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News of 2009:
Sabrblade  2009-12-24 11:11 pm
We at want to wish you all a Happy Holidays. The year 2009 has almost come to a close.

This year, we received the final episodes of the Transformers Animated cartoon, several new toys from its toyline (more to come in 2010), the last few waves of the Transformers Universe toyline (which began in 2008 and will return in a newly-titled ...  (23 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-12-22 10:52 pm
BotCon 2010's location has finally been revealed:

"The Transformers Collectors' Club is happy to bring you this Christmas wish: Join us at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel and Convention Center for BotCon 2010 June 24-27, 2010!..."

Continue reading in the forum.
Jason  2009-12-18 1:25 pm   (page update)
Our special surprise is live and fully loaded! Head over to the Events and Interviews Section to check out our tripple play interview with Hasbro, Activision, and Full Moon Studios, loaded with new and exciting information about Transformers: War for Cybertron. Don't forget to click on the pictures to see them in their crisp ...  (8 comments)
Jason  2009-12-18 3:48 am
Hey folks, we've got a special surprise that has been in the works this whole week long. All I can say is that we have an immense and awesome post in store for you, and it is set to be automatically posted at 10AM PST to our Events & Interviews Section. You don't want to miss this...  (6 comments)
Mainframe  2009-12-16 7:24 pm
Triple the goodness this week!

The annual Botcon comic reprinted and distributed by Diamond
Transformers Timelines - Wings of Honor - $4.95
Bonus inside is a Universe layout bio of the upcoming figure Dion

Transformers - Bumblebee #1 -$ 3.99

Transformers - Ongoing #2 - $3.99

As always, looking for your opinion on the new ongoing
Jason  2009-12-16 1:31 pm

In an official press release today we learn a lot more about the upcoming video game "Transformers: War for Cybertron". Read the press release on our Events/Interviews section to see the press release along with the render of cybertron and logo that were included.

Perceptor  2009-12-13 8:48 pm
Over the years, we Transformers fans have seen news/rumors come and go, some laced with truth, other stuff: total bunk!  Keep that in mind as you read the following!, has a mind boggling thread, with commentary by a guy who claims to have been privy to a conversation between the Michael Bay camp and Hasbro, following the
Jason  2009-12-11 8:12 pm
As previously reported, has now posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming "Transformers: The War For Cybertron" videogame. Check it out, then let us know what you think back at the forum. Sign up to receive ongoing information via email at the videogame's official website.  (14 comments)
Perceptor  2009-12-09 7:39 am
Moonbase2 has been gettin'R-done, breaking what little news there is to share on the future of Transformers, this time in a podcast interview with G1 veteran voice actor Michael Bell (Prowl, Firstaid, Swoop, Scrapper, Bombshell...)  We've known for awhile there will be a new series.  Now we've learned:

* casting is
Jason  2009-12-09 2:07 am
News regarding Activision's upcoming non-movie related Transformers Videogame "Transformers: The War For Cybertron" explodes onto the scene today when we unexpectedly see info and characters pics galore in this month's issue of Game Informer Magazine. Check out the associated thread on to catch a glimpse at scans of the ...  (8 comments)
Jason  2009-12-09 1:20 am
At, we are thrilled to periodically receive high-res promo pics from Hasbro of upcoming figures. This time around we get to see: Armorhide, Autobot Wheelie, Human Alliance Barricade & Decepticon Frenzy, Bluesteel Sideswipe, Dirge, Soundwave, Tuner Mudflap, and Alliance Bumblebee.
Sabrblade  2009-12-08 7:34 am
At long last, it looks as though Japan, the land of the rising sun, will be finally getting their share of the great Transformers Animated franchise in March 2010.

The Famitoy blog reports the following lineup for the March-April 2010 TakaraTomy Transformers Animated toyline...

Absolutely continue reading in the forum!!!  (13 comments)
Perceptor  2009-12-05 3:50 pm
Hey everybody, I need help coming up with questions for the Hasbro Q&A. Submit your questions below (as news comment or preferrably as forum post) and I will take the best 3 and send them straight to Hasbro on Monday morning.  So, you have the floor, and Hasbro's attention, what do you want to know?  (33 comments)
Perceptor  2009-12-05 3:38 pm
On the topic of Transformers Animated, has placed our Accessory Set #6, on holiday sale for just $23.99.  Grab one while you can, when this batch is sold out, they'll be sold out for good!  (6 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2009-12-04 5:01 pm
Not to make a habit of this but you know who (peaugh) has two new video of long anticipated figures and showing them of in all their glory. I am talking about Transformers: Animated Arcee and Cybertron mode Rachet.  (6 comments)
Anonymous  2009-12-03 9:31 pm
TFW2005 has posted some publicity photos of the forthcoming Human Alliance Mudflap, complete with Chromia and Agent Simmons.  They also have shots of HA Barricade with Frenzy.  Keep'm comin' Hasbro!  The Human Alliance line has the seal of approval; fo' shizzle!  (10 comments)
Anonymous  2009-12-02 7:14 pm reports that the latest issue of GameInformer Magazine lists among its rumors that Activision may be working on a new Transformers video game that is not tied directly to the movie francise, and wish Transformers to become it's annual releases.

"Activision's movie-based games are known for strictly adhering to the
Mainframe  2009-11-30 8:47 pm
This week you can look forward to the conclusion of Best of the UK - Prey #5 of 5. 

Sorry for missing last week. If you haven't yet, you can pick up Tales of the Fallen (4 of 5).

On deck for next week is Ongoing #2.
Sabrblade  2009-11-28 8:17 am
For a while now, it has been known that the ROTF Supreme Class Devastator figure can only change from six vehicles to the single combined robot form. To make up for this, TakaraTomy had made it known that they were developing an EZ (Legends Class in the West) version of Devastator that could also assume the Robot Modes for the individual ...  (11 comments)
Lord Megatron  2009-11-28 1:27 am
As a lesser update, but an update nonetheless, I have succeeded in locating and obtaining one of the new Animated Deluxe Class Figures! Electrostatic Soundwave(SoundBlaster for all you Headmasters buffs out there) and his partner in crime, Ratbat. Does this figure live up to the hype? Check out my take on yet another pretty cool figure in the link ...  (8 comments)
Anonymous  2009-11-26 9:17 pm has posted a beautiful ROTF gallery of Leader Class Starscream, making it even cooler are the miriad pix of the toy on a exclusive (long ago sold out) Unicron stand! posted a number of pictures of the most amazing recolor in the history of Transformers, Buster Optimus Prime.
Anonymous  2009-11-26 4:42 pm
Moonbase2 known for their podcasts of all-things Transformers, has hosted an interview with G1 original Transformers series writer David Wise,  who states "he may or may not be in contact with Hasbro about an upcoming project."  What does this mean exactly?  Not much!  But the prospect is awfully interesting considering ...  (10 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-11-22 1:54 am
As more and more new toys are revealed, more and more images of said toys are leaked onto the Internet. Following the previous post of Animated Voyager Thudercracker and the revelation of Vortex Blurr, two more new figures from the Animated toyline have popped up on the Net.

Fellow Tranformers site The-Arker has obtained in-package images of the ...  (13 comments)
DocWho  2009-11-20 8:16 pm
TFW recently reported on the sighting of Animated Activators Battlefield Bumblebee and Armor Up Optimus Prime. Keep an eye out for these two figures, and be sure to add to our own sightings section so we can all have a chance at these figures as soon as possible! =)  (15 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-11-19 12:10 pm
Back when Transformers Animated was the primary toyline on the shelves, there had been a plethora of redecos of several toy molds released. One such mold was the Voyager Starscream mold. Its first redeco was Skywarp, and then the Target Exclusive of Sunstorm (packaged with Activators Ratchet). Sadly, there was no Thundercracker redeco of this ...  (9 comments)
Perceptor  2009-11-18 5:31 pm
Just picked up my new copy of the all new Transformers on-going series today.  Rather than leaving comments on news items, how about we continue the conversation HERE! ...  What did you think???  (7 comments)
Mainframe  2009-11-18 8:24 am
Well, the long awaited ongoing series kicks off today. Head out to your local comic shop and pick up Transformers Ongoing #1 ($3.99). Everyone seems to have an opinion on this one. Sound off as you get a chance to go through it.  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2009-11-16 7:15 pm
Oh happy day!  2 new toys: Freeway Jazz & Mudbuster Bulkhead have shown up on ebay.  Let's hope these & more will finally be available to the mass market.

BTW, if you find yourself back in that "happy place," Animated state-of-mind, please don't forget to add our Accessory Set, to your collection.
Perceptor  2009-11-16 4:01 pm
TFW2005 has posted a nice interview with IDW Publishing's Andy Schmidt, who is the senior editor in charge of the soon to be unveiled Transformers ongoing series to hit the stands this Wednesday.  (8 comments)
Lord Megatron  2009-11-14 7:59 pm
I'd like to take the time to apologize to everyone on here for my long, unexcused absence. School has been a difficult mistress to deal with and I've been a little preoccupied with other matters, so much that I haven't had much time to update our news section. So I thought that you all deserved a special update from LM, and here it is, at long ...  (14 comments)
Brian  2009-11-12 8:19 am
Allspark Forums, another long-time Transformers community, just turned 10.  Congratulations on those 10 years, and we wish you many more.

Read about it in their official announcement.  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2009-11-10 8:21 pm

Be a Hero and Help Deliver the Magic of the Holidays to Less Fortunate Children

PAWTUCKET, R.I., November 10, 2009 – Over 14 million children live in poverty in the United States.  They need a hero this holiday
Mainframe  2009-11-10 2:21 pm
Something old and something new this week.

Best O/T UK City of Fear - Trade Paperback - $19.99

Continuum - $3.99

Had trouble keeping up witn the -tions. What is what with AHM? Here's your chance to catch up.  (9 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2009-11-10 1:54 am
Yes folks Peaugh makes us all jealous once again by bringing us another video review of a Transformer that we have to wait for to hit retail shelves. This video is of the highly sought after, the long anticipated and the long awaited... [insert drum roll]

Leader Class Starscream!!!

To see this spectacular figure click here.  (9 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-11-04 11:22 am
This just in. An image of a mysterious new transforming toy prototype has shown up on the Internet over at

This prototype seems to bear a striking resemblance to the G1 character figures of Rumble and Frenzy in Robot Mode. There is no altmode image or any further information accompanying this image.

At this time, it is not known if this ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2009-11-03 7:40 pm
Check it!  KOToys has posted an gallery of what appears to be the full production model of the forthcoming Leader Class Starscream figure.  Seen in every mode and a variety of poses, I'd say this is one toy not to miss!  Wow.  (11 comments)
Mainframe  2009-11-02 10:44 pm
In case you missed it, last weeks paperbacked goodie was the 3rd trade paperback installment of the All Hail Megatron series.

This week you can find issue 4 of 5 of the "Best of UK: Prey" series.

Happy hunting!
Brian  2009-10-26 4:02 pm
Geocities, a popular free web hosting service of the earlier days of the internet, officially closes its doors today  -  and with it, a whopping 26 Transformers sites we've been linking to in our links section for many years.  A sad goodbye to these fan sites, formerly in our links section, from the internet's "classic" ...  (17 comments)
DocWho  2009-10-25 9:54 pm
IDW has updated their forums with solicitations for January 2010. Check out descriptions for Tales of the Fallen, the next Animated comic collection, Last Stand of the Wreckers, and much more!  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2009-10-21 10:40 pm
The Events and Interviews Section has been updated with the latest round of Q&A with Hasbro's Transformers Team.  Good questions (if we do say so ourselves!) and even better responses!  Enjoy the read. 

Also check out the equally sweet dialog with HERE
Sabrblade  2009-10-21 8:21 am
Previously, we received our first glimpse at the upcoming Leader Class ROTF Starscream figure, in the form of some very teasing images of the prototype. Now, our first look at the back packaging of this amazing figure has been revealed from s250 at TFW2005!

This image shows a highly detailed look at Starscream, in both his robot mode and his jet ...  (14 comments)
Perceptor  2009-10-20 6:57 am
Friends have sent a few goofy Transformers related YouTube video links I thought you might enjoy.  Check out the non-stop-nonsense by hitting the links below:

Mac vs. PC: good for a laugh
Transformers Rap: (PG-13+) 
fan made Transformers trailers...
Rise of Unicron...
..and transforming toilets...
Mainframe  2009-10-19 9:08 pm
For those who can't get enough of the movie-verse after the movie is released on disk this Tuesday, you can return to your local comic book shop on Wednesday and pick up the latest offering from IDW.

Tales of the Fallen #3 (of 5) - $3.99
Jason  2009-10-19 2:32 pm
&qReportedly, from the upcoming ROTF DVD release, an easter egg interview featuring (director) Michael Bay debunks previous concerns of (producer) Lorenzo di Bonaventura concerning a certain large plot item. Click on the title to read on.
...    ** Warning ** Spoiler/Rumor ** to follow.
Human Error  2009-10-18 11:44 pm
Best Buy is having midnight release parties at select stores (see below) for ROTF. So if you just cant wait to get your copy head on over to one of these Best Buys!

ALABAMA: Montgomery

ARIZONA: Arrowhead, Paradise Valley

ARKANSAS: Fort Smith

CALIFORNIA: Clovis, Culver
Byrerprime  2009-10-17 10:31 pm   (page update)
Just a handful of foreign toys that were added to the 2006 page. 2 exclusive Galaxy Force toys, 3 Kiss Players, and 2 e-hobby exclusives.  (6 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-10-14 11:05 am
As far as figures from the movie toylines go, they usually tend to be either spot-on screen-accurate representations of the CGI character models, or only halfway there. Two figures in particular who only made it halfway in terms of screen-accuracy were Voyager Demolishor and Deluxe Rampage.

While their molds were, for the most part, accurately ...  (17 comments)
Perceptor  2009-10-14 10:35 am has posted some small images of the 2010 Leader Class Starscream figure.  You can also find some nice larger images on  by clicking HERE.  It's amazing to me, how there can be 3(+) toys each of the same character, each having the same robot and alternate mode and each is so radically
Mainframe  2009-10-12 10:15 pm
Despite the government halting holiday here in the states on Monday, comic book delivery stays on schedule. Up this week is the long anticipated final issue of the All Hail Megatron series. Like the rest of the Coda (last 4 issues) issues, this one will be split into two stories. One for Spike Witwicky and one for Bumblebee.

Transformers All
Perceptor  2009-10-09 10:16 pm
I thought people might enjoy hearing about some of the results from iCollector Auction #37, which in addition to Revenge of the Fallen, included some amazing items:

Batgirl belt buckle, original TV show, final auction price: $5,310
Largest public collection of Star Trek images -$20,000
James Gandolfini handgun from Sopranos -$10,000
Mainframe  2009-10-06 8:39 pm
After a two week drought of paper transformer goodies we are greeted with....

Best of the UK - Prey #3 - $3.99

Up on deck for next week is the final issue of All Hail Megatron #16.
Sabrblade  2009-10-05 1:23 pm
With the ROTF toyline continuing to grow, several new characters continue to be produced. One such character is ROTF Bludgeon, who began his life as a green redeco of Deluxe Movie 1 Wreckage. And now, he's getting a new body in the form of a Voyager class tank toy.

Fellow Transformers fan Peaugh has obtained the upcoming Voyager Bludgeon figured ...  (10 comments)
DocWho  2009-10-03 6:15 pm
Transformers World 2005 got an interview with the voice of Generation One Perceptor! Click here to read it!

