIFFO" hit enter.  Once inside double clik on the red icon in the upper left corner.  In this spot we see Starscream in bot mode.

In other news, it appears Hasbro is now going to do re-releases of Cybertron

Jason  2007-03-30 3:40 pm
IGN has posted the first TV spot trailer for the Transformers Movie. There's quite a lot of new footage including Optimus Prime first getting his vehical mode, Frenzy transforming from a small boombox into robot mode, and (I think) Ironhide diving from an explosion and shooting. Post your comments below!  (4 comments)
Jason  2007-03-29 4:38 pm
You heard it here first!  An ebay auction has been posted with the first ever seen pictures of a painted Voyager class Optimus Prime from the upcoming Transformers Movie!  In other ebay auctions we get to see some high quality detailed pictures of Megatron reincarnated as a shoe in Takara's upcoming Nike shoe Transformers line.

Mighty Maximal  2007-03-28 3:30 am
Hi, Folks.  I thought I'd mention for the benfit of UK readers that both Toys R Us UK, and Woolworths both currently have a sale on Transformers items.  These offers apply in stores and on the websites :
Toys R Us UK has a 3 for 2 offer.And woolworths has 25% off.
Knightwing  2007-03-27 7:32 am
There are two contests running right now to find the biggest TF fans out there.  The first is being run by   Yahoo is taking video submissions from March 26 to May 14.  There will be 3 winners.  The winners get to fly to LA and watch as ILM puts the final touches on the movie.  You can cilck here for ...  (16 comments)
Jason  2007-03-26 7:44 pm
An official Transformers Movie MySpace Page has been constructed and gone live today! The page contains a great picture of Optimus Prime's and Megatron's heads in profile facing off. As a MySpace member you can add them as your friend, and choose sides between the Autobots and the Decepticons.
The folks over at Sector 7 should really check ...  (2 comments)
Nevermore  2007-03-24 6:21 pm
For those of you who have long since given up on the Alternators line, there are two more toys coming your way soon. Hasbro have displayed Rumble (actually "Decepticon Rumble"), a Honda Civic Si with a fake tape chest and piledriver arms in robot mode, and Ravage (no "Battle Ravage" this time), a Jaguar XK that transforms into ...  (13 comments)
Perceptor  2007-03-24 10:28 am
Various sites are reporting that Hugo Weaving has been cast in the role of Megatron in the upcoming Transformers Movie.  The story originally "broke" in a cryptic message on the SECTOR 7 site (password: NBETWO):

"Operation Hungry Dragon 2 continues. As of today agent H. Weaving has officially convinced S.S., M.B., R.O and A.K. ...  (12 comments)
Perceptor  2007-03-22 4:26 pm
I find one of the great things about collecting Transformers is watching prices on ebay.   Sure, any goofball can put up a toy and list it with unrealistic  "Buy it Now" price.  But, here are a few interesting real auctions with multiple bids:

MISB G1 Megatron 13 bids, > $3,200
MISB, G1 Soundwave, AFA graded, 10 bids ...  (12 comments)
Nevermore  2007-03-21 1:19 pm
Allspark member Obsidian is the first one to report an actual store sighting for the Wal*Mart exclusive "Classics" Constructicon Devastator giftset. The Wal*Mart store in question is located in Moline, Illinois, and Devatsator retails for 30 dollars. See here for the obligatory receipt photo, and remember to post your own sightings of Devastator ...  (4 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-03-21 10:23 am
Wizards of the Coast have released information about there next Collectible Card Game.  The game is Transformers 3d Battle-Card Game.  Apparently you build the characters out of pop out pices, and you can actually use the same pieces to make the TFs either their robot modes or vehicle modes.  The game is set to contain characters ...  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2007-03-20 5:51 pm
For the bargin price of $70 US (that's $40 for the toy and $30 for shipping) you can own your very own Movie Voyager Class Megatron!  Or you can save $50, wait a couple of months until the toy hits the shelves everywhere and still see the toy from every angle in this complete photo gallery.

