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7/10   Shadow in the Sky reaches its climactic conclusion (unfortunately) in the just updated Computer Comics page.
7/10   Chris Rabenberg sent us an interesting e-mail saying that during D&D on Fox this Sat. they announced that BEAST MACHINES SEASON 2 will premiere August 5th!  Can any of you confirm this?!  They also said they will show the 13 best BMach episodes starting Monday.  He also mentioned that he saw a Supreme Cheetor at the Sioux Falls ToysRUs!  Any other sightings?
7/7   Japanese Department updated!  More toy stores found!
7/4   You'll find MANY "new" additions in "Your Section" of the Alterations Page.  Take your time and make sure to hit them all! 
7/4   The BMach 2000 page has been updated again w/ new box/toy pics of the Beast Riders toys.  Happy 4th of July to all the Americans!  To all you non-americans, sorry you're out there having to work, attend classes...  We'll have a cold one for you! ;)
7/3   The BMach 2000 page has been updated with new box/toy pics of the deployers.
6/28   Sa-weeeeeeet!!!!  According to an article in Toyfare #36, August 2000 the TF "Team Leader" at Hasbro is quoted as saying, "We are seeing quite a resurgence of interest in the '80's-style Transformers line.  We can't reveal any details yet, but we are definately planning to offer '80's style items in the future.  G1 Optimus Prime is a prime candidate," no pun intented!  :)  Can it be?!  The thought of our favorite original characters brought back to life (even in totally new forms) makes our hearts go pitter-patter!  How cool would it be to see G1 characters brought to life by Mainframe!  Keep those fingers crossed!  
6/28   Our thanks to Zac Shipley who told us about an interesting discussion taking place on a TF message board.  Spqqky, famous auctioner of new TF's before they're in stores (& our source for the Ultra Jetstorm below) is considering a different site to post new tech spec & toy pics.  We'd just like to extend a sincere thank you to all those who knew about this and put in a good word for us.  We appreciate all of your kind words.  Oh, and feel free to keep votin'!  :)
6/23   Everything you ever wanted to know about the soon to be in stores ULTRA JETSTORM, can be seen in his all new page linked to in the now updated Beast Machines 2000 page!  Sorry our review page is down, suffice it to say that we are VERY impressed with this figure!  We all agree, he is by far the best BMach figure we've ever seen.  His Jet mode looks exactly like the shows and while the bot mode doesn't look exact, there's nothing that a little 'alterin' can't fix!  Have a happy weekend everybody! 
6/22   The computer comics page has been updated with Act 4 of Defiant's Shadow in the Sky!
6/19   Soundwave is back as a Beast Wars Mutant!  See pics of him the newly updated  BMachTF page
6/12   Beast Machines 2000 page has been updated w/ pics of Nightscream and Supreme Cheetor.
6/10   The illustrations and writing just keep getting better and better as ACT 3 of Shadow in the Sky has now been added to the Computer Comics Page!  So what if us U.S. TF fans have to wait until September to see BMach Season 2 on tv?!  We've got these great new stories to keep us occupied! :)  Enjoy!  We sure did!  :)  You'll also find a new 'Note from the Creator" page and link to his all new Message Board!
6/10   More new box pics have been added in the 1987 TF page.
6/10  I found new Beast Wars Mutant "Icebird" at a Walmart in Wausau, Wisconsin yesterday.
6/8  Beast Machines 2000 page has been updated w/ box pics and newly done character pages for the awesome new Geckobot and Quickstrike, in 'some' stores now! ;) 
6/7  I found new BMach figures Geckobot/Quickstrike at a Walmart in West Des Moines, IA yesterday.  Pics should be up soon. Happy huntin!
6/5   Bad news... Due to overwhelming congestion on our server, we are currently not taking any POP account requests.  We are very sorry.  The good news, however, is that we still except aliases.  So, bring 'em on!
6/2   A wise ole bot once said, "Until the day, till all are one!"  In that spirit, we have created the new Unicron.com E-mail Accounts Page!  Think about it, any old jerk can have an ...@aol.com or ...@hotmail.com... screen name!  (I'm not calling you a jerk. I'm just pointing out that anyone can have those lame suffixes!)  BUT now you can have your very own ...@unicron.com screen name, yours to keep, free of charge, forever!  Enjoy and have a nice weekend.
5/30  Dru sent us a little further update pertaining to the Transmetals Video Game for the Sony Playstation.  Check out THIS  cool page for cool pics and sound files!
5/29  The Fan Made Computer Comics page has been updated w/ newly edited Act 1 pages and "Shadow in the Sky, Act 2" is up and running for your viewing pleasure!  Enjoy and let us know what you think!
5/28  See pics of new TF2000 prototypes added in the TF Japan section including "god Maximus" "Indyheat," "Wreckerhook" and 4 other new (combining) Cybertron Construction vehicles!  Sa-weeeeet!