I'll bet ten bucks I can guess which mod is happy about this story. ;-)
DocWho  2009-10-01 4:53 pm
If you're like me and have been waiting for this repaint to get ROTF's The Fallen mold, then I am happy to tell you that you can wait no longer! has the figure in stock and ready to ship!  (7 comments)
Jason  2009-10-01 2:01 pm
On his website/forum "Shoot for the edit" Michael Bay shares news with the world that Transformers 3 will be released on July 1st 2001 (not 2012 as earlier reported). Bay also includes a humorous P.S. specifically directed to Megan Fox. Read the full text below or at his Shoot for the edit forum.

Well its official: We have a great
Jason  2009-10-01 1:24 pm
On Michael Bay's website/forum, Shoot for the edit, administrator, Nelson, clues us in on the DVD/Blu-ray fate of the extra IMAX footage for ROTF stating: "I spoke to Paramount today and here's the lowdown on the Imax TF2 release: Walmart will have exclusive rights on selling the ROFT (w/ Imax) on DVD and Blu-ray."  (12 comments)
Brian  2009-09-29 12:59 am
Forum reader CYCLON (13) alerts us to an excellent SciFi Squad interview with voice acting icon, Frank Welker, who brought life to various G1 characters such as Megatron and Soundwave.  The interview focuses on his roles in all things Transformers.

Read on in the forum, or the original interview.  (6 comments)
DocWho  2009-09-28 7:02 pm
Check out some new images of Electrostatic Soundwave over at KO! The new images contain comparisons between this and the original release, and the toy at many different angles.  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2009-09-24 7:43 pm
Check out to read a fantastic story of Virgil Coffman a 101, that's one hundred and one years young man, who just took delivery of a brand new 2010 Transformers Edition Camaro!

I tip my single glass of red wine to you Mr. Coffman!  May we all live to collect Transformers just as long! 
DocWho  2009-09-23 3:44 pm have recently posted a large amount of official images for upcoming ROTF figures, including some you may not have heard of before today! Go on over to check out Bludgeon, Jungle Attack Ironhide, Dirge, Tuner Mudflap, Brakedown, and much more!  (19 comments)
Mainframe  2009-09-21 1:47 pm
Pocketbooks and eyes get a break this week. At least at the comic book store. Spend some of that time you'd have been reading opening up some of those movie toys. I know I will be... Oh, the great mountain of unopened toys....  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2009-09-17 3:42 pm
God I miss weekly new episodes of Transformers Animated...  Well, keep enthusiasm alive, because BassXO has started a thread with never-before-seen images of TFA Reflector as well as High Brow and Ultra Magnus cybertronian alternate modes.  Ho-ha!  (11 comments)
Brian  2009-09-17 5:42 am
Reader Shattereduniverseprime writes:

On October 24th the [The Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley Oklahoma] will celebrate their 4th birthday with Rivet-Con. This is a one day convention with dealer tables and free admission to the museum all day from 10 am - 5 pm. This will also be your last chance to catch a glimpse of my some of my personal ...  (11 comments)
Mainframe  2009-09-14 7:31 pm
Two items this week. Both All Hail Megatron related.

All Hail Megatron #15 - $3.99
Focus is on Kup and Perceptor

All Hail Megatron Trade Paperback v.2 - $19.99
Part ni of one of the best Transformer comic series in recent history.
Sabrblade  2009-09-12 11:15 pm
Ever since the Summer 2009 blockbuster hit movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had been released in theaters back on June 24, there has been a decline in information and news related to the film to report. However, a new bit of news has just recently turned up.

Michael Bay's website has posted a brand new video clip ...  (5 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-09-10 7:12 am
JizaiToys has revealed images of two brand new Transformers products from TakaraTomy - "Nano Scale" versions of G1 Wheelie and G1 Springer!

These two are roughly the the sizes of the Legends Class figures, and the Smallest Transformers Convoy (Optimus Prime) is pictured with them for size comparison...

Continue reading in the forum.  (13 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-09-09 12:06 pm
Big Bad Toy Store has set up a preorder page for the Hasbro release of the Masterpiece Skywarp figure. This figure is a redeco of the Masterpiece Starscream figure and is the U.S. counterpart of the TakaraTomy MP-06 Skywarp figure.

This version of the figure will feature more show-accurate color scheme than its MP-06 counterpart (except for the ...  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-09-09 6:56 am
A recent eBay auction has shown up offering one of the most rare Beast Wars figures ever: Transmetal 2 Ramulus in his canceled green and tan color scheme!

This figure was to have been a running change for the original Ramulus figure in a way similar to Transmetal 2's Prowl and Dinobot. However, it never came to pass for this change, and at least ...  (6 comments)
Mainframe  2009-09-08 7:23 pm
Two items going for your hard earned dollar this week. Don't forget, it's comic book Thursday this week because of Labor Day.

Transformers Animated Trade Paperback VOL 11 - $7.99
Transformers  Tales of the Fallen#2 (OF 5) - $3.99
Sabrblade  2009-09-08 7:13 am
Mastermind Creations has updated their page for the upcoming Knight Morpher Commander custom figure with a poster of the Knight Morpher himself (A.K.A. Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime).

Just a reminder, this product is not produced by either Hasbro or TakaraTomy. It is another third-party product similar to those of FansProject and iGear.

Notable ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2009-09-04 10:08 pm
The Canadian Action Figure Expo website has been updated with the announcement that Hasbro Canada will be attending the event. Expect to see Hasbro reps there showing upcoming toys from Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers and Marvel lines in Toronto on September 20th.

Also WWE Wrestling Legend and G.I. Joe Drill Instructor Sgt. Slaughter will be ...  (6 comments)
Jason  2009-09-04 1:58 am
With the release of ROTF behind us, and Hasbro's joint venture with Discovery networks, Transformers fans around the world are wondering what is next for their beloved franchise. On his blog RyallTime, Chris Ryall gives us a sneak peak at the new style IDW has up it's sleeve for the upcoming title "Transformers: The Ongoing Mission." With ...  (9 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-09-03 6:32 am
That's right, everybody.  If you are on XBox Live, you can go toe to toe with the developers of the RotF Video Game!  All you need to do is download the Character and Map Pack Plus DLC (discussed here) and find the following gamertags online:

LuxoDev01  LuxoDev02  LuxoDev03  LuxoDev04  LuxoDev05  LuxoDev06
DocWho  2009-09-01 6:41 pm
Check them out on e-Hobby's website here. Be sure to preorder over at Big Bad Toy Store before it's sold out!  (6 comments)
Mainframe  2009-08-31 1:33 pm
Only one title this week for your Transformers reading fix.


Don't forget, next week has a holiday on Monday and therefore it won't be Comic Book Wednessday, but Comic Book Thursday. Plan accordinly.

Perceptor  2009-08-31 7:13 am has posted an translated interview with Takara-Tomy: Transformers designer/engineer Hisashi Yuki.  Hisashi-san has worked on ROTF, RID, Binaltech & even Beast Wars Neo Unicron and I think you'll find it worth the time it takes to read.  It's always interesting to me to hear from designers really care, and put a lot ...  (4 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-08-29 9:37 pm
At long last, the wait is over!  Eleven New Characters; Three New Maps; Expert Difficulty Setting!  All these things await you on the XBox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network Store!  This content costs 800 points on the XBox and $9.99 on the PS3; I'd say that's quite the bang for your buck!

In case you'd forgotten whom these 11 New ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2009-08-26 8:43 pm
Thakns to Activision PR for passing along the following awesomeness! ...

We wanted to let you know that Megan Fox, one of Hollywood’s most sought after young actresses and star of both the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie and videogame, will be on Xbox LIVE® on Saturday, August 29 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time to

Mainframe  2009-08-24 7:42 pm
Three titles available at your local comic book store this Wednessday. All reissues it looks like.

Bundling together of Vol 1 & 2 of the awesome series of animation line art of the American and Japanese G1 cartoon series.

Not quite
Perceptor  2009-08-24 6:27 am   (page update)
It has been awhile since our last character page update, so I thought I'd start the week out right!  Check out our 1989 Transformers Section, where you will find all new pages for the Pretender Monsters: Icepick, Bristleback, Wildfly, Scowl,  Slog, and (yes, really!) Birdbrain.  All of whom unite to form, Monstructor!  You ...  (24 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-08-22 7:57 pm
New from TakaraTomy comes an all new addition to the Masterpiece toyline: MP-01B Convoy Black Version.

Online retailer eHobby has put up a preorder page for a redeco of the Masterpiece Convoy figure mold in all new "Black Convoy"/"Nemesis Prime" colors.

TakaraTomy themselves have also updated their site with an info page on this figure, confirming ...  (6 comments)
DocWho  2009-08-20 6:17 pm
Looking for an opinion on TFA Blackout so as to decide in advance? Well TFW2005 has a nice pictorial review up, and a YouTube video review is also up.  (6 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-08-20 4:31 pm
So the moment we've all been waiting for is finally here!  ...Okay, maybe it's not the moment we've all be waiting for, but it's pretty exciting still.  The Downloadable Content for the RotF game has finally had it's info released.  We are getting a whole slew of new (old?) characters, including: Sideswipe, Soundwave, Stealth ...  (11 comments)
Perceptor  2009-08-20 9:17 am
Dudes!  If you're a Transformers fan and  reside in sothern California, head on over to Emerald Knights in Burbank on August 22.  Authors Jim Sorenson and Bill Foster will be autographing copies of the new "Allspark Almanac" along with Transformers Animated Art Director, Derrick Wyatt.  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2009-08-18 10:04 am
The 6th Annual Canadian Action Figure Expo is Sunday, September 20th, 2009 at the Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport. The show features dealers selling Transformers (vintage and Japanese imports), Star Wars (new and vintage), GIJoe (vintage and modern), Super Heroes (Marvel, DC etc), Wrestling, Star Trek and tons of other Action Figures and
Sabrblade  2009-08-13 10:17 pm
GenZhao of KOToys has put up galleries of the upcoming Transformers Animated Voyager class figures Thundercracker and Blackout.

Thundercracker, previously released solely as an Activator, is a redeco of the Voyager Class Starscream mold, representing the the character of the Egomaniac Starscream clone seen in the season 2 finale and season 3 ...  (16 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-08-06 9:16 pm

As fans of the Transformers, there are many of us who are collectors. We like to collect various merchandise and products of the Transformers franchise. Each collector collects for different reasons, and in different ways. But there are certain kinds of collectors who belong to a specific category of collectors known as "Completists". Completists

Sabrblade  2009-08-05 10:36 am
TFClub and Taobao have both posted images of the upcoming Toys'R'Us exclusive Universe Commemorative Edition Perceptor (a rerelease of G1 Perceptor). The images show us a good look at the front and inside of the packaging, showing off the packaging images of all three modes, and the packaged figure itself in its Microscope Mode (folded up a bit to ...  (11 comments)
Perceptor  2009-08-02 2:21 pm   (page update)
Stepping 'outside the box' from the Transformers mainline toys, we take a look at a figure from the "Transformers: Crossovers" series.  Starting with the other 2009 summer-movie-star, WOLVERINE.  His toy is surprisingly fun.  In this fan's opinion the background story of TF: Crossovers toys, makes them worthy their own comic
TriPredRavage  2009-08-01 10:45 am
Some more of the up-and-coming Downloadable Content for Revenge of the Fallen have been released and boy is it big news!  This time we get G1 Optimus Prime and RotF Soundwave!  And about time, too!  Keep your eyes open for further updates in the future!  (17 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-07-31 1:38 pm
Transformers collector Delphan Rane has posted an Ebay auction for a set of four extremely rare holy grails: The G2 Protectobots - First Aid, Streetwise, Groove, and Blades -  Mint on sealed card and AFA graded.

Originally, back in the days of Generation 2, these four, and Hot Spot, were to have been mass-produced for general retail along with ...  (18 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-07-31 8:20 am
Well everyone, it's finally here.  The moment you've all been waiting for.  You can now find my review for Revenge of the Fallen in the Events & Interviews section along with all of the other reviews from the week.  There's really not too much more to say, so let's just get to it!  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2009-07-31 8:13 am has posted a top notch write-up of announcements and images from IDW's panel at the SanDiego ComicCon.  Andy Schmidt led discussion to a crowd of ~70% Transformers fans revealing:

* An ongoing Transformers series to deubut in November, written by Mike Costa and art by Don Figueroa.
* Movie-continuity stories are being
TriPredRavage  2009-07-30 6:56 am
Welcome to the last day of secret reviews before tomorrow's review of Revenge of the Fallen.  While I'm sure it's not really a surprise what today's review is, I know I have personally been looking forward to this one the most.  So, here we go!

In what was probably the most delayed Transformers game ever, we have Transformers for the ...  (15 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-07-29 9:31 am
Welcome to the third day of Video Game Week.  Sit.  Put your feet up.  Stay a while.  While you are relaxing, why not indulge in the latest Transformers Video Game review: Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals for the Nintendo 64?   (13 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-07-28 7:29 am
Welcome to day 2 of my video game review week.  Today we review what was my favorite Transformers game for a few years Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals for the PlayStation One.  This game had it all!  From a strong character roster, to plenty of bonus content... but that's enough talking about it here!  I've discussed ...  (20 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-07-27 10:08 am
Welcome to what is the beginning of what I am calling "Video Game Week."  Each day this week I will be releasing a new video game review all leading up to this Friday's review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  First Up:

Have you ever wanted to see me eat my own Beast Wars lovin' words?  Have you been waiting for me to admit ...  (10 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-07-24 9:52 am
ACToys has posted a mini-gallery of highiy-detailed images of the upcoming TakaraTomy ROTF Buster Optimus Prime figure. A redeco and remold of the 2009 Leader Optimus Prime figure, this version of Prime features a new, movie-accurate and metallic paint job, as well as a new headsculpt featuring a mouthplate-less face, and a new blaster weapon ...  (14 comments)
Perceptor  2009-07-23 6:32 pm
Tyrese Gibson, star of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, will be making an appearance in Hasbro’s booth (#3213) on Thursday morning at Comic-Con around 9:00 AM to sign 100 autographs.  The first 25 fans in line will receive a Tyrese autographed Transformers RPM Bumblebee vehicle.  
Sabrblade  2009-07-23 5:31 pm
TFW2005 has installed a live update feed on the Transformers Panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The panel has revealed several new figures for the ROTF and Abnimated toylines upcoming in 2010. The following were revealed at the panel:

Legends Wheelie, Legends Soundwave, Legends Arcee, Legends Jolt (prototypes), Scout Brakedown (in ...  (42 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2009-07-22 9:10 pm
No‚ not really Jetfire but for those of us trans-fans who receive the military channel this friday at 7pm and again at 10pm the show Great Planes will be airing a new documentary on the SR-71 Blackbird Jetfire's alt form in the movie. This is a good way to learn about his alt form how it was made and what it cam do, so kiddies if your parents ...  (18 comments)
Brian  2009-07-22 9:41 am   (page update)
About 6 months in the making, we're finally unveiling a new section of our site, "Transformers Toy List".  (Though there's some debate on what it should be called.)

The list is sort of a digested version of the sightings and reviews sections, without the sightings or reviews functions, but with lots more bells & whistles, graphics, and ...  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-07-21 9:32 pm article reveals that a 14-year old Chinese boy drank gasoline for FIVE YEARS to be like the Transformers, whom he's idolized since he was young. He eventually developed a great drop in IQ points and dependency for gasoline:

"A 14-YEAR-OLD boy drank gasoline for five years to obtain 'energy' - just ...  (22 comments)
Human Error  2009-07-21 9:05 am
If you were thinking of buying the GMC TopKick, think again! Jalopnik reports General Motors announced as of July 31st they will stop production on all their medium-duty trucks.

