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UK TF Toy releases & Photo album Cybertron : Quickmix

Posted by:
Mighty Maximal at 2007-05-15 4:09 am
Hi, Folks.

I was messing about with my Cybertron Quickmix toy and found lots of cool things you can do with him some not explicitly stated in the instructions and I thought he was just darn cool anyway so I took some photographs HERE take a look if you'd care to check them out.

UK store WOOLWORTHS now has the Transformers Classics : Ultra Magnus Vs Skywarp Twinpack in stock for purchase online or in store HERE, they also have a few other items of interest; Transformers Classics Legends HERE, (including Menasor, Bumblebee, & Whirl) Transformers Titaniums 3" (showing image of) ENERGON SCORPONOK,  and amusingly some TRANSFORMERS BOXER SHORTS - unfortunately they are childrens sizes only but they do feature Movie related decoration, here's an enlarged image THUS.

They also have in store the intial wave of Attacktiks Starter sets have reduced to £3.99 each one sort being Star Wars ones the other being Transformers ones - but they only have one sort of each. Though some Toymaster stores do now sell the blind packaged booster packs as well for £4.99 each.

Some UK ARGOS stores have Cybertron Leader sized Optimus Prime reduced to just £17.49 - but its not available for online purchase - so check your local stores for stock status online to see if they have it - and you may be able to reserve one if you need him still.

UK Toys R Us stores are beginning to stock Movie toys and they have in some stores The Preview figures and the Voyager scale toys thought they are currently listed as out of stock online.

KL said,  - 2007-05-15 12:52:47
Thanks for the update from across the 'pond' MM. What's the release date of TF movie in UK?
Mighty.Maximal said,  - 2007-05-15 16:50:53
Last I heard end of July.
Though there was a rumor it had been brought forward as yet unconfirmed.
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