5/28   According to Aaron, there might be another new BW video game in 2001! Plot... is unknown but it is scheduled to be released Sept 2001 for the Playstation 2. He came upon this info at a local Electronics Boutique when a store clerk showed him a list of games set to be released in the next 2 years. Here's hoping!
5/28  Check out the new the Beast Wars Mutants Poison Bite and Razor Claw pages in the just updated BMach 2000 page.
5/28  (In my continuing effort to to redeem myself for that April Fools gag! :) I'm eagerly telling you all to check out some nice pics/review of Supreme Cheetor on Rhinox-Trion's page!
5/27  See pics of new TF2000 prototypes added in the TF Japan section including "god Maximus" "Indyheat," "Wreckerhook" and 4 other new (combining) Cybertron Construction vehicles!  Sa-weeeeet!
5/24  Many updates to the TF Japan section.  New box pics; Shopping guide; & more. 
5/21  As a teaser to the great things to come in "Shadow in the Sky" and to commemorate the new organization/listings of the Beast Wars figures by year, I've updated the BW98 page with an all new Skyshadow page.
5/20  More box pics have been added in the 1987 TF page, 1988 TF page, 1989 TF page, 1990 TF page.
5/9  If you've ever wondered what it might have been like for the Fuzor Sky Shadow to have been in the Beast Wars television show then this is for you! :)  We would like to announce the GRAND OPENING of a new section of unicron.com, the "Computer Comics" page, a forum for fanfic writer/illustrators to share their talents and projects w/ the rest of Transformers fandom.  Just like a comic, you'll have to "tune in next week (or two!) for the next exciting edition of..." :)  but unlike a comic, this is totally FREE! :)   You'll find this page permanently linked to in the left column of our main page.  On it, you'll be able to see Act 1 of "Shadow in the Sky" written & illustrated by Defiant@uncron.com.  In addition, we've also incorporaed the outstanding work of writer David R. & illustrator Jason M and their intrepretation of what the Beast Wars Season 3 show "Dark Glass" might have been.  These folks have all done a great service to fans in putting this together.  We hope you enjoy and please send feedback!
--on a side note, I'll be on vacation for the next ~9 days and won't be able to respond to e-mails until after I get back.   Hope you enjoy, talk to you then!  ( ( Oh, and BTW, while we are very excited and proud about the "Computer Comics" page, this is NOT, the "most ambitious/ exciting" project we elluded to on 4/30!  You're going to have to keep waiting for that! :) )
5/8  This weekend we FINALLY found Thrust and Black Arachnia at a KMart in Apple Valley, MN.  We've received quite a few reports about them popping up across the country (Florida, Pennyslvania, Arizona, Wisconsin) mostly at K-Marts but also in a few WalMarts as well.
5/7  In favor of a higher rezolution non-animated banner, we've replaced the animated .gif at the top of our main page.  What do you think?   We've also given our main page a slightly new organization by combining the BWshow and BWtoy pages and listing each year individually like the G1 TF pages.  There's still a TON of work to be done but the BW 96, 97, 98 & 99 pages have each received minor editing which should help w/ download time.
4/30  Exciting news!  Over the last few months we've formed partnerships w/ some of the best TF fan/computer artists around the world!  We can't tell you about our most ambitious project (YET!)  BUT, there is one project we can give you a little teaser on.  It's called "Shadow in the Sky" & it's a 3D computer animated comic written/drawn by Richard F. Suarez!
4/30  The Beast Machines Page has been updated w/ pics subagsingh sent me of Thrust in bot mode, Quickstrike & Geckobot's Tech Specs, & a pic from the back of Supreme Cheetor's box..  You 'll find these and several other new pictures I've picked up on Thrust's page, (the new) Quickstrike page, (the new) Geckobot Page, and Supreme Cheetor's Page.
4/30  According to Drew there are new TF shirts popping up at Suncoast stores that feature the box art for TF: The Movie. There was also a Grimlock shirt which featured a red outlined Grimlock on it.  They also had the 3 new TF videos: VOL. 4, 5, & 6.
4/30   Myke Dayton found a site for Leftfield (the group that made the opening theme for Beast Machines "Phat Planet") at http://www.leftfield-online.com/. They have an addition to the site that lets you remix the song in the EXTRAS section, it requires shockwave. Thought you might like to check it out.
4/30  You'll find more new listings in our Links page!
4/23  Well in case you didn't notice (& I'd be surprised if you didn't!) we added a new banner to the main page featureing an animated 3D graphic of the infamous "Key to Vector Sigma."  We chose this "Key" because it bridges TF generations all the way from G1 to Beast Machines.  What do yo think?  Hopefully it doesn't take you too long to download.  BTW more actual updates are coming soon! :)
4/18  Check out the Japanese TF page, where Brian  has added several new pics of the new "Transformers Car Robots" line.
4/16  Several additions in the Beast Machines page.   Including box pic and character page added for Snarl (thanks to subagsingh) BA box pic, more comin' soon...