Here is the statement from GM regarding the wind down of their medium duty truck production:

"After four years of working with multiple potential buyers, General Motors ...  (65 comments)
Lord Megatron  2009-07-17 6:26 pm
New from Tokyo Toyshow 2009 are images of the highly anticipated
"Buster Prime" from the Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen toyline!
We had seen some blurred images of this glorious figure a few weeks back but they had been taken too far away to make out the finer details of the figure. Now without any further waiting I give you, "Buster ...  (12 comments)
Perceptor  2009-07-16 12:10 am   (page update)
First off, I need your help figuring out the ROTF Constructicons.  Please weigh in HERE!

Speaking of "Constructicons," (and I use this term loosely!)  you'll find and all new character pages for DEMOLISHOR as well as SIDEWAYS in the 2009 Transformers Section.  I figured now is as good a time as any to get
Perceptor  2009-07-15 10:38 pm

Sales Of Book Featuring Images Of G.I. JOE, MARVEL and STAR WARS Action Figures To Benefit ALS Foundations And Family Of Innovative Artist And Hasbro Employee Battling Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Perceptor  2009-07-15 10:17 pm
Thanks to Step-3 PR for forwarding us the following info on upcoming downloadable content for the TF:ROTF video game.

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to experience the single-player campaigns and multiplayer modes of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, we wanted to let you know about an exciting downloadable content pack
Swindle  2009-07-13 12:51 am
After months of hermit like silence since the demise of Transformers Animated, Derrick J. Wyatt's blog, has finally been updated. Check out his Animated style interpretation of RoTF's Doctor Scalpel at A Delightful Tedium.  (15 comments)
Brian  2009-07-12 7:17 am   (page update)
Regular visitors will notice the return of the recent forum post listing on the main page of  We had to pull this feature temporarily while we changed forum engines.  Now it's back, and running better than ever.

Happy forum posting.  (11 comments)
Lord Megatron  2009-07-10 10:58 pm
We've seen pics of it, but weren't sure whether it was legit or not. Now with official confirmation, the Transformers Universe Leo Prime Target Exclusive figure has been unvieled! Rejoice fellow Beast Wars II Fans!
*Cough, cough, Sabr, cough, TPR, cough*

Leo Pime In Package Front:
Lord Megatron  2009-07-10 10:47 pm
-Paramount Pictures isn't the only company raking in the cash for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. An analyst report out today predicts that Hasbro, Inc. may post a $600 million figure by the end of the year for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toys and merchandise, including licensing fees.

The total rake could total up to be 25% higher ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2009-07-07 2:02 pm
Who says the war against the Decepticons has left Optimus Prime without a sense of humor?  Hear Peter Cullen as you've never heard him before on the Late Show with David Letterman, doing the "Top 10: Things That Sound Cool When Spoken by a Giant Robot!"  Outstanding!  (28 comments)
Mainframe  2009-07-06 9:14 pm
This week in Transformers comics. Only one item.

 MAY090883       TRANSFORMERS MAXIMUM DINOBOTS TP VOL 01         $19.99

Check back next week to see what's hitting your comic book store.
Sabrblade  2009-07-03 11:19 pm
UPDATE:  Belated 4th of July to you!  Yesterday I (perceptor & family) had the chance to spend the 4th on a boat in NYC.  HERE & HERE are pix of the Brooklyn Bridge, where Mixmaster knocked the flags off from.  Apparently the government cover-up from ROTF has already begun!

We at would like to wish you
Perceptor  2009-07-02 9:33 am   (page update)
The 2009 Transformers Section has received many updates. As well as box picture additons, linked to sightings/reviews database, over 250 images have been uploaded & database linked to the:
2009 movie package art & instructions archives
2009 Animated package art & instructions
2009 Universe package art &
Anonymous  2009-06-30 8:25 am
Thanks to Eric Webb manager of Twinprov Comedy for bringing to our attention a fantastic TRANSFORMERS RAP video which addresses the good, the bad and everything inbetween of Transformers to date!  I think, like us, you'll find it very much worth watching!  (13 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-06-29 7:08 pm
Just so that everybody is aware, pre-registration for the Auto Assembly Transformers Convention, which is quickly becoming the biggest TF convention of the UK, is happening right now.  If enough people pre-register, my buddy Neil Kaplan, voice of RiD Optimus Prime, may attend the convention as a special guest joining Gregg Berger, voice ...  (9 comments)
Anonymous  2009-06-29 8:22 am
In just its first 5 days, Revenge of the Fallen worldwide box office totals have already eclipsed $387 Million!  From Box Office Mojo:

Revenge of the Fallen logged the biggest June opening weekend ever as well as the highest-grossing non-holiday, non-Friday opening weekend, and it ranked seventh overall. With $201.2 million since its
Anonymous  2009-06-26 11:15 pm   (page update)
Thursday morning, I had the great pleasure to be interviewed with Mark Ryan, the voice of movie Bumblebee (when he speaks) & Jetfire in Revenge of the Fallen on Minneapolis/St. Paul talk radio, AM 1130 KFAN.  Hear the audio, set to photo images of the day available on YouTube or podcast the entire audio segment on, ...  (9 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-06-26 11:15 am

Previously, it was revealed that the Commemorative Series of G1 reissues would be returning to Toys'R'Us later this year, starting with the rereleases of G1 Perceptor and the three Insecticons.

Now, The-Arker has the fist images of the reissue of Perceptor's packaging from nearly all sides, showing off the front, back, inside flap, and one side.

Sabrblade  2009-06-25 11:54 pm
If you've been a long time fan of Beast Wars, you may have heard of a Japanese spinoff series called Beast Wars II (Beast Wars Second). In this series, there were teams of Maximal and Predacons like the American series, except that they feauted all different charatcers and were led by Lio Convoy and Galvatron. At the time, his figure was made ...  (12 comments)
Anonymous  2009-06-25 10:39 pm
Meg on the Late Show, not to be missed!  We'll post a link as soon as it's available!  (6 comments)
Lord Megatron  2009-06-25 8:25 pm
There has been some criticism of Michael Bay's portrayal of Skids and Mudflap in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as a straight up racial stereotype. It turns out the bots jive talk, that cannot read, and one sports a gold tooth.

I can't believe what I'm reading!

But Mr. Bay doesn't really see it that way and insists it's just good, ...  (73 comments)
Perceptor  2009-06-25 12:10 am
Mark Ryan, the voice of movie Bumblebee (when he speaks!) and Jetfire in Revenge of the Fallen as well as yours truly, will be interviewed on talk radio station AM 1130 KFAN, Thursday morning 8:25AM CST, during the "Power Trip" morning show.   Not sure exactly how it's going to go down, but the intent is to talk all things Transformers from ...  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2009-06-23 10:07 pm
As you may have heard, Revenge of the Fallen, is finally in theaters!  As I type, it's June 23, a few short hours until midnight.  We thought we'd put our shiny new forum to work. Please log in and tell us what you thought!  Beware, spoilers within!  (79 comments)
Perceptor  2009-06-23 8:15 pm


 New Game Allows Fans to Wage War Online
For the First Time Ever in the TRANSFORMERS Universe 

The fight for global supremacy is officially on with the announcement that Transformers™: Revenge of the Fallen game from Activision

Perceptor  2009-06-23 8:01 pm
Thanks to "Shattered Universe Prime for providing us the following!

On June 27th the Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley Oklahoma will be having Transformer Day to commemorate the movie and celebrate the toyline. I will be there on the 27th to join in the fun. Theres gonna be door prizes and other goodies and fun stuff going on. Part
TriPredRavage  2009-06-23 7:07 am
If you own an Xbox 360 and have a copy of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen the Game (which is on sale today, by the way), you can fight Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park!

If you are an XBox Live Gold member, then send Mike a friend request by this Friday, June 26th, to duke it out with him.  Mike's gamertag is "Mike LinkinPark", so send the ...  (16 comments)
DocWho  2009-06-22 6:31 pm
Looks like our news tip device is working just fine! :-) We got a tip from our friend Bruiser that Tesco's got a sale on Transformers Animated Deuxes and Voyagers, for the sale price of £4.99 for both! Also, Universe Voyagers are on sale for £15

Also, Supreme Prime is on sale for £25, if anyone wants to pick him up as well.
Perceptor  2009-06-22 3:09 pm   (page update)
There'll always be a special place in my heart for these two as the first Transformers I ever bought.  Now, here we are 25 years later, getting ready for the huge summer blockbuster, and I get to make all new character pages for movie SIDESWIPE & STARSCREAM, which you will find are now available in the 2009 Section ...  (13 comments)
Perceptor  2009-06-21 10:22 pm   (page update)
Just because my 2 lousy brothers, now in Japan, have seen Revenge of the Fallen, doesn't mean that I can't still have fun with the speculation and anticipation of the soon-to-be U.S. released film!  So, who exactly is The Fallen?  An all new character page for the 6" Titanium figure has been uploaded in the 2007 ...  (64 comments)
Byrerprime  2009-06-19 7:19 pm   (page update)
If you use Internet Explorer, there was a problem with the code in the 2004 page and you didn't get the entire page. Sorry. But the problem has been solved, so go see the rest of Transformers Universe, e-Hobby exclusives, and the first half of Robot Masters.  (8 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-06-19 11:27 am
Head on over to and check out the unbelievably awesome launch trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen; the Game.  VERY cool.  (3 comments)
Jason  2009-06-19 4:31 am   (page update)
At we're always working on something behind the scenes. It's five days (one work week) away from the US release of ROTF. To mark the anticipation of this momentous media event, we're opening our next big beta project to the public early! We're proud to announce the brand new Forum! It's still in the midst of early ...  (10 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-06-18 10:49 am
Hey everybody, head on over to the TF ConVersions' home page to check out some stuff from their now past convention.  There is also a cool little audio intro featuring my pal Neil Kaplan (voice of RiD Optimus Prime & Ro-Tor, RotF Long Haul and Protectobot).  He even mentions his long in the making project "Optimoose" in the intro, so ...  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2009-06-18 8:19 am has posted some really fantastic quotes about the filming of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, including this gem:

Outside of the US, the movie was shot in Paris, Jordan, and Cairo. "I take you to places that have never been shot in a movie. The top of Petra has never been put on film, period. King Abdullah II let us take 36 ...  (9 comments)
Perceptor  2009-06-18 7:48 am
A slough of new High Def ROTF footage is available to dazzle the eyes!  Be warned, clips are pretty spoilerific!

Michael has 3 new TV ads:
Ancient Power
Also on Vimeo:
"Your worst Nightmare" (The Wheelie/Mikela clip, in HD)
Space Mom
Save the World
and my favorite Team Kids

Sabrblade  2009-06-17 5:15 pm
TFG2 has images of several unseen concept art for five ROTF characters. To see each piece of artwork click the following links: The Fallen, Rampage & Sideways, Skids, and the unnamed female purple motorcycle Autobot who is partnered with Arcee and Chromia.

REVENGE IS COMING (in 6 days!)
6.24.09  (13 comments)
Byrerprime  2009-06-17 5:41 am   (page update)
The 2005 page has been updated to include Galaxy Force, BTA, eHobby, Robot Masters, and Beast Wars Returns.  (16 comments)
Perceptor  2009-06-16 10:06 pm   (page update)
Consider this the, Botcon report, part 3.  Our 2009 Transformers Section has been updated with 11 all new character pages!

Botcon Wings of Honor, Boxed Set:  (purchase)

Botcon Anniversary set: (purchase)

Wings of Honor
Perceptor  2009-06-16 4:20 pm
The Live Action Movie Blog is reporting that Susan Blu, voice of Arce in TFTM , G1 season 3, and Animated, will reprise her role in Revenge of the Fallen!  Interesting to note that on the TFW2005 report they use a picture that I took of Ms. Blu holding the Transmutate figure I made, way back in 1998!  Crazy cool!  I haven't ...  (15 comments)
Perceptor  2009-06-16 2:07 pm
She's hot, humble, well spoken AND has a really cool last name!  Check out her interview (by a complete dork, which despite his antics) is worth listening to just to hear all that she has to say!  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-06-14 8:55 pm
A recent report at has a very interesting Fox News video clip of a news story that will rock the Transformers fandom like never before! According to the clip, the Pentagon and several universites are trying to create a form of technology that is strikingly identical to the science fiction technology that is the very nature of The ...  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-06-13 6:31 pm
TakaraTomy has launched a new website called the Transformers Channel. This webiste is divided into four individual sections each called "Top", "Profile", "Information", and "Video".

The "Top" section is the main homepage of the site and serves a a hub to the other three sections. It is decorated with a large image of the four Autobots who survived ...  (3 comments)
Lord Megatron  2009-06-13 1:47 pm
Thanks to our friends over at TF08, we have recieved some of the first images of the repainted Movie Voyager Constructicon, Mixmaster! Also included in the link below are images of Movie Deluxe Swerve and Arcee. Head on over to TF08 took take a look!
DocWho  2009-06-12 7:00 pm
Got a news tip from reader Niels Berndsen, on the convention TF-ConVersions held in the Centre of the Netherlands. To quote him:

"This coming Sunday, TF-ConVersions will be held in the Centre of the Netherlands. Where do you need to be? At Sports and Event Centre Merwestein in Nieuwegein, just under Utrecht. 

Also, be quick with
TriPredRavage  2009-06-12 4:59 pm

A new video has surfaced featuring Shia LeBouf talking about the RotF game.  It shows a little of the behind the mic process and he even talks slightly about the differences between the game and the soon-to-be-released movie.  Check out this awesome short interview here.

Blasten Blaster  2009-06-12 2:50 am
A big Thanks to our friend Master Dex ‏for lmaking us aware of Linkin Park's music video for their single New Divide which they wrote for ROTF is out. The video is interspersed with shots from the movie (whcich can be hard to see due to the effects, but this was most likely it was made intentional) both old and new. Also it was filmed on ...  (16 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-06-11 12:59 pm

The UK ROTF site has been updated with a feature that involves a movie CGI mage of Soundwave's satellite mode. Enter the website, then look in the upper-right corner of the page and you will see Soundwave as a satellite with the letters "NAV" next to him. Click on him and he will enlage himself to become the website's navigation function and

Sabrblade  2009-06-10 3:23 pm
Thanks to a tip from Darkton and, we have learned that Yahoo! Japan has gone and done their own ROTF tie-in. On their website there's an interesting feature that has been put on the main page. First, go to the Yahoo! Japan site, copy & paste the following text in the search text box:


Lord Megatron  2009-06-10 11:26 am

Two brand new scenes from the upcoming blockbuster, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen have surfaced! The clips are in German so no "extreme spoilers" there but a spoiler albiet. Our first clip includes a bit of the action with Demolisher at the Shanghai shoot here.

Our second clip gives us a little bit more ...  (7 comments)
Brian  2009-06-09 10:56 pm
After a "brief hiatus," the Submit News page of has been restored to a functional status.  If you see something cool in the world of Transformers, that you think belongs as a news item of this site, please let us know by submitting it to our admin. Thank you.  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2009-06-09 1:00 pm
Paramount Pictures compiled a very cool video of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen World Premere.

"This <Tokyo, Japan> is the birthplace of Transformers, and I am so happy that we came here first!"
-Tyrese Gibson

They are "the biggest explosions ever put in film, ever, in the history of cinema!"  ...
"The most
Perceptor  2009-06-08 9:09 pm   (page update)
If you're like us and bought most of the 33 (and counting!) versions of Movie Bumblbee, then you probably share our opinion, that there isn't a *quintessential/best* version among them. Until NOW!  Human Alliance Bumblebee has arrived!  We think that once this toy hits retail, there will be fans who claim this to be among ...  (16 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-06-08 10:14 am
Michael Bay has updated his website with a message letting us know that the IMAX version of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be an extended cut of the film with extra robot footage and fighting scenes:

Hey everyone,

In Japan today. After a month and half seven days a week most days going till midnight me and my crew have just
Sabrblade  2009-06-08 10:04 am has new photos of Animated Deluxe Rodimus Minor (Rodimus Prime!)and an unnamed Animated Deluxe Oil Slick redeco.

