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News of 2011:
Perceptor  2011-11-26 5:32 pm   (page update)
Perceptor, Omega Supreme, Shockwave and more!  Major updates await you in the classic era of 1985.  45 totally all-new character pages have been given the new format treatment, are now comprised of: 
* toy galleries of over 900 (new) high rez images
* links to instructions, reviews and package art
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Perceptor  2011-09-22 4:35 pm
Check it out!  The 1985 Transformers Section has received the "new (format) treatment!"  Now available for your permanent reference and viewing pleasure, we have added plot summary and high-rez screen captures from each of the 48 episodes of G1, season 2.  This new database of over 8,000 images(!!!) is a great
Perceptor  2011-06-08 10:47 am   (page update)
The 2011 Events Section, has been updated with notes taken at the Hasbro new product panel presentation. Included you will find high res galleries of Kre-O, Rescue Bots, Dark of the Moon and store exclusive figures as well as those toys on display from Transformers Prime. Pictures included everything on display at the Hasbro ...  (comments in forum)
Brian  2011-05-09 9:16 am   (page update)
See complete posting with comments in the FORUMS.


Our all-new Transformers Reviews & Sightings area has been completely remade, from the ground up. It's been months in the making and it's finally live today! We wanted it live in time for the new waves of DOTM toys (due 5/16), already starting to be found! Everything is ...  (comments in forum)
Swindle  2011-04-27 1:14 pm
This is barely news, but here it is anyway! Famed animation artist Derrick J. Wyatt has updated his blog with new drawings of Sari and a new Shattered Glass version of Sari! This is a small preview of his illustration in the Transformers Generations 2011 Vol. 1 that was released today in Japan.

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Perceptor  2011-03-04 12:30 am   (page update)'s 1984 Transformers Section has been totally revamped and upgraded to the new infrastructure system!  While it is still not a "finished product" (meaning: several improvements to "the system" are still in the works!) we thought it's about time we bring it to your attention.  This is what you'll find:

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TriPredRavage  2011-02-16 8:59 am

We've seen in the pics from Toyfair that Hasbro will be launching the Kre-O line with Transformers.  Thanks to this report from MSNBC, we get a little bit more insight into the line and other things.  According to the report:

*The initial line will launch with 12 Transformers.
*Each Transformers Kre-O will come with two sets of

Perceptor  2011-02-14 7:34 pm   (page update)
The complete report from ToyFair 2011, in New York City is now online.  You'll find it in the Events tab of our 2011 Section.  Within, you'll find detailed notes from the Hasbro team leader presentations (Star Wars, Marvel and GIJoe as well as Transformers...) and high resolution images from the showroom floor ...  (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2011-02-07 5:12 pm   (page update)
Check out the Interviews section of 2011 where you will find our conversation with Transformers Exodus Author, Alex Irvine! Within, he shares his thoughts on Wolverines football, the challenges of writing Transformers continuity: Minicons, The Original 13, Megatron & Orion Pax, and his next book, a sequel to Exodus!

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Perceptor  2011-01-30 5:59 pm has done it again! Leaking photos of what appears to be an all new mold of (MechTech) Barricade. Check out all the sweet new pix below!  (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2011-01-30 4:07 pm
Japanese fansite Autobase Ichi, has posted resin model images of what appears to be, Generations Warpath! As reported by, these images were submitted to the Japanese patent office for approval! -Wierd! If so, I wonder why so many other toys haven't ever shown up for a similar purpose? Whatever the reason, we get a sweet sneak peak of ...  (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2011-01-28 7:19 am
An interesting image has appeared on the Takara-Tomy Blog showing a Bumblebee Camaro *with* his "MechTech" weapon! Could this mean that all these toy gimmicks will actually show up live in the film?

Would Mike Bay want to show a bunch of his hot cars driving down the freeway with laser cannons mounted on the roof like that? Or is this simply a
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Sabrblade  2011-01-26 11:49 pm
Well, it would seem that nearly every Dark of the Moon figure we've seen thus far has decided to all gather together for a nice big group shot picture. One big dysfunctional family.