I know this isn't the first time this ...  (6 comments)
Jason  2007-03-20 12:12 pm has posted a first impression of Transformers: The Game which they got a small presentation on, and in on that topic, has also posted an exclusive interview with Daniel Suarez, executive producer at Activision regarding "The Game"
Knightwing  2007-03-19 4:39 pm
There's a fair bit of news today.  I'll start with something silly.  You can click here to see pics of new tf g1 "punching pops" orignally seen on  

Have you ever wondered why Star Wars and Transformers don't do a more direct crossover like the GI Joe vs TF?  You can go to ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2007-03-18 8:32 pm
Head on over to the and check out two very cool images that fans of Beast Wars will love!

"...the Beast Wars cast renders from the Genesis art book are now available in the Allspark image gallery. Originally commissioned by the Hartmans for a Botcon dinner way back when, these images are perfect for your desktop!..."  (3 comments)
Knightwing  2007-03-18 9:32 am
It has been reported that Sony Wonder is closing it's doors.  This is sad news for anyone who didn't pick up the G1 series on DVD from Kid Rihno a few years back.  The good news is that Sony, or some part of it, will still retain the rights to the G1 series.  So, there is a chance we will see them appear under a different ...  (7 comments)
Knightwing  2007-03-17 8:28 am
Good news for those of you who have been putting off renewing your TFClub membership.  I just received this email from  In the email it asks that we post it whereever possibe.  So, here's the email:

If you are late bird and still want to renew or sign up for the Transformers
Collectors' Club and ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2007-03-16 6:00 pm   (page update)
We're excited to continue our series of character pages for in-show BW characters.  As with Ratrap, you'll find excerpts from the official Beast Wars Story Bible, w/ character: Weaponry, Skills, Interests/Hobbies... written by the authors themselves, Larry DiTillio and Bob Forward.  You'll find TERRORSAUR, now linked to in ...  (19 comments)
Knightwing  2007-03-16 3:57 pm has reported here that Krause Publishing is making a new tf price guide.  There are also a number of TF Movie related pics to view.  There is what appears to be the complete FAB line pics at here.  There are also some new movie pics at here.

Brian  2007-03-14 10:41 am
Live action Transformers Movie was going to get an R rating from the MPAA.  Spielberg then intervened, arguing for it to be rated PG-13.  Read about it here.  (5 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-03-13 10:41 pm
Hey Everybody.  It's my one Year anniversary of my first post on Unicron, so I thought the only proper way to celebrate was to find something news worthy.  Well, I was clicking around and I found myself at the Predacon Empire.  There I found downloads for emulators and Transformers Games.  Now here's the thing, ...  (17 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2007-03-13 8:26 pm

The Transformers The Live Action Movie toy testshot of the Fast Action Battler version of The Decepticon Police Car Barricade toy has shown up on E-bay. For the first time a lot more detail is shown including the toy's robot mode and also detail on its action feature gimic - which appears to be some sort of additional 5th wheel armature that

Knightwing  2007-03-13 7:55 pm
MTV has interviewed Orci and Kurtzman the writers of The Transformers Movie.  It sounds like they've taken this movie quite seriously.  You can read the full interview here.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2007-03-13 7:21 pm has posted several high rez images from the set of Transformers the Movie.  Very cool indeed, they feature the real life vehicles of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, Jazz, Starscream and Barricade.  Check them out HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.  Dang why can't it be July 3rd?!  (3 comments)
Knightwing  2007-03-12 4:21 pm has put up a TF Supersoaker for sale here. has also posted new pics of TF Movie Real Gear  Booster X10 here.  Booster X10 has a robot mode that can only make a person think one thought.  "Laserbeak"  (3 comments)
Jason  2007-03-12 12:33 pm
The Sector 7 site has been reciently updated with more video. You must go to and type the password NBETWO. If you don't know what Sector 7 is yet, read the discription below.

Sector 7 is a website dedicated to the human special (government?) group investigating the presence of the Transformers (from the upcomming movie) on ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2007-03-11 6:30 pm
I wanted expand on the sad news below and share a few stories of our experiences w/ Bill "TFmaster" Koshorek.  I was shocked and saddened to hear the news. That something like this could happen to someone so young is a terrible tragedy.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family....