These images give us the first  look at Rodimus' Energy Bow attached onto his vehicle mode in a similar manner to Classics Rodimus' gun when folded over.

As for the Oil Slick redeco, it is not yet known

Sabrblade  2009-06-08 9:46 am
The Allspark -- G1 veteran voice actor Michael Bell (known as the voices of Prowl, Swoop, Scrapper, Bombshell, First Aid, Sideswipe, and more) is asking the fans for some assistance in helping the start a new Transformers comic project:

To all my Transformer buds,

I recently directed a demo for a series of motion graphic "Transformers" comics which
Perceptor  2009-06-06 12:16 pm   (page update)
The Events and Interviews section has been updated with the second part of our report from Botcon 2009.   This segment features all that Hasbro contributed to the show.  Included you'll find:

- notes from their presentation panel and Q&A
- photo galleries of their Animated, ROTF and Universe displays
- videos from the
Sabrblade  2009-06-06 11:48 am
USA Today is holding a contest called "Design the Ultimate Transformer". Here's what they have to say about it:

"Think you can improve on Optimus Prime? Then put your pencil where your vocal processor is!

USA TODAY wants you to design us a brand-new Transformer. Show us your idea in both pre- and post-transformation mode and tell us whether your

DocWho  2009-06-05 4:56 pm
Wordy title, eh? But it does its job well. has gained some images of a 2-pack containing Wheelie and Sideways' darker variant. No word has been given on the countries that will sell this 2-pack. Check out the images here and here.

Credit to TFW for the pictures.
Perceptor  2009-06-05 12:00 am   (page update)
Fresh off the heels of Botcon, and every awesome thing they unveiled there, the Transformers Team apparently wasn't in the mood for our hard hitting 'Barbara-Walters-like' questions that we submitted this round! :)  

Check out our Events and Interviews Section which has been updated with the latest batch of Q&A from Hasbro's
Perceptor  2009-06-04 11:36 pm
Santa Monica, CA – June 4, 2009 – Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) is recruiting gamers to join the battle for world domination in the Battle for the AllSpark V2 web game, launching today at, the official web site of the Transformers™: Revenge of the Fallen video game, developed under license from Hasbro,
Lord Megatron  2009-06-04 3:13 pm
A 25-year-old Windsor man who allegedly pointed a handgun at his neighbours was arrested on Wednesday after police officers surrounded his west end residence.

The three-hour standoff forced the lockdown of a nearby elementary school, and drew a police response that included tactical officers, body armour, submachine guns, sniper rifles, a ...  (23 comments)
Perceptor  2009-06-03 11:59 am   (page update)
The report from Botcon 2009, part 1 is now available in the Events Section.  Listen to the G1 series writers talk about the results of killing off G1 Optimus Prime, read what Orci and Kurtzman have to say about the prospect of seeing Unicron in TF3, and photos from the "sights of Botcon" are all included in this first installment. ...  (17 comments)
Lord Megatron  2009-06-03 8:47 am
Three brand new Transformers Revenge of The Fallen TV Spots have hit the internet, some revealing new footage from the 2009 soon-to-be-blockbuster!

"Fate" -Nothing new in this spot, in fact, the only thing that I could tell that was different was the score for the spot.

"Wanted" -Alright, now we're talking! In this Teaser be prepared for ...  (6 comments)
Lord Megatron  2009-06-02 7:40 pm has put up a slightly unusual new preorder for a Transformers Animated book "Starscream Flies Again". The book is 24 pages long and priced at $3.99, so it is probably a young readers book, although the baffling part is it is not due out until September - by which time the Revenge of the Fallen merchandising machine will be in full ...  (19 comments)
DocWho  2009-06-02 6:45 am
Kmart's latest press release states all the promos they are doing for Transformers; Revenge of the Fallen.

Some of the promotions include:
1. Buy $50 of menswear and get 2 free tickets to ROTF
2. A "dedicated Transformers boutique" in the front of the store, with toys, video games, clothing, both mens and boys (?), bedding, and much
Human Error  2009-06-01 2:28 pm
If you missed the exclusive clip during the MTV movie awards last night. Fear not! You can see the clip here on youtube.

**For some reason the clip has been removed from MTV's website so check it out before its taken from youtube as well.

Enjoy.  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-05-31 7:24 pm
Previously on Transformers Animated:
Starscream, wanting to overthrow his former master Megatron, had developed a new plan in his grand scheme of Decepticon domination: create a army of clones in his own image. The first attempt of creating two clones proved to be failures, but on his second attempt, he created five clones that each shared ...  (21 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-05-29 9:45 am
A video interview on features voice actors Peter cullen and Frank Welker talk about the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video game.

As many of us know, Cullen was the voice of G1 Optimus Prime (and some others) and has reprised his role of Prime in the 2007 movie, its video games, and the upcoming ROTF movie and its ...  (6 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-05-29 8:49 am
A new Scout class figure for the ROTF toyline has been revealed: Ejector the toaster! The first images of him have been posted by GenZhao at KOToys, and further images have been found at The Arker.

While his altmode does sound a bit original at first, to long time fans this little guys' altmode may bring back some memories of a certain Marvel ...  (13 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-05-28 5:50 pm
S250 has posted some ROTF concept art at TFW2005. These art pieces are of the combined form of Optimus Prime and Jetfire, as well as Mixmaster's robot mode.

The artwork of the Prime/Jetfire form shows us a good look at how the two meld together as Jetfire wraps around Prime to bulk him up with exaggerated armor and enhanced weaponry.  This ...  (13 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-28 2:19 pm   (page update)
 ROTF MEGATRON toy is a significant improvement over his movie 1 predecessor.   Check out his all new character page in our revamped 2009 Section.

You'll also find links to two galleries from the teaser and standerd ROTF movie trailers.  Maybe this is a good time to ask, does anyone know who THIS or THIS ...  (16 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-28 2:37 am
Let the SIGHTINGS & REVIEWS bonanza begin!  Thanks to Bob of Toys"R"Us for sending us the following press release!   11 Voyagers and 24 deluxe toys they say?!  Wow! Click here or read below for all the details and view a list of participating store locations...

On Friday, May 29, select Toys“R”Us

Sabrblade  2009-05-27 11:27 pm

Back in 2002, Toys 'R' Us began a new Transformers toyline exclusive to their store chain called the "Commemorative Series". This line consisted entirely of rereleases of several Generation One figures, but with some minor alterations due to the current toy safety laws. The toyline slowly met its end around 2004 and was never heard from again...

Sabrblade  2009-05-27 10:08 am has posted clearer images of the ROTF TakaraTomy EZ Collection (Legends class) Devastator, as well as his components. These images show us how each robot mode of all of his members compare in resemblance to their larger toys, as well as revealing what those who haven't a larger toy yet look in Robot Mode.

First, Devastator looks like his ...  (9 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-25 10:21 am   (page update)
Our 2009 Section has received a number of box picture updates and an all new character page for ROTF BREAKAWAY.  Courtesy of our recently received press kit, this page includes a complete photo gallery, instructions and package art organized in their respective archives.  Stay tuned, a lot more to come!  (11 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-05-23 7:53 pm
Long time Transformers fans and/or those who have seen the very first Transformers movie from 1986 might be familiar with a song known as "The Touch". This song was known most as the main theme for that movie (aside from the actual Transformers Theme that also played in the movie); featured during the final battle between Optimus Prime and ...  (23 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-05-23 7:31 pm
A New Trailer has shown up on Youtube.  This trailer is playing before Night at the Museum 2 and Terminator: Salvation.  So far, there hasn't been anyword of a public release of the trailer, so watch it while you can!

The new trailer has some extended scenes seen previously as well as some short chit chat between Mudflap and Skids!  ...  (4 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-05-23 7:47 am
Similar to the exclusive Gold Optimus and Gold Megatron available for pre-ording Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen from a Gamestop, has an exclusive pre-order consisting of "Generation 1 Ironhide."  Amazon will send the redemption code needed to unlock G1 Ironhide via email 10 days after the game's release to those who ...  (3 comments)
DocWho  2009-05-23 6:47 am
The series finale premieres in a few minutes, so talk about the show as you watch it, then give your final thoughts, as you remember Animated and all the memories that it gave us.

Warning, Major spoilers ahead in the comments as the show goes on! So, for those who haven't seen the episode, be warned!
DocWho  2009-05-23 4:32 am
BotCon's official site has updated with a new guest for BotCon 09! It's none other than the voice of Movie Bumblebee, Mark Ryan! Come over to the site to check out the full announcement, and a very nice list of his credentials.   (3 comments)
Lord Megatron  2009-05-22 1:44 pm
Though we aren't completely certain as to whether or not Transformers Animated is coming to a close, I feel that it is necessary to say a possible "Goodbye" to(IMO) one of the best Transformers series ever conceived. So, ladies and gentlemen, for the happiness that this series has provided and all of the references that we thought that we'd never ...  (27 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-21 10:03 pm
The 2008 Transformers Section has been updated with 13 all new character pages for the unique Shattered  Glass toys:
BlurrDivebombGoldbugGrimlockJazzMegatronOptimusRampageRazorclaw,  RicochetRodimusSideswipe & Starscream!  What can I say? ...  (10 comments)
Lord Megatron  2009-05-21 7:23 pm
Hello fellow TransFans, let me take time to introduce myself to those who aren't familiar. I am Lord Megatron(obviously),  and I've been a lurker on since way back in '03. So now we know each other right? Right. Anyways, onto business. Recently, three new TV Spots for Transformers: ROTF have made their way onto our airwaves.

Sabrblade  2009-05-20 7:05 pm

Quite a while ago, it was discovered that, among the newcomers to appear in the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen feature film, would be the gigantic Decepticon behemoth known as Devestator, who would be formed by a combination of several smaller Decepticons know as the Constructicons. Many had hoped that he (and his components) would have a toy

TriPredRavage  2009-05-20 6:49 pm
Neil Kaplan officially announced today the two roles he has been cast as in the up-and-coming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video game!

"I am THRILLED to announce my return to the "Transformers Universe". This summer you can find my work on "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". This brilliant video game is from the geniuses at Activision. I ...  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-19 4:35 pm   (page update)
It's like Christmas in May!  To our surprise and delight, a very special Revenge of the Fallen Press Kit was delivered to the doorstep of today!  Although there's a lot more to show and tell about it, check out our initial PHOTO GALLERY showing package contents and video demo of Gravity Bots Optimus Prime

Call me ...  (10 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2009-05-19 12:47 am

TransformersattheMoon poster 'Rich' has supplied details HERE that details a list of items avaialble from the 20th May in the Argos and Argos Extra Catalogues in the UK.  Click the link to read the original or the actual details are coppied as follows.


387/0828 TR MV2 Assortment
£28.99. (Superion - the only thing so

TriPredRavage  2009-05-18 10:32 pm

Hey everybody, the song "New Divide" from RotF went live today.  You can purchase it exclusively through iTunes, and give it a preview listen here.  So what do you think?

Anonymous  2009-05-18 8:35 pm
We must admit, we had not heard of him before either, but consider Mr. Shogo Hasui to be among many contributors to the franchise who makes Transformers as awesome as they are.  TFW2005 has posted a fantastic interview with one of Takara-Tomy's Transformers designers, also known as "Mr. Starscream."  Check it out, it's worth the read!  (3 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-05-16 8:37 am
LinkinParkTV on youtube posted a new trailer yesterday announcing that thier song for RotF "New Divide" will be available on iTunes this Monday!

I have it on VERY good authority that Neil Kaplan, the voice actor who played Optimus Prime and Ro-Tor in RiD, will be returning to the Transformers franchise in the RotF video game!  Now I could tell ...  (19 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-15 11:53 pm
It's the beginning of the end.  Part one of the Transformers Animated, season 3 finale episode, End Game, Part 1 airs today.  Once you've had a chance to see it, weigh in on the conversation below.  So, what did you think?  (40 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-05-15 8:24 pm
We at have received some tantalizing information about the up-and-coming RotF game.  First up, the cast of characters as well as their voice actors:

Optimus Prime voiced by Peter Cullen
Ironhide voiced by Jess Harnell
Bumblebee voiced by Mark Ryan
Ratchet voiced by Robert Foxworth
Aerialbot (Multi-Player Exlclusive)
Perceptor  2009-05-15 2:22 am   (page update)
The 2008 Transformers Section has received some some major TLC:
> All NEW character page for Target Exclusive: Rescue Ratchet and Stealth Lockdown
> New gallery pages for the final 3 episodes of TFA season 2: Sari, No One's Home, A Bridge Too Close, PART 1 & PART 2 (linked in the left hand: "Fiction" column")
> perfunctory (basic gallery ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-15 12:22 am
What other possible info could you glean from the mind of Transformers Animated Art Director and lead character designer, Derrick Wyatt?  Head over to and check it out.  Of course, it's no "IMterview" (part2) but they did a pretty fine job!  (9 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-14 10:46 am   (page update)
You've got to love the stoic Autobot ULTRA MAGNUS!  Without question, no other Autobot Leader takes more of a beating!  He's been blown to bits by Galvatron in TFTM, killed by Sixshot in (Japanese) Headmasters!  He took a point blank shot to the face by Starscream and currently lies on life-support on Cybertron in Transformers ...  (8 comments)
Anonymous  2009-05-14 7:55 am
That's right, the next figure on the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen "Human Alliance" class is none other than the concept Chevy Stingray, SIDESWIPE with Sgt. Epps!   If the caliber of H.A. Bumblebee is any indication, we have another amazing treat in store for us!  Wo-HOO!  Pictures will be forthcoming in the latest issue ...  (3 comments)
Anonymous  2009-05-14 7:45 am
Check out this fantastic new video now available of Linkin Park working on their new song for Revenge of the Fallen.  Even just from the little parts we've heard on the movie trailer, "New Divide" is going to be the bomb!  It'll be available on iTunes in just 4 days, 5/18/09.  Thanks to for the heads up.  (4 comments)
DocWho  2009-05-12 5:52 am
Over at, some "interesting" news has been reported. The TFCon exclusive Powered Commander is being reissued by FansProject with a few additions of chrome on certain places. 

The official TFCon website has also released a statement about the actions taken by Fansproject.
Perceptor  2009-05-11 11:27 pm   (page update)
It's Convention season and wow, what a year it is to enjoy!  Already in the history books is Canada's largest celebration of all things Transformers: TFCon.