But seriously folks, this is one grand get-together of new toys not-yet-released. Our good buddy has the image of all these new toys
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Sabrblade  2011-01-26 11:29 pm
Calling all Transfans. We have an announcement. The theme for the 2011 BotCon convention has finally been unveiled!

Thanks to the Botcon's Twitter page, there have been several hints as to what the theme for this year's convention would be like. Many guesses ranged from Generations, to Reveal the Shield, to Animated, to Shattered Glass, to even
...  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2011-01-26 11:17 pm
Remember that one listing that mentioned a new Warpath figure was to come in a later wave of either the Generations or Reveal the Shield toylines? Well, now we've got what could possibly be our first look at this new Warpath figure in Tank Mode, thanks to

He appears to be some sort of H-Tank a la Armada Megatron
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Sabrblade  2011-01-26 11:09 pm
Can't get enough of the last images we saw of Dark of the Moon Shockwave? You're in luck, because several brand new images of DOTM Shockwave have shown up once again on

This time, we see several shots of his Robot And Vehicle modes from all sides and angles (except the bottom). These images show how his cannon is placed on his arm
...  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2011-01-26 8:03 am
Kapow-Toys has comprised a list of many of the upcoming Dark of the Moon toyline products revealed at the UK Toy Fair. This list consists of the Mechtech Deluxe/Voyager/Leaders assortments, Ultimate Optimus Prime, the Cyberverse Legion/Commander/Action Set assortments, the Cyberverse Ark Playset, Robo Fighters, Activators, Go-Bots, ...  (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2011-01-25 7:42 pm
Various sites including ‪TVGuide‬ and ‪MSN‬ have new listings with episode titles and summary for the next few episodes of Transformers: Prime! After Darkness Rising 1-5 we get:

6. Master and Students: Starscream uses a distraction to find something far more intriguing.
7. Scrap Heap: Bumblebee and Ratchet eliminate a swarm of
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Sabrblade  2011-01-24 7:12 am
It has been known for quite some time that none other than the fan-favorite Decepticon mad scientist Shockwave would be the one of (if not the) primary antagonists of the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie, but thus far, all we had ever really seen of him were some silhouettes and a cutout of his head.

At long last, we finally
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Sabrblade  2011-01-23 6:46 pm
Still on the fence about which version of Grapple you'd like to purchase? If you've got the cash, but still can't decide, take a look at this. HK-TF has comparison images of the Reveal the Shield Voyager Solar Storm Grappel figure with its United counterpart UN-11 Autobot Grapple.

The main differences between the two are that Grappel has a
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Sabrblade  2011-01-23 5:42 pm
The Transformers: United toyline continues to go on strong with its figures and special exclusives. Among those exclusives are the Autobot and Decepticon United 3-packs from e-Hobby. e-Hobby has updated their order pages for these 3-packs to include images of their packaging artwork.

The Autobot Set shows Hot Rodimus, Autobot
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Sabrblade  2011-01-23 4:08 pm
More images of upcoming toys for the Dark of the Moon toyline have surfaced over at

First, they have two images of five figures: The green NASCAR Wrecker, the Human Alliance buggy, Deluxe Starscream, Deluxe "Dread", and Voyager Optimus Prime.