"TFM" and I met ...  (7 comments)
Knightwing  2007-03-11 8:05 am
Prominent Transformers fan, TFmaster of Transtopia has passed away.  He apparently died of complications due to heart attack at age 31.  He is survived by his wife and 8 year old son. 

We extend our condolences, thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.  (5 comments)
Knightwing  2007-03-11 8:00 am has updated their site with new info about this years Botcon.  It is a loose outline of events on each given day.  This is basicly to make it eaisier for people to make travel plans.  You can head over to to check out all the details.    (0 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-03-08 6:56 pm

Here's the latest from BBTS: TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM: They've restocked the previously sold out Soundwave and Rodimus 6" Transforming Titanium figures both $17.99 each.

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM (ARRIVING SOON): Hasbro has just shipped out the next wave of figures that includes the G1 Ultra Magnus, War Within Megatron, and The Fallen.

Perceptor  2007-03-07 9:34 pm   (page update)
Okay, so lets take a short break from all of the hoopla surrounding the upcoming TF movie!  (It is afterall, still 4 months away!)  I thought now would be a good opportunity to travel back in time, to one of our favorite periods in TF history.  A lot of you have asked, "When are you going to unveil pages for Beast Wars ...  (9 comments)
Knightwing  2007-03-06 4:56 pm has mentioned Action Masters in their on-going series about bad toys.  Be warned there is some colorful language on their site, which we at are NOT resoponsable for.  That said I found the articles to be quite funny.  You can click here to read the full article.  (12 comments)
Perceptor  2007-03-05 10:06 am   (page update)
You can now find Part 2 of our Transformers Movie Preview Event, uploaded and ready for viewing in the Events Section (as well as Part 1).  Here, you'll find my observations of the incredible opportunity I had to meet Michael Bay, Transformers Movie Director and Brian Goldner, COO of Hasbro and Executive Producer of the film as well as ...  (7 comments)
Jason  2007-03-03 5:27 pm   (page update)
We've been given an impressive Screen Shot of Bumblebee and added it to our page on the upcoming Transformers:The Game in the TF multimedia section.  (17 comments)
Knightwing  2007-03-02 4:26 pm
Master Colletor has updated the Transformers Club web site.  In the members only section they are now posting individual mini-con bios.  It's nice to see each charactor getting there own bio.  Rather than, just the team as a whole.  (0 comments)
Jason  2007-03-02 10:40 am
We have added first official screen capture from Transformers: The Game to our  page covering the game  in the multimedia section. This is in game graphics rendered on the Xbox 360. Hope you enjoy this nice first glimpse of movie Bumblebee. I have also confirmed with Activision that the game will have only one player capability, a fact ...  (1 comments)
Knightwing  2007-03-01 7:15 pm
It has been reported on tfw2005, that JRS Toy World is canceling all MP-05 preorders.  It seems they were going to try to import non-modified versions of the toy for sale.  And, that they have since found out that it will be nearly impossible to do this.  This news is for JRS only. 

If you've preordered MP-05 from another ...  (10 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-03-01 9:52 am
You know the thing I love most about my job is bringing you all news about new toys at Big Bad Toy Store:

MP-03 MASTERPIECE STARSCREAM:  Supplies are running low on the MP-03 and with the MP-05 coming out soon everyone will want the complete lineup. Limited stock is still available at $109.99 of this awesome figure.

REISSUE TRANSFORMERS ...  (7 comments)
Jason  2007-02-28 1:35 am
Transformers Collecters Club has just released a picture of a mock-up of this years free Club Exclusive named BREAKAWAY. Check out Transformers Collecters Club website these pics and if you're a member download the new taking place in the TF:Cybertron continuity which takes place after the cartoon left off called "The Dark ...  (3 comments)
Knightwing  2007-02-27 6:21 pm
With the discussion we just had about the vairous Primes, it seems a good time to ask.  What is your favorite charactor or toy from any line or series?