Check out our COMPLETE REPORT in the Events and Interview Section. It includes:

* surprise showing by Eric Bauza a talented voice actor who, among others played the role of Stimpy, in Ren ...  (6 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-05-09 5:43 pm
Continuing in the TF 25th anniversary acknowledgement that DocWho previously mentioned, I have taken it upon myself to add my own piece of this anniversary notice: A look back at every single Transformers cartoon and movie from 1984 to the current present. Specifically, I have brought you a look at (almost) every single opening sequence ...  (22 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-05-09 5:42 pm
Continuing in the TF 25th anniversary acknowledgement that DocWho previously mentioned, I have taken it upon myself to add my own piece of this anniversary notice: A look back at every single Transformers cartoon and movie from 1984 to the current present. Specifically, I have brought you a look at (almost) every single opening sequence ...  (14 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-09 8:40 am
The latest installment of Transformers Animated aired today on CartoonNetwork.  Let the conversation begin!  What did you think?  (31 comments)
DocWho  2009-05-08 12:37 pm
Today  marks the exact 25th Anniversary of our favorite brand, Transformers. On this day, the first Transformers Marvel Comic was sold at comic stores across the nation. Now, 25 years later, Transformers are at the height of popularity, with a movie that is the 30th highest-grossing of all time, and a sequel coming about 2 months away. 
Perceptor  2009-05-08 10:38 am
It's always fun to see the outside world perspective on Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.  Our "local"paper the Star Tribune posted a summer movie preview where critic Colin Covert had this to say:

Stars: Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Optimus Prime, Megatron
Director: Michael Bay ("Pearl Harbor")

Plot: Who

Perceptor  2009-05-08 12:12 am   (page update)
Well, Leader "Class toys" that is.  We're going from 1988 to the 2008 Transformers Section, with two all-new character pages which have been added, Leader Class MEGATRON and BULKHEAD.  Dang, I love these toys!  If you haven't grabbed one yet, better do so before they're gone for good and their price triples on ebay!  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-08 12:03 am
As if guests like Weird Al Yankovic and Michael McConnohie (voice of G1 Tracks and Cosmos) and making available new Revenge of the Fallen toys (before they're in stores!) wasn't enough, has made two other amazing announcements:

* another amazingly awesome panel has been announced featuring:
G1 cartoon story writers Bryce Malek, ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-06 3:40 pm
Botcon attendees may wish to bring an extra credit card and a spare (empty) suitcase with them, thanks to this news just sent to us by Hasbro PR! 

Hasbro’s excited to announce that Transformers fans attending BotCon 2009 in Pasadena, California, later this month (May 28-31) will have the opportunity to be some of the first fans
DocWho  2009-05-06 12:49 pm
Hasbro's MonkeyBar TV has updated with a brand-new, completely original Transformers video, starring the oh-so-conveniently hitting stores Universe Cyclonus, an unidentifiable Megatron that apparently turns into a jet, a cross between Classics and Movie Bumblebee, and a cross between Masterpiece and Movie Optimus Prime. Plus, there's even a remix ...  (19 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-05-05 8:50 pm, and other sites have posted new images of many ROTF toys posted originally on

* Skids & Mudflap as the Ice Cream Truck!
* Deluxe Arcee / alt mode
* Deluxe Blaze Master / alt mode
* Deluxe Dead End / alt mode
* Deluxe Jetfire / alt mode
* Deluxe Jolt / alt mode
* Deluxe Ravage / alt mode: Earth Reentry
* Deluxe ...  (14 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-04 10:27 pm   (page update)
Those who've been visiting the site for a long time, know that I like to save this best for last and this is no exception.  Check out our 1988 Transformers Section which has been updated with the final character page needed for U.S. release figure: POWERMASTER OPTIMUS PRIME!  This was easily among my favorite G1 toys of all time: great ...  (20 comments)
Perceptor  2009-05-02 3:25 pm
"They all cheer for Wreck-Gar!"

I cannot hardly believe it!  Fantastic news for those planning to attend Botcon.  Check out the official convention website where they have announced special guest: Weird Al Yankovic!   Attendees are limited to requesting 1 item be autographed each and he will only be signing for two hours, but he ...  (18 comments)
Brian  2009-05-02 9:40 am
Goodness gracious, Transformers Animated just keeps getting better!  The latest installment, "Decepticon Air" debuted today on CartoonNetwork.  In case you missed it, check out High Def versions on YouTube HERE and HERE.  Let the conversation begin!  What did you think?  (35 comments)
DocWho  2009-05-02 5:13 am
Free Comic Book Day is today, so for those of you who want the free Transformers Animated : The Arrival / GI Joe comic, better go to your local comic store before they're all sold out. You can go here to find out what's being offered up this year, and find your local store that will be giving out these free comics.   (6 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-05-01 8:37 pm
Back in 2006, BotCon released a group of exclusive figures that, like all their other exclusives, were redecos and remolds of figures from previous Transformers toylines. However, what made these figures special was that these were representations of almost all of the main characters from the first season of Beast Wars Transformers prior ...  (10 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-05-01 3:41 pm

The identity of the ROTF Voyager jet Autobot toy that comes with a mini Optimus Prime figure has been revealed. Originally believed to be named either Silverbolt, Omega Supreme, or Superion; a recent Ebay auction has confirmed his name to be none of these. In fact, his name is completely original and has never been used for any previous

Anonymous  2009-04-30 8:21 pm
Here it is fellow fans, the moment we've been waiting for!  Check out for the full, teaser-free Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer in all its high definition awesomeness!!!!  Mixmaster, Rampage and Long Haul?  Soundwave, tatoo laden Starscream?  Look closely, they're in there!  Wow...  (16 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-30 6:52 pm
The Allspark has a "boiled-down transcript" of the interview with Derrick Wyatt from TFCon 2009. By "Boiled-down" they mean that these questions are all solely related to Transformers Animated and that the rest have been excluded.

While there really aren't any major spoilers revealed by these questions, we do get to hear some things about his ...  (4 comments)
Jason  2009-04-30 12:16 pm
In a very unexpected move, Hasbro publishes a press release today that announces that they will be teaming up with Discovery Communications in a "Joint Venture to Create Television Network Dedicated to High-Quality Children's and Family Entertainment and Educational Content." Brian Goldner states “We believe the time is ...  (15 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-30 11:05 am
Thanks to Joe for sending us the following press release:

Hasbro’s excited to alert you to the first pre-sell news for its highly anticipated Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toy line.  Beginning on May 1st, fans can pre-order the following items online via several major and specialty retailers:
  • Leader-class Optimus Prime
DocWho  2009-04-30 5:42 am has revealed every IDW guest for BotCon 09. Those coming to the con are E.J. Su, Marcelo Matere, Alex Milne, Casey Coller, Andrew Griffith, Robby Musso, Nick, Roche, Mike Costa, Shaun Knowler, Chris Mowry, Josh van Reyk, Joana Lafuente, Chris Ryall, Andy Schmidt, and Denton J Tipton! You can view their profiles at here.  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-29 8:13 pm

TF08 has the first image of the upcoming RIOTF Deluxe class Ravage toy. Currently, iut is not known what the figure will turn into (if it does, as word has it that he will not have an altmode in the film). To view this blurry but intriguing image, click here.


Sabrblade  2009-04-29 8:13 pm
The third trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has made its way onto the Internet. However, it is a low-quality version shot from inside the movie theater, so it's a bit blurry (but still AWESOME!). BUT, as it keeps being put onto the Net, it keeps getting taken down since it's a bootleg. If you hurry, you may be able to view it either ...  (10 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-28 9:58 pm
Cartoon Network's website has put up a five minute preview for another all new Transformers Animated episode. This time, it's "Decepticon Air". In this preview, you'll see Bulkhead and Sumdac arguing; Sari works her magic on the Autobots' new space bridge; Sentinel interrogates the captured Decepticons; then he has a talk with Perceptor, ...  (15 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-28 8:46 am
Clearing out space, we're getting ready to move!  Please check out some some really nifty items we are currently selling on ebay, auctions end tonight!

MISB, AFA ready, RID Optimus Prime
Beast Wars (blue eye) Cheetor MOC rock box AFA ready  autographed "Ultra Gear" by Ian Chorlett
AFA ready Beast Wars Dinobot MISB rock box
Transformers ...  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-27 7:04 pm

At long last, the voice actor for ROTF Soundwave has finally been revealed. In a conversation with Roberto Orci, UGO's movie blog revealed the voice actor for Soundwave to be... well, just click here to see who it is!

Also, they mentioned who Mixmaster's voice is as well.


Sabrblade  2009-04-26 12:16 pm
TakaraTomy had done it again and has created another new Transformers toyline for older collectors. Previously, they introduced us to Music Label (which contained figures that turned into real-working music devices), Sports Label (which contained figures that turned in miniture replicas of sports footwear), Disney Label (which contained figures ...  (31 comments)
DocWho  2009-04-25 2:23 pm
For those who don't want to be spoiled, turn away now! 

I normally handle news, but since Perceptor is off manning our booth at TFcon, I thought I'd do today's discussion. Soundwave, Human Autobots, Ratbat, Laserbeak, Virtual worlds, and three surprise guest stars form the Temporary Autobots! All in todays episode! Discuss below!
Perceptor  2009-04-22 12:45 pm   (page update)
Our 2008 and 2009 Transformers Sections has been given a number of updates and revisions.   I've added box pix for all Universe/Classics, Walmart Exclusive movie toys and cleaned up Animated listings.  Further, these items are linked in the database so they appear in our Sightings and Reviews sections.  (43 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-21 5:16 pm
Just a reminder, TFcon - Canada’s 8th Annual Transformers Collectors Convention, is returning to the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel, 655 Dixon Road, this Saturday and Sunday, April 25th and 26th. will have our own booth, with Accessory Set #6 and a few other goodies.  Be sure to stop by and say hello!  The TFcon ...  (10 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-21 5:10 pm
Check out, in addition to a a 5-page preview of the Wings of Honor exclusive comic, you'll find a great new video featuring Optimus and Megatron, making their plans to attend the convention as well as.   Now, who does those voices???  They sound awfully familiar!   Could this be a tease as to guests who may be in ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-21 1:43 am
You may also have noticed a new look for the main page.  I was just gettin' tired of that screen cap of TFA Nemesis.  Besides, this is 2009, and it's time to start getting fired up for Revenge of the Fallen!  Plus, that piece by Josh Nizzi, and IDW's ROTF Prequel: Defiance is some of the most spectacular comic art I've ever ...  (8 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-21 12:21 am   (page update)
Think you're ready for a compiled list of 2009 Transformers?  So you have said!  But I'm not so sure, considering how long it took just to organize it!  Derived from what's been given to us us by Hasbro PR, the recent Walmart list and a 100+ other leaks all over the net, the result is one very long list of toys!  And I'm ...  (9 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-20 8:55 pm has the first images of the combined form of ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime and Leader Class Jetfire - called Power Up Optimus Prime!

What role he will play in the film, if any, is currently unknown.


New images of this character's keychain have shown up at TFW2005. Since the other keychains pictured with it seem pretty ...  (12 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-20 4:10 pm
Thanks to Hasbro PR for sending the following press release on...

OPTIMUS PRIME.  ...  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-18 2:45 pm
Here is a bit of info from Michael Bay about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in several articles at

In one article, Bay reveals that a certain character will be killed off in the film. This character shares a name with a character who was featured quite prominently in G1 season 3, and has had the name used in other series like ...  (35 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-18 2:36 pm
Zobovor of has found several ROTF toy listings in Wal-Mart computers. The listings are separated by toy class and feature quite an extensive array of figures:

Deluxe Assortment ($12.88)
TRA MV2 DLX SUV (6-53569-44141)
TRA DX ORNG ECO CA (6-53569-45087)
TRA DELUXE BUMBLEBEE (6-53569-45095)
TRA DX DUNE BUGGY (6-53569-45099)
Sabrblade  2009-04-18 1:59 pm
Regarding the ROTF toyline and one particular figure....

First, HK-TF has scans of Hyper Hobby magazine advertising several of the upcoming ROTF figures (such as Soundwave, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Starscream) and comparing them with their previous figures (notcie Ironhide's head has been remolded). See the scans here.

Next, TF08 has ...  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-18 1:09 pm
Regarding three ROTF Voyager figures...

Awhile back, we were given our first glimpse of a new Megatron figure for the ROTF toyline. From what we could tell, it was about the size of  a voyager, had a greenish color scheme, and had would appeared to be 'wings' protruding from its back. Now, new images of its vehicle mode (which is indeed a ...  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-18 12:28 pm
Lately, tons of info regarding the ROTF movie and toyline have been revealed on the Net. Here is a bit of info regarding five of the Deluxe figures of the ROTF toyline.

First, a redeco of the first movie's Deluxe Brawl in the colors of the Leader Class Deep Desert Brawl figure has shown up in several places. TFW2005 has photos showing both modes ...  (2 comments)
DocWho  2009-04-18 10:03 am
Michael Bay, the director of Revenge of the Fallen, has posted 2 minutes and 31 seconds of glorious ROTF footage over at This footage includes some Devastator action, reveals who pwned Prime in the Super Bowl trailer, and a whole lot more action! has some screen caps for those of you who want a breakdown of this
Sabrblade  2009-04-18 8:30 am
This morning, "Human Error, Part 1" aired on Cartoon Network in the U.S. This episode marked the return of several characters and concepts to the Transformers fiction, including Soundwave, Autobots becoming humans, Christmas, Laserbeak and Ratbat, Cancer, and even Cybertron coming to Earth! Feel free to discuss the episode below.  (36 comments)
DocWho  2009-04-17 8:06 am has announced that, after counting pre-register orders, that the Powered Commander is almost sold out, well over 50%. The site doesn't tell us exactly how much over 50%, but they say, quote; "Remaining Figures will be sold Saturday morning at TFCon. The TFCon customizing class is completely sold out." Those who want to purchase one ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-17 7:17 am   (page update)
Revenge of the Fallen writers recently confirmed the inclusion of a "Pretender" in the soon to be released summer blockbuster.  Today, we take a look back at the original robots-in-disguise > as humans!  The 1988 Autobot Pretenders:  WAVERIDER, CLOUDBURST, SKY HIGHGROUNDBREAKER and SPLASHDOWN have all new character pages, ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-16 7:25 pm
Almost two weeks ago, the The Transformers Club site revealed a 25th Anniversary Soundwave Special Edition figure would be one of Hasbro’s exclusive Transformers items for San Diego Comic-Con.  Today, Hasbro is excited to share with you another awesome Transformers Comic-Con exclusive, OPTIMUS PRIME MIGHTY MUGG Special Edition
Perceptor  2009-04-16 12:19 pm   (page update)
Once again, the 1988 Transformers Section has been updated with three all new pages for the Autobot Powermasters, JOYRIDE, SLAPDASH and GETAWAY.  Unfortunately, our Getaway toy has the same problem as our Nightbeat and Siren, the plastic having turned an ugly yellow due to UV exposed emitted from fluorescent lights in our (former) display ...  (20 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-15 9:10 pm   (page update)
Today's site update includes a public service announcement from  First off you will find 3 all-new pages for the second series (1988) Autobot Headmasters.  However, only HOSEHEAD is complete, while NIGHTBEAT and SIREN pages lack toy photo galleries. 

Why, you ask?  Well, because, years ago, we made the mistake of ...  (5 comments)
DocWho  2009-04-15 7:17 am
While browsing the Radicons forum over at, I found this eBay auction. The auction claims to have "Custom Transformers Animated Accessories". The box and accessories are shown, however, there is no mention of It is entirely possible that the set is a Knock-Off, or it could be that the seller is just taking credit. 

Swindle  2009-04-14 2:02 pm
Check out Derrick's blog, A Delightful Tedium and for more info!  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-13 10:57 pm has posted an in-depth and unbiased review of our Accessory Set #6.  See their news posting (with site visitor feedback) HERE and the complete review with photos, thoughts and commentary HERE.  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-13 10:44 pm   (page update)
The Events and Interview Section has been updated with Part TWO of our "IMterview" (that's Instant Messaging Interview fyi!) conversation with Transformers Animated Art Director, Derrick Wyatt.  New info, new insights, new characters, teasers and more await!  And in case you missed Part ONE, take a few moments to check that ...  (15 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-13 2:31 pm
No, not our site Admin, with the same name! has put up a 5 minute preview of the next new episode of Transformers Animated: Human Error Part 1.   In it, we get a glimpse of the return of a certain G1 original homage character and the first appearance of David Kaye (voice of Optimus Prime...) as, well, um, yeah, ...  (25 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-13 2:01 pm
Thanks to Hasbro's PR for sending us the following:

Multi-Property, Multi-Year Agreement Includes My Little Pony Direct-to-DVD

Los Angeles, CA and Pawtucket, RI – Shout! Factory and ...  (4 comments)
DocWho  2009-04-12 1:27 pm
TFW2005 Member GenZhao has posted pictures of a possible Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Smokescreen repaint. This is a repaint of the original Deluxe Jazz from the first movie. There was a FAB version of the toy, but this is the first Movie Smokescreen in a main size class.

