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Transformers Breaks Box Office Sales Records, Huge TF Toy Auction

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2007-07-05 3:29 pm
update4:  Fantasy Moguls reports that with the weekend tally, Transformers has now set the 7 day, all time box office record for a non-sequel at 152.5 million!  Great news for all fans hoping for one or more sequels!   They also report 90% rate the film from Excellent to Very Good."  Other box office records Transformers now holds:

• All-time biggest Tuesday ($27.85 million)
• All-time third-best Wednesday ($29.07 million)
• All-time fifth-best Thursday ($19.17 million)
• All-time 16th-best opening three days of release [Tuesday thru Thursday] ($76.1 million)
• All-time 4th-best opening three days of release for a non-sequel [Tuesday thru Thursday] ($76.1 million)
• All-time 12th-best opening four days of release [Tuesday thru Friday] ($98.6 million)
• All-time second-best opening four days of release for a non-sequel [Tuesday thru Friday] ($98.6 million)
• All-time ninth-best opening five days of release [Tuesday thru Saturday] ($124.5 million)
• All-time second-best opening five days of release for a non-sequel [Tuesday thru Saturday] ($124.5 million)
• All-time sixth-best opening six days of release [Tuesday thru Sunday] ($143.7 million)
• All-time second-best opening six days of release for a non-sequel [Tuesday thru Sunday] ($143.7 million)
• All-time sixth-best opening seven days of release [Monday thru Sunday] ($152.5 million)
All-time best opening six days of release for a non-sequel [Monday thru Sunday] ($152.5 million)

How well does it have to do in order to be considered a success in the financial world of Paramount Pictures?  "250 million in domestic box office gross" according to this article on  So far, the movie is well outperforming the 60 million forcast it was projected for its first 6 days of release.

I also found this point/counter-point discussion of the film very interesting. 
...Who do you recommend this to? Who should stay away?

Anyone who is still a child at heart will love this. Anyone who is deluding themselves into thinking that they are still a child at heart when in truth that part of them died a long time ago - they should stay away. This will only serve to remind them how far away from childhood they are.

And even if you've seen the film, this latest interview w/ Shia, is worthwhile, featuring new clips and insights from the actor who brings Sam Witwicky to life.

(Yeah, Transformers, keep on going!   If you haven't seen the film yet, GO on then, get to it and bring lots of friends!  You won't be disappointed.)

And finally, for those fans who loved the Movie, but are lamenting the day they let their parents sold off their toy collection at a garage sale, this is an auction for you!  Pixel7 has sent us a link to his auction for his entire, extensive Transformers collection. You'll find hundreds of lose, complete G1 Autobots, Decepticons, G2, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, G1 boxes, tech specs, instructions, card backer boards, japanese toys and other TF odities.  If you're looking to get back into collecting, here is a great opportunity... I have found that when people sell entire collectioins as a whole, they rarely earn what it's worth.  So, I'm guessing this will end up at a very fair price, considering all that's included.