4/17  Thanks to vhyper for sending me a box pic of his Quickswitch which has been added to the '88 TF's page.  Any other folks out there w/ in-package pics they could share?
Here's a new list of the pics we still need. Thank you for your help. It's much appreciated.
1987: Computron, Afterburner, Strafe, Grandslam/Raindance, Skullcruncher, Misfire, Slugslinger, Abominus, Blot, Slugfest/Overkill, SnapDragon, Cuttthroat
1988: Cloudburst, Groundbreaker, Catilla, Beastbox/Squaktalk, Fangry, Horribull, Windsweeper, Bugly, Skullgrin, Carnavak
1989: Doubleheadder, Pincher, Classic Pretenders Jazz, Grimlock, Bumblebee, Crossblades, Vroom, Skyhammer, Race Car Patrol, Sports Car Patrol, Erector, Ironworks, Bludgeon, Octopunch, Stranglehold, Roadblock, Flattop, Roughstuff
1990: Hotrod Patrol, Astro Squad, MetroSquad, Actionmaster Overrun, Battle Squad, Cannon Transport, Anti-aircraft base.   THANKS AGAIN!
4/16  Guess what! I've added even more addtions in the Links page!
4/14  Well the Beast Wars Mutants have been popping up a few places across the country.  Check out the Beast Machines Page for the new additions.  The pictures aren't great but hey, I didn't take them!  They're mostly from a few guys trying to peddle 'em on ebay.
4/14  I've also opened up the Transformers 1989 page for the first time.   There aren't any individual character pages (yet) but at least those interested can see box pictures of most of that year's crop of Transformers and the covers to the TF comic issues 54-61!  I've also made many additions (more box pictures) in the TF1990 page and the 1988, & 1987.
4/4  Okay, the gig's up!  It's time for me to beg your forgiveness! :)  Much to my chagrin, my bro, Jason did NOT find Supreme Cheetor!  :(  I put up the gag announcement because I thought it would be hysterical for Jason to get home from his spring break vacation to find his mailbox overflowing with dozens of requests for pics of Supreme Cheetor! (Oh BTW, I was right.  That was funny! :) LOL
On the other hand, my apologies do go out to all of you regular visitors of our sight.  It was, afterall, April Fools Day & I was feeling mischievous!   I am sorry, so please stop w/ the hate mail!  :)  As before, we'll continue to post only the most reliable info from now on!  I promise. (Well, except maybe next April 1st!) Okay? Let me make it up to you... 
4/4    Our Alterations Page has several updates:
- BHens has made alts of many Beast Machines characters like Jetstorm, Nightscream, Tankor, Thrust, TM2 Megatron and yes, Silverbolt (as hard as we try to keep BMach Season 2 spoiler info off this page I couldn't omit this creation!  What can I say? It's pretty cool!)
- Richard Suarez a 3d computer modeler created his own Beast Machines Silverbolt, the way he would like to see the character portrayed.  It's very impressive.   Check it out!
- I've added links to other alts pages:  TF Kitbash page & Zobovor's Kitbashes
- And MY latest alteration: TIGERHAWK!   It's not my best or most ambitious project, but I think it turned out okay.  No, I didn't make the blue parts purple, but I did add subtle accents to the bot head to make his teeth and steel lines stand out.  I gave bot/beast eyes a similar look as the post-Vok-possessed form, I gave the talons color similiar to the show & gave the tiger head a steel shaped/colored brow and a furry look above.
4/4    The Beast Machines Page has a few interesting additions with info & image links from Previews Mag about the Deployers and Beast Riders Figures.
4/4    Check out this rumor we saw on TFExtreme!   I'm not holding my breath btw, but if there's even a shred of truth in any part of it then we'll be happy!
"...The latest in the 'TF movie rumor mill' has Beast Machines' release date set for October 11, 2000 - from The Internet Movie Database:
Description:  Just when Optimus Primal thinks that Megatron has gained the upper hand and will have total control over Cybertron, some faces from the past return to help save their planet. At long last Optimus Primal and Optimus Prime meet each other and fight side by side against the Vehicon menace..."
IF, and that's one huge IF a BMach movie is being made, I highly doubt they'd release it in the middle of when BMach Season 2 is airing!  But what do I know!
4/4    Our Links Page also has a few great new additions.
4/4    AND if you're STILL mad, then click HERE and at least you can see pics of Supreme Cheetor on Ben Yee's page!  :)
4/1    I fond Obsidian and Longhorn at a Target north of Minneapolis.  Check out the newly updated Beast Machines Page w/ all new pics of Longhorn and Obsidian!
3/23    Among other updates in the BMach Page, you'll find everything there is to know/ see w/ the new Dinobots! Airraptor, Dinotron, Striker & Triceradon.  They're AWESOME but how much cooler would it be if they were named Swoop, Sludge, Snarl and Slag!  Oh well!

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