My favorite charactor is Armada Sideswipe.  I liked the concept of a week and rather unskilled warrior.  But, my favorite toy would be Cybertron Defense Hot Shot.  He has a ...  (22 comments)
Jason  2007-02-26 4:39 pm   (page update)
With pictures, movies, and info strait to you from our trip to NYC Toyfair and the Transformers Movie Preview Event, We now have a completed character page of Transfomers Movie Ultimate Bumblebee up in our Transformers 2007 section! This character page includes detailed images of the mock-up packaging, our exclusive YouTube videos of his ...  (11 comments)
Jason  2007-02-26 9:36 am   (page update)
I was hoping to have the character page completed before posting this, but seeing 1 of our 2 videos has been spotted on youtube already. Make sure you check out our exclusive videos of Ultimate Bumblebee's animatronic robot mode features. Don't miss them here and here. Check back very soon as his character page will have some extra goodies ...  (1 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-02-26 8:25 am

First off Hasbro Toy Shop is having a sale on most Transformers all the up to 50% off. I know someone who's going on a shopping spree.

As some of you remember a while ago I reported that Wal-mart had the Protoform of Optimus Prime and Protoform Starscream for sale on their website. After doing quite a lot of snooping on Youtube I finaly found

Perceptor  2007-02-23 9:30 pm   (page update)
The next installment of our report from ToyFair and the Movie Preview Event has been uploaded and is ready for viewing.   This, in the form of an all new character page, for  TF Movie OPTIMUS PRIME includes some cool new features!  As if you were there to see it live, you can hear Michael Ritchie, Sr. Brand Manager, for ...  (14 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-02-23 2:09 pm
Hey ya'll! I got another exciting BBTS update:

E-HOBBY THS-02B CONVOY: Takara's excellent new repaint of the very popular THS-02 Convoy has just arrived with a fancy new black paint scheme. This is a limited edition figure also comes with a redesigned box. In stock now in limited quantities for $84.99. The regular colored THS-02 ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2007-02-21 3:45 am   (page update)
All those cool in-package images of the movie toys have been added to the 2007 page. More to come as they surface.  (5 comments)
Knightwing  2007-02-19 4:54 pm

In a recent interview a Hasbro rep said that Hasbro would be focusing on core lines including Transformers insted of licened toys.  You can read the full article here

Jason  2007-02-19 3:12 pm   (page update)
We've added a whole new permanent section to! This area will showcase TF Special Events, Interviews, & Previews that reports on. If you haven't seen it already, make sure you check out our first special report on the Transformers Movie Preview Event, IDW's Prequel Comic Issue 1 Rewiew, and our update on ...  (1 comments)
Jason  2007-02-17 11:52 pm   (page update)
We've done a major update to the Transformers Media section. We've added a review plus fact sheet of the Activsion's  upcoming Transformers: The Game  and a recommended list if Transformers DVD sets, and if you haven't already heard the theme song, make sure to check that out as well! Keep your eyes pealed as ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2007-02-16 5:00 pm   (page update)
Without further adieu, our special report on the Transformers Movie, SPECIAL PREVIEW EVENT, part 1 has been uploaded and is ready for viewing. Let me know if you have any specific questions in the comment section below.  Thanks for your patience. Have a nice weekend all!  (8 comments)
Knightwing  2007-02-16 4:30 pm
The tfw2005 boards has posted pictures of Bonecruhser from the Transformers movie in alt mode.  Apparently, the new bomb resistant machine was on display in NYC for the investors to check out.  You can view the pictures here.  (0 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-02-16 4:00 pm
Speaking of the movie when I was clicking on over to I saw they have an all new countdown timer which I think is really nice because now I dont have to count on my calendar until the movie comes out. Also new is the Classics page, and a Classics game featuring the toys as the playable warrior.  (2 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-02-15 5:45 pm

Hey ya'll! Once again Blaster's blastin' at you with a BBTS update:

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM 6":  Hasbro has just released info about the upcoming Sunstorm and War Within Ultra Magnus Titanium figures.  These are listed at $17.99 each and the Starscream preorder has been reopened as well.


