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Promising Transformers 2 News, And A Possible First Look At Transformers: Animated Megatron

Posted by:
Human Error at 2007-11-23 8:13 pm
Ok boys and girls i hope you all had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Scott Farrar,The visual-effects supervisor and second-unit director on Transformers (2007), told SCI FI Wire a little of what we should expect with Transformers 2 (Due out on June 26, 2009). The date on the article is from early October so, I'm not sure how this flew under our radar.

NightViper over at the Allspark forums posted a picture that could possibly be the "Earth Form" of Transformers: Animated Megatron. Thanks to regular TYscream for the tip.

Sabrblade said,  - 2007-11-23 21:09:33
"There are lots of layers to the story of all these Decepticons, everybody." - does this mean there will be more 'cons in the sequal than the first film?!! Ohhh, threatening!

Also, if that is Megatron, I never would've guessed it. He looks so... different. This should be very... interesting. And that Unicron head look absolutely hilarious! He looks like he is so drunk! LOL XD

Wait a minute!!! What game IS that?!!

EDIT: Nevermind, its TF: Battle Universe for the NetJet, whatever that is.
Tyscream said,  - 2007-11-23 21:20:33
I really can't wait until Transformers animated in December! Also, that TFS 2 news is kinda old.
Mechaburst said,  - 2007-11-24 11:54:35
I'm not so excited about TF animated!, but I'm just wondering if the Transformers ENCORE are coming to the U.S. because I heard that as a rumer!
Jumpercliff said,  - 2007-11-26 18:08:09
Well, that's promising news.
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