TriPredRavage said,  - 2007-07-05 18:56:30
Only $255? Holy Crap, that's pretty cheap! I've seen much smaller collections go for much more. Interestingly enough, with the exception to the Japanese Tigatron, I actually have all of the Japanese TF's he's offering... plus I have Lio Convoy. Sadly enough, I actually have the money to afford this collection right now and honestly would if it wasn't going to throw me so many duplicates of figures I already have. Even still, it's a pretty impressive collection. It's pretty cool to see that he has some of the accessory packs you guys've made, too!
Sonicjay said,  - 2007-07-05 19:41:44
I bumped it up some, but I'm already outbid.
Trax said,  - 2007-07-05 20:08:25
Great collection although I too already have most of these. This auction will go for much more than $255 Tri-pred its at $510 now and the reserve is not even met yet with nine days to go. I would not be surprised to see this one go for around $2500 or more.The shipping alone on this collection will be over $500.I wonder what the reseve is? I dont understand people who bump bids with nine days to go, keep the price down as much as possible till the last hour or so. Thats my opinion anyway. Awesome collection though thanks for the info Perceptor. Transformers keep on rocking at the box office.I will throw in my $10 a few more times to help out thats for sure!
Knight wing said,  - 2007-07-06 17:46:54
The auction is now up over $1000. It would take far to long to figure out how much this collection is actually worth, but my best guess off the top of my head is over $4000. Were I trying to collect g1 toys I'd even bid $4000. This is a great collection if you don't have many g1 figs, or are looking to turn around and peice it out.
Byrer prime said,  - 2007-07-07 11:02:10
My wife and a friend with her teenage daughter saw it Friday night and said it was awesome. My wife said she has to stop making fun of my TF obsession now.
Knight wing said,  - 2007-07-07 16:14:35
Oricle and I are going to see it on thursday for a date night. It could quite possibly be the best day of my life so far. After all I get to see one love on the big screen with the other love sitting next to me.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2007-07-07 21:13:47
I just saw it for the second time, and I gotta say I liked it more the second time just because any questions I had from the first viewing were answered in my second. For example, I didn't see Barricade die the first time and I thought he made it out. This time, I saw Ironhide kill him like he was a rag doll. God I love this movie!
Tffan'85 said,  - 2007-07-07 21:37:42
I just came back from the movies and I got only one thing to say. OMFG!!! I thought it was GREAT. I can't wait to hear of the sequel and to hear who and what Transformers are going to be in it. The transformation from car to robot was great. The sound effects were awesome. I wasn't disappointed at all.
Perceptor said,  - 2007-07-07 22:34:59
I like the film more every time I see it. The first time I saw it and the action-sequence-filled-conclusion, my senses were overwhelmed. Even though I knew all the characters well, it's like my eyes/brain couldn't keep up. By the time the film reached its end, I was in an awe-struck stupor. The second viewing, I kept up but still missed a lot. The third time I start catching some of the nuances and wow loved every minute; more and more every time.

Since I still haven't caught the demise of Barricade you mention TPR, I guess I better get to a theater again real soon! Did everyone catch the part where Jazz grabs the turret of Brawl(/Devastator?) and flips up, it's a total homage to the original animated TFTM when Kup does the exact same maneuver to Blitzwing????

Another observation: Hugo Weaving as Megatron was NOTHING what I expected. I had imagined the voice of "V". Cool, calm, collected and silky smooth, not raspy at all. What we got was 180 degrees different. With all due respect to Frank Welker (you know, I love the guy) but in my opinion, Hugo Weaving today shounded more like the Frank Welker Megatron of 25 years ago, than Frank Welker of today. Loved his portrayal.

The film rocks, Rocks, ROCKS!
TriPredRavage said,  - 2007-07-08 12:00:11
Yeah, Ironhide basically snaps him in half when Sam is trying to get to that building with the Allspark. Blackout is closing in and Ironhide rushes in front of Sam and in that moments grabs a police car, he breaks it in half and really quickly you see it was actually Barricade. It happened so fast that if you aren't specifically looking for it, you probably wouldn't see it, I know I didn't. In your next viewing, watch for it, it's pretty awesome.

Did you guys catch the 3 non-Transformers refferneces? The kid running by yelling "This is 100 times cooler than Armagedon!" Sam saying to agent Simmons about aliens "What like ET?" And the hacker guy and his cousin entering "the Matrix"? I loved it! Bay, Spielberg, and Weaving all got their own little nods in the film, I thought it was genious.
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2007-07-09 10:24:47
"This is 100 times cooler than Armagedon!" I thought he was saying "This is 100 times cooler than Andromeda!"

Secondly is there anyone else who loved the part when Bumblebee "peed" on the Sector 7 guy, my family couldn't stop laghing. Or the part when Sam's mom was talking to him about "Sam's Happy Time" and the expression on her face when she saw how hot Mekayla was.

One of the only other dislikes I had was after the dessert part you never saw Scorp... again just left him out in the blue for him to some how come back in a sequel.
sithlordsmart said,  - 2007-07-09 19:12:10
I just hope megatron comes back as megatron and not the reformated galvatron persona
Autobutt said,  - 2007-07-10 11:13:03
im gettin a little nervous cuz harry potter is lookin really good right now
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