Jason  2007-02-15 10:36 am   (page update)
Thanks to Mr. Hess and Wood for sending us the following FACT SHEET on the upcoming Transformers: The Game.  Available this summer, released in conjunction with The Movie it will be available on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PC, PSP and NDS this summer.  We were treated to a special sneak peak at Toy Fair and we'll be posting our ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2007-02-14 11:48 pm
Sorry, I know.  This is neither news nor a page update, but needs to be said.  Yes, for those who've e-mailed and asked we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Transformers Movie Event and Hasbro Toy Fair Exhibit on Tuesday.  If it weren't for a nightmare airport situation with freezing rain/sleet/snow, cancelled ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2007-02-10 2:00 pm
Get ready!  It's going t be a busy series of days as news from the 2007 International Toy Fair comes rolling in. will be attending on Tuesday with our own original content report to follow shortly after...

In the meantime, we'll provide links to all the gallaries & news we can find.  Starting with an official ...  (271 comments)
Jason  2007-02-09 8:08 pm
Finally some information has serfaced regarding the upcoming video game release based on the Transformers movie. Check out reportings from IGN here and if you're iching for more here is also an interview with Andy Burrows Activison producer.  (0 comments)
Jason  2007-02-09 10:39 am
Here's a great pre-Toyfair interview with Hasbro's Greg Lombardo at, Not to mention some official and really sweat pics of the movie Optimus Prime toy.  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2007-02-08 12:49 pm   (page update)
Another day, another new character page has been completed in the 1996 section.  Despite the very few times he appeared in either cartoons or comics, this character sure has made a lot of appearances in a variety of TF generations.  BUZZSAW was originally a cassette partner of G1 Soundwave, returned in this form as a Waspinator recolor ...  (4 comments)
Jason  2007-02-08 10:39 am
The website for the Transformers video game being released in conjunction with the movie is now live. There's not much you can do there other than sign up to get a news letter and then login as an Autobot or Decepticon to see a thank you message, but it's a good start!  (0 comments)
Jason  2007-02-07 11:00 am
Newsarama was provided with a 6 page preview of the first issue (of 4) of the Transformers Movie Prequel Comic. Make sure to check it out here.  (1 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-02-06 5:12 pm
The first of the Transformers Movie avalanche of toys has begun. The Deluxe Transformers Movie Preview Starscream and Optimus Prime are being shown at the They are available for $9.87. The listings include pics of the robot mode and the alt mode. Check them out Optimus Prime and Starscream (no walmart pages anymore) on the main ...  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2007-02-05 8:53 pm
Special Thanks to Mr. Pinto of Paramount, who has shared with us a number of ALL NEW images from The TRANSFORMERS MOVIE.  Included:
* Military in the desert, (decreased size), FULL size image
* A scene from the set, (decreased), FULL size
* Spike and his, ahem significant other, (decreased), FULL size, Trust me when I say, it's worth the ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2007-02-05 6:35 pm
It's a relatively minor update, but one that's bound to make some people feel a bit uncomfortable.  Can you believe it's the 20 year anniversary of the Headmasters and Targetmasters?  I know the site gets a fair number of visitors who are old enough to remember and to have collected them.  We also get a lot of visitors ...  (2 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2007-02-05 1:57 pm
The Asian website is now showing a thread which contain images showing the transformation method and the robot and vehicle modes of Fast Action Battler Brawl.

This is the first time the robot mode of the F.A.B. Brawl toy has been seen the image is located HERE.

I hope this is of some help. Mighty.Maximal  (0 comments)
Jason  2007-02-03 3:03 pm
Finally we get a look at the Voyagure class size of the Itonhide toy from the upcoming Transformers Movie. Check out the ebay auction here. Also check out in-box pics here at TFW2005 boards.  (4 comments)
Brian  2007-02-01 4:35 pm
I've got to hand it to these guys.  This is the best transformable, do-it-yourself, paper Optimus Prime I've ever seen.  (3 comments)
Knightwing  2007-01-30 5:58 pm

Here are some new Star Wars Transformers due out in 2007 as reported on  You can see the images here.  There is also a seperate link to the upcomming Darth Vader/Death Star SWTF here.  The only image of Vader currently available is in 'bot mode. 