And over at Stolen Toys Central, AKA TF08, they have pics of a ROTF
TriPredRavage  2009-04-12 1:24 pm
The first trailer for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video game has hit the web.  You can view the trailer here.

Also, you can now read my review for Transformers: Animated; The Game here.

Lastly, a long time ago, I posted about sprites from the Beast Wars game released exclusively in Japan for the GameBoy Color.  Well, I spent a ...  (11 comments)
Anonymous  2009-04-10 10:03 pm
Man I loved the Beast Wars era of Transformers!  As we reported back in August, series writers Larry DiTillio and Bob Forward make their return to TF storytelling in this Saturday's episode of Animated, "Predacons Rising!" Do NOT miss it!  Once it has aired, let the discussion begin!  What did you think?  Was it everything you ...  (50 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-10 4:00 pm   (page update)
Easter weekend treats early!   Thought everyone might enjoy seeing the whole team at once!  Check out the 1988 Transformers Section where you'll find SEVEN all new pages for the G1 original Seacons:


Don't get too ...  (11 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-09 9:42 pm has placed up a nice and all-new photo gallery/review of our very own Accessory Set #6.  Thanks guys!  (7 comments)
Anonymous  2009-04-09 9:01 pm
TFW2005 has posted some amazing high resolution CGI Images of forthcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen characters, including Skids, Mudflap, Megatron, The Fallen, Devastator, Ravage and Sideswipe.  (7 comments)
Swindle  2009-04-08 4:39 pm
Derrick Wyatt has added a small update to his blog, A Delightful Tedium, about the Transformers Animated: THE ARRIVAL trade paperback (written by TFA's own Marty Isenberg) that is now out in stores!

Go buy one!  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-07 4:53 pm
Check out CartoonNetwork's new TF Animated site and play the Transformers Trivia (link at the top of the page) to get a sneak peak of the show (to air in this Saturday in its entirety)  Predacon's Rising!

As reported earlier, “it should be a surprise treat for all Beast Wars Fans.”
Sabrblade  2009-04-06 12:12 pm
According to, they have reported that comic artist Frank Springer has passed away at age 79 on Thursday April 5, 2009. The cause was due to prostate cancer.

Springer had done work for various comic companies, including DC and Marvel. Long time Transformers fans will remember him as the artist behind the first four issues of the Marvel ...  (5 comments)
Anonymous  2009-04-06 8:56 am has done a feature article on Transformers leading lady, Megan Fox and whether she has what it takes to be considered the sex symbol of this generation as Sharon Stone had done in years past.  Enjoy the article (and photos!)  (7 comments)
DocWho  2009-04-05 7:21 pm
The American chain of stores named Target have a huge sale on TFs until April 11th.

1. The Sunstorm and Shockwave packs on sale for a whopping $5! (Regular: $25)
2. All Animated Deluxes on sale for $8. (Regular: $11)
3. All Universe Deluxes on sale for $8 (Regular: $11)
4. All Animated Leaders on sale for $30! (Regular: $42)
5. All Animated
Sabrblade  2009-04-04 5:37 pm
I'm surprised no one's posted this yet. "Five Servos of Doom" aired on Cartoon Network this morning. Previously, it had been leaked onto the Internet and had been first discussed here. Now that it has aired on TV, feel free to continue discussing the episode below, as there some of us who prefer to wait till an episode airs on TV before discussing ...  (22 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-03 10:54 pm has the bio, tech specs, and fiction that accompanied the Alternity Convoy figures fully translated into English! It gives us a good overview as to what the Alternity storyline and characters are like in this new series.

The story of Transformers Alternity is set in the Earth year of 2009, some years following the Binaltech storyline. ...  (16 comments)
Perceptor  2009-04-03 12:26 am   (page update)
Our Events and Interviews Section, has been updated with "part 1" of our conversation with Transformers Animated  art director and lead character designer,Derrick Wyatt.  Here Mr. Wyatt shares his not too-spoilery thoughts and insights in our new "IMterview" format (that's instant messaging interview! fyi) and teases with facts of what ...  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-02 8:28 pm
A prototype for what appears to be a figure of Animated Ratchet in his pre-Earth Cybertron Mode has appeared on the TF08 forums. This figure seems to be an extensive remold of the first Deluxe Ratchet toy, and even has the slot on his left arm for the EMP generator toy that comes with the Deluxe Lockdown mold. Not to mention that his forehead ...  (14 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-04-02 6:51 pm
Several new information regarding the upcoming movie sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, as well as its accompanying toyline, has surfaced in various places on the Internet.

First, we have an official release date for the ROTF toyline in Canada. Toys 'R' Us Canada's website has set up a countdown counting down the days till the Canadian ...  (9 comments)
Swindle  2009-04-02 6:49 pm
Character designer Brianne Drouhard has updated her blog with a super cute drawing of Sari Sumdac, as well as showing off the Transformers Animated version of Glyph! Both can be seen here:  (11 comments)
Swindle  2009-04-01 2:08 am
Wacky April Fools hijinks and shenanigans are happening over at Derrick Wyatt's Delightful Tedium blog. Head on over to investigate the foolishness!  (19 comments)
Anonymous  2009-03-31 10:27 pm
Now available on, check out a very cool video of the young Autobot Kup, featured in the upcoming, "Wings of Honor" exclusive set.  While you're at it, be sure to check out his complete toy gallery and tech specs.

Also, unveiled recently was the newest member announced with the boxed set, Thunderclash!  Terriffic paint aps and ...  (5 comments)
DocWho  2009-03-29 3:50 pm
But this time, in video! TFW2005 and YouTube member SSJAutobot has a video review of our Accessory Set #6, as opposed to the previous pictorial review. Check it out here.  (10 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-03-28 5:30 pm
Thanks to,  four new episode titles for Transformers Animated season 3, following the April 4th U.S. airing of "Five Servos of Doom" on Cartoon Network, have been revealed. The episode titles are: "Predacons Rising," "Human Error, Part One," "Human Error, Part Two," and "Decepticon Air."

Now we've heard of ...  (53 comments)
Anonymous  2009-03-28 10:21 am
For those of you who cant' stand watching low quality pirated YouTube videos, and enjoyed the all new episode of Transformers Animated: "Where Is Thy Sting" which debuted on CartoonNetwork today.  Lets continue the conversation!  What did you think of the latest installment?  (33 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-03-27 5:45 pm
Following a manner similar to "Where is Thy Sting", another brand new episode of Transformers Animated season three has made its way onto YouTube prior to its U.S. airdate.

This time, the episode is "Five Servos of Doom" and can be viewed in four parts: one, two, three, and four.

This episode is both the first flashback episode for Prowl, and ...  (28 comments)
DocWho  2009-03-27 4:11 pm
Over at, (Which has been following the news of the pack so well, great job!), user BHiga6161 has an impartial review up, with pics! Here it is for your viewing pleasure.  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-27 10:43 am   (page update)
The final nifty treat to be 'revealed' isn't a component of the set per se, but we are quite proud of how this collector grade package turned out.  A complete photo gallery has been added to the Accessory Set #6 page.

Remember the G1 combiner team gift-sets?  We always loved how you could put toys back in and enjoy as a ...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-26 12:00 pm   (page update)
After months of hard work & determination, the day has finally arrived! 

The Accessory Set #6 Page has been updated with details and a complete photo gallery of the crown jewel of our set!

The complete pack cost just $29.99 and now in stock and available for immediate delivery at our

Be sure to check out our ...  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-03-24 7:42 am
Believe or not, the latest episode of Transformers Animated titled "Where is Thy Sting?", has shown up on YouTube much earlier than its expected airdate. You can view the episode in four parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

In this episode, we get a return of several familiar faces (including the title character Wasp), as well as Jazz, ...  (29 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-23 10:24 am   (page update)
The Accessory Set #6 page has been updated with our complete online instructions photo-guide!  We think this will answer many questions fans have been asking, ("Does it open? etcetera!)

For those that place their pre-order by Tuesday, our estimated ship date:  THIS WEEK, Friday March 27!

It's a big week for us here at ...  (11 comments)
Swindle  2009-03-23 10:18 am
Check out all new blog update with Transwarped spoilers and "OMEGA SPREEEEEEM!"  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-21 9:23 am
So, the latest episode of Transformers Animated, "Three is a Crowd" aired today on CartoonNetwork! YEAH!  Ah, how I love the weekly chats to hash out the latest and greatest episode!  What did you think?  (70 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2009-03-19 11:19 pm
Poster "Linthart" at site has taken some images of Hasbro's Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire Leaderclass toy at the 2009 Toy Hobby & Nursery Fair in Melbourne Australia.

I Hope this is of interest.  (28 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-19 9:09 am   (page update)
In our unrelenting pursuit to complete the 1988 Transformers section, you will now find 3 all new character pages for the second series Decepticon Headmasters: FANGRY, HORRI-BULL and SQUEEZEPLAY.  Unlike many of their other '88 counterparts, this trio did receive some some good attention in the G1 comic series. Enjoy!  (13 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-18 12:20 am   (page update)
Sorry for the teaser!  No, this post is not an update on the dealer (Bigbadtoystore) for our soon to be fully unveiled Accessory pack #6!   What it is, is another update to our 1988 section, viewers can now find an all new character page for the G1 Powermaster Mercenary: DOUBLEDEALER or just "Dealer" if you're an IDW continuity buff!

If ...  (13 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-18 12:15 am
Transformers Animated fans, like me, have been wondering about the fate of Blurr since watching (and re-watchng!) the latest chapter in the saga, "Transwarped" which aired this Saturday.  TFA Art Director Derrick Wyatt has updated his blog with some not-so-spoilerific info!  Enjoy!  (38 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-03-17 6:33 pm

TFW2005 has image scans of pages from the upcoming ROTF childrens' coloring book. What is unique about this is that the pictures and activities in the book seem to reveal quite a bit about some of the movie's events, such as who some of the charatcers are, what some of the charatcers could be doing in the film, and who all may be fighting who in

DocWho  2009-03-15 7:34 am
The-Arker have new pictures of a mysterious voyager plane mode toy, in all modes, and with a mini Optimus Prime that can fit in the cargo hold. You can find the mysterious Autobot here. Warning, the pics repeat after you see Optimus leaving the cargo hold.  (36 comments)
DocWho  2009-03-14 5:48 pm
Over at, member TFCtoys has a large, hi-resolution gallery of the upcoming toy ROTF Starscream. You can find the extensive gallery here.   (4 comments)
Brian  2009-03-14 8:32 am
Oh, how I've missed these conversations!  So, at long last the Transformers Animated, Season 3 premiere,  "Transwarped" has finally aired, so, what did you think?!  (72 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-03-13 6:37 pm

Read this news bit first.

Here are the remaining bios of the ten season 3 character bios. As I've stated before, I've had scans of these bios for quite a while and forgot about them over time. So, what better time than the night before "Transwarped" debuts? However, I have split them up betwen their factions (the Autobots' bios can

Sabrblade  2009-03-13 6:31 pm
Before we finally get a view at the beginning of the third season of Transformers Animated tomorrow morning, I'd like to treat you all to TEN bios for TEN season three characters. Five Autobots, five Decepticons, all of which are already known of.

I've had scans of these bios for quite a while and forgot about them over time. So, what better time ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-13 3:47 pm   (page update)
Be among the very first to receive one!   We are pleased to announce, has put up the pre-order page for our Accessory Set #6.  Each will include:

- 1 TFA Key
- 2 Stasis Cuffs
- 2 Magnet Upgrades
- 1 TFA All Spark, complete with crystal orb, handles, casing & core (check the link for an early rendition of our 3D parts ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-12 10:22 pm   (page update)
Again, for those keeping track, these would technically be parts 4 and 5, as each Accessory Set #6 will include, 1 Key, 2 cuffs and TWO (2) MAGNET WEAPON UPGRADES for the crabby old codger of the gro-  "IT'S ABOUT SLAGGING TIME YOU GOT THESE PICTURES UP, KID!"

A-hem, yes well, they're color matched with matte finish for the ...  (8 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-11 7:57 pm   (page update)
Well technically, this is part 2 and 3, since there are two, count'm two of each included with each set!  Are you ready for this?!  CHECK IT OUT HERE

We searched the world over, looking for just the right material to produce the perfect cuff, and we think we found it!  Injection molded (very high quality, the same as all ...  (15 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-11 12:25 pm   (page update)
How can you not love them?!  For me, these are the best cassette transformers of all time!  Check out the newly updated 1988 Section with yet another pair of additions:  Grand Slam and Raindance who combine to form SLAMDANCE and Beast Box and Squawktalk who combine to form SQUAWKBOX.  Yet another group of outstanding toys, not ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-10 11:58 pm   (page update)
Our Events and Interviews Section has been updated with a new round of Q&A from Hasbro's Transformers Team.  I'm sorry, I'm a passionate fan and I don't want to see Transformers Animated end (ever!)  Thus, I couldn't resist the chance to get on a little soapbox and plead our case for TFA!  ('Ain't too proud to beg!)  Hope ...  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-09 7:38 pm   (page update)
Imagine you're a cybertronian jet and you want to disguise this fact so you build a Pretender shell ...  Now imagine the shell is a non-Earth-mode armored car!  Okay, so maybe it's not the best war strategy of all time, but such was the case for the two newest character page additions to ROADGRABBER and GUNRUNNER.  ...  (12 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-03-09 6:10 pm
Derrick J Wyatt has updated his blog with several teaser images for the upcoming Transformers Animated TV special "TRANSWARPED".

In the first set of images, we get a few glimpses at some scenes of Sari's eys glowing, Strika's altmode, Spittor's altmode, a cube wireframe with some glowing thing next to it,  Hot shot dodging laser fire, ...  (8 comments)
DocWho  2009-03-09 5:42 pm
The Official BotCon website has updated with pictures of Landshark, which is a repaint of Energon Landmine. The pics have Landshark in Robot Mode, Alternate Mode, and Powerlinx Mode.   (6 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-09 5:34 pm
Craziness!  Today, we received the following e-mail from Hasbro's PR firm.  Are you one of the two costumed Transformers fans who attended the most recent San Diego ComicCon?  Or do you know who these individuals are?  Shoot us an e-mail and we'll put you directly in touch with Hasbro PR!


I’m reaching out to you ...  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-03-08 1:18 pm
Remeber when we thought that the Transformers Titanium toyline had died out, well WE WERE WRONG!!!

Several images of three brand new Titanium figures have been revealed over at ACToys. Wait, what's this? They bear the current Transformers Universe logo and the 25 Anniversary corner logo on their packages. So that must mean that these ...  (6 comments)
DocWho  2009-03-08 6:32 am
The-Arker has an extensive gallery of BotCon 2009's Leozak and Skyquake. The gallery includes extensive pics showing off poseablility, the color scheme, and comparisons with Energon Energon (no, not a typo) Starscream.  (5 comments)
Jason  2009-03-07 11:55 am
This morning Cartoon Network aired the first commercial for Transformers Animated Season 3, promoting the intro movie entitled "Transwarped." Check out this YouTube video of the commercial, to see our first animated glimpses of Rodimus, Stryka, Cyclonus, and (huge) Blackout!

On a side note, you could also check out these sweet
DocWho  2009-03-07 7:03 am
Chris Ryall has updated his blog with scans of the upcoming Spotlight Metroplex and Spotlight Cliffjumper cover arts, plus a sketch of the Cliffjumper cover. You can find those, and his blog, here.  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-03-06 10:26 pm has a listing for the Transformers Alternity figure Nissan GT-R feat. Convoy - Super Black Edition. Previously, we've seen images of both the Vibrant Red version and the Ultimate Metal Silver version. Now we get a glimpse of this special edition Super Black version.