Next, they have some comparison images of the new DOTM skids figure with the ROTF
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Obsidian  2011-01-21 7:54 pm
Today, we are unveiling our all new upgraded forum featuring a cleaner, more organized, and full screen (variable width) forum theme. Along with this forum upgrade, we wanted to give you all a heads up that soon we will be making an upgrade to our news system which will be bringing some significant changes to both how news posts are handled
Sabrblade  2011-01-20 9:13 pm has clear close up images of the upcoming Generations Thundercracker figure. A redeco of the Classics Starscream mold (for the eigthteenth time!), this figure sports a color scheme that is similar to that of both the BotCon 2007 Timelines Thundercracker and the Henkei! Henkei! Thundercracker figures, while still different ...  (12 comments)
Obsidian  2011-01-20 3:12 pm
We have been invited to a special Hasbro Q&A Bonus round, this time with teams at The Hub and Hasbro Studios, to ask our ONE burning question relating to TF: Prime. So, what's your one burning question? We've got 24 hours to submit a question, so, "put your thinking cap on" and let the questions begin.  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2011-01-20 11:56 am
In an attempt to bring up to speed on the news, we present not one, not two, but three news stories regarding the latest Transformers franchises - Masterpiece, Dark of the Moon, and Reveal the Shield.

First, brand new images of Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy figure have appeared at These images show some of the figure's
Sabrblade  2011-01-20 12:04 am
And the redecos with remolded heads continue! This time, it's Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime (G2 Laser Rod body) who's remolded head get revealed in his instructions. The image can be viewed over at The Allspark Forums, thanks to David "Walky" Willis of Shortpacked! and As to who Optimus is getting remolded into, well...

Sabrblade  2011-01-19 10:11 am
More and more images of upcoming Dark of the Moon toys just keep pouring out into the Internet. This time, eBay Australia has auctions showing the Robot Modes of the previously seen Starscream and Decepticon SUV/"Dread" figures. However, it would appear that Starscream is horribly mistransformed, and the Dread figure (which actually does ...  (6 comments)
Sabrblade  2011-01-18 1:54 pm
Following up from the last rundown of DOTM toys comes a few more to look at.

First a new mold of Skids has shown up on He sports his new movie color scheme, a rear spoiler, and a Robot Mode that's noticeably a new mold.

Second, Yahoo! Japan has an auction of what appears to be a redecoed Mechtech version of Deluxe Jolt.
Sabrblade  2011-01-18 12:48 pm
Yahoo! Japan has an auction for the rare Million Publishing exclusive Elite Guard Optimus Prime of the Japanese Transformers Animated toyline. His color scheme doesn't appear to be a homage to anything noticeable, though it's the same one as the EZ/Legends Class version also sold exclusively in Japan.  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2011-01-18 9:05 am
Forget the rubsigns, the gimmick of today's toys appears to be Hasbro's love of giving redecoed figures remolded heads, and then revealing them ahead of time within the pre-molded figure's instructions. This time, Wreck-Gar is the one to be given this treatment, thanks to an image found at TFW2005.

While many of us are aware of the
Sabrblade  2011-01-17 9:27 pm
Thanks to Amazon Japan, we finally have some real official images of the third wave of the Transformers: United toyline. This includes UN-15 Autobot Perceptor, UN-16 Autobot Blurr, UN-17 Autobot Kup, and UN-18 Wreck-Gar. Previously, most official images were just rehashes of their Hasbro counterparts, but these are ...  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2011-01-16 12:11 pm
All about the Internet, images of several upcoming toys for the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toyline have begun to surface. what we have provided here is a rundown of several DOTM figures that we have had yet to report here, all of which come from Yahoo! Japan, RinkYa, HK-TF, and/or

First, Yahoo! Japan has auctions with images of:
Sabrblade  2011-01-15 1:15 pm
Herocomplex has posted a new interview film director Michael Bay, who talks about how he's learned from the mistakes made in ROTF--fully admitting that, despite its commercial success, ROTF was "kind of a mess"--and plans to have DOTM done right in a way that makes you forget the ROTF movie.

He says that they're going back to basics with DOTM,
Sabrblade  2011-01-13 11:38 pm
Longtime visitors of may remember our 2003 accessory item, the Unicron Stand, which was designed with the intention of enabling the Unicron figure to stand up properly in its Planet Mode.