It should be noted that Hasbro UK asked

Blasten Blaster  2007-01-30 4:37 pm
I thought you all would like to know Toys R Us has posted the Commemorative Series Soundwave exclusive for order again on their web site. So don't dilly dally - you can see and place your order now for only $29.99!

-BBTS Update-

TRANSFORMERS 6" TITANIUM: The new Cheetor and The Fallen 6" figures are in transit and should be here in ...  (3 comments)
Jason  2007-01-29 12:09 pm
TF Archive has a review Transformers: The Movie Prequel issue #1 (of 4) and new double page cover art. Spoilers contained so be warned, but the art is fantastic! Check it out here!
Also check out the latest Art Du Jour, at the IDW website for line art pics of the upcoming Soundwave from his own spotlight issue coming in March. We continue to to see ...  (1 comments)
Nevermore  2007-01-28 10:35 am
TFW2005 member Pimpimus Prime reported here having finally found the "Classics" style Commemorative Edition Soundwave reissue at a Toys'R'Us store in Madison, Wisconsin. In addition, the website currently has Soundwave in stock and is shipping him out to customers.

For those who don't remember: This Soundwave is the Japanese ...  (4 comments)
Knightwing  2007-01-27 8:56 am has updated hotel info.  You can head over to the botcon sight or read it below.  It seems we the fans didn't want to wait to call like they asked us to.  Well, who can blame us for being exiceted.

Response has been tremendous! The Westin has run out of rooms with double beds and the room block is pretty much

Perceptor  2007-01-26 9:52 pm   (page update)
It's not completely new, but thanks to original character text from Byrerprime, art by Don Figueroa and IDW publishing and toy photos by your's truly, you'll find the completely revamped character page for Wolfang in the 1996 Transformers section.  Enjoy and happy weekend all.  (6 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-01-25 5:45 pm

Tara Strong from Xialin Showdown and Justice League has posted an exclusive scoop on her official website that she will be playing the character of "Sari" in the upcoming "Transformers: Heroes" cartoon. Ms. Strong describes her character as, "just a little girl," and the cartoon will debut "shortly" after

Nevermore  2007-01-25 4:39 pm
It's been a while, but... New toy out in the USA!

TFW2005 member and former staff member Tim Formas found the Target exclusive Classic Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp "Battle for Autobot City" two-pack at a, well, Target store in the Chicago area and provided a photo of the store shelf in question here. Ultra Magnus is a straight repaint of the ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-01-25 9:49 am
Hey everybody.  I was surfing around on Youtube and I found a Japanese Trailer for the new movie that is coming out.  It has a little thing with Bay and Spielberg at the begining and some small footage from the movie that wasn't released in the American Tailer.  Happy viewing!  (5 comments)
Knightwing  2007-01-24 8:04 pm

I'd like to clarify right away that this is not news.  Periodicly I'm going to try doing discussion topics.  I'll try to do one every 2-3 weeks.  I'll do them more often if they seem popular.  And I'll try to always use the "Time to chat" headline.  If you have any "Time to chat"

Blasten Blaster  2007-01-24 6:04 pm

A lotta news today from Big Bad toy store and I mean a lot:

JAPANESE BEAST WARS 10TH ANNIVERSARY: Takara will be reissuing a variety of popular characters from their Beast Wars lineup this spring!  We previously reported these would be all-new figures, but despite triple-checking this with our suppliers it turns out they are reissues

Anonymous  2007-01-24 3:53 pm
Cool, check it out  In package Transformers Movie Ratchet being auctioned on ebay!  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2007-01-23 3:57 pm
Collector Club news
The Collector Club comics will be showcasing the Classics line. Click here to read the full story. Also, profile pages for (Classic) Grimlock and Mirage, plus more.  (5 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2007-01-23 8:25 am
*UPDATE* I said I was gonna post more and I did. I've just posted a nother 7 part movie, this time of the "Ultimate Doom Part 1-3" you can now watch part 1 of my movie.