The image is actually an edited version of the Vibrant Red version ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-05 11:59 pm   (page update)
In the voice of our Animated favorite Swindle:

"Assuming you've got the credit downloads available, I am going to make you a deal of the century on the most highly sought after, object of every Transformers desire!  It can heal the most battle damaged warriors, resurrect Dinobots, Soundwave even Megatron!  It is the -WAIT FOR IT ...

Perceptor  2009-03-04 9:44 am   (page update)
Moving on to (slightly) bigger and better things.  Another trio of all new character pages is available for your viewing pleasure in the 1988 Section, the Decepticon Triggercons: CRANKCASE, RUCKUS and WINDSWEEPER.  (14 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-04 9:30 am
TFCon 2009 is coming up quickly, April 25 & 26 in Toronto, Canada.  Check out their amazing convention exclusive Powered Commander by checking their homepage.

Though not final, it appears will be there with our soon to be unveiled Accessory set #6.  Details to follow, stay tuned.

There are only 500 pieces of the Powered ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2009-03-03 12:08 am   (page update)
From the "Lets Get This Over With" files of, check out all new character pages for the Firecons: CINDERSAUR, FLAMEFEATHER & SPARKSTALKER now available in the 1988 Section.   

Do their robot modes look cool?        Ah, no.  (see for yourself!)
Are they at least ...  (8 comments)
DocWho  2009-03-02 6:25 pm
The Official BotCon 09 site has been updated with a new figure preview, Decepticon Scourge, which is based on the G1 figure Scourge, instead of the RID version. This Scourge is a remould of Cybertron Sideways with a new head.  (12 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-03-02 2:53 pm
TFW2005 has a report about two more Botcon Exclusive Figures Skyquake and Leozack.  You can check it out here.  (9 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-03-01 7:31 pm

More good news that opposes the rumor of the Animated toyline's cancellation. And hopefully, this proves to be true, which would make the rumor stay a rumor. TFW2005 has reported an interesting find regarding brand new Animated figures that could be coming soon:

"The Transformers Collector's Club newsletter arrives with a pre-order slip, revealing

DocWho  2009-02-28 2:29 pm
Hot on the heels of the revelation of the head of ROTF Megatron, The-Arker has comparison pictures of the Leader Megatron toy for viewing here.


Sabrblade  2009-02-27 8:29 pm
At long last, we shall wait no more, shall wonder no more, shall no longer be confused by rumors. For today, the news has brought to our attention a glorious piece of information. such knowledge that can solve one of the biggest secrets that has been kept away from the entire Transformers fandom for far too long. This infomation... is... the ...  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-27 3:19 pm
New images of the new Robot Heroes toys for the ROTF toyline have shown up at ACToys. In these pictures, we see Sideswipe vs. Sideways, Optimus Prime (new mold) vs. Blackout (redeco of first film's toy), Mudflap vs. Rampage, Bumblebee (can't if he's a new mold or not) vs. Long Haul, Autobot Springer vs. Starscream (can't tell about him either), ...  (13 comments)
Perceptor  2009-02-27 10:30 am   (page update)
The Autobot dual Targetmasters were some pretty nifty toys for their day, that unfortunately were really not supported enough in Transformers fiction.  Check out all new pages for LANDFILL, QUICKMIX, and SCOOP.  You'll find they are now available for your future reference and viewing pleasure in the 1988 Transformers Section.  Have ...  (5 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-26 6:05 pm

Two sad pieces of information have popped up ther internet. Both of them regard the cancellation of something related to Transformers Animated.

First, BBTS has sent out an email to its customers to make known that Hasbro has cancelled the releases of the Wave 7 Voyagers Golfire Grimlock and Hydrodive Bumblebee. Both products' listsiing have been

Perceptor  2009-02-26 2:52 pm   (page update)
Lookout TFA Jetfire & Jetstorm!  You're not the first Transformers to have a united jet mode!  Back in 1988 these two were the first and only of their kind, Decepticon Powermasters.  Great toys, sadly, not featured much in Transformers fiction.  Check out all new character pages for DARKWING and DREADWIND who unite to the ...  (5 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-25 3:23 pm reports that s250 has revealed another set of spoilers regarding the third season of  the Transformers Animated cartoon. Make of them what you will but, here they are:

"maybe season 3 influenced by Kung-Fu Panda, there are lot of kung-fu elements, such as Prowl having to perform TaiChi to open the door.
Prowl's master named
DocWho  2009-02-25 3:06 pm
Fansproject has updated their website with pics of the weapons that will come with the Classics Prime trailer. The pics can be found here.

From what I can fathom, 01 is for Bumblebee, 02 is a Sideswipe rocket launcher, 03 is a Mirage rocket launcher, 04 appears to be a sword for Grimlock, and 05 might be for Hound.
Sabrblade  2009-02-24 7:14 pm
The brochure for the 2009 BotCon convention is now available to read online. It describes a good amount of what this year's convention is all about. it also mentions what this year's toy set will be. Called Wings of Honor, this set includes Kup, Thunderclash, Landshark, Flak, and Scourge; all likely redecos of past figures. It also gives us a ...  (4 comments)
Jason  2009-02-24 2:17 pm   (page update)
Now, lets take a closer look at some Prototype images!  New to the Alterations Blog is TFA Ratchet and his MAGNETS!  Today we'll give you another sneek peak at what is soon to come in our Accessory Pack #6! The items shown in this post are second round prototypes for Ratchet's magnets in our upcoming accessory pack #6! The
Perceptor  2009-02-23 11:59 pm   (page update)
We at are proud to announce our latest, all-new Accessory Set for Collectors!   Check out two teaser images we put together to give you a small taste of the sweetness that is to come!

As seen in Earth tones paint-style, with all-spark powered hue!

As you can see, we are not going to show/tell you everything ...  (17 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-23 7:24 pm

Jim Sorenson, known for his Ark Addendums, has updated his blog Disciples of Boltax with a page of art that had to be removed from the upcoming Transformers: Animated Allspark Almanac.

It is a page feautring "the most frequently recurring image to appear in the show's model pack": Starscream's jet mode in various color schemes. Each color scheme

TriPredRavage  2009-02-23 7:16 pm
Apparently YTV has released its schedule claiming that season 3 will begin on March 14th at 11 a.m.  Now we just need a release date for Cartoon Network!  (5 comments)
DocWho  2009-02-22 4:45 pm has pics of ROTF two-pack Autobot Whirl out of package, in both modes.

Whirl is a repaint of the 2007 Movie Evac, and comes with a repaint of 2007 Movie Wreckage as Bludgeon. Pics of these two in package can be found here, along with ROTF Skywarp and Ramjet.
Sabrblade  2009-02-22 7:49 am

Robert Orci has given out the name of another confirmed character who will be appearing in the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen feature film at TFW2005. This character is one who has been in the loop of rumors those who say that he is in the movie, and those who say he isn't. While there has been no concrete "Yes" or "No" evidence, there have

Sabrblade  2009-02-21 1:12 pm
S250 has once again given us a spoiler (found in the TFW2005 forums) for Transformers season 3. This time, it's a spoiler regarding a two-part episode of season 3! It also relates to the human versions of Optimus, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Ratchet that we saw previously. Forget pretenders, nevermind synthoids, and don't even think about Meltdown's ...  (9 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-21 8:15 am
Ebay, the ever-popular online retailer, has brought two more items to our attention. A seller has two items in stock that appear to be long lost TF gems of the 1980s. They are helmets that have belonged to costumes of G1 Grimlock and G1 Kickback. These costumes, as the seller claims, were supposedly used during live promotional appearance at ...  (7 comments)
Byrerprime  2009-02-20 4:27 pm   (page update)
It's that time of year where the Events and Interview Section starts getting some love!   Check out our complete report from ToyFair 2009, complete with my account of the days events and photo gallery.  Enjoy.  (4 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-02-18 7:15 pm   (page update)
Sorry about the long wait there, everybody.  We had some issues with the site, but all's well and good now!  So check out my review of the 2009 New York Comic-Con now available for viewing in the Events & Interviews section!  (2 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-18 6:56 pm

S250 had posted several more Transformers Animated concept sketches over at TFW2005.

These sketches are of several characters (old and new), as well as some other odds and ends. But be warned that some of them may be pretty spoilerific and probably shouldn't be viewed at if one does not want ot be spoiled. So if you'd rather not be spoiled, then

Perceptor  2009-02-18 12:36 am   (page update)
We have compiled a gallery of high definition images from the recently released, Revenge of the Fallen trailer.  Let the speculation and analysis begin!

Did you notice the (presumably Arcee) individual cycle robot components, after the Audi Transformer does a quadruple back-flip through that couple's apartment?  Speaking of "the" Audi, is ...  (19 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-17 3:13 pm
TFormers has just recieved a few more images of some of the upcoming toys for the ROTF toyline. These images are of several different figures, varying from Deluxes, to FABs, the Legends, even to Mr. Potato Head. Each figure has an image for every mode, and an image for its packaging. Among the packaged ones, one image stands out. The image of ...  (14 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-16 3:50 pm

The Full ROTF Teaser Trailer is available now to view online at Yahoo! Movies. Now we get a good look at what's to come in the movie, and the bot shown in Egypt is indeed The Fallen himself. See the trailer here.

Also, the first video review of The Fallen's toy has made its way to YouTube. We finally know what size class he is: Voyager.

Perceptor  2009-02-16 12:12 am
Transformers Animated Design Director, Derrick Wyatt has updated his blog with some sweet pictures of Wreck-gar in his various toy incarnations, and the Animated RATBAT!  "JOY!"  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2009-02-15 9:05 pm   (page update)
You can expect the report from Toyfair 2009 shortly.  In the meantime we thought you would enjoy these publicity still images, shared with us by Hasbro's PR firm:

Animated Arcee //  Electrostatic_Soundwave
FAB Jolt // FAB Optimus Prime
Breakaway / Bumblebee / Mudflap / Rampage / Sideswipe / Skids / Soundwave ...  (22 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-15 8:59 pm
Don Murphy has annouced on his forum that the full ROTF Teaser Trailer that aired in theaters last Friday will be given an exclusive look at on Entertainment Tonight on CBS at 7:00pm tomorrow night, Monday February 16, 2008.

"Monday, February 16, 2009:

7:00pm CBS
'Entertainment Tonight'
Exclusive look at the teaser trailer in support of
Jason  2009-02-14 8:13 pm
Looking for pictures from Hasbro's Toy Fair 2009 Transformers desplay? We've got our own pics coming soon, but until then we can help you find and check out some other galleries that are out there.
-ASM's Toy Fair 2009 Hasbro TF gallery.'s gallery of the TF display.
-TF2005's gallery of the TF display.
-The AllSpark's gallery.
DocWho  2009-02-14 5:15 pm
Hot on the heels of the ROTF toys, TFormers reveals the first pics of Animated Arcee and Electrostatic Soundwave here. 
This will be the first G1-like Arcee toy in the US, and the first time Soundblaster has been remotely referenced in toy form in the US. 
Jason  2009-02-14 3:51 pm
Only minutes before  Hasbro's official media guest tour at Toy Fair 2009, the Transfomers Collector's Club website unveils a bunch of official Hasbro pictures of ROTF related products! Check out the previously see Hasbro press release (this time with pictures) here.
Of note in these first never before seen pictures are:
Jason  2009-02-14 2:51 pm
This month's ToyFare Magazine's cover story (cover featuring the new Leader Class Movie Prime) includes interivews with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Greg Lombardo, and Aaron Archer. There are only a few sneek peaks at the new ROTF Leader Prime, Voyagure Starscream and the preview figures of  Bumblebee and Soundwave. 
Notable information in
Perceptor  2009-02-14 2:13 pm   (page update)
This year,'s own "Byrerprime" will soon be providing us with a full report from New York City & ToyFair 2009!

As we wait for the news to start rolling in, I thought it would be a good time to unveil a set of 3 new character pages.  NEEDLENOSE, QUAKE and SPINISTER, the second series Decepticon (dual) Targetmasters are now ...  (5 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-14 8:51 am
In a previous report, we heard about a rumor that the third season of Transformers animated would be the final one of the series. Now we have even more information on that from s250 on the TFW2005 forums.

s250, who in the past has been a very reliable source for various Transformers spoilers and confirmed rumors, has shed to some light on this ...  (15 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-13 3:13 pm

Back during the Superbowl, we were treated to several short teaser TV spots for many upcoming movies that will be airing later this year. However, today is a special day. Not just because it's Friday the 13th, but because it is the day that the full theatrical teaser trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen airs in theaters (attached

Sabrblade  2009-02-12 3:00 pm
Once again, more sketches of new Transformers Animated characters have surfaced. has recieved images of three more character sketches of three more new Animated characters: Dai Atlas, Alpha Trion, and a new, unidentified Decepticon character.

The first sketch is of Dai Atlas. Based off the G1/TF: Zone character of the same name, he ...  (12 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-11 12:39 pm
New image renderings of two of the most highly anticipated characters from the ROTF movie have shown up at ACToys, and have been mirrored at TFW2005. These two images are of The Fallen, whose toy had been previously revealed earlier, and Devastator, who is said two be a two-foot-tall combiner.

First up on the list is the ...  (28 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-09 6:19 pm

More images of upcoming ROTF toys have shown up at TF08.

First, there's a new image of Sideswipe. This image shows a good look at his vehicle mode from overhead. As we can clearly see, unlike the first movie's toys, his deco uses a Premium-esque metallic silver paint job to further enhance his resemblance to his movie counterpart.

Next are some more

DocWho  2009-02-09 4:13 pm
TF website The-Arker has pics of a non-transforming upcoming ROTF Starscream figure, possibly Robot Replicas. 

You can find the pics here.
Sabrblade  2009-02-07 11:19 pm
TFW2005 has an excessive gallery of images of the upcoming ROTF Voyager Starscream figure. The images show us a good look at both modes of the figure, especially showing off the Cyberglyphic tatoos he wears all over his body. As we can see, he seems to greatly resemble his first toy, but it is actually an entirely new mold, as his jet mode ...  (15 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-07 1:01 pm
TF08 has the very first images of two more toys for the ROTF toyline.

First up is Wheelie.  The images shows the back of his packaging, so we get a look at the toy's vehilce mode, robot mode, and bio & tech specs. His vehicle mode is that of a remote control monster truck that looks kinda similar to the appearance of Energon Ironhide's ...  (41 comments)
DocWho  2009-02-06 2:05 pm has some awesome new official pics. 

First, we have a new SWTF coming, called the Shock Trooper, who turns into a V-Wing starfighter. The pics can be found here.

Next, TFW has pics of the new Transformers Mighty Muggs, Grimlock and Starscream, but Starscream's wings are misassembled in the photo, so don't assume that's how
Perceptor  2009-02-06 10:00 am
Check it out.  This morning we were sent the following press release from Activision!  Interesting info about the forthcoming Transformers ROTF video game.  Also check out the game teaser trailer, now available on IGN.

Santa Monica, CA ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2009-02-05 9:56 pm   (page update)
The Autobot's answer to Sixshot, QUICKSWITCH was easily among the best toys of 1988, (aside from the Powermasters, IMHO.)  Unfortunately he made virtually no appearances in Transformers fiction, besides an obscure, 5-page, black/white, UK only comic.  Check out his all new character page, now available in the 1988 Transformers section.  (12 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-03 3:57 pm
Taking another break from the recent movie news, let's step back in time to near the very beginning of the Transformers.