Fast forward to 2011 and another third-party group, Brownnoise Productions, has created their own stand for Unicron: the Throne of Chaos.
Perceptor  2011-01-12 10:03 pm
Jim Sorenson of Allspark Almanac (and other TF publications) has updated his blog with some very cool, official, extended character bios for the G1 original "Wreckers" Whirl and Roadbuster!  Check'm out HERE.  (2 comments)
Sabrblade  2011-01-11 1:18 pm
You are reading that title right. There is evidence that two new toylines are drawing nearer and nearer to their release dates. First, has leaked a listing sheet of the first wave of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toyline onto the Internet, which has been mirrored in such places as and

The listings
Sabrblade  2011-01-11 11:10 am
YouTube reviewer Peaugh has gotten his hands on the FansProject Shadow Scyther upgrade kit and has put up a review of it. Shadow Scyther, a redeco/retool of the Protector armor, is intended for both the Shattered Glass Rodimus figure and the Gentei! Gentei! Wildrider figure. Though, this review shows that it seems as though Shadow Scyther was ...  (2 comments)
Sabrblade  2011-01-09 12:16 pm
Sad news. According to the LA Times, another voice actor of the Generation 1 cartoon has passed on. Aron Kincaid had been the voice behind the original Sky-Lynx character, known for his vanity and his space shuttle/bird/lynx/not-robot configuration. He had also starred in other roles in several 1960's "beach" movies, the voice of Killer Croc on ...  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2011-01-08 8:44 am
It would appear that the Generations line will continue to live long and prosper into 2011 as UPC codes for at least two new figures have been discovered in a Wal-Mart computer system. Specifically, the two that have been discovered are for Warpath and Arcee! 

And what's more interesting is where this information originates from.
Perceptor  2011-01-07 9:30 pm
UPDATE: images are now mirrored in forums.

You may recall back in September, our report from the set of DOTM, filming in Detroit, MI included pictures of the team of Decepticon Troopers (various sites now refer to their unconfirmed title of "Dread, Dreads or Dreadbots").  To our delight, a few photos of the ...  (comments in forum)
DocWho  2011-01-07 9:38 am
TFSource has updated their Facebook page with some pictures of the limited run Fansproject upgrade kit Shadow Scyther in trailer mode, with its accessories also pictured. In case these pictures, especially that bad ass sword, sold you on the kit, stay tuned to TFSource to see if any sets are left for you to snatch up!  (5 comments)
Sabrblade  2011-01-06 3:17 pm
Ladies and gentlemen, what you're about to see may bring about mixed reactions. Ever hear of a guy called LittleKuriboh? How about Team Four Star? For those of you unaware, these are the people behind such anime parody series as Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series and Dragonball Z: Abridged. Inspired by the works of these people, another parody series ...  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2011-01-06 9:15 am
FansProject has updated their site with more info on their Causality figures, as well as listing some future products to come. 

They've gotten more images of their Warcry and Flameblast remolded redecos of Munitioner and Explorer respectively. They've also revealed the names of the next three figures in the Causalty line: CA-03
Sabrblade  2011-01-04 10:36 pm
Another new addition to the third live action Transformers film, Dark of the Moon, has been revealed in an article at This article states that Bill Fagerbakke, known as the voice of the Transformers Animated iteration of Bulkhead, is to join the movie's cast of voice actors in the role of "an animated Chevy Impala stock car ...  (9 comments)
Sabrblade  2011-01-03 4:05 pm
The airdate for episode 6 of the Transformers: Prime animated series has been revealed to be February 11, 2011 at 4:30p.m. ET


New Episode of Popular Series to Premiere February 11; Preceded by Encore of Highly Rated “Transformers Prime” Mini-Series

LOS ANGELES, Ca. – The Hub, a
Sabrblade  2011-01-02 3:51 pm
TFW2005 user omega_prime has revealed several toy listings for the upcoming DOTM toyline and the Hasbro version of the Masterpiece Rodimus toy. His post says that he's a Toys'R'Us employee and that these come from a UK Toys'R'Us' computer system. He also goes further on to say that the Hasbro Masterpiece Rodimus toy is listed as a ...  (6 comments)

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