Hey everybody, I've been busy the past week on my latest project and I thought I should share it with you all just like TriPredRavage did with his beast wars II. Click

Knightwing  2007-01-23 5:51 am

I've got a few news itmes today.


1:  Big Bad Toy Store has new listings for MP3 players that are in fact a new mold of Soundwave avalible in white or blue.  There is also a listing for Convoy.  It appears that Convoy is only avalible in white which would make him Ultra Magnus in the USA not an Optimus

Byrerprime  2007-01-22 6:33 pm
Comic news

Escalation #3 (of 6) ships this week
The action erupts onto the world stage, as Megatron and his Decepticons stir things up in the disputed (breakaway) Soviet state of Brasnya, initiating an incendiary border conflict. Meanwhile, the Autobots—aware that one of the Decepticons’ (facsimile) bio-constructs is active in the

Knightwing  2007-01-22 4:07 pm

The offical botcon site has been updated to include the following.  You can go to for more info.

We have a few NEW details about BotCon 2007!  The hotel for BotCon is the Westin Providence Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island. The show dates are June 28 - July 1.
BotCon is not in the hotel computer system, but will be soon.

Perceptor  2007-01-20 1:56 pm   (page update)
Our TF Accessories For Collectors section received a minor but needed face lift.  It now includes links to the Golden Disk Pack; a page which was also updated to include large, high-rez images of the packaging//packaging and "tech specs" written by Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio, Executive Etory Editors of Beast Wars cartoon series.  (1 comments)
Knightwing  2007-01-19 7:45 pm

There is an entertaning web site  It's a single frame spoof comic.  I found some of them to be laugh out loud funny. 

There is also a small tf convention happening in Wisconson called Dairycon.  You can go to for more info.  I'm planning on being there the whole day. 

Blasten Blaster  2007-01-18 5:40 pm

Update 2: Here's more of the latest from BBTS:

UNICRON.COM GOLDEN DISKS:  Back in stock for $15.99 - for any fan of Beast Wars, they're also a great add-on to the Transmetal Megatron figure.

MORE JAPANESE BEAST WARS 2007: Takara will be releasing all the figures plus some additional ones as single figure releases. Preorders for

TriPredRavage  2007-01-18 11:27 am
Alright everybody, I need some help.  The Japanese series Headmasters, Masterforce and Victory have come up a lot lately.  So I popped on over to eBay and searched the series.  What I find is a lot of "Transformers G2 Headmasters/Masterforce/Victory 30 DVD."  There are TONS of them.  From what I gather, they ...  (3 comments)
Jason  2007-01-17 4:41 pm
This week IDW's Ultra Magnus Spotlight hits the shelves. Stop by your local comic book retailer today to pick one up. Also in comic news, IDS's website in the Art Du Jour page shows new pictures of Alex Milne's rentition of Galvitron in his very own spot light issue due to hit shelves in July and a new desktop background from ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2007-01-17 4:27 pm   (page update)
Okay, so it's far from the coolest toy of 1996, but still worthy of mention in the annals of Transformers toy history.  Not unlike the Star Wars Transformers of today, they produced a, "not main continuity" line of Micro versions of Transformers.  It was an attempt to compete with Galoob's "MicroMachines" ...  (6 comments)
Byrerprime  2007-01-16 5:33 pm
The Collector's Club is having a little contest to guess the name of this years exclusive combiner limb. The last two were Skyfall and Landquake. You only get one guess, and there will be clues given. First clue is already up. You can go here if you're already registered, or here to register. Obviously, you must be a member to participate.  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2007-01-16 12:03 am   (page update)
The very humble beginnings of the 2007 Transformers Section is now open.  Of note, is that current classics, titanium... toys being found in stores now have their box pictures linked and viewable in the sightings and review areas.  Thanks to Byrerprime for all the assistance.  (14 comments)
Anonymous  2007-01-15 10:34 pm
The site has posted prototype pictures of Transformers Movie Optimus Prime and Megatron in vehicle & robot modes. Even without color these things are knock your socks off cool!