Jim Sorenson, who was responsible for the two Ark Compendium books of G1 animation model sheets, has again updated his blog, Disciples of Boltax, with another piece of artwork that had to be cut from the Ark books ...  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2009-02-03 8:54 am   (page update)
Taking an *a-Hem!* slight step back in awesomeness as compared with modern Transformers from Animated or the Movies...  We launch all new character pages for the 1988 Sparkabots: FIZZLE, GUZZLE and SIZZLE.  Unlike earlier G1 figures they didn't have realistic auto modes.  They didn't have super fantastic detailing, they were not ...  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2009-02-02 11:20 am
Check it out!  The Revenge of the Fallen, official site has been updated with the highest definition version of the Super Bowl ad I've yet seen, and you can now register for updates.  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-02-01 8:46 pm
With the recently released ROTF Superbowl teaser TV spot, there comes several galleries of images from it at several websites. Three of them are listed below: has a gallery of 100 images. Click here to see them.

TFW2005 has 63 images. Check'em out here. has a gallery of a whopping 400 images! They've also done a breakdown ...  (9 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2009-02-01 1:50 am

Is the link to a YouTube version of the ROTF teaser : There's should be a tab on that page for the Hi res version too.

Alternatively on Mega upload :

Here's some screenshots : (C/o some folks on the Don Murphy Board)

Sabrblade  2009-01-30 2:29 pm
Two huge pieces of information regarding the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie and toyline have been revealed on the Internet.

First, regarding the film itself, Michael Bay has spoken on the Shoot for the Edit forums about the teaser that is supposed to air during the Superbowl this Sunday. He said it is in fact, not a "trailer" but a ...  (15 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-29 4:01 pm
Fellow Transformers fans Peaugh & GenZhao have teamed up to do a YouTube video review of the possibly cancelled Henkei Black Convoy figure. This figure has never been officially released and it is speculated that it would've been released at the cancelled WonderFest event. It's color scheme is very similar to that of the traditional ...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2009-01-29 3:02 pm   (page update)
Do you feel lucky?  Well, do ya, PUNK?

If you were a Decepticon in the late 80's, you do not want to mess with the itchy trigger finger of the Triggerbots!  Check out three, count'm, THREE! all new character pages now available in the 1988 Transformers Section: BACKSTREET, DOGFIGHT and OVERRIDE.  While they lacked the pose-ability ...  (11 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-28 2:52 pm
A sad piece of news has been spoken of at TFW2005. The title is pretty much self-explanatory, but let me say that this is a rumor. Its truth has yet to be confirmed or denied. But here's what was said:

"Over the course of the past week, TFW2005.COM has been digging and pressing our sources to find out if the rumor we received through an anonymous ...  (30 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-26 6:12 pm
TFW2005 member Red Leader has revealed the bios for the TFA Target exclusive sets of Sunstorm vs. Ratchet and (purple/G1 colors) Shockwave vs. Bumblebee.

Sunstorm vs. Ratchet:
Yet another clone of Starscream has appeared on Earth to threaten the Autobots. Sunstorm is a cackling madman determined to destroy everything in his path. He is also a living ...  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-25 1:23 pm
TFW2005 has scans of pages from three Japanese toy magazines advertising several upcoming Transformers products.

First, they have scans from Dengeki Hobby Magazine, originally from the Cybergundam blog. The first page shows Masterpiece Grimlock's waiter accessories, evoking a scene from the G1 season 3 episode "Madman's Paradise". The second ...  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-24 8:47 pm
First there was Sports Label, Music Label, and soon Disney Label. Now we are proud to introduce a whole new line Transformers toys from TakaraTomy: Chrono Label!

'What is Chrono Label?' you say? Well, Transformers Chrono Label is another new toyline with another unique gimmick. Like the Music Label line before it, the products of the ...  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-24 5:29 pm

These days, more and more third-party companies are coming up with more custom Transformers sets for purchase. You better get comfortable, there is a LOT to cover here.

First, BBTS has full color images of Best Toys' custom Classics Optimus Prime trailer. This image shows the color of both the regular version and that Nemesis Prime version.

Sabrblade  2009-01-24 11:51 am
The-Arker has images of several new toys for the ROTF toyline, all of whcih are new versions of charatcers from the first film.

First up is an all new, never-before-seen figure of Bumblebee. This new BB is a Voyager sized mold with a transformation that gives him a visually-different appearance in robot mode compared to his previously seen Deluxe ...  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-22 8:33 pm
A recent Ebay auction has sold a pair of two Legends class figures for the ROTF toyline. These two figures are the Legends class Optimus Prime and Jetfire. The auction gives us a good look at the robot, vehicle, and combined modes. Click here to see the auction.

Perceptor  2009-01-21 9:56 pm   (page update)
In a my continuous effort to clean my desktop, I've uploaded some nifty images & vid for your viewing pleasure.

* This Thanksgiving, I had the good fortune to fly to Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  A small airport there had an MH-53 Helicopter!  I took some pix that can be seen HERE or on Blackout's page.

* Last year the Lukis Dad ...  (9 comments)
DocWho  2009-01-21 8:08 am
TFW2005 has some awesome new pics for our viewing pleasure. 

Here we have some pics for Universe Hot Shot and Universe Ratchet in box and official Hasbro pictures. And here we have some pics of the upcoming Wreckage toy, possibly for the new ROTF toyline.
Perceptor  2009-01-20 10:42 pm
Oh how we love the acronyms!  Check out the interesting and not-so-spoilerific update now available on the Blog of Derrick Wyatt, Transformers Animated design director! What's it all mean?  Ha, let the speculation begin!  Bo-YAH!  (18 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-18 9:23 pm
TF08 has two images of Ratchet toys. One image is of his Universe toy, the other is of his Henkei! Henkei! toy. Both are in vehicle mode. with their respective weapon below them. To clarify which is which, the top image is of Henkei! Ratchet, while the second image is of Universe Ratchet.

There's also a third image, which shows Universe Hot ...  (10 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-18 12:09 pm
The-Arker has new images of the ROTF Deluxe class toy of the Audi R8 decepticon that is set to appear in the upcoming ROTF film. Check out its vehicle mode here, and its robot mode here.


Even more, better images have popped up at ACToys. These images show its vehicle mode from different angles, and give us a good look at the Robot Mode ...  (14 comments)
Perceptor  2009-01-16 10:22 pm   (page update)
Congenial salutations!'s heretofore nonexistent 2009 Section has been amended with several meritorious renditions of me, inclusive of each of my alternate modes, as depicted by the artists of Transformers Animated!  HERE, HERE & HERE.

My human consort has noted they are exceptionally pleasing on his optic sensors.  ...  (47 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-16 3:30 pm

TFW2005 has the DCPIs from Target's computers for the ROTF toyline, which reveals all the size classes, as well as some other goodies from this line.

087-06-0111 TF MV2 Deluxe Figures
087-06-0115 TF MV2 Scout Figures
087-06-0119 Transformers MV2 Optimus Prime Helm*
087-06-0120 TF MV2 Voyager
087-06-0122 TF MV2 Leader
087-06-0125 TF MV2 Gravity Bots**

Perceptor  2009-01-15 9:35 pm   (page update)
Speaking of Unicron showing up in unexpected places!  It was at this time that we went from Transformers fans to fanatics!  In fact, it's no coincidence that it was in October of 1997 when we registered the domain and became, UNICRON.COM!  Check out the 1997 Transformers Section where the left hand media sections now contains links ...  (9 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-15 8:22 pm
BBTS has the first images of two new upcoming Transformers Animated Voyager Class toys. The first is a redeco of Grimlock called Golfire Grimlock, doen in shades of gold and black, making him kinda resemble a Lucky draw figure. The second is an all new mold: Hydrodive Bumblebee, which is a new Voyager Class figure mold of Bumblebee with a winged ...  (19 comments)
TriPredRavage  2009-01-15 7:39 pm
It's that time again!  Time for another update on up-and-coming Transformers Trade Paperbacks collecting everybody's favorite shape-shifting mechas!  First up we've got Transformers: Revelations to tie up all of the loose ends from IDW's "-tion" series hitting the shelves February 28th.  Then to rip back open those seams is All ...  (2 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-15 3:50 pm
Japanese site Hobby Stock has huge amount of images of many new upcoming products from TakaraTomy. Among these are several Transformers products from the Masterpiece, Disney Label, Encore, and Henkei lines, as well as the new Chrono Label toyline.

First up are images of the new TF: Chrono Label line. This toyline consists of a few (currently ...  (9 comments)
Perceptor  2009-01-15 9:02 am
TFW2005 has posted another outstanding Q&A with Revenge of the Fallen writer Robert Orci.  Of particular interest to this site was his response to the question asked by Starscreamer95: If you could choose any character for TF3 who would it be?

Robert Orci:  "Unicron, for scale sake!

Wow!  I sure didn't expect that response! Check ...  (28 comments)
DocWho  2009-01-14 5:58 pm
Check out Crossovers Captain America pictures here at

Next, we have Masterpiece Grimlock (also known as MP-08) Crossover Mickey Mouse, Encore Combaticons, and a whole bunch of Encore Cassettes (Ratbat, Buzzsaw, Eject, and Rewind). All these pics can be found here.

Finally, we have some possible spoilers from the Transformers
Sabrblade  2009-01-14 4:53 pm
First came City Commander/Shadow Commader, then came Battle Rollar, and now, we have a whole new custom set to check out.

Custom kit brand Best Toys has been working on an upgrade kit for the Classics (1.0) Optimus Prime figure in the form of a trailer and Roller. Since this news is a bit old, here's a summary of what has been unveiled thus far. ...  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-14 1:56 pm

 Taobao has an auction that shows an image of Animated Deluxe Ratchet in new, previously unseen packaging. It is quite similar to the the Target exclusive AllSpark power redecos from the previous year, as the figure is also packaged in robot mode. Unlike the AllSpark Power redecos, however, there seems to be no

Sabrblade  2009-01-14 1:56 pm
IGN has an interview with Roberto Orci, who one of the screen writers for Transformers Revenge of The Fallen. In this interview, he confirms two rumors about two of the movie's characters, and he reveals some of the new visuals that will be seen in the movie. Check out the interview here.

Sabrblade  2009-01-13 6:09 pm
Once again, has some new images of another upcoming ROTF figure. This time, it's the Optimus Prime Fast Action Battler that was previously seen with Megatron and Jolt. But now we have several images of this figure shot at various angles of both modes. How, one will notice that the Robot Mode is obviously mistransformed, as ...  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2009-01-13 5:57 pm
Check out a fantastic, all new Q&A with Transformers Animated Art Director, Derrick Wyatt on "Transformers Animated Fan Community."  There are all kinds of goodies contained within; discussion of what goes into designing an Animated Transformer, season 3 teasers, season 1 and 2 insights...  A fantastic read, ENJOY!  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-12 3:06 pm
Once again, Ebay has another set of items for sale. But this time, it's those two ROTF Ramjet and Skywarp toys that we reported a ways back. But this time, they a pictured in Robot Mode (slightly mis-transformed, though) and give us a good look at their faces. We came now clearly see that Ramjet a straight redeco of the regular and Deep Space ...  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-10 11:27 am
The ROTF news just keeps coming in and piling up. The has new crystal clear images of Depthcharge and Ransack, but these are so much more detailed than any previous ones in that they gives us a great look and the molds and designs of these two figures from several different angles.

Also, the TF08 forums have new images of two more ...  (22 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-09 7:28 pm
Variety reports some very awesome news. According to their article, it has finally been revelaed what day the release date of the first teaser trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be. After so much waiting for this day to come, we shall no longer wait unaware of when it is coming. At long last, our first ...  (12 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-08 6:23 pm has some brand new images of some of the upcoming ROTF toys. First, they have several new in-package images of the Fast Action Battler figure Jolt who is the Chevy Volt in the movie. These images give us a good look at the front, back, and underside of the ROTF FAB packaging, and a close up of Jolt's FAB package art. In

Sabrblade  2009-01-08 6:04 pm
TFClub has posted several new images of Henkei Cyclonus, which show a great amount of the detail and deco of the figure. What's more is that Cyclonus’s Targetmaster partner, Nightstick, has a different paint job than the Hasbro version. Click here to see this awesome figure.

Also, e-Hobby has posted many new images of ...  (8 comments)
Anonymous  2009-01-07 8:15 pm
Check out all-new Transformers: Animated "shorts" now on YouTube. 

* The first features Bulkhead and Grimlock enjoying a little down time on Dinobot Island.
* In the second, SARI helps Doc Ratchet give Bulkhead a tune up.
* This Animated short features Megatron & Starscream is apparently included on the Animated Season 2 DVDs in stores ...  (13 comments)
DocWho  2009-01-07 4:29 pm
The website for the bookstore Barnes and Noble has updated with listings for ROTF books. 
First, we have a new Transformers Mix and Match book for the little ones. Next, there appears to be a new voice changer, entitled: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen voice changer, but B&N lists it as a 'Hardcover'. Does that mean that it'll be
Sabrblade  2009-01-06 7:50 pm
There is a new clip on YouTube showing a brief shooting of a scene from the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie. In this scene, we see Shia and friends running through the Princeton campus, supposedly being chased by Isobel Lucas' character, who is rumored to be a Decepticon Pretender (as we stated many months ago). You may click ...  (10 comments)
DocWho  2009-01-06 3:12 pm
At last! The street date for ROTF toys has been announced by a Wal-Mart employee here

Also, you can find new pics of Transformers Animated Samurai Prowl here, and new pics of Henkei Cyclonus here
Perceptor  2009-01-05 9:21 pm   (page update)
Years before Maximals, Predacons & the Beast Wars, there were Pretender Beasts!  The brain-wizards at Hasbro, even comic/cartoon writers didn't quite know how to fit them in to stories, so for the most part they didn't...  Nevertheless, CHAINCLAW and CATILLA made for some pretty cool toys of the G1 era!  Check out their all new ...  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-05 12:45 pm
The member Pascal has obtained descriptive information regarding the Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Deluxe Class Sideswipe toy:

- dual shock absorbers for lower legs
- unique feet: formed from the front portion of the car (right front side of the car on the left, left front side on the right), each foot appears to be
Sabrblade  2009-01-03 3:10 pm has revealed an image that shows the full body front of the Leader Class Optimus Prime toy for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toyline.

This figure is a completely new mold with all new gimmicks and features. But it kinda looks as though the head is the same as the one on the first toy, but it's hard to tell, ...  (23 comments)
Byrerprime  2009-01-03 1:59 pm   (page update)
Wow! The 2004 page has been updated to clean up some of the current images as well as adding Superlink exclusives, the Botcon and OTFCC exclusives, eHobby exclusives and the Robot Masters line. Whew! Enjoy.  (10 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-02 10:28 am
An recent auction on Ebay of the Transformers Animated Jetstorm & Jetfire 2-pack has several images that give us a good look at the box while revealing the bio of the toys at the same time.

Created using the most advanced techniques known to AUTOBOT science, JETSTORM and JETFIRE were cloned from tech recovered from STARSCREAM. Brought online in ...  (18 comments)
Sabrblade  2009-01-02 10:20 am has the first image of the upcoming ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime toy. It is a new mold figure that is supposed to be visually more movie-accurate than the Leader Class Optimus Prime toys from the first movie toyline back in 2007.

The features it is said to have include the following:
* Double Snap Out Energy Swords
* Electronic ...  (15 comments)
Perceptor  2009-01-01 9:47 am   (page update)
Let's kick off the new year off with a bang!  All new character page has been added for the 1988 Decepticon Pretender Beast CARNIVAC.  So what if it's no longer the 20 year anniversary of the Pretenders?  That doesn't mean we can't keep crankin' the 1988 Section!  Let the 25th Anniversary of Transformers BEGIN!  (7 comments)

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