But why settle for the toy?  If you're the lucky high bid winner, you can own the actual head of Optimus Prime!  Well, it's actually the ...  (12 comments)
Byrerprime  2007-01-14 6:04 pm

Comic news:  Shipping this week is Spotlight: Ultra Magnus - This month, the spotlight falls on Ultra Magnus, the Autobots' implacable, upstanding long arm of the (intergalactic) law. But now- in pursuit of his "most wanted" (and elusive) adversary- just how far (outside the law) is Magnus willing to go? Five page preview

Perceptor  2007-01-13 11:22 am   (page update)
1996 was a great year for Transformers.  In years immediately preceding it, appearances were that Transformers could fade away into obscurity.  An toy line of nostalgia.  Thankfully, Beast Wars made its debut and a whole new generation (of people!) were introduced to the lore which tied together the new with G1 original...  The ...  (5 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-01-11 12:56 pm

**UPDATE**  Hey everybody.  Thanks for making my video break 100 views.  As a special thanks I threw this little bit together.  Check it out, and thanks again!

Hey everybody.  I've been busy a lot lately and I thought maybe you guys'd like to see one of my projects in action.  Click on over to Youtube and watch

Byrerprime  2007-01-09 4:11 pm
Comic update

No new books this week.  Check out IDW's art du jour for Escalation sketches.  Still due in January and February: January

Escalation #3 (of 6) - The action erupts onto the world stage, as Megatron and his Decepticons stir things up in the disputed (breakaway) Soviet state of Brasnya, initiating an incendiary border

Perceptor  2007-01-08 7:54 pm   (page update)
Belated happy new year everyone.  Altough we tried unsuccessfully to get this up closer to New Year's Eve, we finally had a chance to make a few tweeks to the look of our main index page.  Being 2007, the year of the all-new movie, we thought about giving it a movie theme, but heck it's still 7 long months away, and with everyone ...  (6 comments)
Byrerprime  2007-01-07 2:07 pm   (page update)
Update: Stormbringer synopsis has also been added.

Synopsis for the Infiltration miniseries by IDW has been added to the left side of 2006. More will be added shortly.  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2007-01-06 6:49 am   (page update)
We've been going to Botcon for so many years, it seems like they've been going on since Transformers day 1.  Not true!  The first Botcon (/Exclusive) was started in 1994, a year in which there were fewer than a dozen new-molded TF toys on the store shelves....  Back in 1996, when Botcon was still in its infancy,  the ...  (9 comments)
Xavier6  2007-01-04 4:20 pm

In July 2007 not only will we get TF the Movie, but we will also get as close to a G1 video game here in the states as we are going to get.   In 2001 Japan released a game for PS2.  We never saw it here in the states.  Does anybody know why it wasn't sold domestically?  I heard the game was not bad and if you can

Byrerprime  2007-01-03 8:55 pm
Comic news

G.I. Joe vs. TF: Black Horizons #1 (of 2) ships this week. Catch the five page preview. Anything can happen when the G.I. Joe team and the Transformers meet, and this time - everything does! Joe Colton and Bludgeon! Colonel Hawk and Destro! Optimus Prime and Flint! And, waiting in the wings: Unicron and Cobra-La! No holds barred in ...  (2 comments)
TriPredRavage  2007-01-03 4:12 pm
Hey everybody!  I'm not positive of how new this is, but the voice recordings of Peter Cullen reading the winning lines as Optimus Prime are now up and running at The Transformers Movie Website.  Special thanks to Sandro dB for giving me the heads up.  Happy Listening!!  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2007-01-02 10:36 pm   (page update)
Frank Welker the voice of Megatron...?  It's is more of a question than a statement of fact.  Cheetor2 e-mailed us to point out that in their full current cast listing for Transformers the Movie, shows Frank Welker listed as the voice of Megatron.  Now I remember they had it there previously, then Don Murphy debunked ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2007-01-02 3:32 pm
Update:  Cool, here's a cool TF item being auctioned that's not a movie spoiler!  Alternator's RUMBLE, it takes awhile to download, but on the page, you'll see images of the toy in each mode from different angles.  Looking forward to this one.

Wowza!  Get ready for some Transformers the Movie spoilers!  Or ...  (5 comments)

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